Tory Lanez - Feels (feat. Chris Brown) [Official Music Video]

Tory Lanez

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    Official Music Video from Tory Lanez - Feels (feat. Chris Brown)
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    Baby (x7)
    Ohhhh, yeah
    Baby (x7)
    Loving you right, loving you right, loving you
    Touching you right, touching you right, touching you
    Feels for tonight, best time of our lives
    Loving you right, loving you right, loving you
    Loving you right, loving you right, loving you
    Touching you right, touching you right, touching you
    Feels for tonight, best time of our lives
    Loving you right, loving you right
    Get in the covers, imma hold down my loving
    Oh yeah
    Give it to me good good​ tonight
    I’m going under cause i know you’re wondering baby
    Oh yeah
    I’m giving it ​good good to ya
    Now what i’m doing baby
    Loving you right, loving you right, loving you
    Touching you right, touching you right, touching you
    Feels for tonight, best time of our lives
    Loving you right, loving you right, loving you
    Loving you right, loving you right, loving you
    Touching you right, touching you right, touching you
    Feels for tonight, best time of our lives
    Loving you right, loving you right
    I didn’t get any rubbers
    I’m giving you ​raw love​ tonight
    I’m trusting you​, yeah
    Don’t threaten me with a good good time aint gon lie
    I got you
    Come sit on me, i eat the peach ​chasing​ your soul
    Licky lick
    Oh my god
    Switch it to me you’re on your knees
    Sucking the soul out of me
    Massaging your feet, babe
    Feel the heat wave
    Go on sweat it out, know its a week day
    Know you gotta go to work
    But today you gonna be a little late
    Cause i’m gonna let you sleep
    You going to be rushing when you gotta leave
    I love you girl, I’m teasing,
    When we’re done I’ll get you where you gotta be
    But first you need to fuck the shit out of me
    I wanna keep loving you
    Loving you right, loving you right, loving you (Oh baby)
    Touching you right, touching you right, touching you (I just want to touch you right)
    Feels for tonight, best time of our lives (the best time)
    Loving you right, loving you right, loving you (Loving you)
    Loving you right, loving you right, loving you (Loving you)
    Touching you right, touching you right, touching you (right)
    Feels for tonight, best time of our lives
    Loving you right, loving you right
    Baby (x7)
    Baby (x7)

    @Tory Lanez - “Feels” feat. @Chris Brown
    New Music Video out now!
    Directed by Christian Breslauer
    Director: @christhedirector
    Executive Producer: @christhedirector
    Producer: @miketheproducer
    Line Producer: @nicky_bonez
    Production Manager: @blaisedolce
    Production Coordinator: @anthony_nelson
    Production Company: @luckybastards_inc
    Director of Photography: @christhedirector
    1st AC: Juan Carlos Szauzuck
    2nd AC: Zack Burgh
    Techno Crane: @extremejibs
    Grip & Electric: @eastsidemovie_
    Production Designer: @garabatoarte
    Set Construction: @creativesets
    Art Team by Rome
    Key Makeup Artist: @gpexclusives
    Makeup Assistant: Angie Paredes
    Casting: @swimodels
    Location: @m3studiosmiami
    VFX: @cameofx
    Color: @bryansmaller
    Editor: @callaird
    PA: Jose Guzman
    PA: @federicosarria
    PA: @justicesilvera
    PA: @james_hirschfeld
    PA: @tgunville
    BTS: @ysarissmia
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    Thank you to everyone who went above and beyond to make this video as epic as possible. We appreciate you greatly. #theluckybastardsinc

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