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    Ep 181: Boruto and Naruto face off to make up for the chunin exams! Watch Boruto on Crunchyroll:
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    Published on 15 days ago


    1. 2낭낭


    2. Franz Schubert

      Als ob naruto noch sone stimme hat

    3. Pull Up Lace

      Bro naruto a bully first beating up konahamaru now his own son

    4. Akio

      It's Boruto Dad vs Boruto

    5. ꧁Karma xɪɪɪ꧂


    6. Lenguyen Vinh

      Yang pilih Allah like yang pilih Dajjal abaikan.

    7. Razvan Petis

      Wooooo animation let's goo

    8. Ryan Stout

      YES finally the chapter that starts the new arc

    9. Huy Huynh

      Boruto's smugness throughout the beginning of the show hurts me

    10. ToastDev

      Everyone is forgetting that Naruto can use Sage of Six Paths Kurama Link Fortnite V Bucks Roblox Robux Kaioken x10000 One for All: Full Cowling 100%

    11. eren jaeger

      It is like watching a Pokemon gym leader match

    12. StupidBadyXD

      so..... is chakara no longer a thing now?

    13. Bemo is taken yt

      Wind style: gale palm -_- Water style: wave surge-_- Lightning style: thunderclap arrow-_- EaRtH StYlE: MuD WaLl 0_0

    14. killa2

      bruhh Naruto can do all types od justu because he has all chakra elements,for him to use a mud wall isn't a surprise

    15. Jaymez

      Por que naruto puede absorber jutsus?

    16. Kermit Wants Death

      We all totally had the highest hopes for Boruto in this fight and everybody definitely knew he was gonna win this he's totally stronger than Naruto.

    17. Iñigo Asensio

      desde cuando naruto uso el elemnto tierra lol

    18. YamaSennin

      this was so trash

    19. Lucas olha você é Sousa

      Eita coisa chata hein só tô cansado de

    20. InvertedReaper

      Anyone else find it hilarious that we're getting hyped over Naruto performing a D-rank ninjutsu after he's been spamming A/S-rank jutsu since day 1?

    21. josh

      does that mean boruto is getting good?

    22. A Female Weeb

      HE put up a decent fight But the ending was predicted

    23. Kyurama Sansaki

      Mereceu ó

    24. Ty Roberts

      0:43 he can do that??

      1. Ty Roberts

        @Carter Eli oh ok

      2. Carter Eli

        @Ty Roberts lol he does

      3. Ty Roberts

        @Carter Eli aw man. at least he has momoshiki right?

      4. Carter Eli

        @Ty Roberts nope. No Jinchuriki.

      5. Ty Roberts

        @Carter Eli he's Naruto's kid so.........does he have Kurama?

    25. Albert Cabrera

      nartuo wins

    26. Rune jensen

      Rumor has it that the hand is still stucked in the wall to this day 🤣✌

    27. Brian Guzmán

      Why can he suck chakra like that on that hand ?

      1. InvertedReaper

        Developing new ninja tech based on Momoshiki's powers

    28. Gabe Gutz

      Naruto actually used a jutsu other than rasengan and clones. Christ almighty thank you

    29. BiçiciTV

      What a episodee

    30. kingVII

      Wonderful content and editing video, really enjoyed. Keep it up and you have my full support see you around mate

      1. InvertedReaper

        Bruh this is the official Crunchyroll channel calm down lol

    31. FirstName

      Finally he uses another jutsu with other nature element.

    32. Saafir G

      That's my first time seeing Naruto use a different style other than Wind HE HAS GROWN SO MUCH 🤧

    33. Cisco Kid

      I literally never seen Naruto do hand signs for jutsu other than Shadow Clones.. lol

    34. Diani Reynolds

      Boruto sucks

    35. Daniel Jefferson

      Soooo Naruto can just casually use earth jutsu? And absorb ninjutsu? Where's the backstory bruh?

      1. Daniel Jefferson

        @farkick2.0 Thanks for the heads up; I watched the episode and partially understand now. But the episode didn't explain why or how Naruto developed the ability to use earth style jutsu. When the fight finished and Naruto debriefed the use of the new prosthetic prototype to the new team 7, he said, "you can use this to absorb and neutralize your opponent's jutsu. However, you won't be able to discharge it like they [Otsutsuki's] did." Seeing that the theme of the episode was to convey that "shinobi must be able to read the hidden meanings within the hidden meanings; there's something that wasn't explicitly shown within the episode...Since i've seen every Naruto, Naruto: Shippuden, and so far just about every Boruto episode I believe I can connect the dots.

      2. farkick2.0

        Watch the ep

    36. Some Dude Named Aron

      So nobody just gonna ignore the fact that Naruto STRAIGHT UP ABSORBED water?

      1. Some Dude Named Aron

        @istanstuff 7 That was a joke.

      2. istanstuff 7

        watch the ep

    37. Cosmic Heem


    38. emma AKP

      Y'all should watch bleach, it cleanses my eyes after Boruto

    39. Sophia M

      For some reason I’m mad at Naruto lol

      1. InvertedReaper

        @farkick2.0 To be fair, that was during the Chuunin Exams. This was just a sparring match

      2. farkick2.0

        Probably cause he used the ninja tool after telling his son not to use them😂

    40. [̲̅M][̲̅Y][̲̅L][̲̅E][̲̅F][̲̅T][̲̅N][̲̅U][̲̅T]

      *the equivalent of your parent/gaurdian beating you in public*

    41. best ytuber in the world xd 69 lol

      Naruto literally became pain and stole his jutsu

    42. Rodney Coleman

      We finally get to see Naruto use another justsu. Wish they’d make him combine jutsu’s too

    43. Leonardo Pinagé

      Finalmente vimos o Naruto usar um jutsu q não fosse Rasengan, clones das sombras ou jutsu de invocação 😂

    44. F1ukez

      Never seen that hand sign for water jutsu

    45. Manuel Belliard

      The kid thats behind sadara and mitsuki at 0:27 is dress like sasuke

    46. Nico Rogala

      Ok now! Where the heck is Kakashi?

    47. Carlos Fernando Garcia

      Boruto: tirando jutsus Naruto: Que lo mate dice

    48. maiko rodrigues

      As lutas do shipuden e do clássico eram bem melhores ... Pena

    49. Drip 1K

      Um earth style ?

      1. Carter Eli

        Water style??

    50. Overking

      Boruto: Uses Water Style Naruto: *bet imma stop using shadow clones now* *proceeds to use gangster signs*

    51. HoxTrot

      Yo.. Since When My Boy Naruto Is Using Different Jutsu’s Beside Rasengan And Kage-Bunshin-No Jutsu?

    52. Mineformer Gaming

      Imagine if Naruto’s mud wall had the hokage faces like how Kakashi had his dog’s faces on his mud wall

    53. Yvann Okomba

      Naruto est devenue terrible

    54. Houda Iliou


    55. Allan Stewart

      XD It's great to see that I wasn't the only one who was surprised more about Naruto than Baruto. Most of the comments made me laugh and I tried to get to like them all!

    56. Shin

      Really everyone knows Naruto just wanted to see how much Boruto had improved


      I am a Naruto fan and a Roblox fan L Trrfu let you go to pick you pick it out and I’ll let you know what time and I can get back to my mom and then pick up my kids pick up my car and then I’ll pick up the kids I’ll be there in a few hours and I’ll pick up the car and I’ll let you know when I’m home in about five hours and I’ll pick up the car

      1. Hatim Ahmed

        Is this English???

      2. David Muller

        Get off USfilm kid


      Hi TAQ

    59. Hazard

      We see that everything is wrong when the rasengan animation is static :(

    60. Jonathan Clary

      Thank God, that was almost embarrassing

    61. JC

      It’s weird seeing a more mature and experienced Naruto who doesn’t need his shadow clones, rasengan, and sexy jutsu to win every fight Or his *POWERFUL SPEECHES*

    62. Csgo Noob123

      Hmmm that voice seems familiar or i just watched too much The amazing world of' gumball?

    63. Moses Thawng

      Me: Naruto’s not using shadow clones 🤯

    64. Jesus Prado

      Naruto had the death Chunnin exams ... but in BORUTO let’s head to class and get a Hambuger ..

    65. ConfusedCat

      Naruto fans be like I hOpE ThEy MaKe An AnImE AbOuT bOrUtO'S dAd

      1. Anonymous Mystery

        it do be like that

    66. Mediocre_Joker

      he cheated. boruto would have destroyed him if he didnt cheat im so angry who even is this guy boruto is so much stronger like if u agree

      1. Mediocre_Joker

        @Mcnuggetboy 14 boruto is the son of naruto and a banana

      2. Mediocre_Joker

        @Mcnuggetboy 14 trueee

      3. Mcnuggetboy 14

        He cheated against boruto like he cheated on hinata

    67. Uchiha Madara

      It’s the first time I see naruto doing hand signs

    68. Lorenzo Isaboss

      Wat most of u forgot is dat Naruto can learn fast n neva stop getting stronger dats y I'm not surprise

    69. Aldo Trungu

      Great battle 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    70. Shuriken 420 TV

      *Verffy tu był !!! :D*

    71. Keen

      *Boruto uses water style wave with lightning that was travelling at the speed of a turtle* Naruto *Blocks it* Sarada: So close! Nowhere near close spectator.

    72. Moonseeker360

      Am I the only one who noticed that they weren't saying "Lightning" and were instead saying "Lighting"

    73. Rivera

      Ayo when did naruto have earth element

    74. Isiah Duran

      Is be hard pressed to call that a "VS"

    75. Thememeprofile

      Hey didn't they say that naruto only had wind style not earth style

    76. jonisan*_pr

      Naruto: uses Mud wall & chakra absorbtion Me: thanks all the Tailed beasts that gave my boy his other jutsu power's, back in 4th Ninja war 🥲

      1. istanstuff 7

        he doesnt absorb chakra watch the ep

    77. Eddie Huchiha


    78. themusicman2005

      F**k you thought Boruto??

    79. SpySecretSquirrel

      When they said that Naruto was down to earth, they really meant he’s down to using earth

    80. bugman bugman

      Naruto is broken as hell. even for a main character

    81. Bobby Hill

      When is this anime gonna get good?

      1. Carter Eli

        What is your definition of “good”?

    82. Martin Izaguirre

      Plotwist:The reason naruto doesnt appear a lot its because he is trainging other jutsus besides rasengan and shadowclones

    83. Caio Pereira

      Quando vcs vão liberar a continuação de Boruto next generation?

    84. Yassine Boudar

      Does anyone know the name of the ost please 🥺

    85. Pedro Pablo Hurtado

      This was poorly animated

    86. Asahel Licea

      Naruto ended when he got married idc what anyone else say

    87. Bosshawg305

      Mannnn kakashi must be so proud of the boi lol

    88. guillermo sanchez

      Esa madre parece Pokémon

    89. iDarkGodSlayer

      Is it just me or does Naruto have a rinnegan in his hand

    90. CatireGarcia

      Naruto was so proud lol

    91. Frying Raijin

      It’s so stupid to think that Naruto went for the Rasengan instead of Boruto.

      1. istanstuff 7

        he just wanted to see how much boruto improved he wasnt thinking on winning at all

    92. JoelUzumaki02

      Los combates amistosos aquí son una gran porquería.

    93. Desenhos Animados

      Naruto is Aang?

    94. Dragon4life

      Alright even tho we know naruto rasengan is stronger I still would have loved to see the clash of their rasengan rip

    95. Sissi Neiva

      Perdeu a graça neném.

    96. Gabriel Albuquerque


    97. Julien Banti

      1:02 Pokémon?

    98. VibeZone

      BRUH WTH? IDK IF THIS IS CAP OR NOT I mean I havent been catching up so idk

    99. martanek10

      For all of totaly brainless narutofans Naruto has all chakra natures from Hagaromo Otsusuki And looks like he master it after years yay 😂 when your son can use 3 chakranature in 12 years and you need more than 30 😂

    100. Helixx 132

      Naruto didn't even tryyyy