Stephen A. laughs at the Cowboys' struggles to explain why Carson Wentz needs to win | First Take


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    Stephen A. Smith laughs at all the Cowboys' problems this season heading into a Week 8 matchup against Dallas' NFC East rival, the Philadelphia Eagles.
    #FirstTake #NFL
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    Published on Month ago


    1. Lou Thesz

      Noone : My Brain: Ben Dinucciii

    2. ARBEE NEGEEM (Student)

      molly in the background get him damien

    3. Grg Le Guidec

      shawn mendes

    4. benjamin rodriguez

      Wanted to quiet loud mouth hater so bad 1st half you know Stevie was sweating

    5. D Heath

      “Ben Di noochie” lol 😂

    6. Michael Caz

      C'mon, they are on their 3rd String Q.B. - it's Over. The sad part is . . . this is arguably their Best Receiving group they have ever had? Cooper, Lamb & Gallup are a great group, with No One to throw them the ball.

    7. Ryan Spencer Lauderdale

      Correction. The worst defense in football.........HISTORY.

    8. Luis Garcia

      COWGIRLS 🐄 🐮! SUCK

    9. Odin Rossin

      I be stephen A smith couldn't play football to save his life.

    10. Thebault Reisz

      Stephan A on Monday ------- "What's happening with the cowboys is no laughing matter" Stephan A today ------- proceeds to laugh for the first 5 minutes of this video.

    11. William Watson

      The only thing funnier than all of this is if Geritol Jones asked Colin Kaepernick to come in! LOL...

    12. Tony Stephens

      The division system needs to be canned. They need to choose the top four teams of the NFC and the top four of the AFC and start the playoffs from there.

    13. Daniel Cardenas

      Whos the Cowboys QB? Dinugy?😁🤣

    14. Margaret P

      He is correct to say they would've ran McNabb out of the city if he played like Wentz did. SMH.

    15. Sands

      Max was so on point with that prediction 😂. One Amazing Patrick Mahomes level throw. 3 good ones. And a bunch of questionable throws and decisions. Enough to beat the Cowboys.

    16. Mathew McEvoy

      haha Wentz top 5 QB since week 3 with no starters. Cowgirls LOL

    17. Peter Owens

      I will continue to put this on Jerry Jones smh he is toxic to his own team. The Cowboys suck for a reason and it starts with him.

    18. Chas Bucknell

      Defund ESPN

    19. Thee Ex Factor

      Max clearly doesn't understand life here in Philly. If Carson loses this game, this city will tear him a new one. There will be calls for his benching and putting in Hurts. Mark my words.

    20. Nine YT

      Max is sooo stupid i don't know why is in the show

    21. SIXX6VI

      But the Cowboys are going to the Super Bowl!

    22. jessup631

      Max is trying so hard to be cool.

    23. ben

      he wont be laughing when they draft Lawrence or Fields.

    24. Jen Jacobson

      If Carson Wentz loses to this cowboys squad even once this season, ppl will dig his grave n bury him in it lol. He will NEVER hear the end of it😂😂💀

    25. Skywalker

      The Cowboy's Quarterback's initials are B.A.D :P

    26. The Culture Watch

      Molly: I’m back in my bag!


      if carson wentz lose to ben Di nucci ill turn in my eagles badge and become a cowboy fan🤦🏾‍♂️

    28. Woody Norris

      Why are people so jealous of the Cowboys? We ARE Americas team! Always will be. How bout them COWBOYS! 🇺🇸❤️🥇

    29. Michael Carusone

      Sounds like Stephen A. is racist towards Italians, making fun of the quarterbacks name ........typical liberal hypocrite....... 🖕🏻

    30. Br UH

      Andy Dalton > Ben Dinucci

    31. straightoutofVISA

      As a Cowboys fan, the NFL should flex our game out of SNF and give it to the Steelers & Ravens. We don't deserve another prime time game for the remainder of the season.

    32. DC4L DC4L

      Let's Go Cowboys 🖕🏾Philly

    33. Joe Bloe

      Stephen A-hole has perpetual DIARRHEA MOUTH!!!

    34. CoffeeForCorporateCounsel

      2:25 “Don’t you feel bad for these Cowboys?” No, Molly. Cowboys slander is half the reason we watch this channel 😂

    35. sk1nz28

      Max is entering Skip level of awful takes

    36. Willie Anderson

      Is he better than Duck Hodges🤔

    37. mike magrino

      Hey its Philadelphia and a Italian never doubt the longshot in those circumstances ;p

    38. Marcel17PHS

      Yo the disrespect lol

    39. Mack Peters

      People been treating carson wentz like a choir boy in a boy scout uniform since before he got drafted. Max is right, people will rush to make excuses for him.

    40. TJ Freeman

      I hope Dinucci makes SAS STFU...cuz wrong for clowning the man.

    41. william Gazca

      Put some respect on NUCCI MANE! 😂

    42. Mal Bradley

      Max is right about wentz though. Wentz is scary talented but shows the decision making capacity of 13 yr old girl back stage at a justin bieber concert

    43. C_G North

      You couldn't write a movie script that combines pathos and zaniness the way the true story of the Dallas Cowboys does.

    44. GYG TV

      Cowgirls are 🗑

    45. Md Jummon

      “A dude named Dinucci” 💀

    46. Reginald Brown

      LMAO this man is silly! He tears my Cowboys up and he is right about every point.

    47. William J Kirwan

      The Cowboys couldn't block old ladies coming out of a bingo hall.

    48. William J Kirwan

      'I needs to know!'

    49. Byrd IsDaWord

      I actually agree with both Stephen A and Max. Both have great points

    50. Christopher Ray

      I could care less Cowboys still have some good players, for some reason its not clicking, there missing a QB and an Oline pretty much what the Eagles are missing if you let ppl talk about Wentz. So it seems more even than you think. Also Cowboys still have there RB and WR which is light-years ahead of Philly. Just calm down the NFC East is trash and we're trying to figure out whose the best of the trash. Smh

    51. Daniel Zimmers

      Ben gonna tell Stephen A after he wins this game. "Put some RESPECK on my name!"

    52. Greg Dorsey

      Ben Dinucci: and i took that personally

    53. Kevin lee

      Getting tired of smith

    54. Anthony Flater

      Does he feel bad for the cowboys?? No, no he does not. In fact, nobody does. There are multiple teams that are hurting due to injuries...

    55. Janet Kien

      Eveybody : Clowning Ben Dinucci Ben Dinucci : Thats all I needed

    56. Greg Lialios

      Eveybody : Clowning Ben Dinucci Ben Dinucci : Thats all I needed

    57. Brandon D

      More pressure is on McCarthy because his team can still win the division, and if they do, Jerry won't fire him.

    58. Psycho Logical

      Football is just a game nobody NEEDS to win.....its not that serious lol

    59. AsianVideoGamer

      How are these ppl laughing at someone's name... Shame....

    60. Emanuel Gonzalez

      I kinda just want the cowboys to win just so people can clown on wentz

    61. nicholas shanks

      Remember when everyone one was saying the Jaguars were going to be the worst team in the league

    62. ShamimM

      Ben Dinucci lmao 😆😂🤣

    63. ansel patel

      Get ready for more Southern A. Smith after cowboys losses 😂

    64. Erick Dominguez

      Wow straight roast

    65. Jermaine Marshall

      They wore sunglasses 😎!😂😂😂

    66. Jared Doucet

      The problem with Max's argument is that it goes against logic. The reason why the pressure is high on the Eagles and Wentz in general is because they SHOULD be able to win this game because no one is taking Dallas seriously so if the Eagles lose, they are going to be an absolute laughing stock. Max's argument is being done this way so that even if the Eagles win, he doesnt have to give Wentz that much credit.....he can just say "Wentz beat a bad defense, I'm still not impressed." A lot of Max's arguments are self fulfilling prophecies where no matter what, he wins. If the Eagles lose, he gets to rag on Wentz. If the Eagles win, he gets to rag on Wentz if he doesnt put up 50 points, 5 TDs and 500 yards passing and say that he only played "all right" if that doesnt happen.

    67. Ryan Jordan

      Imagine Danicci getting 5 Tds and go undefeated as cowboys Qb

    68. Jordan March

      Stephen a smith laughing at Ben Dinucci! watch him win!

    69. Jordan March

      I actually hope Ben Dinucci shuts Stephan a smith up

    70. Eddie

      He laughs at the cowboys struggles, I laugh at his pathetic 1, 2 combination. Pathetic.


      I thought the raiders defense was bad

    72. Marcus Mccoy

      They are trash

    73. Marcus Mccoy

      Wentz win

    74. Super Salty

      Molly needs a muzzle

      1. Simple Jack

        The worst she stinks...

    75. Retro Oasis

      Turns out theaters don't need to reopen because the Cowboys are the best comedy of the year.

    76. Kevin Lopez

      Stephen A Smith needs to do the Mobil 1 dance of Clint Bowyer when they lose to the birds

    77. Justin Pettit

      Do people actually listen to Stephen A on the Cowboys? It's like listening to Skip on LeBron. Lol.

    78. Briana Lewis

      If Wentz loses to Bendthecoochie, that’s the end of the Eagles 2020-2021 season.

    79. lamar Massey


    80. M Medina

      Eagles have to win by double digits otherwise it’s a fail!!!!

    81. Andrew kim

      If Carson Wentz loses to this cowboys squad even once this season, ppl will dig his grave n bury him in it lol. He will NEVER hear the end of it😂😂💀

    82. Interception

      That is Racist comment about the QB name. How you would feel if someone laughing on you family name. Is this necessary?! ESPN should not tolerate such acts. that is really sad.

    83. Coach Set


    84. Adrian Hill

      It’s hard being a cowboys fan 🤦

    85. Steve Arce


    86. Daniel Pietruczuk

      Can Molly shut up for a change? You are not there to debating anybody.... just in case you didnt know your job description I am here to help, you are welcome...

    87. joseph moorer

      Max new name is "wild claims"

    88. Solomaster29

      Who's going to take over if "Ben Denucci" goes down by Cox and Graham. (Oh lawd)

    89. RagingNebula217

      Bruh the Eagles were close to beating the Seahawks in the playoffs last season, until Clowney speared Wentz in the head and knocked him out of the game. The take that they only beat bad teams is BS

    90. Kaizaro123

      I don't know who this Dinnuci is, never heard of him before today and I'm not a Cowboys fan... but I hope he comes in and completely turns around the Cowboys, just so I can see these self-satisfied, patronizing, condescending, smug analysts who are enjoying making fun of him eat their words.

      1. Kaizaro123

        @bl91978 Yeah well a man can fantasize. I despise people who put others down before they've even had a chance to do anything.

    91. john.doe

      DiNucci, so much stranger than Awuzie. Let's just dispense with the SJW double standards. There's nothing wrong with that man's name. FOH.

    92. Charmcityvet

      Cowboys stink 😷

    93. lebron James 11 bc

      I'm a eagles fan

    94. Path

      I hope eagles win. Cuz if they lose to these cowboys, my god I’ll reconsider being an eagles fan

    95. TF7MrYeah

      Max treats Wentz the same way Skip treats Lebron.

    96. N8 C

      I like max's reverse goatee

    97. Ashley Bryantes

      Dan Orvlosky will actually die if Carson Wentz loses this Sunday. There are lives at stake.

    98. J Gunzler

      Dallas is 100% expected to lose this game which means the pressure is on Philly (or more accurately on Wentz) to win. Plain and simple. Max uses assbackwards logic to make his arguments. It’s pathetic

    99. ThemTXHallBoys

      It absolutely BLOWS MY MIND that SA - given his propensity to bring up racism and cultural equality - can be here on such an elevated national platform and make fun of a guy's NAME like a 2nd grade school BULLY. REALLY. Just lost ALL respect. Not that I had any anyway. That was SUPER trashy. You definitely need to correct yourself.

    100. bert wood