Minecraft's Most Mind-Blowing Inventions...


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    Minecraft's Most Mind-blowing Inventions. Minecraft Players have always been pushing Minecraft to it's limit with INSANE inventions and today we look at the most craziest and mind-blowing ones.
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    These Minecraft inventions can't even be built with a Redstone or a build tutorial, but some actually go way back in Minecraft's History. Dream should still use one of these to win his Minecraft Manhunt though.
    Super Quarry, Mob Switch, Tunnel Bore, Bedrock Remover - Scicraft / Ilmango - usfilm.info/cold/HSI8erNrN6hs3sUK6oONLA.html
    Auto AFK Bridge Builder, Raid Farm, How Did We Get Here - Rayworks - usfilm.info
    Footage of Scicraft, Wave Machine, Lava Bridge Builder - Mumbo Jumbo - usfilm.info
    Biggest Minecraft Door - Lord Jon25 - usfilm.info/fire/fcqKbIpuhJajmtQ/video.html
    Xbox 360 Kinect Real-Time - Nate Viniconis - usfilm.info/fire/rJWmeXaiqLqcy5U/video.html
    Bomber Plane - Pi - usfilm.info/fire/rcKpa2Obj6t6ttg/video.html
    Redstone Calculator - Mattbatwings - usfilm.info/fire/qaqunV9rr82omLI/video.html
    Redstone Computer - legomasta99 - usfilm.info/fire/h8WIZqaof5qXl64/video.html
    EMP Lag Machine - Romtec - usfilm.info/fire/hsKMbqFrn9CYsK4/video.html
    More Footage - usfilm.info/fire/bJRvo4N9os2kk74/video.html
    15x15 Door - ViscoseComb 24 - usfilm.info/fire/atOAo36ZrNeVj7Y/video.html

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    1. Tits Armageddon

      Holy balls

    2. Francesco Boselli

      5:10 America when they discovered that the villagers have oil

    3. CH Gaming

      And they say Minecraft is for kids ha!

    4. Smellybananaz

      The dislikes are the people that weren’t smart enough to make these inventions

    5. From Tubigan

      4:14: Terraria alternate day

    6. joshxmen

      Its 4 am. Why am i still awake

    7. Lev Kil

      2:35 doogile be like....

    8. Chris Marklowitz

      Ok but the Xbox kinect one was actually so cool imagine that in a multi-player server and you could see people in person in game idk just so cool

    9. MD TASHIN

      Time stamps 0:38 Super quarry 2:19 Afk Bridge Maker 3:06 sumilation real in mc 3:46 Huge Door 4:29 Wave Machine 4:55 distroyer plane 5:21 calculator 6:34 lag machine

    10. ILoveAllTypesOfAnime wow

      At the start lava stone and obsidian?

    11. GameNotFast

      Giving zombie a blindness effect in Minecraft : usfilm.info/fire/aryQbJptltVyma4/video.html

    12. Rxpple

      I’m happy to see mumbo in here

    13. -alaim

      Go to the fucking point

    14. Aidan Pitts Reborn

      Glad to see 2b2t in this

    15. xxl Bowens


    16. Christopher Cannon

      And not one of limmys killing machines in sight 😞

    17. hell.mp4

      Let's be honest, Minecraft limit is literally your imagination.

    18. GTKO

      The most mind blowing thing about minecraft is a block house

    19. Charshii


    20. fgfhjfhjf bhfghf

      My favourite is the Atari 2600 emulator

    21. 3Rr0r Kid

      My favorite one is the last one

    22. eryn •

      does the mob switch thing take away mobs for that one chunk or the whole server

    23. Wowy1231

      2:56 god this guy sounds so annoying

    24. Richard

      Man you forgot to mention the minecraft map in which there is a whole GameBoy circuit built with redstone and the ROM of a Pokemon Red cartridge somehow also inserted into it. You can play the whole game inside minecraft and it's just insane.

    25. Kayzoid ‘

      0:27 not obsidian it’s bedrock lol

    26. Idk probably just Dan or Whatever

      We gonna talk about the Mumbo Jumbo clips?

    27. Downhour Productions

      Ok bro from all of the mumbo jumbo videos you take the freakin wave machine. Not the walking village, not the working 3D Printer, Not the working nuclear missile, but the wave machine

    28. GameNerd0110

      You see....im not joking about this but. He said something about clicking the subscribe button and turning it grey and next thing I know I look at the subscribe button and it's already grey

    29. atomicskies

      3:11 how to download the mod?

    30. Miricux_15 UwU


    31. Triadicoder

      "Take that bed wars players" We've done it, skywars is officially non-existent

    32. FSB 123

      one of the machines (he didnt really show this just something from fit's video) is from 2b2t

    33. blaze 606

      Bedrock not obsidian

    34. Gar

      I thought my automatic food gatherer was cool holy

    35. Ender Skoom

      0:25 Ah yes, obsidian

    36. eseopu

      6:02 that looks like my factory in shapez.io

    37. Blonde Thunder


    38. Anonymous

      0:19 so 2B2T?

    39. Val Val3883

      0:25 bedrock , not obsidian but its actually bedrock....

    40. GO2 Ministries

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    41. United States

      10:40 my favorite

    42. The King of Antarctica

      We need someone to make a moving Howl's Moving Castle in Minecraft. That would be the coolest base.

    43. The King of Antarctica

      None of this stuff can beat the diamond houses we always used to make in creative mode.

    44. Dark Fox

      Me making a redstone door that barely works: I AM KINGGG Me watching the first one: I am not even a peasant in this world of redstone I am a mere piece of sand Me using mods: I AM KING OF PURPLESTONE

    45. zain buksh

      The best invention is If you hit the subscribe button it will turn grey 😂



    47. Dev Dev

      unfuuny af

    48. D Rock

      What about the Redstone invention that you can play pokemon red and blue on

    49. Khg Gaming

      looks like u missed Fundy's super computer

    50. Nail Tutorial by Khaye

      4:29 eyyy its the terarria theme :D but still your underated! You should have 5million subs :0

    51. Jake Philippe

      This Is So Cool

    52. ASMR BULLY

      minecraft 10yrs from now: new minecraft invention lets you travel back in time through old minecraft servers.

    53. Homeless Hippo

      Y, know if terraria and minecraft switched music I would especially like that.

    54. Titi09

      Divide 0

    55. Saru

      I love the single frame of the bruh skin at the very end

    56. 4D(18) 羅學淳 Law Silas

      can you set command like (seed:XXXXXXXXXXX) , I want to go there

    57. J King Photography

      Okay... I laughed my ass off at the very last scene ..was not expecting that 🤣

    58. Soviet union

      Nasa watch out

    59. TheFakeAcccount

      Calling bedrock obsidian...

    60. Midnight M


    61. matt person and nothing

      I cant even make a redstone piston door without taking forever and not even working.. And i hwve to look it up

    62. seiom jvony

      dancing lmao Tiktoker: ... what do we learn kids? get a life lol

    63. RAHUL _gamer_YT

      Hey small request can I get the minecraft computermap download link

    64. King Of White Powder

      Yeah but some of them are amazing, revolutionary build and the other ones are just everything except from the last one.

    65. Michael Castillo II

      Make sure to loke and sub to all of his vids and he does a good job on his vids

    66. SM Productions

      I like how it just ended with “Bruh.”

    67. ACH RIDERS

      7:52 yeah we are going way back to 1930's which country Better if I not mention it

    68. Aron1122xx2_0 Germany

      Terraria still exists: 4:30 btw i mean the music lol

    69. Gijs!

      These people who made it are genius

    70. Gijs!


    71. Waffles Waffles

      Oh ok

    72. Gijs!

      Wooow lol

    73. Spike Moody

      That ending lol

    74. ur ducked

      Those machines must be in 2b2t

    75. Me


    76. Kronix

      I love the narration done by walter junior

    77. ツShadow

      Does he own minecraft

    78. Camilla Vito

      I don't even have enough patience to build a house and you're telling me people made this? Who have enough time to do this?! Did you even sleep at all?!

    79. callmewello XD

      The ending was suprising

    80. falkon gamer

      Thats bedrock idiot

    81. Not good Not bad gaming

      Terraria music, Minecraft video, nice

    82. perla madronio

      5:00 bruh idk why but it’s like my op items but like 2x better

    83. Bright darkness hostile

      Easy elevator idea that is old and still works: make a straight tunnel going up direction then poor water in the tunnel then the very last BOTTOM block must be magma or soul sand Soul sand:going UP Magma:going DOWN

    84. Warrior_Kid

      They in class : bruh they in mincecraft : *_yee_*

    85. ݉݊


    86. Kishinuma Ayumi

      Minecraft: the industrial revolution

    87. Aniket Kashyap

      there is a new caculating machine in minecraft

    88. ayoubxyz

      He needs 1 million sub becuse this insane

    89. Lincoln Rowe

      bruh, why are you playing the terraria theme at 4:40?

    90. The boy play Games

      Who else doesn’t understand redstone?

    91. The Hammurabi Chode


    92. Celestial Wing


    93. Jock Itch Productions

      The Redstone Calculator is like Leibneiz played Minecraft

    94. Madara


    95. Kees vdB

      What about the ender pearl cannon

    96. Kees vdB

      I was waiting for the 4 court Minecraft computer. That is fucking amazing

    97. AshValen

      Sky is the limit for what can be done in Minecraft 😂

    98. Noah Avison

      The terraria music, damn

    99. Pig Is king

      Abey salley

    100. daddy tortoise

      when it plays terraria in a minecraft video