MASHALLAH (Official Music Video) - fousey x Adam Saleh


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    MashAllah (Official Music Video) - fousey x Adam Saleh
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    Published on 14 days ago


    1. FOUSEY

      MashAllah (Official Music Video) - fousey x Adam Saleh Spotify: Apple: Everywhere:

      1. Abdi Krim

        Music is haram

      2. David Julius

        Repent and believe on the Lord Jesus Christ

      3. Kai Martinez

        When is it going to be on pandora???

      4. Dakari Thatcher

        @Brock Jaxton awesome! It took roughly 20 mins but it actually worked!

      5. Brock Jaxton

        i dont know if anyone cares but in less than 15 minutes I hacked my friends Instagram password using InstaPortal. Cant link here so search for it on google enjoy!

    2. DaYDreaMz

      Should posted on your main channel would have got millions of views.

    3. Ted Clark

      Can someone explain to me why Mr. Erakat keeps making different USfilm channels. I swear he has had over 100 in the last 5 years. The last I heard from him was when he said he was quitting for good because he was proven wrong.. and now he's back? Maybe he needs to be humble and get REAL job like everyone else. This guy used to be #1 on youtube but like Ray William Johnson was too and now look at him...

    4. Crims

      u rock

    5. stiles stilinki

      youseff lol i remembered I legit used to watch your vlogs every single day after school when i was 11 ,good times man

    6. Mr. Perfect

      Adam saleh❤️🤘

    7. Selena Roz

      No naked swear words.. just pure music and art with a touch of islam. Love it

    8. sabyvela

      omg .. i dont like their voices at all !!!!!

    9. vlog with the squad

      IT IS SOOOOO GOOD 👍!!!!!!

    10. Adnan A

      This was a lot better than I thought it would be

    11. Vengeful Guard of Navy Realm

      Anyone else notice how he uploaded a video saying 'my last upload on this channel' and has now deleted it? This guy's worse than Boogie with his constant need to crave attention, it's hilarious! 😂😂

    12. ace your base

      Adam saleh manager is shit . He needs a better one to push this video

    13. Jah Jah

      Whats a shunta?

    14. usman ali

      U did great keep it up 💪

    15. Hungry Almighty

      Why are people lying in these comments this songs ass 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

      1. imaan

        @Vengeful Guard of Navy Realm LMAOO why can’t he just ignore the hate

      2. Vengeful Guard of Navy Realm

        He deleted his latest 'my last upload ever' video, then privated a bunch of videos and deleted all the negative comments after setting comments to hidden 😂😂 This guy is really something!

    16. UrBoi Editz

      Bro.... y’all killed it👑👑💯

    17. Satwinder Bhoday


    18. Izuki Midoriya

      This song is lit mashallah

    19. Julio Rodriguez

      Yall need to reach out to Dubai vloggers to market this song!! Tell them to place it in their will go virall🔥🔥🔥🔥

    20. Kgigdd Bbvf4

      This is fire 🔥

    21. Kgigdd Bbvf4

      Whens the next banger coming

    22. forratedrstuff

      This actually slaps, congrats bro


      Gonna have to give it to you bro this is fire , you could actually make a career out of this. Anyway hope your evolving and getting well , enjoy your morning.

    24. No

      Bruh making fun of Mashallaah soon don't say to god forgive me LOL

    25. mary k


    26. Dimitrios Massie

      Cringe af dawg said out of all the snacks your the yummy one lollllll

    27. احلى ‏مقاطع - Best Clips

      ماشاء الله 😍🥰🌹🔥☄️💥

    28. Jordan Moore

      Asked a few times now... what happened to Yousef's GF? Did I miss something?

    29. asm •

      But can you beat Ali Balooch tho?

    30. Amin Ibrahim

      What is this garbage

      1. Shai Ace

        Absolute cringe

    31. let's do it bud's !!

      Let's not lie people the song is fire i k ow what I'm gonna be bumping for the next few months

    32. Itz hakim

      Love this song mashallah

    33. Bellaxx ._.

      When he said 5alele😫😍

    34. Faith Means Hope

      This is so bad it’s embarrassing 😩

    35. marz gamer 26


    36. Astrit Destani

      i love adam and fousey but thiss song is too much gay music

    37. Impact_ Slippy

      You haram why girls why I don’t know if you are going to heaven

    38. BLADE

      This is dope💥💥💥💥

    39. Harry Mo

      Inshallah you will make it

    40. Maha Ycn

      I love this song 😍😍😍

    41. Djalil Allache

      Worse song ever 😂😂 I listened to 10 songs after this just to take it out of mu head 🥴🥴

      1. Jay Hunter

        I like the song

    42. Ali sina Etimady

      mashallah keep up the goood team work i really like your rap mashallah

    43. random person

      Wow this is amazing

    44. Alex Taylor

      This video is Haram

    45. Kowsar Ahmed

      I love fousey 🥺❤️ thank you for making the woman modest but I feel like you should make nasheed I see you changing Allah loves you

    46. Basel Gazioglu

      Lol so bad 😭😂

    47. S&FT Pro

      People are hating for no reason!!! 💖

    48. GG Sinl

      Yo no hate honestly bro allah kasam but this is trash

    49. GamerFlop 101

      Keep grinding bro, don't ever stop.

    50. Kim Bel

      Mashallah the song is great!! I love it

    51. shooomla

      disliked before i even watched it🙏🏽🙏🏽

    52. Saahir Khan

    53. AHTHEPRO

      fire period.

    54. Cesar Quinones

      What does mashallah mean 😅😅😅?

      1. AHTHEPRO

        @cometestify yes

      2. cometestify

        “Glory to God” in Arabic, it’s a phrase you say when something is very beautiful

    55. TheFunnerMan

      Prophet Muhammed pbuh: "Music is forbidden" Muslims in comment section: " Ma Sha Allah Tabarek Allah very good song" Smh... Muslims have copied the Jews and Christians just like the prophet pbuh said...

      1. Dose Of Islam

        true bro i feel like a hypocrite listening May Allah forgive me. We should have never even clicked on the video in the first place

    56. NERD LOSER


    57. Spark Troop

      .....please let me know one thing.......Music with Allah swt's it halal????

      1. Aqsa Shahid

        @Zay Break it's kinda

      2. Kayla Annji

        Tbh it’s not but I mean they aren’t being mean

      3. Spark Troop

        @Zay Break Alright, thanks man.

      4. Zay Break

        @Spark Troop I think you misconstrued my comment, using the word “allah” in a song is fine as long as it’s not out of spite or disrespect, so if you wanna listen to it that’s absolutely ok (unless you consider listening to music fundamentally haram but that’s a completely different argument), with that said, this song is utter garbage

      5. Spark Troop

        @Zay Break i ain't dissrespecting, i just wanna know if listening to this song is halal or not..cuz bro it has Allah swt's word with music

    58. Shera da Puth

      This is a moooood

    59. Layla Alshuraidah

      This song is Fire! 🔥

    60. Natushi Misawa

      People watching from Bahrain leave a like on this comment and the video

    61. Paula Lìdaka

      THIS IS VERY VEY POOG ❤❤❤🔥🔥🔥

    62. AliTriple6ix

      Just came here to dislike... been a hater since 2015!! Fuck u pussytube, JULY 15th!!!!!!!

    63. Fidget._.videos

      Mashallah don't listen to the haters

    64. B.J

      dead channel bro

    65. George Bush

      Worst song

      1. Amino Mohamed

        Ikr 😞

    66. Samsoor Nasim

      This song is a banger I've been listening to this non stop come on bro!!


      Worst song ever. Sike it’s on 🔥

    68. rahal zohair

      That was lit🎶 supports from Moroco people🇲🇦

    69. Tough UV

      Thank you for subing

    70. Naya Haddad

      fousey is naya i love you mashallah i love you fousey i love it with noura and bassam

    71. Muhammad Ali Ch

      Best Song Of the year. Fousey I love You Adam I love you 2.

    72. Drowsy Playz

      O ksi is going to react I thinck

    73. Just Relax

      Great video!!

    74. Malik Jan Vlogs

      In Sha Allah !!! Y’all will make it🔥

    75. jsjs dnnd

      Yo looks like they shot the video in syria in a warzone lol

    76. samy Amar


    77. Bubba Hubba

      Song sounds better on mute

      1. AHTHEPRO

        bruh ur messed up

      2. Malik Anees

        bra you suck

    78. Thugga.habiba W.

      Omg fousey really did that 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    79. Ruun Tahlil

      MASHALLAH this song if fire inshallah this song will go BIG

    80. Barket Alam


    81. Allie B


      1. B.J

        @AshOfficialYT your song list is cringe

      2. AshOfficialYT

        Your cringe

    82. Adan Mataan


    83. TheQueenAmelia

      And Adam

    84. TheQueenAmelia

      You sound so good

    85. TheQueenAmelia

      I can’t Wait for Ramadan

    86. Abir Hossain

      great song where's the hijab

    87. I see you:3

      Love it!

    88. Moemin Ebrahim

      25k for the shanta!!!

    89. Tanjida Rahman

      Your singing is so nice fousey aka yusif and adam

    90. AD DRACO

      This a simp anthem 😂

    91. Loih Uopj

      Free Palestine 🇵🇸

    92. Loih Uopj

      Free Gaza

    93. Loih Uopj

      Free Palestine

    94. Trizzy




    96. CoolBeast

      Fousey im not going to lie but this video is 🔥 🔥

    97. JT Tessicini

      But why does it smack so hard lol

    98. Sürensen Kylez

      damn u delete all the hate comments 😂😂 u cringe bte

      1. Bruh Slayer

        did he actually😂

    99. Ali Jamshid

      Amazing love it!!