Dom Pérignon x Lady Gaga: Creative Freedom is Power

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    Dom Pérignon is proud to present an inspiring collaboration with Lady Gaga.
    With creative visionary Nick Knight, Dom Pérignon and Lady Gaga have created the Queendom: a world where absolute creative freedom rules. A world born from the collision of their two effervescent energies.
    It invites us to move forward and embrace this power for ourselves, to encourage it and affirm it for everyone to see.
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    This film is not intended to be viewed by persons under the alcohol legal drinking or buying age in their country. Not for use in countries with restrictions on alcoholic beverages advertising.
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    Published on 11 days ago


    1. Edgard Ponomaryov

      Лучше всего показали Красную Инсекитоидную королевишну в сериале Рик и Морти

    2. Richard J Zambrana Toro


    3. Alberto Andrade

      free woman !!!!

    4. Samantha Catron

      Wow, the intro had me... and then the lyrics... ❤

    5. rodrijota5

      What's the mame of the song?

    6. Frank Rome

      Can you be Elphaba in the movie version of Wicked? Ahhh you are awesome. Ahhhh I am screaming

    7. Frank Rome

      Omg. This was AWESOME. Can’t breath. Ahhhhhhh Cannot wait for more

    8. viktoriyarts

      only Gaga can pull this off

    9. Arq. Eduardo Anaya

      La poca imaginación de esta basura #LadyWhoCopiesBjork

    10. Mark

      okay but this version of the song. I NEED!

    11. Andres

      I think I'll have to sell a kidney to buy this champagne 😔👊

    12. Ly Lưu

      Yass coming to 500k views

    13. Fernanda Daniela Manzano

      I love it!

    14. tony turtle

      this is Brilliant !!! thanks Lady GAGA i feel like one of your lil monsters now !!!thanks for video!!

    15. D P

      So, if I buy this bottle is Gaga inside?

    16. Camilo Lopez

      Se parece a la Bruja Escarlata!

    17. Jabali Ronnie

      Those dislikes I'll assume they are a side effect of the covid 19 vaccines

    18. Elquer Rodrigues

      oh my god !

    19. Carlos Corona

      Sidra copa de oro

    20. Lady Gaga

      Looks like the chemical base called gallium from if you know what mercury looks like...the whole performance is neat boss momma~

    21. I M Black

      Lmfao this champion of the people does ads for a drink associated with the wealthy elite. When the labor class sheds their chains, don't expect pity. Hypocrite.

      1. unamed

        shut up not everything is political

    22. Lee Harte

      Does anyone think 0:40 looks like the City interlude from the monster ball?

    23. REI Felapo

      A lady tá voltando

    24. MrFifuss


    25. blup

      Ok but what about ARTPOP?

    26. Chinzo uno

      Looks and sounds like cheesy 90s failure

    27. Kevin Aurro

      One of the dumbest and most pointless ads ever.

      1. unamed

        why did you watch it then weirdo

      2. Birdy boy

        why u watched then? i dont get dumb people

    28. Shayeth Morr

      We need a “Alice” and “sine from above” music video. Plz

    29. Richard J Zambrana Toro


    30. Wesley Silva


    31. Sire Stache Ratchet

      This so good tbh

    32. marcelo augusto.

      Eu to passada com esse comercial !!! PQP TUDOOO I LOVED

    33. Gera

      Justice for ARTPOP

    34. wizard

      Gee, this is the trailer of doctor strange 2

    35. Evandro Cunha


    36. Evandro Cunha


    37. Александр

      Lady GacommercialproductGa. Скатилась в дно.

    38. danner sandoval

      Madre monster un Shaki fans apoyando tu creatividad.. 😍😍😍😍😍

    39. fxlxp

      the way that some of yall thought this gon be a music video...chile...

    40. keville


    41. Elquer Rodrigues

      Absolutamente incrível!!!!

    42. Fenady79 Kindayam

      Gaga moments

    43. Stav Novisov Bolotin

      People really made this video go age restricted....

    44. Mikey Rushkins

      damn she really will do just about anyting for a buck i guess. lmao what an "artist"

      1. unamed

        you could never do what she does

    45. Rocco municion

      Devaluando la marca 🤦🏻‍♂️

    46. Diamond Chiwawa

      Be free

    47. Adam Chris Marcera


    48. Isar Pouloz

      Très monarque, beau clin d'oeil à ma France 🇫🇷😉

    49. Cassandra Rocha

      So shoooooortttt😢😢😢😢😢😢

    50. sehhi vooty


    51. Emiliano B.

      Im gonna pretend this is Chromatica I + Alice mv

    52. nc 178

      Baphomet in the chest , horns, hands (mudras of sat.n) pink color of adreno.. witchcraft

    53. AHahA JuLiA Vlogs

      Why does this feel like a perfume commercial? Gaga I rlly want a new perfume from you!😭💖

    54. David Linares


      1. David Linares

        @sehhi vooty YAAAAAAS!!

      2. sehhi vooty

        Gaga rainha

    55. El Rey

      Lady gaga por favor. Tkm te ice un dibujo y te lo quiero mandar pero es imposible

    56. nc 178

      covid+comunism+vaccines+agenda2030+the great reset= new world order

    57. Nezat Berber


    58. Letícia M


    59. Cristiano Aragão


    60. Gabriel Luciano


    61. Lili Aurora

      Scarlett Witch vibes... Wanda, is that you? xD

    62. Miss Imbiocene

      marina abramovic

    63. João Carlos

      Atóron perigón

    64. stephan nunez

      This is so cool

    65. Sir. Dave

      Gaga is a genius

    66. CHLISIN MU


    67. Diogo Rafael

      Gaga rainha

    68. Angel Becker


    69. Mehmet Zengin


    70. Cori Hardy


    71. 01sala MS

      Amazing !!!

    72. Elquer Rodrigues

      Das ist sehr cooool !!!!!

    73. Gabino Martinez

      Not her using ARTPOP font 😜

      1. Adrian Neagoe

        Thats Enigma font

    74. titus saha

      This is a commercial for Chromatica. How is that this commercial is so much better than all the Chromatica music videos combined?

    75. Miri Loo

      The director should be getting calls for today’s music videos , I’d actually watch them lol 👏👏

    76. eioshen boboi


    77. Kill Kill


    78. Malcolm Soaries

      Cheers to creative freedom darling!!! Also loving the cinematic and fashion references in this 🙌🏾 big fan of the Chromatica era 💗

    79. Andrey Sousa

      Imagine Venus had a MV like this

    80. Sean Spellacy

      Now this is the chromatica era we deserved !

      1. eioshen boboi

        What's the opera music behind the voice of Gaga? It's seems familiar 🤔

    81. Luke Runky-Bird

      The biggest sell out since the Kiss ice cream.

    82. Pedro Nascimento dos Santos

      Meu Deus minha deusa rainha mãe. Perfeita.

    83. Eden

      Whoa! 💗💗💗

    84. Andy Priestly'


    85. Leon Gutierrez


    86. Fernanda Santos


    87. Zoe Escobar Llamas

      I wish I could be there with The Gaga for just a minute....It would be fun.

    88. P. Oviedo

      Ads, cookies, make up and champagne. This is Chromatica.

    89. Tonny Boom

      Wao 🤩✨👏🏼

    90. Elquer Rodrigues

      Amazing videooo

    91. Melissa Moreno

      just incredible. nick knight lady gaga forever

    92. Sam k

      b1tch we need this remix aswell

    93. Hunton Cheng


    94. Antoine Foucher

      What's the opera music behind the voice of Gaga? It's seems familiar 🤔

    95. George Robbins

      Looks like an advert from the capital, Effie would approve 💫

    96. Léo Vilela

      oh my god! this is amazing

    97. Erick reyes

      The music video of FREE WOMAN that we didnt have...