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    Angry Video Game Nerd (AVGN) episode 184: Countdown Vampires for the PlayStation 1. Countdown Vampires is a survival horror game developed by K2 LLC and published by Bandai. It's basically Resident Evil, but with vampires instead of zombies. In Countdown Vampires, you play Keith Snyder, a tattooed celebrity bodyguard who has come to the ritzy Desert Moon Hotel on New Year's Eve 1999. When a fire starts in the hotel, the ceiling sprinklers go off. Rather than spray water, they drop an oozing dark liquid all over the glamorous guests. This liquid, whatever it is, turns the other guests into vampires. Now it's your job to find an antidote while fending off preying bloodsuckers, flesh-eating zombies, and bone-crushing monsters. Through the game you'll explore eight different locations--from woodland areas to bars to casino floors--to solve the mystery. It also happens to be one of the worst tank-controlled PS1 games of all time.
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    Crew: Justin Silverman, Kieran Fallon, Antonio Piluso
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    Game provided by Frank Minichini (KingOfApoc):
    Ending music (Castlevania covers) by Ferdk:
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    1. Cinemassacre

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      1. VM C

        Would love to see a remake of the older non HD episodes of AVGN

      2. jaces 69

        James You forget video game It’s by Sony and PlayStation And it’s called vib ribbon It’s only on the PlayStation 1 do you like it

      3. Majin Studio

        Hey. You should do a 1 game a day video start from atari or new. And go till you play all ur games. Do it like 20 min need rage reviews

      4. Retro Kid & Super Mario Comedy

        Review Super Mario Bros the lost levels or Mortal Kombat Gameboy games

      5. Syed Hussain

        Do SHenmue 3

    2. Patrick Cataluna

      Loved that Castelvania reference at the end.

    3. Crimson Sun

      7:08 To be fair, Running water is a classic vampire weakness

    4. Charlie Griner

      I appreciate that damage to the Nerd's consoles is canonical

    5. JRISS138

      4:33 only the best start up screen in video game history.

    6. Gowegee

      Bruh i cant even get 5mbps how can you get 300mpbs?

    7. Maxwell Lynch

      When did the PS1 self destruct?

    8. guy guy

      spooky frights scary nights sh*tey games all f*cking night

    9. cacmnica Nica


    10. Isaac Clark

      The way he said you got to stay here was so feminine 9:31👉😂

    11. blue cheese soup

      you missed the opportunity to say "So they got the countdown part, but what about the Counts?" ok nvm

    12. Fahrrad Mittelfranken

      9:40 wow, one of the designers was projecting his own personal life hard into that scene.

    13. Kurty312004’s Gaming XL

      15:56 he said "die monster!! you dont belong in this world!!!"

    14. R4z0r Gr1nd3r

      The song at the end is even a rip off... Unchained Melody... I only recognize it cause of every weird shop in the UK playing pan pipes versions.

    15. Sonicplys 64

      Tony Schiavone: "GOLDBERG!!!!!!!"

    16. Khal Drogo23

      "But it doesn't to turn on the power"

    17. Cooleo Cash

      You know what would be funny? If he reviewed FNAF

    18. João Paulo Hoppe

      Her arms in the ending are even bigger and stranger than the villain guy from the original Robocop.

    19. momhavefun

      Maybe you should review lego racers 1/ and 2 this is a video game

    20. Quarren Everett

      that game over screen, would traumatize me, especially as a kid. the dead empty silence would scare me as well as haunt me

    21. Rodrigues Icaro

      Oh AVGN, you look so cute with that vampire outfit... what's that, AVGN? ExpressVPN? Nevermind what I just said, AVGN, you are not so cute

    22. BountyHunterJester4Liberty813

      Diarrhea Dickwaffles 😂😂😂

    23. KiyokaMakibi

      I think that ending has scarred me like those bad fanfics..

    24. Nate「NyR」

      9:40 why does he sound like Goku?

    25. Yenilyn Rodriguez

      Boo boo boo boo

    26. Yenilyn Rodriguez

      The trick is express vpn

    27. Matias Dupree

      Why does the main character sound kinda like Goku

    28. Gunnie

      6:04 Aerith??

    29. Menta Uchiha

      When you realize there will be a day where the angry video game nerd will review games like spiderman 3 and then games like the Arkham series

    30. John Galt

      2:10. Video starts

    31. Nellis Falcon

      Here, in Russia, we call it Artificial Idiot.

    32. MikeMic productions

      Loved the castlevania reference

    33. Shirley Bennett

      James: I like the cat though Cat: meowth cry Me: :D

    34. Things ToPost

      Mr. Murphy

    35. Baby Yoda

      8:09 aren't these the pink symbiotes from spiderman on the ps1?

    36. FalloutJack

      I dunno. How did Capcom get 'Mugnum Parts'? They never fixed that.

    37. Flashy Pseudonym

      What was the Pokémon cry he used?

      1. SpencerBPD


    38. lobstar

      its like dusk till dawn but not. its afternoon till midnight or dusk till down syndrome

    39. Thatlittletrainguy

      I have not been getting notifications of your videos.

    40. Rantoni Pepperoni


    41. IncoherentRampage

      I'm confused-- what does WCW have to do with this? OH CUZ THEY SELF-DESTRUCTED THAT"S NOT NICE JAMES lol

    42. D Bone

      "They're also the most non-intimidating vampires possible." Twilight: "Hold my sparkles."

    43. M. Torres

      No politics and ur chsnnel can last..... Not as long as this but just no politics!

    44. De Leon

      So no one wants to talk about that memory card?

    45. Zim Gir

      I have been watching you for 13 years and your videos never cease to amaze 🤘

    46. whatucker

      such a world... you imitate holywood classics after that warner bros hires you to make dohn jick

    47. Blaze Animations

      The main character sounds like gohan from dragon ball z

    48. kingwoods Woods

      Did you put a dead squirrel on your head ?

    49. ElephantTalk 엘판톡

      11:58 If only Leon did that to Ashley

    50. Frogeman67

      You should play bloodstained curse of the moon next

    51. Martin

      I wonder what the second story mode is about.

    52. 97Retrogamenerd

      the game doesn't look too bad tbh. i wouldn't play it over my backlog, but it's not terrible

    53. anonymous person

      Thank you putting so much effort into these vids! Maybe 2020 not so bad after all.

    54. SpaceProbe Gaming

      You've GOT to stay heeeeere

    55. Shawn West

      video starts 2:07

    56. Logical Extreme

      168 ping is fast? uh ok.

    57. NOob Gaming

      He looks like danny from manhunt 2😂

    58. Sornlegion

      You forgot the secret ending

    59. FunkyJoeBob

      4:30 that's the calmest and the most relaxing moment avgn will ever get

    60. Digicraftmon the Crystal Gem

      Please talk about RAYMAN for the PS1

    61. STEAM Befreiungsgruppe GG 139

      Corona Plan-demic. World Economic Forum 4th industrial Revolution via Corona.

    62. Yussnan84

      Video starts at 2:10

    63. James Conroy

      I never heard of this game. I thought he was going to do a top 10 countdown of Vampire games.

    64. Gregory Mirabella

      6:22 meowth sound effect, a man of culture i see.

    65. N T


    66. Vinni Dilmurat

      Sorry but nerd have you ever tried your sponsors' products? EVPN is the worst VPN ever.

    67. Mateoski

      People need to apologize to Code Veronica now, lol

    68. NoobGyver

      there is only one important question: *_What were they thinking?_*

    69. Daniel Böcker

      There´s a survival horror game that is even worse looking than Counting Vampires called The Note. This is the least known game in the entire PS1 library, and yes, the game is really bad.

    70. Tails

      We're nearing 200 episode milestone

    71. Matei Patrascu

      Super tare

    72. The Don

      Well, to be fair, Resident Evil 5 is the low point of the series...

    73. Strike

      Isn't Carol Vorderman a 'Countdown' vampire? ...sorry English reference :P

    74. B P

      This video had me cracking up! Thank you for continuing to be awesome.

    75. Sartorius Kryzzt

      2:05 To skip the VPN stuff

    76. Black Magician

      Poor Keith. Spent the whole time trying to avoid Misatu just to end up in a unexplained relationship with her in the end.😟

    77. JD X

      You should play and review All the games created by Rockstar Games including Manhunt and Manhunt 2

    78. Armando Antunez

      I must be The only one who likes the RE1 tank controls and the voices.

      1. Brodie Zilla

        Nah, i'm with you.

    79. accquizzer

      Nothing make you feel old than when a retro game reviewer reviews a PS1 game...

    80. Farrael molina

      That you are sorry that you don’t have a epic special? Man this is real epic, lov u men.

    81. Santino Joshua Torre

      "like" solely for quoting Richter Belmont. That never gets old

    82. Mig N

      the ps1 intro is so nostalgic. Makes me smile every time I see/hear it.

    83. Justin Lelbach


    84. Hiroshi Jinbo

      Ahhhh! Ahhh! AHHHH! Calmdown vampire alright

    85. Kylorin235

      A copy of Countdown Vampires has been slain...Matt Mcmuscles is very sad.

    86. DedReign

      Hilarious episode. And to think I was actually afraid of that game when I played it. For shame.

    87. Daniel Malek

      Sorry Nerd, was hard not to pay attention to that girl in the red dress....

      1. sabata414

        "Lady with the red dress on, I want to be your man"

    88. Stephen Cheney

      I love the SOTN reference!

    89. Jeffrey Pounds

      Can you review Chinatown wars

    90. Dumaiu

      Are these vampires less intimidating than the Augers from _Night Trap_?

    91. Kyle Mcgill

      *I hate seeing that he doesn't have millions of view as fast as he used to get. Come on subs! Get those views up!*

    92. ser6Ijvolk

      Apparently some of those characters in the intro actually appear in the alternate story mode you unlock by completing the game in under 8 hours.

    93. Emily Blink

      Review toy story for snes

    94. Gfors85

      Why do I feel like I have to play this game now?

    95. Jarno

      Great episode, not fan of the unnecessary profanities

    96. 골든핑거

      롤프! 뻐낑 핀슨 쉬엣! 대사가 입에 감기는 재미와 추억속으로!

    97. Fogboy Enterprise

      Anyone notice the Nerd incorporating more subtle memes into his videos as of late? I like it.

    98. ShadowMarioPinball 769

      Spooky scary skeletons

    99. FunnyKidFiona


    100. FunnyKidFiona