WHITNEY SIMMONS X GYMSHARK "2" Review: Everything you need to know in 12 minutes


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    Honest Opinions on the new Whitey Simmons X Gymshark TWO collection that launches TOMORROW (Oct 29th) at: NOON PST, 1pm MST, 2pm CST, 3pm EST. Sizing, squat test, sweat test, quality, improvments, what's worth buying.
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    1. HopeScope

      Launch is LIVE! gym.sh/Shop-Hope

      1. Archna Gautam

        I am xs and would love to get those blue ones 😍

      2. LC LC

        Thank you for not selling your soul to Gymshark. Their marketing and sales tactics suck.

      3. Lorwaraw

        Seriously... you get all that stuff free. And still go buy more leave some for the rest of us.

      4. Ashley Carnes

        I'm back hope...sadly I was not able to get anything but the black ribbed leggings from the whitney collection even though all I wanted was the amazon bra crop and leggings😥 but I had to come tell you that regardless of that if I wasnt for you I wouldn't be trying anything from GS and I am so appreciative of the giftcard...I got the dark green camo seamless crop and leggings too so fingers crossed I like them🤞 pretty positive this is my first and last purchase from GS however I'm glad I can now say I own a few pieces from them😁 HOPE is DA GOAT🐐

      5. Emma Morgan

        I'm an extra small!

    2. Karissa Kilgore

      Did I miss something at 8:10 ? The label was peeling off! I’m curious how many washes were done before it started peeling off

    3. Emelia Christy

      You look, and act just like Whitney Simmons!!!!!

    4. Jeni Lamberto

      That cranberry crop hoodie is ridiculously good looking on you!!! I want to order that fo sho!

    5. Poojitha

      I ordered high waist flex black ...if it turned out not good. Will they refund or do I have to buy something in place of that? Can anyone help?

    6. Jordan Smith

      I was on the site and even got in about 20 seconds before launch. After watching Whit's video I decided to grab one pair of leggings, two sports bras, and a bomber jacket. I was excited when I got in the cue and had everything that I wanted but once I actually got to check out, the only thing that wasn't sold out was the white sports bra that was in my cart. Of course, I looked on Poshmark the next day and people are selling the pieces for over $100, which is double+ what they paid for them. Whitney didn't end up addressing this and I'm definitely losing respect for Gymshark because of it. Their resistance to pre-sale is really unfortunate and tells me what kind of company they are. I'm sorry for the rant! Your video was super great and you are great as well! I just wanted to share my thoughts about the whole situation since it has now happened twice! Keep doing you girl - you're such a help to so many of us!!

    7. curlychavelita

      We have the same sizes!

    8. Peach Queen

      Apparently my package was empty upon arrival when it came into the US, but I have seen alot of people complain that their package was ripped open and items were stolen out of it. Sooo upset that this would happen for a collection that's already sold out. :(

    9. Vida Alvarez

      I should’ve watched all this video first 😭 all the influencers were saying they’re super TTS, and I’m a true small and I cannot. Maybe if I had rock hard abs like them, but these smalls cut into me soo bad!! Smh.

    10. Gabby Pollino

      Has anyone ever had packages delivered damaged/missing stuff? I have gotten 3 orders from gymshark, and 2 of those have been delivered damaged. THIS TIME THEY WENT TOO FAR. My package was missing my WS long sleeve crop

    11. Ms Divine

      This incredibly honest review got you a new follower. : )

    12. Kaylee Nakahara

      I feeel you with always being between a medium and small 🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️ our waist and glutes are the same so I definitely feel that struggle

    13. Cameron Brown

      Another reason I absolutely love watching your videos is because we are exactly the same measurements 😂😭😂😭

    14. Archna Gautam

      Awesome detailed review. As always you are best in explaining everything in your review.

      1. Archna Gautam

        Also, I am xs in gym shark if your are planning to donate something😍

      2. Archna Gautam

        Also, I am xs in gym shark if you are planning to donate anything😍

    15. Jenny Kramm

      I was able to get a small amazon bra and it is cut too tight even for me (a 34A). Size up. Wish I could exchange the small for a medium. Agree it all sold out so fast and I wish gymshark had an exchange option instead of just a return option because I sure the collection isn’t being restocked. 😞

    16. Kaitlin Mitchell

      If anyone got Amazon or moss green in a small and wants an extra small I will trade you! I’m bulking rn and the xs is too small 😭 I tried posting on the Alive fb page but no posts about trading or selling allowed! I can’t be the only one out there that got a wrong size 🙏❤️

    17. B Davies

      The joggers are a hot mess

    18. Sara Meyer

      Love this and need a gift card 🤣

    19. Ellie Baranofsky

      i am the SAME with my fluctuations!

    20. Strong Mom

      What in the world do you do with all your leggings? I mean do you keep them ALL?

    21. Strong Mom

      You make me laugh!

    22. Sunethra

      You are so beautiful! I would love to try GymShark but I won't ever buy them, its too expensive and way overrated. They are nice colours.

    23. melomania

      *I'm an XS* 😍🤞

    24. Demi Raijer

      I’m so bothered by that one drawer being crooked 😂

    25. Margaret Dale

      girl i get it long intro this time hahahaha

    26. Anna B

      Those white joggers were not even stand proof for me 😄

    27. Minjuun

      Just got my ribbed leggings and just wanted to share my thoughts since Hope wasn't able to here. The ribbed part of the leggings are not that stretchy at all. The black and chocolate were a struggle to get on and I couldn't even get the moss green ones past my butt! I also have one of the regular high waisted leggings and they're much better than the ribbed ones!

    28. Rachel

      Just got my leggings and the red is so not squat proof :( I'll have to wear nude underwear with these since black shows like no tomorrow. Honestly pretty disappointed

    29. Jasmine Sunflower

      Yoooo. Donate to the needy and pass that extra small my way 😆 Lol I’m 4’11” and 100lbs and a broke ass bitch.

    30. Bryn Power

      omg thank you for actually talking about the white leggings not being squat proof. idk if the influencers Lowkey didnt wear underwear when taking pictures? but..... also girl I fluctuate so much lol you're not alone

    31. Purely Health & Fitness

      Yep .... I always go from small to medium I never keep one size UGH sometimes that bothers the crap out of me.

    32. Bari Lebowitz

      Ugh i wasn’t able to get 😭 if you’re giving away help a girl out lmao

    33. Quinn Paradise May

      What size do you wear in the bomber jacket?

    34. WhichProduct

      Women Weight Loss & Immunity Booster, sites.google.com/view/burn-fat-and-boost-immunity

    35. Elena Bee

      It sucks that those of us with a set and limited income never stand a chance to get anything like this. Next workout shop for me will be purchased from somewhere else Hope has reviewed.

    36. Melissa Garcia

      Yay !! I was finally able to catch up all your videos !!! Being a college student sucks sometimes especially midterms weeks 😭😭 but watching your videos is my little treat after a rough week!! I love you hope

    37. Andrea Tieleman

      So mad- my shopping cart disappeared in front of my eyes as I was trying to check out. Everything I was getting sold out in 10 minutes.

    38. Stevie

      im an xs and im sooooo interested haha ill pay for shipping.. fr lmao

    39. Samantha Giacalone

      I do feel bad for people that can never get things during big launches. Overall I like Gymshark as a brand. I was lucky enough to go to the pop up shop in LA last year cuz Whitney is one of my biggest role models and IK people had their problems with the collection but the leggings I got have actually held up well and are still doing well a year later! Website service during big events are always pretty bad and it just sucks when people get the rough end of it

    40. Susan Ho

      Thank you so much for posting your review of the GymShark x Whitney Simmons collection! I appreciate you squat testing them with nude and colored underwear bc let's be real and no one only has nude underwear! I really want to try the leggings and the joggers; they look so comfortable and flattering.

    41. Allison Barton

      If anyone has amazon or chocolate cherry pieces let me know because my size sold out in 5 mins 😭

    42. Ashley Wintle

      Watched this after not being able to snag anything and honestly feel better about missing out. Maybe it was a blessing in disguise to save my money. Thank you so much for always being honest! Also why do I feel like gymshark always puts out totally see through shit? All of their lightweight stuff isn't even "stand" proof on me I swear!

    43. Kennedy Thies

      I’m a smedium in leggings too, I feel you girl!!

    44. a g

      i hate those people that buy it just to mark it up on marcari and posh mark. 😡 because of those money hungry pos i couldn’t get everything i wanted.

    45. Danielle Carberry

      SO ACCURATE about the seasons

    46. Inge Middel

      Hey Hope! Can you please do another review of TALA? They came out with some really cool stuff and I’d love to get more people to know them. I always love your video’s so I’d be so happy to see you review them again. ❤️

    47. Elena Bee

      I couldn’t get anything 😭😭😭😭

    48. yaelene Di

      The amazon is my favorite

    49. Dyani

      I went online to buy them. And while I was in cart the stuff sold out.... I only got black, which is all I wear so that’s fine. I saved my wallet like $400 but I really wanted the color moss... and that outer jacket. It’s the one thing I wanted.

    50. Jennessica Sanchez

      I’m a xs please pick me I love you ❤️

    51. Lucy

      WAit im an XS and those were the leggings I wanted but couldn’t get OMGG

    52. Amanda Le

      Damn it, I ended up buying the joggers and the bomber. The worst and the best piece 😂😂 Time to go get invisible underwear

    53. Putu Erny

      I find the thank you note at the end so sweet, thank you for doing this review!

    54. Jennifer Webb

      Peach lift is using your picture to advertise their cellulite hiding leggings on tik tok. Just wanted to let you know 😀

    55. Alabama Girl

      I live 3 mins from unclaimed baggage in scottsboro, Alabama ! Your video on that store is how I found you! & now I’m here to stay 😋

    56. Olivia M

      Your nails pissed me off the whole video lol

    57. Casey Marie Moore

      I feel like the light weight shirt would be cute dressed up on a hot day.

    58. Taylor Seibert

      I am an XS! ;)

    59. Sara Story

      I was on the site early, got my items in the cart and for some reason gymshark won't process my card.. I even called my bank and it was just gymshark. Their website is beyond horrible for how much they make. I'll never try buying through them again. It's all made in China anyway. I just love Whitney, her passion sells the look.

    60. Ella Buck

      Hey do u have any extra that you could send me please

    61. Julianna Wilson

      Hey, no hate or anything, but just wondering what is going on with that middle drawer lol.

    62. Sheila’s Beauty/ Hair/ Nails/ Fashion

      This collection does nothing for me 👎

    63. Mackenzie Richardson

      You beem with good vibes!!

    64. Mackenzie Richardson

      Ive been wanting to mention this but I kept forgetting. You should review north face leggings ! One of my favorite pair are north face!

    65. Andrea Nelson

      I’m Xsmall and it would be dope if you slid in my DM’s with those xsmall leggings 🤗😍🙏🏼🤞🏼

    66. Cynthia Gonzalez

      I was so sad I didn’t get anything. Everything was gone that I wanted.

    67. XZELIA GSX

      it's so crazy to me how hard to get these items are! like yeah it's a cool collection but i'm not going through the internet hunger games to get them, i can't deal with the stress!!

    68. Chloe Huynh

      Mine died after like 5 wear the last time I bought it :( I don’t think it’s meant for thick thigh girls 😭😭😭😭

    69. Elizabeth Harding

      I have the literal same measurements as you!! I'm sorry but I have never found another human with the same body type like me, so your videos are so helpful cause I actually know what sizes to get. And I totally fluctuate from smalls to medium as well.

    70. Micaela Brunacci

      Hiiii im an xs!! 🥳

    71. Michelle Ulerie

      I was really hyped about the launch at first - checked out all reviews but seriously considered this review the most. I opted not to get caught up...sorry gymshark! Thanks Hope!! These pieces look lovely but when you get pass the beautiful palettes - the quality and price comes into question (covid times) Yup I would feel more at ease at a black friday sale.

    72. Raya McGill

      YES I got everything I wanted except for the amazon leggings ugh I WISH

    73. Kay S

      Maybe Hope will do a dupes video for everyone who missed getting anything from the launch 👀🤞 I would love a dupe for the moss green jogger set and something close to amazon

    74. Carissa D

      Love that you are doing a review! I feel yours are always so genuine and legit! Also clicking that bell finally because would have loved to get the XS leggings! 😹

    75. Candace Quintero

      Hope you look so cute in your outfit you wore throughout the video. The crop top compliments you very much. 😌

    76. Jessica Birkenheuer

      100000% I am switching between small and medium like you. Come on, comfort food is what we neeeeed 😂👏🏻

    77. Gigi M

      where are your grey jogger from !???!!!?? ;D

    78. Patricija Kričaj

      Thank you for an HONEST review. Now I don't even feel that bad for not managing to get anything hihi

    79. Sierra Bates

      Will you do a review on Brianna K Brand leggings?? =) You are the best! So glad there is another human out there that loves fitness apparel as much as me lololol

    80. Jessica N.

      How will you choose someone for the giveaway? I’m an XS and would love anything!🙌🏼

    81. Jessica N.

      Yesss I love the new collection as well!🥰

    82. Shaliz Eboh

      Gym shark is just getting more expensive but quality is not good enough for them to be moving more toward lulu

    83. Emma Nelson

      I’m an XS and i went to get that color today and it was sold out:(

    84. Lizzy Sheldon

      wish i saw this before I bought but also I couldnt get anything so its ok

    85. Jamie Adame

      Thanks for being so honest and love your dedication to your followers! ❤️

    86. Sarah Hunwardsen

      I spaced on the launch and just went and looked at gymshark and everything is sold out 😒. I HATE limited launches I get it's part of their business model to create scarcity and exclusivity but honestly it just makes me not want to bother

    87. Tina Tran

      I’m an XS! 😍

    88. Naomi Jo Erny

      So of course the collection sold out in 3 minutes in typical Gymshark fashion. I walked away from this brand over the first Whitney launch but wanted to give Gymshark another shot. Not surprised but definitely disappointed. Can we have a video on gym brands with a similar feel and cut to this brand?

    89. Naty Delgado

      Things were sold out in a minute, 😢 literally I was on the website at 2:59 by 3:00 I was checking out and everything I wanted was already sold out!

    90. Christina Salguero

      Hate to say it but this launch was another fail> I think GS does this on purpose. Why send PR to tons of influencers to get the word out and hype up and simply not have enough stock to last 15 minutes! Scam! @hopescope please do a video on comparable pieces to the collection so I can take my business elsewhere. Period. Luv ya!

    91. Dianna Chaidez

      I will gladly take or even buy the intense beautiful blue leggings in the xs! I messaged you on Instagram as well @ dianna.chaidez and I didn’t get anything from this launch! Everything sold out so fast ;( Your video was so real I loved it!

    92. Dulari

      The person reading this will find success in life ❤️

    93. anabelle772

      hey, do you have anything that you would like to sell in the new collection? I did not get the chance to get anything but the bag cause like last year it sold out in like 5 min. btw love your videos

    94. Alexis Hague

      I would honestly LOVE those xs leggings! 😅 I was at work when this dropped and by the time I got off, they were all sold out. Super sad!

    95. jennifer batton

      So bummed, the release was the same as last year. Everything sold out in MINUTESS

    96. Bailey Louise

      Only person who’s completely unbiased ah that’s why I only go to hopes page if I’m thinking about buying from an athletic brand 😂

    97. Trisha/Dasmon Madison

      Congrats to the winners yay woot woot!!!! Sorry I didn’t enter sooner and I entered not realizing it was over lol I love your beanie on you!!!! Trish

    98. Caralyn Camarata

      I am so MAD!!! Gymshark did it again! Literally everything sold out in less than 10 minutes. I waited... and waited in a darn cue for 3 minutes with my cart ready to go and it was only 3 minutes into the launch!! GONE!!

      1. Caralyn Camarata

        @Andrea Tieleman I’m with you there! 👌🏽

      2. Andrea Tieleman

        @Caralyn Camarata I definitely have liked a couple of their collections, but I'm sick of the insane hype and sell-outs in 10 minutes.

      3. Caralyn Camarata

        @Andrea Tieleman isn’t it sad? And Gymshark permanently lost a customer here because momma don’t play that game. I Will gladly give my money to all their competitors instead. Never liked Gymshark, now I really DON’t like them! I’m sorry this happens to you also!!

      4. Andrea Tieleman

        Same thing happened to me. I was 10 minutes after the launch because you know... people work (and I don't have a desk job), and as I found things I was happy with (because some stuff was ALREADY) sold out, it disappeared while I was in que.

      5. Caralyn Camarata

        @Macey Cannon turns me off to Gymshark completely! I will stick with Hope and all her other reviews. I am great full she decided not to sign the contract with Gymshark... keeps the reviews authentic! Hey, I’m a momma on a budget and she helps me stay cute in the gym while not spending boat loads of money!!

    99. Brittney Gonzales

      we literally have the SAME measurements 😂

    100. Katie McCool

      Ah! I love everything! Saving up for our September wedding so I would LOVE those blue XS leggings. 😍 My Instagram is HeartHavenHome