I Review Amazon Self Defense Products


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    Have you ever wanted to defend yourself but you don't want to spend a lot of money? Then Amazon is the perfect shop for all your self defense needs!
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    1. Connor Murphy

      Is this secretly mark’s audition for Jackass then?

    2. Wowo Baranovics

      18:55 just watch it for a bit trust me

    3. Marco’s Ways

      he is not using the wip to it's full potential tho that wip can leave a mark and rip your skin if swept hard enough and in the correct way

    4. Mambe

      Man i miss unus annus

    5. Tyr

      By the way, that "tactical" whip is no joke. It hurts like HELL, it may not look like it does but IT DO.

    6. E.Z’z_Dark

      8:09 American police officers after shooting a man 20 times in the head.

    7. Brittney Gressick

      Warning:Keep your hands feet toys and children away from Mark at all coasts.He will break something or worse.

    8. Sparkus

      The spike rod thing is a kubotan

    9. Gacha Baby boi UwU

      Markiplier: not guns . Me: aw-

    10. Trevor Gordon


    11. Trevor Gordon


    12. Caden Campbell

      Me: 15:49

    13. CoOcHiE mAn

      Ah I haven't watched markaplier since 2019

    14. PaxtonGames

      does the video ever start?

    15. Serena Kimlin

      Lixian must have a field day with his job as editor. I don’t know why but the sudden explosions and snarky comments he does just cause me to burst into laughter

    16. Jenn Nelson-Waller

      YOU R AKO. e MRK.

    17. chunkywalrusthegamer

      If I can get a discount on ending someone elses life i cant even lmao

    18. Bryan Lane

      Enter the *whirlwind of pain*

    19. torqueblue

      You bought a cheap item from Amazon.....Amazon. "Nuff said.

    20. N.A.P CLIPS


    21. Skinny boy 3751

      Why does Mark look like Keanu Reeves?

    22. Penny Pincher

      8:00 mark is now a combine soldier

    23. aj fenlon

      23:38 did anyone else here that?

    24. FallinFungi

      Yo Steve has thorns on his armor

    25. ItzJasper UwU

      the intro hurt my head

    26. Kawaii Cat Potato

      27:27 he’s just holding it away from him😂

    27. Kawaii Cat Potato

      5:25 how can you not blow that up when you blew up the big ball for you to get in and don’t you blow up the 12ft beach ball too

    28. Kawaii Cat Potato

      “A BOX!”

    29. Jozey Perina

      I heard the word "wip" *Diry brain mode on* I'm wheezing

    30. Matthew Pennell

      Hahaha this was a funny video but I like it

    31. Ultimate Yheeter

      “I don’t want people to think I’m just some masochist” (Proceeds to do masochist things)

    32. Samantha Cotto


    33. Auron Taylor

      at 23:12 is me in defense mode.

    34. Skittyt103

      14:33 poor mark-

    35. Jonathan 2010

      You saying your gonna die cause of a tiny blade I’m 11 and i use a sword

      1. Jonathan 2010

        A sharp sword that could kill

    36. Buck Cherry

      PSA: Kubatons are trash.

    37. Magnorati123


    38. The muffin Man

      I lost so many brains cells during that intro

      1. Not Aplic



      He looks like Keenu Revevs

      1. Not Aplic

        No u

    40. {{KipoCosplay}}

      *YOU CLOSE?*

    41. Olivia Anne

      I’m the 5,666,630th viewer.

      1. Olivia Anne

        Jesus christ there have been 400 views within 3 minutes of me making my comment.

    42. Giblo

      3:56 *Mark realizing he'd become a stripper*

    43. Giblo

      "So I have here, a BOX" Idk why this made me laugh but it did xD

    44. Sam Gray

      14:30 everything about this was perfect

      1. Weird_Ghostix


    45. Sweet Punky

      Video starts at 2:26 or when he stops talking- :D

    46. Sir Ulrich Von Liechtenstein of The Knight Templar

      Mark, do something with swords bro... seriously xD

    47. Critmic

      6:48 video starts I think

    48. Bry C

      The Stinger is the best product he reviewed. Check out Hard2Hurt for actual self defense tips

      1. Not Aplic

        No thanks

    49. Whyatt pekeur

      mark is just a different breed

    50. German Chavez

      Should be a Markiplier “Im gonna die” music 🎶 lol: 20:07

    51. Da cringe

      14:19 I laughed on this part so much.

    52. Banshee Cat

      nobody: mark : enTeR ThE wHiRlWinD oF paIN

    53. Rose Gold

      Is anyone else watch the videos of the girls being like practically stocked by the creepy old men? I feel like if Mark saw that going down he would purposefully cross the street and be one of those people to like pretend to be your best friend or something like that to get you out of the situation.

    54. ths_ultra101

      I gotta go firsties

    55. Sakura Studios

      I would gladly let mark attack me , then after if i was still alive i'd flex it

    56. Marlyjade

      It feels like some people haven't heard of a pair of scissors

    57. Its your boy

      hamaxench is the perfect torture device

    58. Sizzu Cashy

      I want to see Mark use firearms.

    59. Shane Hughes

      Enter the wirlwind of pain

    60. Ryan Peach

      This is hilarious. Although if you use the stinger, if you follow through, you won't hurt yourself. Also Mark has great natural vibrato

    61. Stop Motion Youtuber

      I got the last one I got for my birthday

    62. Jackson Clinton

      1:30 mark is crazy Dave confirmed

    63. jsm6846

      23:27 I can’t 🤣🤣🤣

    64. Exotic_butterz

      5:58 mark realizes that it stopped recording 😂

    65. Creeper_manga_art

      Why did mark use a rubber head to test out a taser? Electricity cant pass through rubber, that was kind of useless of him to try that.

    66. ah he

      I guess you can call it a pen knife

    67. Epic Game Fights

      Y'all call mark masochistic just because he pushes himself harder than y'all

      1. Not Aplic

        No u

    68. Fabric

      At this point he should just tie his hair into a ponytail

    69. Anonymous User

      "I like my a** the way it is" - Markiplier

    70. Racheal Rajkumar

      the taser is the new tactical shovel

    71. otto picoto

      420k LIKES LETS GOOO

    72. SA

      2 things Spray Paint and a Lighter, at home flamethrower "Due to term and conditions SA is not responsible for actions that were cause by the reading audience"

      1. SA

        @Not Aplic ... "Due to term and conditions SA Is not responsible for actions cause by the reading audience"

      2. Not Aplic

        I'm suing.

    73. MeMe Meme Meme


    74. CrimsonKing


    75. Petra Purrs

      17:00 best weapon. 10/10

    76. Otávio Pelúcias vídeo

      6 minutes without any product.

      1. Otávio Pelúcias vídeo

        7 minutes

    77. pc_ awsome

      I Want a toy, lol

    78. Call of the wild hunter 10

      John bick

    79. the oofer

      5:51 lol

    80. Hai Trieu Nguyen

      I love whips

    81. Mario Gena

      18:06 so its basically a torture multitool

    82. White Magnolia 97

      I feel like at this point we just need a video of Mark reviewing different tactical items. We have seen the tactical shovel, the tactical whip, the tiny tactical axe, and the tactical pen, but was else is out there?

    83. Rebecca Meldrum

      "it's a collapsible pool cue" I am dying OMG 😂

    84. Eleonora Losa

      In Italy you can only carry a pepper spray, but only if you're 16 year old or older.. yeah 😅

      1. Not Aplic


    85. Axxys

      "is you gonna stay record" -Markiplier

    86. Rididida

      can we just talk about how mark lowkey thought about breaking his own window. xD

    87. Shenya The welder

      It’s nice to come back after almost a decade and see that Mark is literally the same person. Glad to be back.

      1. Not Aplic

        !H WB

    88. Adust Snow

      One million likes on the video for mark to do an aizawa cosplay in a video

    89. Bob R

      Mark you had the perfect time to say I’m not gonna kill you just hurt you really badly

    90. gamer

      The way he say betch makes me laugh so hard

    91. Reqz

      That is a kara but plastic

    92. unspeakable's fan sub

      the wallet one looks like something my mom would carry while were shopping and uses it if i make a scene call it the portable spanker just like the spank of the slipper your momma use to spank you with

    93. Jake Video

      Imma stick with my Beretta 92fs handgun

    94. Johnathan Smith


    95. John Dignan

      waste of time

    96. Scooby Doobie Blu

      8:37 "I shouldn't drop that, seems like a bad idea." 😂😂😂😂

    97. Ye Olde Banjo

      A good video to prove that a solid gun will always be your best bet. Boom sticks for the win.

    98. Boeingb52 Stratofortress

      Actual pens with falshlights are defective AF in both ways.

    99. Heavy Frompootis

      In my opinion a gun is a better alternative then using a knife to try to defend yourself from someone with a gun.

    100. whxteo

      wap on youtube never thought the day would come