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    I cannot believe I’m saying this, but… In today’s video, I’m trying Rare Beauty for the first time with the queen herself SELENA GOMEZ! Selena just launched her own makeup brand, and today we’re getting glam together! We discuss her new song with BLACKPINK, her private life and she even tries out MY EYESHADOW PALETTE in collaboration with Beauty Bay! Enjoy and don't forget to thumbs up and subscribe!
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    ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ I love you.

    Published on 3 months ago


    1. NikkieTutorials


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        Slow down

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        Year without rain

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        People You know💋

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        Love you like a love song!

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        Fetish. Its Unbeatable!

    2. Popa Roxana

      Let make it clear ,Selena is not a celebrity ,she isn't a STAR : She is a Goddess 100% 💯💕🙌🙏

    3. Popa Roxana

      I could watch them all day ! Just love it ! They're 2 amazing women . In special selena who is so humble and modest ! 🥰💋♥️

    4. Popa Roxana

      Wow that palete .. pffff🤩 and didn't even seen it 🤗

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      I LOVE YOU......................I LOVE YOU

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      Were u in among us a few minutes ago?

    7. Mariah Cardenas

      I loved watching this video. She is so down to earth and humble

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    9. Haley Martell

      Selena is just so naturally beautiful she doesn’t even need makeup but she does such a good natural look ❤️

    10. Josifina Valerio

      My fav song or lip~i mean nothing

    11. yekta saygı

      4:42, 19:05, 19:47 Selena's reactions made my day

    12. jean santos

      I was halfway through the video when I realized I wasnt paying attention because I was so distracted by Selena's beauty 😌😍

    13. Arriane Greene

      Selena seems like such a sweet and very down to earth person.

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    15. MSYankees65

      I have never been interested in Selena Gomez, but I am now.

    16. Aleena Doczi

      Anyone else think her voice is shaky, don’t think I’m mean just wondering

    17. Humna Farooq

      You both are beauties!!! Love Rare Beauty as well ❤️

    18. dARkT

      i love Selena so much!She was my bestie who passed away fave singer!She is so down to earth and great example of how teen can prosperate amazingly in Hollywood.Selena,thank you for being who you are!You will always connect me with my bestie

    19. Mayra Morgan

      28 years in the business wow very humble and speak with so much heart

    20. Mayra Morgan

      Yes my top top favorited 2020

    21. Alex Lewis

      Selena: using the very tip of a Qtip and barely dotting it on. Nikkie: using a paint roller and wondering, "how can I get more coverage?" This is why I love her channel, showcasing that we're all different, but we can all be our best beautiful selves!

    22. jennifer N

      i was obsessed with selena gomez when i was 7 and i’m obsessed with selena gomez at 20

    23. Xa Ca

      Her relationship with her mom is just 🥺 sweet

    24. Amanda MALCOLM

      The harmonious cougar pivotally stretch because stew directly cheer pro a many hearing. subsequent, certain gemini

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      why is nikki's face s that pink its looks so different

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      Selena is a friend that everyone wants but no one derserves✨

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      Y’all were fun!! Good chat!

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      YASSSSSSSS Selenaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

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      Fave vid

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      Selena reminds me of such a mom. She gives me mom vibes

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      I wonder why she sounds like she’s about to cry all the time..

    32. JMB

      Miss Gomez has herpes.

    33. MaKinlee Black

      selena just disowned the weeknd lololololololololol

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      Selena’s face looks different in “I can’t get enough” compared to now

    35. ROBS FAN

      Selena deserves a happy life.

    36. jovanna bernard

      I would have to say Selena looks super young for her age .You have good genes girlie ..

    37. Andru Pretorius

      Selenas eyelashes🤯

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      Selena : My mom was like a chamelion Why is no one talking about this moment 😂

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      Why do I feel Selena sounds so sad 😩🥺 we love you Selena

    40. S C

      Damn yo! Selena is so damn cute and nice! Ugh I can't! What a good listener and her shaky voice is so sweet.

    41. S C

      Omg shes so humble and down to earth, i expected the usual trashy tik tok or kardashian full of themselves person. I loved her in wizards and some of her music but omg she is so cool to just see talk!

    42. Stephanie Ma

      omg nikkie's jewelry is always so on point

    43. Icey Editzz

      It’s been so long since I’ve seen Selena I forgot what she sounded like OMGGG

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      favourite video 2020 ! 👱🏻‍♀️👩🏻

    45. Wallace :3

      Can i get a signature please

    46. alexis Anderle

      Selena is so cute. I wasn’t expecting her to be that sweet (why? Idk). You guys seemed to have great chem. I love that you brought up the DM thing again hahahha

    47. Riddhi Mayur

      I don’t think Selena knows who selena is

    48. Andrea Padilla

      Selena is the sweetest person on earth 💖

    49. Kenna Pohuski

      she sounds like eugenia cooney. she sounds so sweet i totally forgot her voice

    50. Marisa Lynae

      We need a video of you doing her makeup on person 😭❤️

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      I would love to have both of them as my best friends lol😅 Love them both so much❤️❤️❤️❤️

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      What was a story about said Nikkie in this video?

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      Selena Gomez is so sweet, I love her so much! I've been supporting Selena since the good old Disney times!

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      To much make up don need it... Selena was better...not that I don't like u i mean it's to much

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      Does anyone know what foundation shade Nikkie used?

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      The twinkle in the eyeshadow when Nikki put it from her finger to her eye GAVE ME LIFE! 💥

    67. Emilija Pešić


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      Love Selena Gomez so much She’s my fav artist

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      I never heard her talk like a full conversation i love her voice

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      Selena has such a pure heart 💗💗that beauty really reflects on the outside too

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      I love u selena. Keep moving higher. Dont ever go back to that part of life you closed. I love you forward. I love you everyday

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      I love selena so much shes so BEAUTIFUL i love ever song she have i will support her no matter whattt Salenatorsssss FOREVER💪👈 FROM PHILIPPINES HERE😍😘MWUAHHH

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    78. Jenesis Rodriguez

      I love kill um with kindness

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      I love you Selena

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      This was great! Love Selena such a true soul 🥰 Loved it!!

    86. O - O

      Does it contain palm oil? At its most unsustainable, palm oil is linked to massive deforestation and serious violations of human rights. Look for brands that commit to sourcing palm oil sustainably.

    87. Eleazar Galvan


    88. Abi Hoult

      I remember meeting Selena in London for her year without rain tour and I was so nervous as I’ve admired her so much. She was the most sweetest and humble woman I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting! A memory I’ll never forget💖

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      I want ARIANA

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      Hey I want to become a makeup guru and an influencer, I would love if you could maybe stop by and give my channel a watch🥺 Lots of love T⛅️ (Also love the video Nikkie❤️❤️❤️❤️)

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      Both of you are soooo precious!!!! I really loved your video xxx Two people with passion about make upanda good convo! I really loved how both of you treated one another!!!!!

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