National Guard, state troopers in place at Capitol in Olympia ahead of legislative session


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    New security measures at the state Capitol in Olympia were in place early Sunday in response to riots at the U.S. Capitol in Washington, D.C., and the governor's mansion being breached earlier this week.
    The Washington State Patrol (WSP) is tightening security around the Capitol and Gov. Jay Inslee on Friday activated 750 Washington State National Guard members and a "large" number of state troopers to help protect the Capitol Campus. The National Guard will be in place for at least 48 hours.
    "Because of proximity to the house and senate chambers and threats we’ve heard from folks to enter the building illegally and to be disruptive, the public’s not going to be allowed [in]," said Chris Loftis with WSP.
    WSP said the response is the largest on the Capitol Campus in the state's history and it serves two purposes, for protection but also to send a message about democracy.
    "The democratic process is important and we're going to protect it. There were some people last week here and in Washington D.C. that disrespected that process and brought violence and we're not going to allow that to happen," said Loftis.
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    Published on 5 days ago


    1. Ranger

      If you need 20,000 troops to protect your inauguration from the people, then you most likely weren't elected by the people.

    2. Butt Rigging

      Democratic process has been gone in wa. Ever since mail in ballots mining. No I'd needed to vote. Democracy in the country is gone.

    3. Art

      That a lot of work just to arrest Nancy

    4. Michael Sheckles


    5. Dave Blevins

      Well what's the matter with you leftists politicians ? Are you afraid of something ? 👀

    6. becca206


    7. Larry Pietrangelo

      F*** the cops f*** the state troopers f*** the pigs put them all down

    8. Depression Suicide Prevention

      Why were the police waving the perpetrators in then? Only trust alternative news sources now...tired of the lies!

    9. Edward Warwick

      Get used to 7 foot high fences and national guard troops in Washington DC, it is the new norm and will not change for a long time. More than 75+ million Americans are mad as hell about the way our country is run. The only thing the peaceful protestors forgot to bring were matches. The summer of love peaceful protest, it is exactly the same as in Seattle, and Portland.

    10. James Lin

      If these thugs show up again then whack them all

    11. shiznittube

      Something more is happening it is clear as day

    12. P D

      Did you say the democratic process is important and we are going to protect it. YOUR TO LATE! YOU HAVE FAILED!

    13. Nancy Hannan

      Don't protest. Stay home Its a trap. Stand down they Want to paint Patriot as Dangerous. They will send Antifa and BLM TO AGITATE like they did in DC. prove them wrong Make this your protest. ITS A SET UP. STAY HOME

    14. Patriot D5

      He Lies! Martial Law is Coming.

    15. Siervo Inutil

      🗽⚓Time to pray not to play ⚓🗽

    16. Siervo Inutil

      ⚓🗽God Bless the United States of America and keep this great natión safe from evils in the name of Jesuschist amén where is Faith there's victory ⚓🗽

    17. Mark Kanatzar

      Why is the military telling their soldiers how to talk political correctness free speech is gone so military is not for freedom PATRIOTS would have to fight military if civil war broke out they will protect the commies it's in our face right now wake up

    18. Laboucane Dennis

      Where was this guy all summer...Dems are such hypocrites

    19. Pale Rider

      Oh I can’t wait until people see why they’re all there. 😏😏😏😏🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

    20. Brenda Keagle

      Is this FEMA at work here? Is this part of draining the swamp? Look into what FEMA has the constitutional power to do.

    21. Felony Prepper

      So where is our free speech on Facebook or Any MSM where we’re these guys when BLM was burning down our country

    22. Elisa Pommier

      That's great I'm glad they're protecting against antifa

    23. Gary Cloud

      Who the hell is he talking to?

    24. Snake Pliskin

      Looks like a selective enforcement commie.

    25. ItsNotaPanDemic

      They should all arrest auntifa and Blame! Those are the worst terrorist in america! This great constitution allows we the free Americans to protest but thanks to auntifa they paved the way for mass violence and destruction to Seattle, california, NY and now washington! Who ever cheers for these anti-american disgusting terrorist like auntifa or BLaM are racists should all go to prison. They should be shut down off of social media! Denounce or go to a communist country! Don't try to make America a communist country. Let's ("Buy America"-Biden)

    26. Pamela Salatto

      Massive arrest are COMING! Gitmo for all those who we're apart of this massive election fraaaaud!!!! Trump will be your president four more YEARS! 🇺🇸👍🙏⚖️

    27. MannyScoots

      Don't worry, every day that passes the crooked and the wrong doers belief of GOD will grow within their hearts......

    28. Carol Beard

      A fat milatray not righ5

    29. Mike Carmean

      What Groups On The Right? 💥🤔💥 The Break In Was From The Left... 🔥 Antifa 🔥 Who Is This Stooge?

    30. Bonnie Wilson

      Nobody going to be there

    31. Daniel Baldomro

      National guards under the democratic? Not sure help me !!😷🤔

    32. J C

      They are surrounded get ready for their arrests

    33. Sandra Moran

      Where were the guards on Wednesday? HUMMM ? ANTIFA HARIS BIDEN AND PELOSI AN INSIDE JOB DAH

    34. zakkrick

      Trump just turned his supporters into a terrorist group.

    35. Christine Schutten

      It wasn't the first time that happened. How come only when the right protested is when the cops got violent?

    36. Gino 2018


    37. Kevin Medeiros

      My my my! Our businesses and inner cities burned and nothing was done....look at how fast they can get things done when they are the victim...just a peaceful observer here.

    38. What Now

      You should not have let A and B tear up your State to begin with. The is where your summer of peaceful protest got you. Good luck.

    39. shatz32

      Patriots had no plans of takeover on any of the various sites I am a part of...Clear the swamp and you will see how much all the reteric goes away.

    40. L&W Refrigerated Express

      Boo hoo. Look what BLM and antifa did. You sat back and watched. Losers

    41. L&W Refrigerated Express

      The government doesn't do the people's business. They are out for themselves.

    42. L&W Refrigerated Express

      Guess you're not worried about antifa burning down cities today

    43. L&W Refrigerated Express

      For what?

    44. Emele

      So, why aren't they in Seattle too? Antifa was part of Washington DC riot.

    45. Keith Kimsten

      Lol... Yup.... It's over and they show up. Typical...

    46. richard dyott

      I hope they don't get stupid. Their families will be treated as enemy combatants.

    47. ken keetch

      15,000 so far that Trump will control

    48. megaso56

      they should "protest" at the media stations, as they are responsible for the incitement.

    49. Inéz Pinzón


    50. Dayton Graham

      Over 7,000 mobilized

    51. Dave Moss

      But it's fine for leftist mobs to do whatever they want with impunity. The left epitomizes hypocrisy.

    52. A H

      DC turns into Beirut, thanks Trump.

    53. Becky's

      These events remind me of the song, "one tin soldier" by the Original Caste. Sad, but necessary to reveal weaknesses in man's govts

    54. Rick Bollard

      There’s nobody coming if you protect for free speech why ain’t y’all going to Twitter or Facebook or most of the news media.

    55. Green Moon

      i show you access

    56. Atilax

      Traitor Cops.

    57. The Savchuk's

      Why didn’t our public servants do this when chaz was happening?

    58. Matthew Hill

      Blippi, save us.

    59. Andrew Vanderboegh

      Worried about covid yet dude doesnt have on a mask during the entire interview.

    60. 6irty6iamon6 2


    61. 6irty6iamon6 2

      You demon craps showed terrorism over the years even to the host you stolen land from. You keep them poor and steal their children and women for your rituals. wtf you talking about.

    62. 6irty6iamon6 2

      Their terrorism is finally revealed.

    63. LM T

      Their Bible won't even be able to save those terrorists...their worshipping false idols🙅‍♂️

    64. LM T

      15,000 soldiers on duty

    65. LM T

      Woooooooooo hoooooooooooo!

    66. Keith Kimsten

      All this is is the New Normal Joe Biden talks about..... His followers now can... Let Communism ring.... Freedom is lost.

    67. She Time Travels With By Music

      The demo rats called capital campus police and told them not to come to work. It's on video. Demo rats hired the rioters, opened the door, gave them weapons, and allowed them to come in on video. We got you demo rats all on video. You all are going down

    68. Shane Puckette

      They have looted and burned cities across our country all summer, and because it happened at there house they want to stop it now. We the people can clearly see the Evil that is the Socialists DEMOCRATE party!

    69. BZLS


    70. happybeejv

      when middle frankia broke it it became the kingdoms of lotharingia and provence and italy

    71. prince of peace

      The look on people faces when yeshua appears in the clouds

    72. Stan Bulmer

      Just remember people are going to do what people are going to do from the great Nancy

    73. Daniel Johnson

      Terrorist pigs

    74. mike mun

      Trump need a wall for himself lol

    75. mike mun

      Lol when white peoples attack there own state lol

    76. just for google

      the great disappointment? i hope not

    77. Raditz Phone

      Why is no one talking about how there was 2 Capitol police officers killed and another additional 20 critical injured and currently in the hospital fighting for their lives? Why you may ask? For doing their jobs... Just because they have badges and they wear uniforms doesn't mean they are bad people not every officer is a bad person they have families, jobs bills to pay but they get treated like animals brutally beaten for doing their jobs non-lethal....

    78. Carlos763

      Take a vote to go into hiding and do the whip cracking from the safety of their towers. Cowards want to place restrictions on the masses and take away freedoms, but don't have the nerve to face the people they are supposed serve and who's lives they are destroying. Liberal elitist's they know whats best for you. Some real tough investigative reporting there well done king5.

    79. bk

      TRUMP 2024 🤡🤡🪓🪓🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

    80. david huff

      Seditious, crybaby, sore-losers. Shoot the sons of bitches if they try to get in.

    81. Unleavened Bread

      "Men's hearts failing them for fear, and for looking after those things which are coming on the earth: for the powers of heaven shall be shaken." - Luke 21:26 KJV

    82. Unleavened Bread

      "Thou therefore endure hardness, as a good soldier of Jesus Christ." - 2 Timothy 2:3 KJV

    83. Telephone Tales

      maga = copkillers

    84. Alexander

      Good 🙏 Inslee rocks! 🤘

    85. Andrian Cudlea

      Romans 10: 9 [9] If thou therefore confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved533

    86. Danny Ratliff

      Google( Toxic People traits) message from a WATCHER.

    87. J T

      It’s not large enough pal... trust me

    88. J T

      When the government fears its citizens, you have freedom.

    89. kyle hearn

      vvLook at all these blank, fresh Profiles, each and every one them spouting their opinions, ask for peace but incite violence and riots, then wonder why the police force or homeland security comes out to deal with the Rioters saying their being oppressed as an American, no you're a traitor to Amercia for enacting hate against another American. Just do as your wife or husband asks and pick up the milk at the store from your grocery run and stop helping feed the flames. Oh btw all your taxes and extra costs on your checks go into those tear gas canisters you're so proudly against, that's reality. All your hardwork gets put back into the system and used against you, so head home pop a beer and watch a football game :).

    90. Uebagi

      The democratic process is important, if you don't like it we have camps for you

    91. C Gustafson

      Make sure ur radical leftist groups don't start criminal activity again. Millions of trump supporters will be singing God bless america 🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲 with there families. Get it together . Only ones I support that day r our armed forces. God bless them.

    92. Greg Kelmis

      The democratic process is important and we’re gonna get it gone did he say important or impotent maybe he’s from the south. Cowards know what’s coming King County’s rule the state because of the population they’re in but also because they have more registered voters in eligible voters they have more votes than registered voters and thus they rule the state however they adjust the votes to your time is up with that man’s hand of God’s hand your time is up.

    93. Araya Buchichi

      It’s a set up just like when Piglosi went to the 💇‍♂️ hair salon this is scripted so they can open another impeachment

    94. Fleshbag

      Wondering what was in that planter rolling by at about the 3 minute mark. Especially because of the mention of what security measures exist that 'you Don't see'.

    95. tonixvi

      A lot of you have been referencing what happened in Seattle. That was terrible, but we can not change the past. What we can do though is control the present, our actions now & in the future. Have we not learned anything from history? Why do a lot of protesters think that breaking into buildings, rioting & hurting people as part of their constitutional right? Like they shouldn't be penalized for obstruction of property, trespassing & creating violence? Like shoving a guard that was just there trying to do their job. What happened to just peaceful protesting? What are you even protesting for? Do you know? Terrorizing your own country, it is embarrassing. All because of what?

    96. apotebill

      Too late!

    97. Melissa Kennedy


    98. Giimmy DaLoot

      You might want to bring the sound cannon just incase they have a hard time hearing.

    99. Michael B

      Patriots this a false flag. They have taken your free speech on social media now they want your guns. This is a false flag to push to take your guns and second amendment away. As Johnny Cash said" don't take your guns to town"... Trump 2020🇺🇲🙏🇺🇲🙏🇺🇲🙏🇺🇲🙏

    100. Joshua D

      They’re probably trying to hide all Epstein’s kids in the basement