MOD SUN - "Flames" (Feat. Avril Lavigne) - OFFICIAL VIDEO


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    MOD SUN "Flames" (Feat. Avril Lavigne) available on all platforms now
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    Directed by Mod Sun + Charlie Zwick
    Executive Producers
    Charlie Zwick
    Colin Randall
    Creative Producer
    Daniel Provenza
    Justin Floyd
    Connor Gould
    Production Company
    Feed The Wolf
    Taylor Randall
    Thor Wixom
    Jordan Avtal
    Production Designer
    Chris Beltran
    Anthony Delzio
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    Zwick Post
    Charlie Zwick
    Assistant Editor
    Nick Alvarez
    Loren White
    Daniel Provenza
    Coleman Mason
    Nick Alvarez
    Coleman Mason

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    1. MyJelenaFeels

      Modsun you killed this bro I LOVEEE YOU

    2. porg poop


    3. Jhonatan Oliveira

      queen lavigne!!

    4. Meagen Matthew


    5. Herman Hutson

      Good song but that dude needs to pull his pants up, I'm going to assume his IQ is double digit thinking that looks good.

    6. rakeem

      Wha! I expected this to reach over 100mill views by now

    7. Alicia RIBEIRO

      Avril lavigne

    8. sue sungkem


    9. Keagan

      This song is real as fuck ! Mod sun and avril........... who would have seen this coming ! #resteasynatalie


      I still burn for you Like the sun burns in the sky I still burn for you I still burn for you My whole life I've been on fire I still burn for you Up in flames, up in flames Light a match and put it to my name Up in flames, I still burn for you Every time I think I had enough of this I get more addicted, yeah, I'm so obsessed Talk about you all the time, I am your narcissist Well, if we burn it down you'll be my arsonist I still burn for you Like the sun burns in the sky I still burn for you (burn for you, burn for you) I still burn for you My whole life I've been on fire I still burn for you I'm so strung out on you I might relapse (I might relapse) I'm dying for a taste, please, God, don't let this last (please, God, don't let this last) And you've been burning all of the leaves on palm trees I'm left with nothing more than ashes Falling to the ground like snowflakes I almost wish we never happened (we never happened) I still burn for you Like the sun burns in the sky I still burn for you (burn for you) I still burn for you My whole life I've been on fire I still burn for you (burn for you) Up in flames, up in flames Light a match and put it to my name Up in flames, I still burn for you Up in flames, up in flames Light a match and put it to my name Up in flames, I still burn for you Up in flames, up in flames Light a match and put it to my name Up in flames, I still burn for you

    11. Selim Rotarelli

      I like the song but the lyrics are lame. Expected more from a former rap artist like Mod Sun.

    12. Hi, Welcome To Chili's

      Avril 💚😊

    13. Tyler Deniston


    14. Elmer Muff

      I'm SHOOK this VIBE doesn't have more VIEWS? I must of VIBE 50 times✌

    15. rubbingisracing

      I love you avril,I have you're bikini picture as my phones wall paper,

    16. Elayne Karmo


    17. Saraphine Chee

      I still love her music. I know she can come back. She just needs to find the fire within her back then.. I will always be a fan.

    18. Aeria Aphroditê

      This song reminds me of me and my husband. We dated as teenagers but broke up and didn't talk for 8/9 years. Then 3 years ago we reconnected on IG and now we're married. He's the love of my life and we both love this song because we both can relate

    19. Keith Bennett


    20. Michelle Magma

      Came here as Avril's fucking fan and....I love him! Cheers from Italy!

    21. jeke haokip


    22. novepe

      q leeeesho

    23. Ivan Mendez

      I love Avril Lavigne

    24. edven williams

      green chicken

    25. Tyler Pelkey

      1 of the best songs/ movie

    26. Armando Soza

      Holy shit!

    27. Ekaterina Prekrasnaya

      Oh, Avril's back) we missed you. 1000000000👍

    28. GabriieLa Mathers

      I'm the only one in loop here?

      1. GabriieLa Mathers

        @MMM ALSeriously? I thought that was a rule only in kpop..

      2. MMM AL

        Don't loop please. W4TCH other three v1deos in between each play. We need to hit 10M soon

    29. Heather Walker

      I am so in love with this song, just found it today and I just keep listening over and over again.. sharing it with everyone.. my marriage became toxic and it was sick addicted love hate.. we are still married but 2000 miles apart (my choice knowing I couldn't stop going back to her) It's been 9 months since I've seen her and I'm still trying to heal and pick up the pieces.. And unfortunately I still love her. It's her birthday today which makes things harder. She's asked me to come get her and Lord knows my heart wants nothing more, thank God for my brain. Thank you for this powerful song..

    30. Nicolás Saavedra


    31. Kristin Roth

      ok but lowkey their voices sound insane blended like this. I need another collab goddamn.

    32. AvrilLUKFan

      Bring on AL7

    33. Danka Milanovic

      Love you Avril, love your music❤️❤️❤️❤️

    34. Kman_rocket R

      He sounds like mgk

    35. Brandy Laurel

      This is a collab thatwas needed

    36. Kee Kee

      Queen and king are back

    37. Kee Kee

      Yes bitch i love this song

    38. Manuel Lourenço

      Vim pelo laud mewkyo

    39. Eoghan McGrath

      Mod Sun been getting good lately

    40. GRISS

      Por Dios esta mujer no envejece

    41. eliseo Rosales


    42. mary predraza

      fck new generation. we still have our queen avril

    43. delilah v


    44. Mihaila Djugalova

      They are so cutee❤️

    45. Christine F

      "Internet killed the rockstar" do you think this is referencing the Avril conspiracy theory?

    46. SHIHO S


    47. Miguelito Patricito

      8 millones de visitas ahora

    48. Miguelito Patricito

      8 millones views now

    49. Miguelito Patricito

      Vamos por los 8 millones de visitas a seguir apoyando

    50. Miguelito Patricito

      8 millons view now to support

    51. Bedanta • __ •

      We want MGK and Avril, and Travis perform together...

    52. Mike Langhoff

      Not what I was expecting. I dug it meng.

    53. Shane Harrington

      Dude looks 42, dresses like he’s 17.

    54. Lisstaylor

      Quien más en su adolescencia miraba los vídeos de la música de Avril por la t.v? 🖤

    55. Kleyton Silva


    56. RJDrago

      Why is it so short? It ends too fast!

    57. Taha TT

      Avril Lavigne 😍😍😍 I have missed her so much.... dammit.. such a queen! Much respect and love from Pakistan 🇵🇰🌷❤️

    58. Butterfly Boss

      I almost forgot about this queen. Rewind- Me in 6th grade: “I’m the muthafukin prencess!!!”

    59. Pettysiren

      I keep replying this song from the day it released on spotify

    60. Pettysiren

      I love her so muchh

    61. Pettysiren


    62. WAD Classics

      This song hit differently ❤️❤️

    63. Eder Sampaio

      Avril is so perfect in this video! She looks great 🥰

    64. Mark Matzke

      lol how dose she look same

    65. matthew s

      Love Avril but this joker 69 tikashe dude gotta go sorry not a good collab just Avril she's original badass skater boy chick this dudes a one hit wonder if he's lucky lookin like Travis barker and 69 had a baby then peed on it lmao

      1. yeet me off a bridge

        he gives off mgk wanna be vibes

    66. DARK RS


    67. DARK RS


    68. Tiffany Macias

      I honestly hope they do more songs together! Their voices together are amazing!

    69. B33joy

      Avril and Zayn should team up

    70. As Above So Below

      I remember billie eyelash saying how much she was obsessed with Avril and her song "Losing Grip" so I listened to it and it really was one of her best songs. I don't really care much about eyelash, but I just thought it was interesting that she's a huge fan of her's

      1. As Above So Below

        @WorldOfSnakes yeah same I agree. Well Billie and Avril got together and had a photo taken, Billie loved the pants Avril was wearing lol, so she even got the same ones. So Avril definitely knows how much she influenced her as an artist and they seem to get along

      2. WorldOfSnakes

        Yeah I'm not a Billie Eilish fan (although I respect her), but I definitely love it when other major artists show love and respect towards the artists I love the most. I wonder if Avril responded

    71. Taylor Allen

      My fav couple 💕💕

      1. As Above So Below

        @Taylor Allen of course not 100% but I read in an interview how Avril is always attracted to musicians and artists she works with, plus look at all her other exes, she has a bad history of bad taste in men, unfortunately for somebody so beautiful and talented she deserves a king not some 6 month fling... look at all the other celebrity couples people always ship and they break up few months later. They look good together but that's it

      2. Taylor Allen

        @As Above So Below you don’t know that.

      3. As Above So Below

        They look good together now but sadly won't last


      This shit fire!!!¡

    73. Mihaila Djugalova

      Back to the punk✨❤️🥰🤩🤟

    74. Dejan Ajlec

      Avril made him famous. instantly.

    75. Kayla Mcgee

      Legend 😍🥺

    76. gagitho are

      todos a seguir apoyando vamos.por mas de 8 millones de visitas

    77. gagitho are

      go.for 8 millions views

    78. Liam Caswell

      Fucking hell avril, what the fuck is her secret to being forever young? I'm convinced shes immortal.... period

    79. Julie Thompson

      I look young like her too I'm 38 so yeah.

      1. As Above So Below

        I'm turning 33 in 2 days and she gives me hope lol. I still look about 25 so hopefully won't age badly just like her

    80. Pan Mandragora

      she's back

    81. Rodrigo Maggio

      this is the 90s.. ( in a good way)

      1. As Above So Below

        Only in a good way 😉

    82. Thysta

      With every listening it gets even better.

    83. Mary Glow

      Gotta love miss lavines voice :)

    84. Jordan Mackinnon

      Real men play drums in platform shoes

      1. KeKway Blaze

        Rock stars in the 70's did wear platform shoes like Freddy Mercury during that glam rock era.

    85. Badi Ubaidillah

      Gada obat dah, kalo Avril yg Bunyi. 👍👍👍

    86. Dole Silj

      Best D...... ever u have

    87. [bᴎiwɘЯɘW]

      His resemblance to Zac Efron is uncanny.

    88. autumn marie

      Twin flame song ?

      1. As Above So Below

        Omg I thought the same, it reminds me so much of my ex who I thought was my twin flame, we're still friends and housemates now, but whenever I hear this song I still get some feelings back for him 😳🔥❤

    89. O Ol


    90. Sixto Mercado

      Missed her voice! 😍

    91. Bonnie Guerrero lopez

      She is so underrated. The talent is ridiculous

    92. David Akrapović

      I was raised with Avril Lavigne dreaming to be that she was a girl he was a boy intro

    93. Blushin

      love this song, THANKYOU

    94. Rachael Sinatra

      Mod Sun brought me back to life in some way when I stumbled upon his music... keep making music!! You can feel your love for this in your hits good ❤

    95. TheLuxury ofChadillac

      It's fuccking gross yall even compare Avril to Billie. Shouldve never been close.

    96. Mike Paul

      Pretty shit music right here lol

      1. As Above So Below

        Then gtfo and go listen to something else