Bells, Bows, Gifts, Trees


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    Executive Produced, Directed & Choreographed by: Todrick Hall
    Produced by: Gary Matthew Ryan
    Assistant Director: Jenni Thomasson
    DP: Will Sampson
    Edited by: Nic Farish
    1st AC: Jonathan Medina
    Grip: Brian Barrow
    Gaffer: Andrew Penczner
    Crane Op: Babak Mansouri
    Stage Manager: Lionel Christian
    Key Scenic: Simone Zwarenstein
    Wardrobe & Props:
    Michael Coghlan
    Michael Buonincontro
    Sara Rubin
    Harrison Koerner
    Costume Design: Marco Marco
    Dance Captain: Jenni Thomasson
    James Little
    Clifford General
    Gab Robert
    Alan Lee
    Dahveeb Alvarado
    Galen J. Williams
    Chris Embroz
    Tyler Rowe
    Justin Woods
    Michael Buonincontro
    JeanPaul Acocella
    Sam spillman aka Cake MOSS
    Mo Beyda
    Gerry Kenneth
    Darryl Fuentes
    Marcus Wooling
    Merquides “Què” Velez Jr
    Deven Alexandar
    Mark Jordan
    Daniel Piña
    Jon Silva
    Jeffrey Koch
    Josue Garcia
    Alexander Fost
    David Paul Kidder
    Joseph Pineapple
    Chris Pitsicalis
    Howard Johnson
    Jonathan Sison
    Hunter Foster
    Harrison Koerner
    Scott Fordham
    Tom Feeney
    Jeremy Copeland
    Trevor Silva
    Nick Kavoklis
    Eric Willis
    Jayson Michael
    Max Larsen
    Covid Compliance/Testing provided by: Hood Care
    ***In accordance with state and local laws and regulations, this production took necessary precautions due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, including testing for all cast and crew on set, social distancing & sanitizing of all production elements.
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    1. Ozias Nzembele

      we all saw that sneaky woah but extra

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    3. Артем Саликов

      too great to be true

    4. Jessica

      God I love Todrick lmao!!

    5. Ms.MiaWallace 1988

      Let's go now with the Valentine's song: Hearts,Thongs,Love,Chocolates...or you know,something cooler.😃 I need this on Easter gurl! 💃🏻🥰

    6. AGrumpyWitch

      WHY AM I ONLY DISCOVERING THIS IN JANUARY ... ..... ah fuck it *plays on repeat*



    8. Leslie Divine

      I love this song!!! Too bad I just heard it but this is going on my 2021 Christmas playlist.

    9. cece2483

      I love him 😍😍😍😍😍

    10. TheSilentSpiritCat

      Why am I just now seeing this a month later? This is chillingly fabulous! ✨✨✨

    11. SMILESZ2

      I love all the remixes to this song.

    12. VelvetFishSauce

      Keep them coming this song is too addictive

    13. Tetrelle

      Todrick, you say this is your last parody, but here in a few months, I bet we see "Eggs, treats, candy, peeps." ;p

    14. Erica Otis

      Awww i fallin freaking love him 😘😍💜💙💛💚❤

    15. Tetrelle

      I don't sled I sleigh? Oh man. I'm done. That's it, I can die happy.

    16. Mufasa Von Ubar

      Nice. I love this.

    17. Gerardo Velázquez

      Esta canción aún en esta versión no pierde la esencia

    18. Patrice Ore

      Hahahahaha OMG

    19. davan washington

      I- this was lame

    20. ZePinkSushi

      This guy is GENIUS

    21. Ilustrasi Thirdrahman

      I love it

    22. Madi GhareHassanloo

      todrick you have lots of fan in iran

    23. Ay ay

      Please dont stop

    24. Margie Rotondo

      I love this!! Such talented men!! Your on my Christmas favorite list!!

    25. Daniella Cho

      *I love a^*

    26. Desiree Iniestra

      OMG how come this is the first time I hear this song???

    27. Torianna Jenkins

      "Trump is the new Scrooge " 🤣🤣🤣

    28. Pyα

      Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaassssssssssssssss !!!!

    29. _•Jaci •_

      Me: I shall listen to them all..... My friend: Listen to all of what?? Me: *A L L*

    30. ROSE SOSSO

      My dream and life goal is to be able to sashay as well as this man 😌

    31. Дункан Дункан

      зачем на 1 план поставили барадатого в золотых перчатках. так выделяется на фоне тоненьких мальчиков ))))

    32. MKD THEBEE

      HEY!!!! OKK!!!!!!

    33. Ann Nee

      I'd like to adopt him... even though he's obvs doing great on his own. If you want a young white British mommy, Todrick, hit me up.

    34. 이윤서


    35. Cath Neary

      Move over Mariah this is the best Christmas song!

    36. Gems St

      I love this so much.

    37. Rimpy 4573

      Tod shop for me please ❤️

    38. Rebecca Rael

      i had to ask my mom to use her computer to listen to this and i have had it on reply .i love your music and every thing you do.

    39. DJ Dener

      This is so cute. I love it 😍

    40. Rockstar Gaming

      Y’all when 4:01 hit the was like he got me as a fan

    41. Icegamer2 sweets

      I just saw this and said "aw shi... here we go again" and now I'm going to send this to my friends 🤣

    42. hiba abdulateef

      Name of song Bells Bows Gifts trees Me:I got Bells Before last year at 2019 I got Bows last year at 2020 I got gifts this year at 2021 and a am gonna have trees next year at 2022

    43. Berry 2.0kay

      I’m gunna tell my kids this is the new ‘Jingle Bells’


      Too gay to funtion.

      1. L Grace


    45. Daisy Wazy

      *todrick*:in heels Me: uses heels Also me : *dies*

    46. Diamond Chiwawa


    47. I'm Just Me

      omg a christmas version hell yes

    48. AS 20

      alexa, yes.

    49. Jayj Jones

      Love u honey

    50. Confused Artist

      The platinum blonde dancer wearing the gold kinda looks like Draco to me, lol (I'm sorry)

    51. Pau Esin

      I'm just seeing this now! omgggg

    52. María Parejo Peña

      i need the lyrics D;

    53. Melinda Sisk

      ahhh I final got to watch this I LOVE Todrick Hall and his creativity!!!

    54. A smol creature

      Nails, hair, hips, heel 2.0

    55. Kilian Rayleigh

      They are not properly socially distanced... (and knowing about Todrick Hall, maybe not properly paid either)

      1. Kilian Rayleigh

        @L Grace ...Do I sound not calm?

      2. L Grace

        Omg read the description. He explains it all. And also, calm down. It's not the end of the world.

    56. Satyr Iasis

      I love you. I needed this positivity ♥️

    57. Wuft Chan

      omg nutcracker the musical toddy version

    58. Fantasy Arts

      Todrick: "Be gay" Hey, queen's orders. I don't make the rules 🤷🏽‍♀️

    59. Chris F

      Bitch the kicks at the end are it for me 😭😭😂❤️❤️

    60. Neko Marc

      we need a pride month version...

    61. Adib Alam

      CN we take a moment to plause like them be dancin in heels liek PERIODT

    62. Adrian Janowitz


    63. TraitorousTurncoat

      I have two questions. One, why I am I only just hearing this now, and two, how does this slap so hard?

    64. Maureen Robinson

      "No mask naughty list" lol...I love this video and his other version, but this video would have been even more fierce (to me) if he was in full drag as the center. Overall, I love the Christmas spirit it invoke!

    65. Virus Buggy

      Oh my lord i love it💅

    66. e Mitchell

      So.. fabulous

    67. Mohamed ElSabbagh

      Lol its amazing

    68. Stereo


    69. Kurt Mill

      How have I never seen this :O Oh this will definitely be top of my tracks to listen to come xmas 2021

    70. Ashley Amar


    71. Divorah Kenitt

      Myrrh for me = just killed me

    72. Tamal de dulce

      I need more versions of this, I really love it

    73. 한도민

      OMG cutieeeeeeeeeeee

    74. Priya Misra

      Do you want to look stunning or make the music sound good? Todrick:YES

    75. nettie a

      Omg why didnt i see this weeks ago😆❤️❤️❤️

    76. ARIN BHORE

      NAILS, gloves, GIFTS, heels ME: U done yet? TODRICK: Umm not yet... Love this song! The songs keep getting better every time

    77. Jr. Rivera

      I thought I was the only one that thought Santa Clause was THICCC 😇😇

    78. ARIN BHORE

      oh my god todrick! 😆👏🏻👏🏻

    79. Stina Quarmon


    80. Mason1x

      This is a good song 💙💙💙❤❤❤♥️♥️

    81. Tee Tamara

      Please make more of these!!!

    82. Alexa Marie

      Mom: What are you screaming about? Me: TODRICK HALL SAID MY NAME Mom: He was talking about Amazon Ale- Me: HE. SAID. MY. NAME.

    83. Tilly Milner

      So good! Thank you.

    84. Jodie Ashton

      love it todrick pulled it off again happy new ear everyone

    85. Chloe Steele

      so cute love song

    86. Emmanuel Whitmore

      Werkkkkkk!! Yes Todrick I live!!

    87. Crotyz

      Sensacional !!!

    88. MaRYel LUVS U

      omfg Todrick did that!!!!! yeessss

    89. iiMyLifeAsMiaii


    90. jordan epresentation

      Hehe Todric hall is a QUEEN BRUH

    91. Kelly Bradley


    92. Madame Snék

      Santa liked that

    93. Cambe Group.

      shook this isn't a credit card ad

    94. CBE Trap

      He's the only person on this planet who could re-use the same song and change the lyrics and you'd still listen to all of the songs on repeat

    95. Alexis Bird

      We need one for every holiday and they become classics. 🖤🖤🖤🖤

    96. bundang Diza

      Hahah, i love this bitch 😘😘 hope u release some videos soon i really love it, i respect this guy 🥰🥰

    97. naerial

      It's just such a fun song

    98. Scarlett

      It is criminal that I'm only finding this today.

    99. ᴇᴇᴡᴡ


    100. Logan

      That’s a lot of heels.