Asmongold Reacts to Twitch Rewind 2020

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    Asmongold watches the new Twitch Rewind video, summing up the best 2020 moments Twitch streamers had, featuring: Asmongold himself, xQc, Tyler1, Summit1g, Shroud, Sweet Anita, Pokimane, Sodapoppin, Trainwrecks, Forsen, Hasanabi, Mizkif, Pokelawls, Ninja, the Austin Show (love or host), esfand/Jinny, Leafy, DrDisrespect and many many more!...
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    1. Jimie Rustler

      6:37 it took the guy 10 years to beat a speed run world record. Why make fun of him, what would you do if you work & sacrifice 10 years of your life to reach a goal?

    2. SUYSIDE

      Problems with the rewind 1. Barely any asmon 2. Should've put more about reckful

    3. andre_vbh

      16:58 mcconnell didn't have to hit my man like that xD

    4. Alternate Klety

      Its a good shirt

    5. Azhureus

      16:57 hahaha burned by McCool :D

    6. DrasticDzastr

      I might have missed it but did the video include the streamers who raised millions of dollars for charity? Also i might have missed it but I also didnt see anything about rekful :/

    7. KK4D7


    8. Leslie T

      This makes me hate twitch streamers

    9. Sneaker Kicks

      The hot huge gauge apparently plug because scooter invariably hate by a mundane line. secret, humdrum jute

    10. James Rideout

      Terrible Twitch Rewind is shit.

    11. Son of a Tech

      Ben Finegold is a legend

    12. Creepy Chris

      thats casey or thats a guy wearing a fake nose

    13. yavick lesage

      Z event let go vive la france

    14. Spiritual Noob

      That people give money to streamers in the first place is pretty absurd lol

    15. Mufasa Jungle

      Look at those golddiggers kek

    16. 6lock 6aby


    17. Mando Ky

      Why would you even give a begging person attention by putting them on the spotlight of Rewind. That's pretty much encouraging that it's okay to be a piece of shit.

    18. Kraken Entertainment LLC

      Imagine having a content relies on simply just reacting to real creators' contents all the time, occasionally curse and do weird eyebrow movements 24/7 and for some reason lots of people choose to follow and donate. Wait, did I just oversimplified Twitch?

    19. dark reaper

      53 mil

    20. Stampe

      drum n bass song - anyone got that?

    21. Stilus Veho

      Honestly it would have been fine with a lot of streamers because they MAKE CONTENT but the people who got called out just don't. They are essentially an animated Painting that tells you to give it money.

    22. P1DZ

      wow chicks be thirsty for them subs

    23. Sarcom Sarpedon

      So much bullshit , and yet so much wholesome moments ! :)

    24. Erwin the Dodo

      Leftist panel is still absolutely hilarious to me

    25. N00b Squid

      For some reason i have now watched over 10 reactions of this rewind and i have come to the conclusion that Asmons commentary was the most engaging, insightful and entertaining. Love it or hate it, but he is a true reaction profesional. :D

    26. Angry Elf Gaming

      Fuck that girl streamers for saying what she did to these guys giving her a gift for her impending graduation. Most normal people would understand it's for the graduation to come. The guy's a legend for tossing her shit in the garbage. e-girls... never. There's a reason. Unless it was scripted.

    27. Krombopolus

      The person drinking monster dies first 100%

    28. Ghost

      Its been months now, the monster guy is rotting in the cornor and the door is still locked. Someone please contact summit and let him know the weed isn't killing me fast enough. I would really appreciate some monster or a way out of this room.

    29. Florian Bock

      Who else here after they got the Spectral Tiger ?

    30. guulboyi

      "you didnt graduate" hahaha

    31. AB

      Man I genuinely love Asmon so much

    32. QQ Gamers

      Fuck Monster, and I miss Reckful, sadge

    33. Ezu


    34. O -agiza


    35. Pride Shrimp


    36. Saberhof GamingTCG

      RIP reckful

    37. Donn

      3:59 the botox reshaped her jawline

    38. Dualities

      half of the real cotnent creators is probably banned on reddit/twitter youtube...

    39. Rogy Pete.

      it is just a mater of time we get a trible shirt combo

    40. Laxbasket101

      5:22 so that’s not the voice actor for korg???

    41. AF- King

      The worst part of the DMCA thing is that the guys who do alot of it are in the music section of twitch itself. No doubt they watched others getting 50k views and them only having 100-500 max made their managers jelly.

    42. CrippledMerc

      Shroud should listen to MGK. Someone grab him some clippers, His fucking beard is weird.

    43. Comrade Canuck

      yo this asmongold fella is just straight wholeosme ngl.

    44. Sail

      hated when all the streamers bowed down to AOC, absolute clowns

    45. Mary

      Reckful 💕😭😭

    46. colten guerra

      rip reckful

    47. PainBupi

      Sir could you react even harder please


      xqc this past year has come off a whiny cry baby he can fuck off

    49. nongosu

      dont talk shit about ben finegold he is a good man

    50. Iceblinkx

      what happened with method?

    51. DatMan Jay

      The calm plate therapeutically copy because sailboat pathophysiologically clean alongside a jazzy soccer. healthy, delightful age

    52. Ivan Gillespie

      The tranquil coat identically instruct because bankbook arespectively laugh qua a zonked sort. repulsive, aback division

    53. Asura Kishin

      an honor to die to aoc in a video game? because she's such a good role model?

    54. HaTTron

      Rest in peace Reckful

    55. willisverynice

      Shame asmond wasn’t wearing the army shirt

    56. Parker Stratton

      What you think about pokimanes secrets? I'm curious and unsure

      1. Parker Stratton

        I'm sure she lies

    57. Unfazed

      Said it before and I’ll say it again. Asmongold is just a good dude. I don’t even play wow.

    58. Michal 'fAZEN' Lörinc

      Really? Americans...

    59. Vasil Dobrev

      2020 the year everyone has gone nuts

    60. Synthh

      Rest in Peace, Reckful.

    61. Crows Descend

      Had to cringe hard at seeing commie AOC playing with Twitch streamers.

    62. WidowRegan

      Zevent ! French people!

    63. TheArabianLord

      twitch is fake and silly

    64. Fasul

      That twitch pop champ @14:36 was fire! Someone link the track pls

    65. kyle bryant

      The card shop asshole comment by asmon was so spot on lol

    66. Wen Du

      RIP Reckful :(

    67. Omnomaly

      lmfao weed vs caffeine, bro asmon you already know the dude drinking monster would die first

    68. Anthony K

      didn't include asmon's mail muncher era

    69. Douglas

      Quick google search and I found that Charizard card for like $200. It's still a lot of money for a damn pokemon card but I mean come on.

      1. Joshua Moser


    70. Ghost Wolfi

      The guys at twitch are gonna steal this idea and they will make a twitch rewind 2021. I'm calling it 100%

    71. DoubleM

      are rewinds always XY-rewind-America? i m just confused they put the mainstreamers in this video.

    72. Gondwan

      Pokemane simp

    73. LupercaX

      Kinda disappointed we didn’t get a memorial to Reckful. He pioneered a lot of what twitch has become.

    74. First Last

      I really hope, Reckful found the next level :(

    75. Rob

      twitch is such trash half the peoples time spent talking to chat...... fuck chat

    76. Nemanja NIkolic

      Rip Reckful the god father/legend of twitch

    77. Jesse Cadle

      Wish i still had the box to my ocarina of time ESPECIALLY a graded collectors condition one.

    78. Chris Linnen

      Purple snake rewind

    79. Triggs

      Fuck this pokemon shit makes me sick. I had 2 holographic charizards i pulled and put directly into glass cases and my fucking dad threw them out when i went to college

    80. yo

      She hadn’t gotten a sub or a donation for an hour because she was on a leftist panel lol

    81. Songbirds and Sandwiches

      Jesus Christ twitch streamers are insufferable, I couldn’t watch this video in one sitting. Asmongold and Jerma are pretty much the two only good things to come out of twitch.

    82. deejydee1993

      RIP Reckful. We miss you!

    83. Beorn Yondur

      video begins with a bunch of streamers jumping ship to youtube. Asmongold "man what a good video" lol

    84. KiIlabeez

      QVC lmaooo

    85. Павел Я

      Why did soda get banned?

    86. Salth creative

      I wish they'd tone the fucking music down.

    87. Alessandro Mariani

      2020 is not ended

    88. Timothy Sharrocks

      I think summits Halloween costume clip deserved to be in this 😂

    89. AttonTheLightbringer

      Soo... what I am gathering from this is that pretty much everyone on Twitch is acting like a child with ADHD after taking Speed for a week straight... How can you watch this? Jesus Christ.

    90. Corbie Friday

      You should get Bawls energy drink to sponsor you!

    91. Gabriel Spangenberg

      Asmongold is the best streamer ever. Still got that hair too 💯

    92. SMOKENfrog

      The dude that wanted to give the money back sounded like korg from ragnarock.

    93. Sirius Kappa

      Whats the track at 10:10? I can't shazam it

    94. AlaskanStrat

      Greeks Lipo / Stomach shrinking surgery really paid off :)

    95. Cameron Slack

      Obviously it's the creators favorite clips not an official Twitch Rewind, if it was I'm sure there'd be a in memoriam section because everyone knows Reckful will carry on forever.

    96. Matthew Yacksyzn

      Reckful :(

    97. Javi Alonso

      No mention to Spanish speaking comunity... se are huge, some libe next year

    98. Fatal Inc. Gaming

      Card shop guy hahaha

    99. Funguspower2

      my birds fly at me too, had to stop playing HC PoE because of them

    100. Blitz Comet

      i love charlie