Confronting Logan Paul | I Bought His $200,000 Pokemon Cards

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    1. Jonathan Dominguez

      I have a collection of Japanese neos , hmp if interested.

    2. Matthew Sim Chee King

      Pokemon is offically a rich man game

    3. Kevin Corso

      i knew i liked this guy

    4. Sniper9143

      Graham: save your money also Graham: I just bought 11,000 dollars worth of Pokémon cards

    5. hootzu lovins

      Confronting logan paul all u did was pick up the cards you bought 15 min click bait🤷

    6. JMD


    7. BeaMan123

      Logan looks like a kid enjoying life

    8. James Sutton

      I remember I traded my holo Raichu to some kid for a first movie promo dragonite. I felt like I got jipped but I didn’t care cause I loved that card lol


      I will miss smash the dislike button

    10. ItzCarlitosWay

      We all have a childhood in there somewhere

    11. Dan Lee

      I had a box of pokemon cards back at my gran's place.. hope they still kept it

    12. newdonterror

      no logan paul fucked up the game. now all these a holes want way too much money for packs.

    13. Tanisha Goveas

      I felt that pain when he said his entire binder went missing. I audibly gasped

    14. Earl Simpson

      sure you loved pokemon..

    15. Casper Berner

      What do you mean "confronting", dude? I hate these fake titles.

    16. Florida KG

      I was 9 when base set came out. The nostalgia. Can’t afford those tho so I got the poor mans base set (evolutions) went crazy and bought 31 xy evolutions packs. Pulled four charizards!!! Two reverse one full art one ex. Your right about it unifying us all. A lot of us had the same childhood memories because of Pokémon.

    17. Tipsy Hensley

      Click bait... I would have subscribed but not now

    18. pascal kwast

      man I feel like I missed out by not getting into pokemon as a kid because I thought it was for losers...but who's the loser now 😭

    19. pascal kwast

      man I feel like I missed out by not getting into pokemon as a kid because I thought it was for losers...but who's the loser now 😭

    20. TokenDuelist

      Watching rich people who don't play Pokemon invest this much into it breaks my heart as an actual fan lmao

      1. TokenDuelist

        Dude even damaged your card lmao. Christ

    21. Nathan Flowers

      I have that card and I watch all your videos

    22. Start Narrativity

      9:12 That’s fake Logan : 👁👁

    23. bingo Tongo

      Just curious why do influencers especially ones that focus on self improvement have these video title screens where they make ridiculous facial expressions looking like they have Down syndrome. I’ve notice this a lot and honestly no one give two shits your net worth but in the future many look back and probably will think the same thing,,, are they retarded? Or just appealing with clown faces like me Rogers type roles

    24. linkshellvendor

      I had 4 binders full of generation one pokemon cards. I didn't even play the game, just enjoyed looking at them and my dad who was collecting coins at the time convinced me to keep collecting and keep them pristine. He would always buy me the same number of packs I would buy with the condition that I wouldn't open them. I had 3 holos of each starters evolutions including Charizar and had reached the point where I was trying to get every holo released. My grandma burned all of them saying they were satanic. To think she took from me probably close to a million bucks just because the pope sayd so... I hate everything...

    25. David Gonzales

      I had that Charizard when I was 8 or 9, it was stolen when I went out of town. But it doesn't matter because a year later I sold the entire collection to my brother for like 50 bucks. Tragic.

    26. the Claw

      I like yugioh

    27. Rated Strix

      I feel you on the card collection being stolen! A couple kids in my school poured white “tipp-ex” (correction fluid) all over my collection i left in my school bag. I was absolutely devastated! Safe to say none of mine would be graded a PSA 10. They cleaned up remarkable well though and I still have them all including a couple 1st Editions. 😅

    28. Eric Winholt

      Great video. :)

    29. doubllechief

      I feel your pain bro. Some prick stole my cards back in grade 1. Left them in my cubby before class and when I came back they were gone! Had just got an Alakazam too.

    30. Sleazy

      Imagine having money

    31. JFB

      Wow. You look so much like your dad.

      1. Graham Stephan


    32. kaden atyim


    33. NerdAway

      You should play some chess.

    34. Isaac Peiris

      Imagine giving your friend an energy card after getting his hopes up. I simply can’t relate.

    35. firozfuryu

      that damaged corner though... wtf?

    36. KnifeNerd9

      People are missing the big reveal here... Graham offered to buy someone.... a coffee.

    37. Bender Fender

      Same. All my cards were stolen as well. Although I was, 22-24. My roommate had people in and out of the house all the time. So, I don't know when they went missing. Only problem was that I had all my most valuable cards in sleeves and a box. Also, it was full of baseball and football cards. Even had Shaq Rookie cards, Micheal Jordan rookies, countless Rare pokemon, hockey cards, and even unused tickets to a team from my home town that doesn't exist. If anyone every runs into a collection that hold a gem mint 10 O-Peech-E Ken Griffey Jr. it's mine.

    38. Brenda Rodriguez

      Grams dad is awesome and so supportive!

    39. 4kHypers

      This video could have a better title, and would have gotten far more views.

    40. mightySHRIMP 420

      Iv been trying to find a person to appraise my cards. I have holo first edition cards. Iv looked them up but need them to be appraised

    41. Chickenz

      do i hear a j dilla beat playin ?

    42. sf123er

      I have a book full Pokémon cards from the 90s I don’t know How did PSA them I have a whole bunch of Charizard Gyarados I have everything I’m in Las Vegas I live south west can anybody help me

    43. Brian Grice

      i had my binder stolen in the 6th grade bro.. im back collecting myself. im going ona a treasure hunt for my binder by hitting garage sales in the area in spring. lol wish me luck!

    44. hihipoo 6

      Just found out the box was fake and Logan was scammed. I really hope that charizard is real cause you looked really happy getting it

    45. Derek Johnson

      9:48 slight of hand

    46. Derek Johnson

      this is some of the best financial advice I've ever found

    47. SilverWater

      Lifestyle inflation anyone?

    48. rvmcwhorter

      You said slightly worn , it’s not even that , it’s printing , centering , corners, on brand new packs opening , very much harder to get a perfect Beckett black label 10 . PSA is much more lenient in grading .

    49. Nathaniel Ortiz

      There was so many times my friend Diego would buy both of us a pack of cards. We would sit at the cafeteria in the corner in case we were lucky enough to find even just a charizard. We never did. What we did find were pretty great condition holographics. I wasn’t born at the time Pokémon was released but I was there in time for the second edition. My cousin was a heavy influence on Pokémon for me and I always ignored him about it but never at school. I only got into it with my friends because I see them every day and my cousin I saw like 2 times a year. Love him though. Anyway I had a ton of holographics and my friend and I kept them safe in his hands for the reminder of our friendship. We separated down in elementary because his parents didn’t tell him he was moving. He has all my cards still which are technically his but I’m happy he has our collection. Hope you’re still out there foo. We were “gangster” back then.

    50. Matthias Sheehan

      Your forgot the biggest pro when u we’re doing the pros and cons and that’s u literally buying that pack only for clout

    51. Binuas rex

      Fun fact: My school bans pokemon card for “being to distracting”

    52. Big Stones

      You gave him an energy card 🤣🤣 I’d rather you help me with the house 🤣🤣

    53. Balanced Finance

      Love to see your pokemon cards collection.

    54. GoogleAct

      This market is gonna crash

    55. Damon Morris

      look at me

    56. Lundquist Real Estate

      This kind of video is why I’m unsubscribing.

    57. JASON S

      I have a collection of over 5,000 cards if you are interested contact me.

    58. Silent Swordsman

      Old Yugioh and Pokemon cards are starting to ramp up.

      1. dom garcia

        Are they? Nice thanks for the advice.

    59. Brendan Larsen

      Imagine what happened to the world recently, with COVID-19 shutting down several industries, and yet people are still making cool cash from investment platforms

    60. Brandon Nonya

      I guess I need to look through my childhood card books and see what I've got! I had no idea

    61. Stack Em Pops

      Get it graded yet?!

    62. DEROH90H9

      My nigga KLOSL in the cut GAAAAANG

    63. Jonathan Catanzaro

      Are you going to get it graded?

    64. Sabrina

      Crazy where its gone...not too long ago I bought a base set for $500 XD

    65. Edwin

      Cool video, and i love the Dilla beat on the background

    66. RennaWay

      I had literally every first edition Pokémon card as a kid. My parents sold them in a garage sale in the early 2000’s for a dollar a card...

    67. Bryson the Next hokage

      The kids who steal pokemon cards are the same kids who say they have a ultra mega super charizards but when uou adk them to show you they say my mom wont let me take them to school

    68. BillyCBoxingFan

      Wait, where's the confrontation? You went to pick up your cards, you didn't confront him!

    69. Aika

      this should have more views

    70. Aj F


    71. Raul Tadeo

      The real story is Logan Paul was the kid who took his Pokémon at school

    72. WingsOfTruth

      Bah i thoguht you were honest! CLICKBAIT!

    73. Raymond Yu

      Same thing as model kits, it has been at least 6 to 20x than retail prices during the 90s.

    74. OskysWork

      If you haven't already, like the video now!!

    75. Yuki Tadano

      Shouldn't he be wearing gloves lol

    76. Chloe

      A professional should have handled the cards. Logan just nicked thousands of dollars off that...

    77. Ser Arthur Dayne

      This is just some rich people activity. Im outtt

    78. John Smith

      ID BE SO FKKNNGGNGG PISSED if someone else opened my $10k+ booster, pulled one that was worth thousands, and went to pick it up and he KNICKED THE CORNERR! Wtf lol So ..instead of getting what $5-10k, and maybe breaking even, you loose $5 k hey no big deal when you drive fererrir right lol 😝

    79. Pablo Guerra

      Graham, you were scammed. That Gyarados you got was not the one he pulled. Just send me a DM; you can look about what I do for a living ;-)

    80. teariffic

      I’ll just go an cry in the corner for all the Pokémon cards I had collected but didn’t think anything of it. 😭

    81. Shay Esaw

      god i love this video sm

    82. Str8upbrah

      Was Gyrados in the draw for your friend or or was it taken out?

    83. FutureNow

      I gave all my Pokémon cards away to a friend as a kid and I regret it deeply.

    84. Wanderlust

      We all know its for that clout

      1. JustANub _

        dayum your comment got ignored

    85. Anemia★Pwns

      I still have all my first edition holos, like 30 sleeved and never played. They aren't any of the big names, but should I get them PSA graded?

    86. William Hunter Knight

      He will make back a big chunk of the $11k just by making this video

    87. Neu4spd Fan

      The way Logan was holding those cards makes me feel as if he was responsible for the wear and tear in the back corner. His right thumb was pressing on all the top right corners, super cringe.

      1. Pablo Guerra

        That corner is not from a card out of the pack ;-)

    88. Mats

      Really loved this video!

    89. shady shadows

      good liar, he a good ignorant average joes and janes con artist but i saw him more like lets be the nerds that do ourpart and lets give em all the pros , they obviously hate that guy amd joke him got some money for fun

    90. Adrian Barrozo

      Hey guys listen maybe one of you guys can help me out I have a mint condition we’re actually pretty darn near me American mid condition METAGROSS 113/113 Card.... Anyone interested? Thank y’all so very much

    91. Excalibur

      U didn’t confront him....

    92. Canberk Hancan

      Imagine people buying cards for millions of dollars. Cuz I just can't. I can't imagine my life being that empty.

    93. Ørjan Staven

      when i was a kid i unboxed a charizard and i gave it to my freind now i want it back ;(

    94. Elijah Wolff

      Good tax right off xD

    95. SlyTido

      That’s a lot of avocado toast my man

    96. Jared Reeder


    97. ITzTactical

      Mans literally gave his friend an energy card 🤣🤣🤣

      1. Joseph Richardson

        Probably in the trash by now

    98. Roberto Stevens

      Why is no one talking about how Logan scratched the card, its literally on video that the scratch wasn't there and he was talking about how good the centering was.

      1. Nice 8888

        its on the top left a little small to be seen with that video angle without close up view and its not a scratch, its very common unprecise cutting from the factory. i know cos my base set charizard is like that fresh from the pack too :(

    99. J GoTTi

      I cant believe i dont have mine anymore... 🤦🏻‍♂️

    100. knightdriven 420

      People should be mentioning maxmoefoe