ONE DIP Makeup Challenge! OMG! | NikkieTutorials

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    Today I’m back with a new challenge and oh my god, it’s a crazy one! In the ONE DIP Makeup Challenge, you’re only allowed to dip into the makeup you’re using ONCE!!! CRAZY!!! Get ready because failure is waiting to happen, haha. Enjoy and don't forget to thumbs up and subscribe!
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    Published on 2 months ago


    1. NikkieTutorials

      *HOW DO YOU THINK I DID???* 💛

      1. Jamie Salisbury

        oh my gosh nikkie you did so good wait more AMAZING 🤩!!!!!!!

      2. Vintashay Lottering


      3. Ashma Baybee

        You did great 🙌🏽🌟😍

      4. queen pumpkin

        It actually looks so good.

      5. BieVie

        amzaming lol

    2. Henlo Monikita

      She's freaking about about this one dip and still she has a looooot more make up in her face than I ever had😂

    3. The 100

      U should do a full face using just your pallet

    4. Lori Busi

      Me thinking I only need foundation and eye shadow and then I watched you and I was like wow that is a lot of stuff to do and I am lazy love you and your makeup

    5. sereinspirit

      nikki could you please say what primers you use more often 🥺 would love to see what you're using now

    6. Marjan Al-Nahar

      Every makeup challenge u do still looks better than I can ever do an di ain't lieing

    7. Amealy Check


    8. Emily E

      I actually really love this look, it is really different from other Nikkie looks because the shadows aren’t as pigmented/built up as usual but still has her unique color and placement choices. I don’t know something about this look makes me love it!! The only thing I would want to touch up after are the brows 😂

    9. Hajar Hajar

      Is it only me who already use one drip in her daily makeup routine 🥺

    10. Cheetohs Puffs

      *not aloud to bake* “My under eyes have never looked smoother” Robert Welsh happy cries in the background.

    11. Dainora B.

      Want a full lip... Use Jeffree Star cosmetics. It bothers me so much that she didn't even....ughhh

    12. Erin's Gaming world

      I love u

    13. Alissa Anteau

      thats better then i would i've done

    14. Nevaeh Olivier

      Goofy girl

    15. Maxine Reyes

      ily so muuuche ♡

    16. Morgan Wilson Wilson

      I LOVE YOU 💜🖤🤍

    17. Ember Jennings

      omg her hair in this video!!!!!!!!!!!1 i love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    18. Kelli Carpenter

      Loved watching you complete this challenge! You crack my ass up! I also love that you do a Dutch word of the day....ingenious!

    19. PINGU_IBIS

      The one spritz killed me 🤣🤣🤣

    20. Judy Spring

      You look beautiful even if you try to do your worst you always look beautiful

    21. Brigitte Francina

      If i put blush on my nose....i look like a clown!! 😂

    22. Maura van Balen

      *next video*: One Dip Makeup Challenge! by James Charles

    23. Kaitlyn Math

      She literally said “ON PLANET EARTH” like she buying products from mars 👀

      1. Naomi Giddeons

        Bro I just found her and people who know her like in what 4 years ago

    24. Alyandrah Chavez

      Can u do the letting my mom pick my make-up

    25. Robyn Taylor

      Does anyone know what brush nikkie uses for her bronzer ?

    26. venlawilhelmiina

      Beautiful look, especially the eyes, but the brows? Oh boy u could've used some more product huh.. got me appreciating my brows😂❤️

    27. Frances Salvatore

      Maybe u should do 1 minute makeup challenge

    28. Jenlegendary

      I can't believe she's not english! Omgsh

    29. Jenlegendary


    30. Mermaid Magic

      Can you try hate comments do my makeup the same way sister James did

    31. Citlali Jauregui

      you look so pretty omg ❤️❤️

    32. Autumn Elizabeth

      And James DID make this challenge beautiful

    33. Autumn Elizabeth

      I can’t believe she only used one sip of that foundation.👁👄👁

    34. Rana48250

      I know she joked about taking a shot everytime she said dip, but since i dont drink i just counted the times she said them and the count is 46 times, waaaaaaay less than i thought, my professor says ok around 130 every lecture, and yes I did count

    35. Unknown Hero Deadly

      Nikkie's Face finally learned how to share!🤣🤣🤣 Did you get it like or reply if you did🤣🤣

    36. Jessica Allison

      What kind of sponge does she use?? It looks so nice

    37. Grace Camp

      Love it!! So much more natural than usual!

    38. paige westman

      woah whats the eyeliner called? Its so inky hehe

    39. Orosmira Alegria

      Amazinggggggggggg. IS QUEEN

    40. bunga cantika

      I love this challenge you know. I'm super excited doing this challenge on my youtube channel. To morrow i'll upload my one deep make up challenge. @Nikkie Tutorials i think you did it, look awesome! Lover from Indonesia

    41. Van Medrano

      It’s the setting spray for me 😂

    42. Rachel Woodrich

      You should have rolled the beauty blender in the powder

    43. Brad Ului

      I watch Nikkie not for her makeup, but for how cheerful and positive her attitude and the way she lives life. I LIVE FOR THAT ✨✨✨✨🍇

    44. Pri Ya

      Please do “Blend at the End” Challenge. Apply everything on the face and blend at the end..

      1. Gretchen Weiners

        Good one!

    45. Avery Browning

      Other than the eyebrows this honestly was pretty good

    46. Chung Pink


    47. bobbilee stofleth

      One dip means one dip for each type of product. Not one dip in Each color.

    48. cataleya .45

      Jolina Mennen was the first one who did this Challenge 2 years ago.

    49. Future Gamers

      Dose anyone knows what is Nikkies blender

    50. Vette Martinez

      Ok but I love this whole look.

    51. Michele Lentner Maxwell

      I love how transparent she is with where she gets her products! I know it's not a new feature but I wanted to mention it. Love your videos! ❤️

    52. Arincota

      Us poor people know the one dip challenge all too well 😂

    53. Jessica Villacorta

      You look prrrreeettty

    54. Svala Idóttir

      And you allwas lokk butiful😉😉😉

    55. Svala Idóttir

      Plise do only one coler Challeng

    56. Svala Idóttir

      I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!! I wish i kuld meet you you so inspiaring

    57. Huey Tran

      I love how both her and James started singing the tik tok song

    58. Lunar Juniper

      That ASMR at 9:50

    59. czarna wdowa

      Sorry, can't focus on the video because of the dirt under your nails! 🤯😳

    60. Mariantonietta Angelini

      Why you're always perfect? I'm so in love with you 😭❤️😭❤️😭❤️

    61. Lenthe x

      Like thissss

    62. Ida Martin

      I counted 40 “dips”

    63. Crimson Carioca

      Dabdabdab to make your face look FAB!!!!!

    64. Isabelle Lingros

      I- It's beautiful. Stunning. Why can't I do that?

    65. samantha lee

      the setting spray killed me

    66. Kawaii Glitter

      omg i have to try this because i get told the same "you use to much!" speech

    67. Crystal Burgos


    68. Gia Mae

      What kind of sponge does she use?

    69. Stacee Johnson

      Yo this is gorgeous 😍

    70. Katelynn Allard

      Nikki always slays it

    71. Meagan Newton

      that lip color is gorgeous (your whole look 🤩 but especially the lip color)

    72. Michelle Chan 詹郁琪

      am I the only one that thinks Nikki looks really good with natural brows

    73. Elena Merziger

      Actually really liking the brows 😅🙈

    74. Julia Vignola

      when you put the yellow in the inner corner I FEEL THAT POWER GIRRRLL ⭐️💛

    75. Ryan Marquez

      Nikki "btw if anyone is going to take a shot everytime I say "dip" in this video.... good luck see you in the hospital." Me "not the Americans though"😭😭😂😂

    76. Anna Rose

      Omg girl you look so stunning x

    77. Mikaela Shepherd

      omgggg those lashes are everything

    78. Madalyn Moore

      "It's 2020 we can use as much product as we want" yesss. That made me laugh

    79. Princess. myraa

      The eyeshadow looks like a emperor penguin

    80. Dilya 1

      Guys who knows what kind of beauty sponge she is using? TIA

    81. Tibonbon

      I love that the CC does [___] when NikkieTutorials cusses

    82. Ilektra Repousi

      Girl you look AMAZING!!!!! so beautiful 😭🥺💖💕

    83. Ayana's Lego tutorials

      I mean I like it but it looks a little to light for your skin color. you still look good.

    84. Ana Clara Cherem

      Nikkie U are amazing always grl!!

    85. Sineha Thakur

      It's just amazing girrll! ❤🔥

    86. Rukhsaradnan Official

      I lvu dear I lv ur work so much.

    87. Maddison Smith

      i love her laugh idk why but its so cute to me

    88. rebecca roberts

      do your macup with your hair as the brush challenge

    89. Jakelin Millan-Marquez

      what eyeliner did you use?

    90. Marina M.

      For the brows you could've used the ABH brow pomade because is super thick and pigmented

    91. Adde Todd

      Nicky the whole vid: THATS ITTT😦😧😂😂😂

    92. Q8 Kuwait

      You are my favourite youTuber ❤️⭐️ I’m rayan from Kuwait 🇰🇼❤️

    93. Alina Hazime


    94. Tsukishima Kei

      i thought its only one dip-

    95. Zetsuki

      NGL, kinda loving those more natural brows, they make you look like.. 10 years younger.

    96. Galaxy kitty192


    97. Kelly Lynch-Chevalier

      For those who do not have a lot of cash, this is a daily. I remember being there.

    98. Kinga Długa


    99. Kayleigh DolanOfficialX

      You are honestly AMAZING Nikki! I am so so soooo PROUD of you ❤

    100. Jessica Fredriksson

      You look beautiful! Great colours for you 💜