G-Eazy - Down (Official Video) ft. Mulatto

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    G-Eazy’s “Down” feat. Mulatto out now! smarturl.it/xDown

    With Special Appearances by: Rob Schneider, Flo Milli, Jordyn Woods and Saucy Santana

    Check out more G-Eazy official videos: bit.ly/2b1rjqy

    Production Company: Reel Goats
    Director: Mike Marasco
    Creative Director: Kasandra Baruch
    Executive Producer: James Rico
    Producer: Spicy Rico
    PM: Shaq Gonzoe
    Production Coordinator: Elizabeth Gomez
    Label: RCA Records
    Management: The Revels Group, Matt Bauerschmidt, Jamil Davis
    Ad: Jacob Russell
    2nd AD: Amber
    DP: Joshua Hill
    1st AC: Celeste Barbosa
    Gaffer: Daniel Kagle
    BBE: Zach Perez
    Electric: Benjamin Perez
    Key Grip: Stu Brumbaugh
    BBG: Cory Anderson
    Dolly Grip: Anthony Sandelena
    Driver Grip: Daymon Scott
    Grip: Jeff Barnes
    DIT/Color: Daniel Woiwode
    Sound Mixer: Max Loskoutnikov
    Wardrobe: Anastasia Walker
    Wardrobe Assistant: Nicole Azer
    G-Eazy Grooming: Kata Baron
    Make-up: Sasha Glasser
    Hair: Alex Thao
    Hair Assistant: Naomi
    Casting Director: April Rivera
    Editor: Taylor Ross

    Production Designer: Dylan Bocanegra
    Art Director: Evan Welch
    Art Coordinator: Sarah Witt
    Art Dept PA: Magdiel Carrenza
    Prop master: Mat Walker

    Covid Officer: Marshall
    Location Manager: Poleng Hong

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    G-Eazy Official Site: g-eazy.com
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    Published on 7 months ago


    1. Anin Ciimbung

      He is handsome he is g eazy🥵

    2. Sniperk1ng 187

      G you tryna hook me up with Huge Helen or what

    3. Fardeen Islam


    4. angelgraham23

      Is that Saucy Santana in the background?

    5. angelgraham23


    6. Shay Maldonado

      Y Mi primos Parrish In la vida veto con Tiraspol con ram urn el cow art ti Michoacan

    7. Quinn Camarena

      Rob Snyder 👋🏻 Deuce Bigilo Male Gigolo 🎬 inspired 🎥

    8. Jacob_Hill

      This video is funny. Thanks G

    9. iwantpizza

      I can never get over how happy he was when she says “I’m a G can’t give it up to easy” mans literally steps in front of her out of excitement😭

    10. Arthur Morgan

      so we just gonna ignore the fact Rob Schneider is in here😭

    11. Ronnie Baughman

      G-Eazy 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    12. Frederic Reid


    13. Frederic Reid


    14. syckindahead

      Okay Deuce Bigalow in the building!

    15. Tsusu yim 20ENG0412

      Awww the way she act #licking 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    16. Slimmy Hendrix

      He done knocked Russel Westbrook DOWN Down down

    17. Prophetrexlexful


    18. Mandy Lee

      Came across this video and had to comment G Easy or wtf you call him is TRASH

    19. Jayne Carr


    20. Heart Love

      G eazy,,,and other people (including me) if you are reading this PLEASE try very hard to recover from drug addiction.Our life and health is more important than showing other people that we are cool and valuable and smart and funny,,,cuz WE ARE all of that ,,, and dont need to prove it to anyone else,,,just ourselves. FORWARD guys. Love you and be safe!

      1. Heart Love

        Really????,if so,,im glad for him

      2. Emanuel Giuliano

        Dude, he already quit coco

    21. Heart Love

      Deeeeawnnnn 😍

    22. Robinson Atom

      I love g eazy

    23. Tasneem Ismail

      I love GEazy and this video💯❤

    24. Tasneem Ismail

      I love GEazy and this video💯❤

    25. Giselle Bustamante

      Everything’s on fleek (: 🤍💖🖤💜🤍💖🖤💜🤘🏼

    26. Giselle Bustamante

      Not funny cavity’s and root canals are expensive. Exactly need to floss to not worry about it....Gotdamm.... umm this music video is lit... (ahhh really) 😄😊.

    27. Wuachinir :v


    28. Dylan Deacon

      I just love how he raps like he does it with so much athoziazam and that's what I like he's fucking awesome

    29. مرتضی رحیمی

      سلام :اهنگهای شما را خیلی دوست دارم .کاش میشد کشور ماهم کنسرت داشتین.😘😘

    30. Shelley

      This is hilarious. G-Eazy you’d make a great movie star. Is there anything you can’t do? 🌈❤️

      1. G Eazy

        There is nothing Thanks for your support

    31. Tasneem Ismail

      Deuce Bigalow . Rob Shneider . Recognise.

    32. Dharmendrasinh Chauhan

      O boy..... Lyrics and beat 😂😂 killin it💥💥💥💥💥

    33. chris egan

      I dig this ya feel me dawgg

    34. Keven Octave

      $20 Im going home 🤣🤣

    35. Dawuni Peter Augustine

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    36. Amy Hance

      Somebody gonnq die tonight 50

    37. I am Salaphina

      FUCKING Rob Schneider recreating the epic movie Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo!!!! Love that movieeee👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

    38. Merriotte Dalton


    39. rawdawg_

      "If you a 10 but you bop then you half" 😂💯😂💯

    40. jarra gulla

      The bodybuilder who is she?

    41. Breann Washington


    42. Jack


    43. move uniqmusic

      Who is watching this now

    44. Nathan Borg

      Cardi B a year later..... Up

    45. Giselle Bustamante


    46. Nothando Sithole

      Be free to edit friends but we are not allowed.

    47. Frederic Reid


    48. Spooky


    49. LeAhxDreAMeRx NAvAsïe

      Hahaha. I'm loving this. 💝💙✌Bigelow💜💝

    50. janice sanderson

      This shit is Makin me smile mayyng lol

    51. A P 3

      DOPENESS Dope Track!

    52. Jenna Belle

      Gotta give props to G for being Latto's Ho-Boy in this vid. Nice Collab.. Funny as Hell video.

    53. RS Arone

      This video is so fun

    54. Roberto Morocho

      Rob Snider G Eazy = Gigolo in Europe

    55. Melinda Davids

      I love how rob is in the video. Lol

      1. Gerald Gillum

        Lol I also end up loving that too Thanks for your positive comments love and support I means so much to me This is my personal email email you can write me geraldgillum0203@gmail.com

    56. dahlia


    57. Ashay Ilame

      She sounds like cardi

    58. Tam Possible

      Ya'll industry men be doing dark skinned women DIRTY smh

    59. J Dar

      How old is G-eazy 🤔

      1. dahlia


    60. Jessica

      I can't believe people don't know this is *Deuce Bigalow Male Gigolo!*

      1. G Eazy

        Thanks for your love and support Do well to write me a mail Geazy7828@gmail.com ok

    61. YeahWhateverDammit

      I don't know 'bout y'all but I'm here for them pom-poms at the end (3:27)

    62. littlebittywonderland

      "Can't be out here giving our my pussy cause you mad" Now why my shit doing the Lambada😭

    63. Neveah Heavenlee

      I'm a g. Can't give it up 2 eazy

      1. G easy

        Thanks for your love and kindness Leave a Mail; geasy3136@gmail.com

      2. Neveah Heavenlee


    64. aftiel gd

      3:00 REPTİLİAN HAND..

    65. Eazy Aslı

      Soo good song 😍🎶❤️

    66. Eazy Aslı

      Çok güzel bir şarkı 😍😍 niye tutulmadı anlamıyorum 💗💗

    67. Lala Lazerus

      Cardi-up G-eazy down

    68. tapera mukoko

      She sounds like saweetie

    69. Randall Cooper

      This song is da shit!!!!

    70. D Bryant

      Was that Flo Mili in the lavender dress at the end ??

    71. D9

      Great bars, awful hook

    72. Beth Lamb

      $20 💵 😂😂😂

      1. G Eazy

        @beth lamb

    73. Beth Lamb


    74. George Lang

      You can do it!

    75. swaggergamer boy

      2:06 she ain’t come to play

    76. Samantha Prete

      G Eazy is everything....😍

      1. Gerald Earl Gillum

        Much love from me to you dear Thanks a lot for your love and kindness Please kindly leave a mail Geraldearlguillum55@gmail.com

    77. Weddinggirl

      Dare y'all to listen to this without wall twerking.

    78. Queen Mia

      Cardi B: Up G-Eazy: Down

    79. Rihab Bklt

      Imagine Kylie Jenner's girlfriend in the song i mean jordan woods

    80. Clarice Czarnecki

      its a bop but its do make me insecure 😭😭

    81. Anshulika Singh

      That's is sooooo coooool..... really catchy chorus..

      1. Anshulika Singh

        @G Eazy you're most welcome ❤️❤️❤️❤️😘

      2. G Eazy

        Thank you

    82. daverdal1


    83. Melinda Davids

      You tellin girls to be loyal. Honey, you need to start being loyal first. Still love you tho.

      1. G Eazy

        Love you too I’m always loyal

      2. Gerald Earl Gillum

        And I’m loyal to you as always Thanks for your love and support Kindly do well to leave a mail Geraldearlguillum55@gmail.com

    84. Sedat Daham


    85. Syed Shafin

      Cedric is that you?

    86. Baebay Brown


    87. Kasandra Brieler

      Hell ya, truth! You Gotta Hold It, Down Down Down Down

    88. London Carris

      need a chico

    89. Sergio Sergio

      2:22 min q me coma esa piraña!!!,😂

    90. Corrine .

      ok 🥺🤟🏾 !

      1. Gerald Earl Gillum

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    91. Frederic Reid


    92. Alcohollica25

      Im a custodian at a gas station and this is my go to towel folding song

    93. unu altu


    94. danielle abate

      She is better on other people's songs than her own

    95. Jon Gaston

      If it’s up then it’s up

    96. MrUnkown

      This song would be nothig without latto.

    97. Zachary Mitchell

      Wtf are you down for? Fighting? Was worth an ask that’s all

    98. Zachary Mitchell

      Go. Yo. Wha ya real money sayin

    99. Leannette Holmes

      Honestly...not my favorite video...it is nice to see the funny side of G-Eazy tho!

      1. G Eazy

        Thank you so much I really appreciate Stay safe I love you

    100. Weicheng Lin