Who Does 22 Become? | Pixar Theory

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    Today J dives into the Pixar Universe to discuss Soul and uncover 22’s identity after they land on Earth! Are they Boo? Russel? Maybe even Wall-E??
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    Published on 3 days ago


    1. SuperCarlinBrothers

      Who do you think 22 becomes? (Wall-E right? RIGHT?!)

      1. Miles D.


      2. Lakerimagi


      3. Akhilesh aka Door-Kun


      4. Jayde Mines

        no he is bao from the mini movie

      5. Carter Fox

        Violet from incredibles

    2. Nicole

      I know that there is no time in the great before, but I still think 22 is a character we haven't seen yet. It may never see. If were going of real world logic, then the souls that are going to earth are first unborn babies, hence why they say you forget about being born. This makes me lean more to the fact that 22 is in the present time and is just yet to be born.

    3. boi


    4. Ravenclaw1031

      you guys are dumb. it literaly says in the movie that your spark isn't a talent it's just the fact that you want to live

    5. adam c

      Plot twist: 22 is the plant showing up near someone who is closest to the same personality!

    6. That1Kid Fayad

      What about Vanelope?

    7. Lucy Preece

      22 is me. i be 22 cus i am 22. Expires April 16th

    8. Josiah Sklarsky

      Disney: Alright who are some good characters to copy for our new movie Pixar: Ty lee from Avatar Dreamworks: And Mai Marvel: Alright lets do Mai lee Disney: thanks guys

    9. MrrSnowxman

      You are looking at a souls spark the wrong way. The movie Soul describes it as wanting to live. Jerry said a spark was simple human thinking we have no purpose 🤣

    10. Tristin Tremblay

      Or maybe 22 is Luca witch is a movie that’s a coming in June 2021

    11. Birdy 3001

      Hear me out here: We hear that theres millions of souls but 22 is 22, which means that shes/hes one of the first souls ever, if we say you could be anyone from antime, she/he as one of the first souls could be one of the first humans, the kid from the good dinosour (i havent seen the movie i just know its the first in the pixar theory) i dont know about his identity but i think he would fit the time (Just a theory) Edit: since its the dawn of time the good dinosaur could have been in asia, where 22 was heading

    12. The Gerny

      I understand the use of “they” to refer to 22 because the souls don’t have human bodies, therefore no gender. It’s just confusing as heck though.

    13. Jen Ben

      I’d love to see a wall-e 2

    14. Em

      My first thought was Ellie! Although, any of these would make sense.

    15. longmayshereign •

      Omg the girl from up


      I'm soooo disappointed that the movie didn't end with him going back to teach and 22 becoming one of his students :((((

    17. Zareonna Dixson

      what if 22 is Edna. If you look back at the video of who's boo's parents are. A lot of the people said that boo's mother are the exact same people yall said could be 22. Edna is very punctual and she likes collecting almost every super hero costume she has created in the hall that leads into her work room. And maybe in younger life she was hurt and that is why she doesn't have the same attitude that the new 22 has.

    18. Am Clere

      I would go for the Wall-E idea 👌🏻 But I’m surprise you didn’t recall that Wall-E « loves » plants 🌱 and is completely moved when he finds this little green thing; and that could be a link with 22 (seeing the plant would remind him of this souvenir he collected and appears like a eye-opener while in SOUL movie)

    19. Adrian

      I thought the title was “how does 22 become?”

    20. Gummy Ghost

      22 becomes Charles Le Ray

    21. Roxanne Joyce Aben

      if time is not important and they can jump into any life in any point in time does that mean their lives are set and they cant change how their lives playout? edit: there's a filipino celebrity who had natural purple eyes. she had them insured and had bodyguards who guarded just her eyes instead of her life.

    22. Amy Efting

      It's really frustrating how you guys are stuck on the wrong "spark" idea. A spark is the reason a soul WANTS to live. 22s spark wasn't being "jazzy" it was the SEED. Everything else was an experience, but the SEED is the spark. It's why he only brought that one thing with him to save 22. The whole point is that it doesn't have to be something you follow in life, just the reason you want to live it. The movie clarifies this at the end too... Well, they at least mention that it's specifically NOT a meaning or purpose.

    23. Thomas Schwahn

      22 is the big tree from bugs life

    24. Riz Ki

      Isn't 22 will be born in Tibet?

    25. Mason Jones

      Okay so, If 22 becomes Wall-e does that mean that Wall-e and Eve is one of the first main character lesbian couples? And by that logic can we conclude that it is NOT Adam and Eve it Adam and Steve but instead, Wall-e and Eve?

    26. Matthew Layman

      Calling it at 4:12 she is wall-e from 22 hoarding things

    27. Doncar

      have you guys ever thought, do we see any of the souls of other characters from different pixar movies in this?

    28. Amelia Ellis

      Can I just say, I love the use of they/them pronouns for 22 in this video, I don't think the souls should have had a gender (they use she/her for 22 in the movie) and I love it when they/them pronouns are normalised

    29. Ry Mo

      Wall-E is not sentient, therefore he has no soul. Sorry

    30. محمد يحي

      i don't know what will 22 become so i am gonna name 22 character

    31. CaptainJackson

      How do you know 22 becomes a human/ai and not an animal? The cat had a soul so does that mean there is a place where animals get their personality or do you think it is the same place ? And why was the cat the only animal on the escalator thing?

    32. KingRainbow Cloud

      I have to say that what if the witch from Brave put the plant there herself?, A fridge has a pull door but then again its more like a drawer. the plant was living in a fridge for god knows how long and seemingly was still alive and every other plant is dead is seemingly unlikely to happen but hey that is just a theory! A PIXAR theory!

    33. Ian Bakker

      The real question is, do the souls land in babies as they are being born? Then was that baby's body just a hollow gestating husk beforehand?

    34. Punkwrestle

      22 can’t be Mae, since she is a ginger, she doesn’t possess a soul.

    35. loverrlee


    36. Shawn Dalla-Vecchia

      I think 22 became a character in the next Disney movie

    37. Erica Suominen

      The moment I sew the title, I said Ellie. 22 became Ellie. It just feels right. Then you think about the personality, we all grow and learn. For example, Ellie was cynical towards Carl but he made her grow and learn that you don't always have to be cynical in there relationship. Helping her to be more open.

    38. Pyro the raptor


    39. Prithvi Drego

      22 = movie in in 2022 hmmmmmmmmmmm.. pls like if you agree or think so

    40. Madison SANCHEZ


    41. Joshua Roberson

      Question: If time doesn't exist in the "Great Before", then why did 22 have a wall of name tags full of historical persons? Also, why wouldn't the "zone" have persons from historic and futuristic times? Maybe the wall is tied to the history of the viewer and the "zone" is tied to the present of the viewer? What makes more sense to me is that the "Great Before" is before 22's existence, presumably when time can be perceived, and 22 is in present time because history is perceived on the wall and the present is perceived both in the zone and on Earth.

    42. Buddy Jackson

      You guys ever stop to think about Edna

    43. Katie P

      22 is a character that hasn’t been in a Pixar film yet, but will. That or 22 is Ellie from UP. They have a similar face.

    44. John Gregg

      i think that mabye 22 could be one of the characters from the good dinosaur because she is literally the twenty second soul made so she could have gone to a time close to when her soul was made

    45. Samuel Paterson

      22 becomes Gogo Tomago!

    46. James Hamaker

      I'm thinking, it could be Riley from inside out. Not sure how that would work.

    47. Sumayya Wright

      Yeah know 22 is a girl...right? They say it at the end of the movie, I always thought she'd fall into a girls body...?

    48. naomi john 1:12

      I like the theory of both Ellie or Wallie being 22. Their personalities are very similar to 22's, and it showcases on character from the past and one character from the future.

    49. Saoirse Rahm

      has anyone thought of the idea that 22 could become boo/the witch from brave? a lot of things could match up here imo

    50. Jaren Johnson

      Dude the babies are falling around the whole earth at the same time!!!!! Meh ok

    51. Lilli With an i

      I think she became Riley from inside out

    52. Binita Das

      We want soul 2.

      1. Binita Das

        Let's collect votes for it & bring it to pixar

    53. Alex Maxfield

      I raise you jack jack. Makes 20 and hes 20 too

    54. Little Things

      I can technically say I'm 22

    55. Brick Attack

      I've been looking at your channel every few days for this video

    56. TwibbyTV

      Lightning McQueen seems like the perfect candidate to me

    57. BIONIK_MRA440


    58. LazyBunnyLyn

      Collete probably wears contact lenses 😂

    59. Idk What To Put Here

      When I finished the movie and thought about this I kinda thought that she could maybe be Riley, I don't know how to explain why I think so but it seemed atleast a bit plausible, the only thing that set me off from this was Hockey.

    60. Moises Cervantes

      I feel like 22 is one of the early human that we see in the movie in the good dinosaur. Like since she never went to earth, she was suppose to be one of the siblings of spot. But I don’t agree with the idea that they can travel in different times. Because why would you get a spark for airplanes when you would live in 16th century. Also then why would they give the souls numbers as well. So maybe it’s all different. But I feel like she was of course one of the first humans, and that she missed her body.

    61. louis ramirez

      I want to belive 22 became ellie

    62. Adrian Ortiz

      Vanellope Von Schweetz 10000%

    63. Mr Avo

      You said walle I subbed

    64. Constant Content 307


    65. Noelia Rivera

      I know man did not just miss over Riley from inside out. I know he did not just pass over a moody teenager who is a little cynical over her parents move for a literal robot

    66. D Harris

      She’s on earth she’ll have good times , bad times that’s life , taking the good with the bad

    67. Bruh Bwoi

      22 becomes Joe!! (Probably not but that'd be cool and makes some since)

    68. William Malcom

      Johnny 5... IS ALIVE!!!

    69. cralix thegameking

      I think it's Merida fr brave who else

    70. D360

      22 becomes Anton Ego

    71. John P. Reichert

      I would be interested to know who 22 was suppose to be. If Adam & Eve were souls 1 & 2, then who was the 22nd person mentioned in the Book of Genesis? After Cain & Abel (souls 3 & 4) it gets a little confusing.

    72. LK iOS

      What about Riley from Inside Out, does she not fit the description?

    73. Hannah

      does that mean that when wall E reboots and isn't wall E anymore he became a lost soul until eve gave him that little shock?!

    74. Samuel Cole

      Why does the channel picture look like manslaughter.

    75. jose gomez

      how about vanellope???

    76. I’m a fan

      I know that you make videos for kids but can you tone it down just a little bit energy wise for your older viewers

    77. Dill Dupree

      Nah 22 is the girl from inside out

    78. Laurie Desaulniers

      One thing I dont get: all other souls have numbers in billions, 22 was in the first ones and she said she doesnt like Earth because its too noisy and dirty. Wasnt Earth less noisy and dirty when her time came?

    79. River V.

      Wait why is they/them pronouns being used for 22 here. I thought 22 used she/her pronouns.

    80. lrader77

      22 isn’t even the one who goes back to earth, it’s the other guy.

      1. lrader77

        Also I have the same exact bb-8 lego set in the background

    81. TEEVEE

      I personally really like the theory that 22 becomes Collette, i dunno Collette just seems to fit pretty well. Also i can't help but like the idea that 22 goes from being a student to becoming a mentor to Linguine. (Also i just really like Ratatouille)

    82. The Strange Light Bulb

      Hmmmmmm. I was thinking dash from the incredibles

    83. Maxwell Danvers

      I'm kinda disappointed in Disney because they really passed up on an excellent opportunity to teach younger audiences about non-binary people. When we meet 22, they make it obvious that the voice that they use is purely preference because it annoys other people, not because they are a woman. Disney could have had the character only be referred to with they/them pronouns and it only would've taken about 5 seconds for 22 to say "Souls aren't men or women so I'm not he or she, I'm just them". This movie covered so many topics but they could've put the cherry on top.

    84. Toxic_Ghost X

      Realized he is siting in a rolling office chair when there is a couch behind him.

    85. Absorbentelm YT

      "If any machine has a soul, it's Wall-E" Mettaton: *Am I a joke to you*

    86. Stephen Wright


    87. Geeky Gamer

      Why am I watching this at 3 am

    88. Mays

      I think they’re going to introduce a new character for 22 alone. Maybe a Soul 2 movie?

    89. The Pixar Dreamer

      This was my exact same question after I watched the film, thank you for addressing this.

    90. That guy

      I just realized: if a soul could land at any place in time, is it possible for a soul to mentor itself?

    91. Devils' Advocacy Productions


    92. K l

      Why did my brain go to Roz lol Shes cynical, punctual and definitely moody. Shes #1 and to be number one she clearly had to have some kind of passion right?

    93. Julio Perales

      22 becomes Coral (nemo’s mom)

    94. Strik3r_PlayZ

      I think Riley since we don’t know if they are a girl or boy (22) and Riley’s inside out insides are boys and girls

    95. Summer Rose

      I think its going to be Riley from (Inside Out) With the emotions? Im surprised

    96. JayTheRougeBard

      I'm thinking they'll just make another movie and create a whole new character for 22's soul Because Disney loooooves series and making $$$

    97. Brady Maher

      I think Wall-E fits best. Like 22 wanted to live a life like Joe’s. But ends up realizing the earth isn’t what it was when she expierienced it. So 22 collects the souvenirs and sees reminents of human society and wants to remember what it was like.

    98. Creeper591

      so you tell me, you think 22 is Wall-E, but not the girl from inside out? i mean come on, theyre so similar in so many ways.

    99. Laura Devite

      Subtitles in portuguese, please!!

    100. Gustavo Gómez

      I think a pretty valid option also in Riley from Inside out 🤷🏻‍♂️