Dance Moms Reunion: OG Cast on the Pyramid, Exits and Iconic Arguments! (Exclusive)

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    Dance Moms Melissa Gisoni, Holly Hatcher-Frazier, Kelly Hyland and Jill Vertes spill on their time on the hit Lifetime series, where they’re at today and their new podcast, ‘Because Mom Said So,’ available to stream now. ET virtually reunites the original ‘Dance Moms’ to talk all about the show’s ups and downs nearly a decade after its premiere.
    Exclusives from #ETonline :

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    1. XxCloudyGirlxX

      Every time Holly and Abby would 'fight' i would think that *If Holly yells at you, you KNOW you did something BAD* Lmao

    2. XxCloudyGirlxX

      I'm surprised when jill instradused herself she didn't say my little kendall lmao 😂

    3. Elizabeth Leonard

      I would love to watch this if Christi was in it like it’s og moms without christi

    4. colb1281 colb1281

      I am going back and watching the old episodes

    5. drino zhao

      Raise your hand if you want a pep talk from Kendall 🙋‍♀️ Full clip:

    6. Lily

      I like that Jill may not be in contact with Abby, but she still is on good terms with her. Abby did love Kendall, even if she was not healthy person for Kendall to be around.

    7. Kylie Liao

      22:25 is that chloe and maddie?

    8. Kennedy Mulgannon

      You probably don’t know this (or maybe you will) butttttttttttttttttt Kenzie and Maddie have TWO older brothers!!!!

      1. It’s crystal Plays

        @Kennedy Mulgannon thats pretty sad....

      2. Kennedy Mulgannon

        @It’s crystal Plays yeah u don’t hear much about them because MELISSA LEFT THEM WITH MADDIE AND KENZIES DAD

    9. Kennedy Mulgannon


    10. Juliet P.


    11. Darth Marr

      As if Jill isn’t there for her daughter to be on T.V

    12. Isa Deer

      jill isn’t an OG mom!!

    13. Gaming With Khloe

      did anyone notice MY LITTEL KENDALLS head shot in jills back round

    14. The LA Gentleman

      Why is racist Trump supporting Jill on here? 🥴

    15. Alissa Johnson

      Why is Jill filming from her bedroom?

    16. Reem Talal

      *mY bABy kEnDaLl :)))*

    17. Daina Goings

      “Jill you’re not an OG”

    18. Jihyoroki

      the 3 biden supporters and 1 trump...

    19. Sofie Playz

      Where is Christy???

    20. Sam Sánchez

      What about kira

      1. Mish Espejo

        shes not an og plus those moms hate her bc shes a trump supporter

    21. Exhibit Cooks

      Dr. Holly: “also known as Dr. Holly” me: YES!!!

    22. Chevelle gaming channel and Mikkayla channel

      Guys I am so sorry but I like Christi Jill and mellisa

    23. Sally Dunn

      At least jill owned up to not being an original member and said she came on in season 2. I love Holly and Christi L.

    24. Cara Hughes


    25. Jeffery Arnold

      Woahhhhhhh Brooke is 21?!?!?! I had absolutely no idea! Hope she is doing great in life!!!!

    26. Acid Rain

      Uh! Kalani is not an og, kendall is

    27. R M

      I agree with Jill. Cathy's daughter did not want to dance. She actually said that many times. Cathy is forcing her to dance and it was really clear. Fake or not.

    28. Stephanie Wiley

      what has holly been eating and drinking cause she jus Doesn't age!!

    29. makela eubanks

      i wouldve never known kira was throwing the water bottle at a camera man and not jess

    30. Best Fandom Edits

      "hi im Kelly... Hyland. I have Brooke who is 21 and Paige who is 19" 1:28 me: *WhAT? PAIgE iS SO TalL OR BRookE So sHoRT? oR BotH?*

    31. Sunset Survivor Longterms

      Is NO ONE going to talk about Holly's braids in 22:50?

    32. Kathrina Linehan

      Holly is the most down to earth mother on that show love her

    33. Gucci Tae

      wheres jojos mom-

    34. MsMoto19

      ***** Jill wasn’t an original.

    35. Brooke

      Why did Jill say it’s the OG moms. Ummmmmmm no honey. And why is Jill there and not Christi if it’s OG

    36. Violet needs A hug

      Jill isn’t an og But Christi is

    37. Amaya Passaglia


    38. ItsAmanda Turner

      A long time coming

    39. Aysha K

      Kelly’s hair has grown. 💇🏻‍♀️

    40. Jazmine

      Why did I cry when they were talking about how all of the girls are doing now 😭

    41. jeffrey o.Asamoah

      I COMPLETELY understand why Christi decided not to do this. But like... it would be SO much better with her. I miss her comebacks.

    42. Collin Toews

      Arbitrary is holly’s word

    43. Collin Toews

      I can just picture christi saying to jill your not an og

    44. Vagenda

      Weird how Christi was actually OG and not there, but Jill wasn't in the OG, but is there being called OG. I mean - Jill and Kendall are definitely icon legends of the show - but not Season 1, Episode 1, that's all. Not trying to take anything away from them.

    45. tyree-anne stone

      all of the moms telling us about how successful their kids are. jill: kendall is in public school doing good😭

    46. God Jihyo Is my religion

      Melissa said her kids wanted leave, but didn't Kenzie find out on camera that they were leaving?

    47. Anaya Culver

      stan queen holly for clear skin + ethereal beauty + your dream body. stan kelly for your dream body. and stan melissa for clear skin.

    48. WackyChu

      Why couldn’t Christi be on it? Because of Melissa

    49. PenguinLover

      Am I the only one who hoped Jill would say “I am Jill. My little Kendall is 17”

      1. Rebecca Sanchez


    50. WackyChu

      It’s nice to see Holly growing her hair out!

    51. Dancers and Gamers



      Guys you forgot about Christy and Chloe they were a big part of that competition too it wasn't just those four you guys forgot about them

    53. leonarda di cappuccina!

      What about Christy?

    54. Ava and Mamba TV

      Jill and Holly are queens.

    55. Maraxa


    56. the frig

      melissa and jill look weird asf

    57. RissaD P-M

      Jill you are not one of the Original Dance Moms .

    58. Lily Cortes

      OGs??? wheres christi and jill shouldn't be here but okay

    59. Southern Lights

      Holly thinking they wouldn’t get cast because “they’re too boring” whaaat. i feel like Holly was the most interesting mom in the entire series?? Who the helll can get their PhD, be a Mother raising a family, a school PRINCIPAL, stay rational on a show like dance moms and also stay IN SHAPE/looking fab all at the same time?? Seriously, she never looked run down, I’m like HOW. That’s goals!!! I’d love for Holly to have her own podcast 😭👌🏼

    60. jlgpadernal

      kinda sad that paige isn't in the title card but ok

    61. RJ JIN

      Christie laughs watching this

    62. Kozume Kenma

      I feel so sad that paige and Brooke doesn't like dance cuz of the show i wish they had another show but they're the directors and it's real and it's just like a blog and they can put out what they want and since they're already famous they don't have to worry abt making the show interesting they can just put out what they want they can dance together and fool around and have fun

    63. Kozume Kenma

      I was thinking hmmm I feel like someones missing then I realized christi why isn't she here? I haven't watched the video yet only one minute Edit: i watched the video I understand noww

    64. Mari Animates

      None of them have fucking aged. Holy shit

    65. staci Marie

      I accidentally ran into kendall, Literally! She was your typical teen. I didn't recognize her untill i was at home and and I saw her instagram post. I was like "How did I not recognize her!" 😂😂

    66. Our Aesthetic World

      K but....... We r missing Cristi

    67. some body once told me see my video-roni

      My little Kendall Jill but why u go My baby Kendall :()

    68. Mare rambo

      But she is funny

    69. Mare rambo

      Jill is not an OG.


      JILL IS NOT A O.G.

    71. Hannah Weisinger

      I used to wish for fame. Now i know to think twice.

    72. Niamh HA

      “OG cast”... Jill likes to pretend that she didn’t start the show in Season 2

      1. Duhhitz Maddy

        @D Nunes she’s not an og

      2. laurxn Wilsxn

        I honestly get irritated when people say that, she was there for so long as just came right after the show started, so she is an og.

      3. D Nunes

        @DuhIts Maddie, she’s is an og she wasn’t in season 1 but in season 2 and season 2 is like in the beginning in the show.

      4. Duhhitz Maddy

        @•Bluberry Mochi• still not an og

      5. •Bluberry Mochi•

        She was there for a long time tho

    73. McKenzie Jaraè

      uh Jill isn't an OG

    74. Blue Man


    75. XxBeautiful•ButterfliesxX

      Jill is not an og. She came in sesason 2

    76. Kawaii Melon

      Imagine Christi (chloes mom) being on here!

    77. Alex Cowie

      Where’s fistie christie

    78. itsmemacey

      I just with that their was a reunion between Christi and Kelly Lol

      1. Teneil Johnson


    79. Alyssa

      Jill is not OG Tho

    80. amya

      “original dance moms” slowly blinks at jill

      1. Kennedy Mulgannon

        THANK YOU

    81. Ilana Abramson


    82. The Caputo Fam

      1:30 isnt brooke 22

    83. Meghan Hodges

      Who gonna tell Jill she's not an original dance mom

    84. Lucia Garcia

      Queen holly will look young forever

    85. Etsunara

      I do think for the most part, the editors and producers are a big problem, they edit the show to make it seem more toxic than it is. Also Abby was also a problem, she’s actually the most toxic person I’ve ever seen lmfao

    86. Alondra Quintal

      I love the Jill has Kendall's headshot in her room hahaha

    87. izzy carnemolla

      it’s honestly so heartwarming to see that they still are all friends & are living on their own accord, just from seeing how damaging the show was for everyone who participated

    88. Katarina Swint

      Where is chloe's mom?

    89. Terry Buckalew

      Abby actually made the show famous

    90. Amlll Nnko

      I feel bad for abby

    91. Diane Schultz

      Christi should be there in Jill's spot because Jill isn't an original mom and I love Christi and Kelly's friendship!

    92. Johnson Trimble

      I just started watching dance moms a week ago. Alreaady on season 3. Taking notes in my notebook.

    93. Gaming ,squishies and shows with ccbadx

      Dr. Holly is the best dance mom

    94. Sophie Shafipour

      It’s so interesting to me that after Kelly left and was mad a Melissa, now here they are making a podcast together.

    95. LariLikesLlamasuwu

      Jill: sorry, im so sorry! Nicki Minaj: *CUT THE CAMERAS-*

    96. ellen hooper

      this was the most respectful interviewer ive ever seen

    97. L̶a̶d̶y̶ Fox Ŵøłfæ

      Cristi and Jessalyn are the saddest to miss :( But I understand why with Cristi.

    98. Miss Star Plays

      how come no Kristy?

    99. Laurie White

      Kelly looks great!