Shordie Shordie & Murda Beatz - Stuck in Between (Official Audio)

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    1. Robalexander

      My shhiiit

    2. See Slii

      This my go to....

    3. Dandre Queen

      Ra this one

    4. Michelle Cordova

      sounding like 03 Greedo ouuwee 😬

    5. Money Money

      Karina🖤 R..

    6. Naija Queen

      I play this at LEAST twice a day

    7. Playboy Da P

      Banger 😈✔

    8. Michael Banks

      This one need a video fasho

    9. Not D3X


    10. BeckyByDaBay

      where is the instrumental

    11. Max Harlan Holman

      Shordie shordie is so under rated

    12. Jillian Lyla

      I was really trynna figure out why the chorus sounded so familiar. It’s giving me very much Losin control by Russ but his twist on it. Nah but fr this whole album slap 💯.

    13. Blitz Jack

      The new age Nate dog rip 🔥🔥captain hook 🪝

    14. Charles Acker

      Need a video!!!

    15. Kameron Keith

      This song hits different when you going through the exact same shii🖤🤍💯

    16. Bob Just Bob

      Luke skywalker on the beat

    17. P1 Klance

      This my fav song

    18. Brandy Crystal

      Shordie Shordie and Murda Beatz go in soo hard on this right here, straight up BANGER! He aint like all them goofies who just be usin that *Authenticviews* website to go viral.. SMH seems like anyone can go viral these days..

      1. 713 empt

        @Lewcus 💀

      2. Lewcus

        @713 empt it is lmao

      3. 713 empt

        idk why but this shit seem like an ad for authenticviews LOL

    19. Star Perez

      What’s the meaning of the song ? I know but I’m trynna know fully

      1. Brayden S

        Idk but I feel like he’s saying he killed her dude but he feels like he’s stuck in between the dude that got killed and she don’t love him no more I could be wrong tho

    20. Rylan Hartze

      4am smoke session song !

    21. Nikita Broughton

      This is my 2021 song 😍😍😍😍😘😘

    22. ApGeo

      This song hits when ur high ‼️

    23. ayo gunnamac

      He built different 😤

    24. Trevy Hussle

      Vibes ✨💭

    25. Trashad Owens

      Don’t switch up king

    26. Trashad Owens

      That aye aye aye aye hit different on other songs not this one king

    27. lul jay

      Nothin better then this song at 3:00am wit a blunt in your hand✈️

    28. S3_

      Shordie going crazy man

    29. Abdullahi Duale


    30. Twaun 2021


    31. Verdugo Gabriel


    32. Loose Top

      The beginning lit asf should’ve stayed with that flow.

    33. fullwisewords

      I hate when he mumbles and ayes through half the song but half the song always fire 🔥

    34. Why Jordz

      Music video needs to come out for this ASAP

    35. zmc _24

      aye it got released

    36. Latrell Lowe

      He really is the captain at this hook shit

      1. YNG KANO

        @A Day In The Matrix Podcast 😂💯

      2. A Day In The Matrix Podcast

        🤣🤣🤣🤣 no fuckin cap

    37. 2christian.p

      These the type of songs I like


      my nigga droped it


      been waitin

    40. Kyler Dodds


    41. Aiyana Key

      Real recognize reallllll

    42. Yung Capri


    43. Tre

      Too hard 🤮

    44. Tre

      He need to make a video to this song 💀

    45. trym


    46. country boy

      Why he sound like 03 greedo lol 🤣

    47. Free KO

      Shordies songs make me keep goin 🙏🏾

    48. Tray Da Faka303 Gang-up


    49. Zach Bradley

      Shordie finna shine this year this mans is a GOAT In da making 🐐💯🤫

    50. Ltte Plantman

      😭😭😭he next up

    51. selfmade deshun

    52. Veljko Radojlovic

    53. Veljko Radojlovic

    54. Veljko Radojlovic

    55. Veljko Radojlovic

    56. Veljko Radojlovic

    57. Veljko Radojlovic

    58. Veljko Radojlovic

    59. Veljko Radojlovic

    60. Veljko Radojlovic

    61. Veljko Radojlovic

    62. Veljko Radojlovic

    63. Veljko Radojlovic

    64. Veljko Radojlovic

    65. EZRA MADE IT !

      Do these two ever run out of songs sheeeesh 🔥

    66. peziwtf

      omm dis go hard

    67. Brailee Manly

      Shordie's music the best to drive to on any day.

    68. Anti SG

      Dont ever go hollywood my boy cant wait to bump this shit in the car when they #freeme ion even comment on songs but i had to

    69. Tha Truth

      Sheeeeeeshhh 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    70. Trap Stars

      Before 1M

    71. MiLi MJ

      This whole album is just fye bruh

    72. Zachery Regan

      Put it on x1.25 speed, thank me later.

    73. Nathalie Fenelon

      Shordies music gives me nostalgia.

      1. T W

        Lol ure right.

      2. Jay

        The mixtape is called MEMORY LANE

      3. Koka 120

        Dis comment

      4. Zach Bradley

        On god 💯

      5. Prod. by Veljko

    74. Scarlet Harmison

      No one can beat the swag of Shordie Shordie. He is not like other trappers who are going famous by using *Igrocket Com* to get more fame on Instagram. Thumbs up who agrees

    75. SmittyyRedd

      who else thought that was the kid laroi and lil tecca👀💀

    76. Kam 2.shiesty


    77. Skinny ASSC

      mama am sleepin on it fr

    78. RealOfficialWill


    79. Dinah Woodson

      Loooove love Shordie Shordie

    80. lil lique

      🔥🔥🔥🔥. This shit hit you different no cap

    81. SLIME RJ

      that aye part always get me

    82. branden martinez

      oh yea he on!!!

    83. Kristin G

      0:05 I’m finna kill tonight.. park ranger😭🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    84. Dominican Me


    85. Alexander DaGreat

      If shaggy and scooby doo were rappers that’s how they would look like

      1. Kyoo

        underrated comment

      2. Darrion wilson

        Y I can see it now 😂

      3. SYB Yoppa Anthony

        😭 that’s a compliment fym😂

      4. Yung K

        Nah you violated💀

      5. Prod. by Veljko

    86. big befly

      bra i woke up tipsy from last night but i know if i was turning up to this 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    87. DylanKitchensOfficial

      here before 💯

    88. Kay Gomez

      Why ya never hug meee

    89. Idris Faulcon

      I’m here

    90. alan perez


    91. alan perez

      Who high asf

    92. patrice Converty

      hey blood when you dropping it on Tik Tok #memorylane 🔥🔥🐐💯

      1. Joshua Salinas

        i wouldn’t want this song to be on tik tok, tik tok ruins every song for me 😂

    93. Monye Duval904

      About damn time shyt. Been waiting for awhile for this to drop keep dropping that heat cuh.

    94. Shax Payne


    95. Nlb443 —

      We need back and fourth💯

    96. Sofar Gone

      Wtf is the album tho, i need to buy dwn load or something

    97. Jay Money music

    98. Jay Money music

    99. Jay Money music

    100. meyer jones

      Here before a million