Tommy's Trapped In Prison with Dream


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    Tommy's Trapped In Prison with Dream
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    1. TommyVODS

      Reply with your timestamps! (SPOILERS BELOW) - Rudy (Oh god...)

      1. elly’s daily life


      2. Tommy Innit

        Dream killed the child oh my hod

      3. シErin!

        0:15 pog

      4. George xydous


      5. Melissa

        13:40 dweam

    2. biphq


    3. • Elytra Gacha •

      Thanks now I can't listen to roadtrip without laughing for 1 hour straight :D

    4. Solar

      “Long Live the Puss” -Tommy

    5. Kayson McLeod

      Tommy's crazy he's going crazy he needs to switch with dream

      1. Kayson McLeod

        Yes he truly needs that new therapist (SPOILERS)

    6. Gamer- Champion1

      is it just me who thinks the lava looks like beans?🤔


      The thumbnail is one of the best

    8. AkiraN

      _"And that's what happens when you love something, bitch!"_ God, not only is that exactly what Dream used to do to Tommy in exile, destroying his gear, his builds, _burning the photos,_ but this is the entire reason why Dream did what he did. He said so himself. If you have things you care about, people can use them against you. So I got rid of everything, I lost everything. That's the reason Dream betrayed every single person on the server, he was so scared of people controlling him that he decided to control everyone and everything else. Tommy simultaneously did the exact same thing that Dream did and the thing that Dream is the most scared of.

    9. Regina Debreceni


    10. Cynical Nerd

      “Dream is ugly - The norval”

    11. Depressed _Boi

      R.I.P Puss boi 2021-2021

    12. Lydia Wilder

      this is so painful to watch

    13. Starburst_ Dreams


    14. Kole Koester

      I wish dream screamed when pussboy died. Then it would be super dramatic and be lore. (Probably)

    15. TurboSlayer


    16. JAKG4

      in a few hours it will turn ever so sligthly

    17. Alesha Schaeffer

      This d a is killing cat

    18. Edward Barnett

      No wonder dream is slowly going insane

    19. LunaFox 45

      I love how Tommy, after being devastated and distraught by being trapped in the Prison with Dream, has resorted in doing what he does best and pissing off Dream to the point of literal death

    20. no one

      That "Let me out" scream by Tommy needs to be in a sadist edit. :)))

      1. GoFast


    21. Mackenzie Hayward

      Why doesn’t he walk into lava and respawn at the bed on the other side?

    22. MJunior Plays


    23. Maja Kululska

      Tommy:do you love him? Dream:Yes i do Tommy: Aaawww dweaam why did it tickle me so much??

    24. maya graham


      1. maya graham


    25. Kitten re

      OmG dWeAmM

    26. FlameTheFaithful

      Shrek and Donkey irl

    27. FlameTheFaithful

      Where- what- cat???

    28. lola chavez

      3:07 ooOooOoOoÆÚRŒGHooOoOo

    29. fruit bucket

      13:38 is the ow dwwweaam

    30. Fantasieträume

      i guess tommy wouldn't have died if he did not kill minecraft patches.

    31. Fantasieträume

      lmao. i think tommy should be a singer, not a gamer

    32. SharpHold

      "oh pussboy you are so ugly"

    33. Nörah Night

      This is quite hilarious I have to say

    34. L on the Names

      dream: no im not gonna give you any potatoes tommy: (imitates dream) neh em nut guna gev u eny pitatoes

      1. snack

        time stamp?

    35. Nikolas Ramos

      why. doesn't tommy just die in the lave and come back to get his stuff?

    36. Hymn the Siren

      The beginning bit is basically life in the brain with ADHD

    37. Arjun Bali

      Title: Me: I think you got that the wrong way around, man.

    38. MrSoggyTaco

      That is what my dead cat looked like:(

    39. Kata Laura Bakos

      16:44 how can you say this to a human? Did you realize, what did you say? "just die" it isnt good Tommy... I'm disappointed in you. It was a bit too mutch... :((((

    40. Kata Laura Bakos

      Tommy... why? I know Dream did bad things, but you dont have to follow the same mistakes... :,(

    41. Kata Laura Bakos

      8:34 - it was mean Tommy. He was your friend. :(

    42. TheAdvertisement

      19:00 "Do you think he's wants to piss off the owner of the most POWERFUL building on this entire server, just so he can get a video that BARELY scrapes the 5 million view mark?" Omg that casual fourth wall break without breaking character at all lmao.

    43. TheAdvertisement

      I was not expecting this to start off with the masterpiece that is Tommy's cover of Road Trip.

    44. Kordai Walker


    45. caia


    46. Ella-Rose Bailey

      Tommy just accepted he was stuck lol

    47. Uneven

      This is just so awkward with dream and tommy in the same room for 24 minutes

    48. Kostas Sofianos


    49. Liam Young

      Tommy at the start: Literally on fucking coke

    50. Shaikha Haidar

      Wow wow wow dream you changed wow

    51. pickle socks

      8:20 "Can you fok off?" 💀✋

    52. ThatloomGrl 1


    53. Chon Resendiz

      In 3:00 min in video you can hear before dream speaks u hear " oh no "

    54. Jeff Simms

      I know how to get over there like this comment if you want to no how

    55. mistic_ andtoxin

      This is why I'm on dreams side.

      1. Marley The Pitbull Mix

        Dreams like the worst tho he’s hated

    56. Trey slayerYT

      Autotune screaming is the ultimate torture

    57. Iamnotalex XD


    58. Mustafa Raad

      Tommy is not talking just look at him he is 🍷🍷 drinking and talking at the same time

    59. Gali

      i always wondered what that song was that tommy was singing in the beginning and so i was listening to dreams song roadtrip and it sounded familiar so i went back to this video and found out he was signing the song.

    60. bella grace

      1:56 someone call peta

    61. Cinar Ozdemir

      why is this guy describing hell


      I like dream just chillin.

    63. Gašper Klobas

      Tommy Why are you so mean

      1. Marley The Pitbull Mix

        It’s scripted💀

    64. Anahi Ortiz

      "We had a cat until you f**cking killed it" - Dream lmao

      1. Marley The Pitbull Mix

        Ikkkk when dream swears it hits so much harder

    65. VanillaRose's Kitchen

      Dream: You are annoying Tommy: Continues to auto tune profusely

    66. Olivia Woods

      *Me watching and enjoying life* *Tommy suffering about being stuck in a box and making things worse for himself with dream*

    67. Kaisla Kivimäki

      hi tommy i am woman

    68. Lucas Lee

      0:23 lol

    69. Katheline Luong

      Tommy: *abuses pet cat until dead* Me: THE POOR CAT NOOO

    70. Dabi /Touya todoroki

      I swear tommy has adhd

      1. Marley The Pitbull Mix

        No but dream and techno does the most chill people😂

    71. Valkyrie3420

      holy shi- the thumbnail... is it made by late august?

    72. Soroush HD

      i was kind of confused when i saw a cat

    73. Lady Tiger509

      I’m confused is this an entire VOD?

    74. Notreallyuseful

      I'm saying this in the nicest way possible but omg... Why is Tommy so loud lololol i'm trying to listen to what Dream says when they're talking but i have to spend all video changing the volume of the video bc one is too loud and the other is too quiet lololol

    75. zurz


    76. Slaw Kowalski

      00:03) What the fuck-

    77. RandomThings

      Just imagine if he actually goes to jail.....

    78. GreyDahSnek 101

      Cauldron: exists Tommy: LEMME GET IN THE SHITTER

    79. LifeOfBailey

      Pay respect to pussboy

    80. Squito

      14:12 Tommy has just killed the cat, and proceeds to impersonate and talk trash about him (watch, it’s hilarious) 😂

    81. James Segraves-grant

      Why are u so mean to dream 😔

      1. Marley The Pitbull Mix

        It’s scripted it’s not real😂

    82. jamie smith

      tommy is just stuped

      1. Marley The Pitbull Mix

        It’s scripted it’s not real😂

    83. jamie smith

      road trip is a good song

    84. treehug plays


    85. sn Sarah

      You are too mean tommy-

    86. ItzzRain

      "Fuck you... fuck you FUCK YOU" "No fuck you tommy."

    87. Rachel Yang

      I almost feel bad for Dream having to listen to Tommy singing... ALMOST

    88. Laito

      The power of coke is making tommy hype even more

    89. CAT VLOGS

      I’m mad at tommy for killing the

      1. CAT VLOGS

        For killing the cat

    90. Nasser Rashid

      Why am I seeing this

    91. pho3n1xcore

      Judge rinder be like

    92. kirsty millar


    93. kirsty millar

      =) ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!‐_

    94. Pumpkin Z

      Bro dream had enough 😔

    95. Faneboom15

      Why are you so rude?

    96. Ida Rose

      I just realised if Tommy is immune to most of the things does that mean he could be immune to the revive book too?!

    97. Trish Tran


    98. Bubble Black Tea

      I feel really bad for the both of them......

    99. Louis Mowbray

      TOMMY! look destroy the chest and place it in the hole in the ceiling so when u respawn u can take all the stuff in the disspencer to help u could also destroy the dipence and one obsidian to get into the place were sam puts tge potats in it takes 250 seconds to mine obsidian with fist thats to easyst and fastest way out without dream. wait till he logs off

    100. GodXero

      The self auto tune tho 🤣