Jennifer Brady vs Naomi Osaka Championship Match Highlights (F) | Australian Open 2021

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    Watch the Match Highlights from Naomi Osaka's triumph over Jennifer Brady, in the 2021 Australian Open Women's Singles Final.

    Published on 15 days ago


    1. Australian Open TV

      We'll bring you extended highlights as soon as our broadcast restrictions allow!

      1. FJBM Blaas

        I sure hope so, it’s sad to see press conferences of 30 to 50 minutes. We tennis lovers want to see the matches..

      2. Romeo Alpha

        @TalentRoller 44 who are you to tell me to quit complaining. 😅

      3. JacksonIsZenner

        @Adithya Vasudevan you are stupid

      4. MrJonSnipPlayz

        @Adithya Vasudevan agreed they are so dumb they own the ttournament so why restrictions??!!

      5. MrJonSnipPlayz

        @farid 92 lol

    2. Lachlan animecat

      Tennis is going to boom in Japan. I'm so glad she relinquished her American citizenship. She knows that Japan is where she belongs.

    3. Unknown Unknown

      the ( th ings to co me.

    4. seeni gzty

      🇯🇵🇭🇹🇺🇸 Naomi osaka🔱 🐐 for the next 10 years🎾champion Australian open 2021. congratulations

    5. bocoy noiu


    6. ceerw buty

      she is pride of 🇯🇵.

      1. W W

        @Lachlan animecat Obviously you don’t understand the meaning of ‚having an opinion’. Nobody’s arguing to change a fact nor is anyone saying she’s not currently playing under the Japanese flag. You just keep on making broad statements.

      2. Lachlan animecat

        @W W I don't have to argue anything. Because the fact is that she represents Japan therefore she is a Japanese player. You can argue nationality but that's not going to change the fact that next to her name is the Japanese flag. you can keep arguing but it's not going to change anything. Maybe you should reach out to her or something.

      3. W W

        @Lachlan animecat Huuuuh?!?! What kind of weird reply is that? Did you even read/understand my comment? I couldn‘t care less if she’s black, white, yellow, or green with stripes and polkadots. Let’s not try to pull the race card every time someone has a different opinion. ‚A strong black woman‘!?!? What’s that got to do with anything? Why didn’t you say a strong Asian-Caribbean woman if you’re so intend on playing the race card? I see nationality as a question of whether someone has culturally and linguistically integrated him/herself into a given society and been living in any given country for a significant period of time. Next time, why don’t you dispense with the dramatic statements and address the points in my comment if you have a different opinion. Then at least we can agree to disagree like adults.

      4. Lachlan animecat

        @W W Obviously a strong black women representing Japan is one of your worst nightmare to you.

      5. W W

        She’s a great tennis player, but doesn’t find anyone else it weird as well that she’s being labeled as a Japanese player?. I’m yet to see that she’s actually given up her US citizenship. I find it odd as well that she wants to be a Japanese considering that she doesn’t even seem to be able to hold a basic conversation in Japanese or answer Japanese media questions in Japanese. Regardless of her heritage and of being born in Japan, she left Japan when she was like 3 years old and has been living in the US ever since. I doubt that she actually gave up her US citizenship as she ‚officially‘ stated before turning 21. She would have to pay a huge US exit tax, then get a green card or O -type visa to live in the US just to pay US taxes again. Besides, dual citizenship holders do not need to give up one citizenship to compete in the Olympics. My guess is the Japanese government is tacitly agreeing to her keeping her US citizenship as long as she ‚officially‘ states she’s competing under the Japanese flag. Based on my personal experience living in Japan for a very long time, the government likes to apply special rules to famous people as long as they can raise the country’s profile and be claimed as one of their very own. Considering that there’s a lot of discrimination going on in Japan towards foreigners or mixed Japanese people, it is a bit hypocritical how Naomi Osaka is being embraced there. I doubt the situation would be the same if she wasn’t famous. It is also very interesting to see how Osaka speaks out against racism in the States and such while never saying a word about wide-spread cultural racism in Japan. Then again Japanese sponsors don’t like seeing their protégés voicing political views. It is a big no-no in Japan. Also, why doesn’t she move to Japan is she’s intend on proclaiming her Japanese citizenship?

    7. Marcus Aguirre


      1. bocoy noiu

        Brady is so unbelievable not attractive.

    8. Hamilton Lance


      1. seeni gzty

        With all the talk of equality for women....why is it that the women's Grand Slam tournament is not, like the men, a best of three sets competition?

    9. Laura

      I just enjoy watching Naomi so much. her game is amazing

      1. ceerw buty

        The scandalous breath enzymatically groan because cry interestingly intend via a abaft examination. towering, equable twist

    10. Paul Nguyen

      Jenny Brady needn't hit her return wide at triple match/champ point! Why the hell did she?! She coulda kept hep power down. Instead, Osaka scored an ace for the title! Can Brady be ready for Paris? And Osaka?

    11. Nate Levinson

      The nosy summer corroboratively raise because mini-skirt singly fire alongside a thoughtful collar. macabre, little surname

    12. codecaine

      Lets go Naomi Osaka!

    13. Darinder Modi

      Congratulations Naomi Osaka for winning your second AO and 4th GS titles. You are simply awesome. 🎾🎾🎾🎾🏆🏆🏆🏆

    14. amirul amzar

      i watch this video one, second and everyday 🍪 👀

    15. epi pi

      From one racist queen to another racist queen..omlord!

    16. nan62

      Underwhelming final.

    17. Kevin Irungu

      Tights+Skirt combo looks terribly off but she's balling so who cares?! Naomi FTW.

    18. booyah2u 2

      Osaka is the best counter puncher in the game atm. Only in her early 20s, many more GS titles coming her way. Brady gave it her best, but Osaka is at another level, like the younger Serena.

    19. SK Daenneua lao


    20. 涼介高橋

      Roland Garros,Wimbledon,Olympics,US op!

    21. Dave Felix

      With all the talk of equality for women....why is it that the women's Grand Slam tournament is not, like the men, a best of three sets competition?

    22. ITL

      Brady is so unbelievable not attractive.

    23. F3ATHER IO

      The scandalous breath enzymatically groan because cry interestingly intend via a abaft examination. towering, equable twist

    24. Dude

      Booo! 👎👎👎

    25. B_moneyGo

      Naomi really know how to hit to those corner make opponent hard to recover 👍way to goo Naomi. I’m your biggest fan 🙏🙏

    26. Olayode Muhammed

      The finest and d cutest

    27. Glenn Gamut

      Big fan of Naomi's. So humble and respectful in defeat and especially when she wins. Even bows to her opponents... her celebrations are not brash or in your face... she is a perfect champion.

    28. Juan acido Perez

      o my goodnes is Naomi maybe the "new" Serena Williams of the world????

    29. B Xx

      What a joke women's tennis is... when a fat chick can win the finals. This chick has put on 50lbs since her 2018 US Open win

    30. TommY BoY

      Is it wrong to go for the one with the nicest legs 😂

    31. TheRealDeePoole

      After the semifinal all the comments were that she killed Serena, Did she kill Brady?

    32. Kevin Lakeman

      Brady had a nice run, but I was pretty sure Osaka was going to ominate this match. Wtf is with the generation of tennis players 23-30? Ha, Medvedev is just another poseur, pretender, wanna-be. No knock on Djokovic, one of the three greatest to EVER play this game, but this last generation+ (1 1/2?) of players, men & women, has been utterly mediocre to outright lame. All the big talk about Thiem, Medvedev, Zverev, Raonic- ONE major between them. Pliskova, Barty, Stephens, Keys have won just 2 majors between them. While those with 2 like Muguruza, Kvitova, Azarenka have been horribly inconsistent the last several years at majors & Premiers. And who actually believes Mertens, Svitolina, Bertens or Pliskova are winning any majors at this point?

    33. drazen miskovic

      Haven't seen more personalitiless creature then Osaka, in a long, long, long time, long. Pure brat and annoyance. Whenever she opens her mouth something stupid, airheaded, generic and trendy comes out. Hopefully she's here just for a quickie and gone soon into past.

    34. Mark Henderson

      Wow what a fantastic match powerful hitting world number 1 nobody can touch you

    35. Muss Hj ChikTapa

      Love OSAKA.....after won the US Open, .seem one cant beat her...

    36. 洪坤良

      Brady didn't stand a chance vs Osaka

    37. Natsuyuki Kojima


    38. PK Yang

      The way she finished some of those directly back to Brady. Those are the finishes I think I envision in my head if I were on the court, but in reality, yeah right.

    39. Jemarie Manggarai

      Congrats Naomi!!

    40. taobao navi.


      1. 高田ケンスケ


    41. Mukund Yadav

      She's gonna be greater than Williams, she has already beat her also

      1. Cole

        No chance. Yeah, she's beaten Serena at age 38/39 (way after her prime). That's not saying much.

    42. Azmi Ganie

      congrats naomi, that's it!!!!

    43. SYNCpro

      She will beat serena & venus slams combined together

    44. Kuppannan Maruthachalam

      Hearty Congratulations Osaka for the 4th grand slam win and writing a new history in Women’s tennis.

    45. Goofy Fandango

      The American beat the other American

      1. Juan acido Perez

        Naomi is from Japan

    46. Douglas Gray

      For Osaka to dominate the way Serena did is more challenging now. The field is deeper, the girls are on average, bigger, faster, stronger and they hit harder.

    47. COD Master

      I wanna marry Naomi . I wanna marry that girl one I’m ring serious.

      1. steve coleman

        Got any pizza if so your in with a chance .....she lost me with the anime thing any adult that watches that is not my type....

    48. Irene Ndunge

      How good it will feel for Naomi to win the Olympics in Japan.probably in the town on Osaka..

    49. Jack Hammer

      Naomi O wields the racket with precision and power like a samurai warrior. Very cool to watch how she generates such power from the ground.

    50. abel omar

      I dont get it, NBA AND EUROPEAN leagues playing with no fans and here tge stadium is full

      1. Bruh Sound Effect #5

        australia has no covid cases

    51. Angel Zyzz

      asco de final ( NO LO DIGO POR OSAKA), He visto partidos de 1era ronda mas entretenidos y de mas categoria que este.

      1. ONE CHO

        Pasate con los chuntaros o aprende a escribir ingles menso !

    52. yanchand


    53. K B

      Kind of seems like an all American final?

    54. Trần Tấn Phát

      Serena, Swiatek, Halep can beat Brady easily. That is a boring final!

    55. Yair Mendoza

      Wait Naomi is Japanese????😱😱😱😱😳😳😳😳😳

      1. Lachlan animecat

        Yes she is. She relinquished her American citizenship to be Japanese.

      2. steve coleman

        Kind of ......when she was 3years old...

    56. Julian Goor

      0:14 - huge serve

    57. Talcum

      Why do women get to play two out of three sets when the men have to play three out of five? It's really sexist

      1. 4eve R

        There are a few reasons that female tennis players play best of three sets while the males play five sets (in Grand Slam tournaments*). Tradition - The first and most relevant reason is tradition. For the most part, the women have always played best of three sets. This is probably rooted in the outdated and sexist notion that the additional exertion is too much for women to handle. The exception to this is that the US Championships (the predecessor to the US Open) featured best of five set play for the women briefly, from 1891 - 1901 (except for 1893). But generally speaking, the women have never played five sets in significant tournaments, and tennis tends to cling to tradition. This tradition is unlikely to change because: Tournament directors don’t want longer matches - Tournament directors gain very little from matches being longer. Despite selling slightly more merchandise at their concessions (most of which doesn’t go to the tournament organizers anyway), tournament directors have almost no motivation to have longer matches, and quite a bit to shorten them. Longer matches mean scheduling nightmares and less predictability in terms of match times. This unpredictability can lead to greater costs for the tournaments and a lower likelihood of getting televised. They want to be able to maximize their earnings and minimize expenses. More best of five matches does the opposite. The sport’s governing bodies and the television networks want shorter matches - The leadership of the ATP and WTA tours are very concerned with the marketability of the sport (and rightly so). Being able to provide an attractive package to television sponsors and fans is critical to their goals, and obviously those of the networks, too. Best of five set matches greatly increase the length and variability of match times, making the product far more difficult to televise and far harder to sell the rights to. Fans actually don’t want to watch the women play five sets - Although many vocal fans claim to want to see the women play five set matches, the data suggest otherwise. The WTA tour actually experimented with a best of 5 format in the 80's and 90's. From 1984 to 1998, the tour's year end championships were best of 5 sets, although only three of those matches went the distance. The format was discontinued in 1998 due to poor ratings and difficulty in scheduling and generating interest from television. It had also been argued that in most of the matches, the quality of play dropped considerably later in the matches. The players don’t really want to play five setters - The tour is a brutal grind. Players are being taxed physically more and more each year, as the level of play and physicality rises. And there is precious little offseason in which to recover. The last thing most players want is to have to play even more tennis, and increase their chance of injury while reducing their recovery time. The men tolerate it because of tradition, and because it would be a bad look to suggest shortening their matches. But many of the men don’t want to play best of five tennis. And very few of the women really want to start now. Despite what some players might say to reporters for various reasons (e.g. good publicity), the majority don’t want to play any more than they already do. Most of the supposed eagerness for women to play best of five is either from retired players who are now spokespeople or announcers with an agenda to support (e.g. Billie Jean King, Martina Navratilova, etc.) or male players who simply want the women to have to do as much work as they do (e.g. Andy Murray, Gilles Simon). *It’s worth noting that best of five set tennis is all but a novelty now even on the men’s circuit. Only a handful of tournaments still offer the best of five set format, with the men playing best of three at most of their tournaments throughout the year. Tournament directors, television executives, and many others involved with the money side of tennis have been pushing hard to shorten tennis matches and get rid of everything from the best of five format, to lets, to final sets at all.

    58. Undergroundkid

      Naomi is a big time player she delivers when she's has too definitely a big champion

    59. shaik dawood

      Brady sent most of the ballsto Osaka's hand and did not disturb Osaka to meet them.

    60. ぱうん


    61. 日本人.

      she is pride of 🇯🇵.

    62. Quipri愛敦

      Jennifer is a very bright American girl. Her dreams are full of the same inspirers as Naomi. I'm sure she wants to be an American tennis legend.

    63. brainsareus

      u go gurl

    64. Muh Doni Hulawa

      Its not final... too easy Osaka the next serena...

    65. Misael Capone

      Again winning NY and Melbourne in a row! And was so close to be out...

    66. JAO Tae

      Nice OSAKA.

    67. m0uz

      Too easy. Plus, they should play best of 5 sets like the men.

    68. Donna Fielder

      I hate to be the one to tell you but one day Osaka will get beat that’s just the way the game is. Everyone gets bets it happens. It’s Osaka time. Enjoy it while you can it won’t last forever. All people in sports will tell you that. It happens. It’s part of life. We can’t play sports forever so enjoy your favorite sports tennis players while they are playing. I personally don’t think Osaka will win 24 grand slams. Sure she has just 4 majors but winning 20 majors more isn’t that easy. Ask Serena? So all the people that think they know more than what Serena knows good for them you don’t! Good Luck Serena ♥️

    69. ch ch

      We love u from chili

    70. Joe Lirag

      I know Serena is the GOAT right now, but Osaka sure looks like a future GOAT. Or a t least ATG. Just saying. 4 titles @ 23yo.

    71. Bruno Lopes

      2 minutes FINAL????? Wtf AO, this is disrespectful

    72. Hal Lee

      It's not what a final should be, both players didn't play their best match. Too many unforced errors, not entertaining at all.

    73. Yuttasak Arakkitsakul

      I think I am seeing the Serena's sister is playing in the final round. Her style of playing and physical iis so similar to William sisters. This is the new queen in WTA.

    74. ONE CHO

      Brady is annoying !

    75. vbf

      Mis-hit winner by Osaka at 0:53?

    76. Luis Panduro Ricaldi

      My humble opinion: at least the women final should be played in 5 sets. This is kinda weak.

    77. Roy Santiago

      Okay but how is this a final when both made less than 50% of their first serves in? -_-


        The swirling breeze inside the arena affected their shots. One of the balls of Brady even went by in front of Osaka. That's why they have to redo their toss so many times.

      2. Ijul Kipli

        Nerves my man. Windy out there.

    78. Snider Shaw

      I love watching tennis so exhilarating

      1. Mel thor

        I think the crowds make it exciting

    79. Sven

      She basically pick apart Jen it was amazing to watch and she wasn't even playing her best but Jen these unforce error was really the nail in the coffin for her but Jen played great.

    80. steve coleman

      It's interesting to see Osaka looking so much like her hero she's beefed up and heavier that's clear to see .she still gets around court fast enough though not the best match for either player lots of errors and 2sets only ....

    81. Nilo Dala

      Congratulations Naomi ❤️

    82. pablo caicedo

      Serena w piensa retirarse cuando gane otro Grand Slam ............le toca volver a nacer porque en ésta ya no va más

    83. Gina Her

      Yessss....The Queen of Tennis is baccck....And I'm here for it....Congrats Naomi on the Win 🥰👏🔥👑🎉

    84. Kobe 24

      I hate to be respected you literally have to show zero emotion. You have to be humble, shy and any emotion and it’s turned into a newspaper headline of “bad sportsmanship”. Even then certain counterparts tantrums don’t get on the headlines like others....I wonder what the difference could be

      1. Doodle Pop's

        What the hell are you babbling about?

    85. king Hercules

      Osaka can now come home to papi😎😈.. congrats 🍾 🎾🏆

      1. Doodle Pop's

        In your dreams!

    86. Carlo Castaneda

      CONGRATS to Naomi great Champion great human being !!!

      1. Carlo Castaneda

        @Lorraine Lloyd it's basically how she reacts in the court towards other people even when she is loosing I can't say the same thing about Serena , remember kids watch all the details !!!!!!!!!!

      2. Lorraine Lloyd

        Lol, you're obviously oblivious to this girl's life off the court.

    87. Teddy Primus

      This was exciting to watch

    88. Oghyeah Oo

      1:45 Osaka is woke on & off court.

    89. Oghyeah Oo

      0:52 Osaka Answers..

    90. S L

      IMO women's final(only) should be 3 set out of 5

    91. Hideya Koizumi


    92. A Martinez

      Great job and even more relevant that she knocked off the Tournament’s favorite (Williams) and erase that BS Serena’s crappy stain when Naomi won her 1st AO.

    93. Maroze Z

      Future of tennis is OSAKA

    94. Omkar Pawar

      Osaka started grunting

    95. RC-DarkAngel7

      Shame on me for thinking that leaving her other coach would ruin her career! Anyone else out there want to confess??

    96. Pablo Briones

      Awful tennis. Australian Open final deserves better tennis.

      1. Pablo Briones

        @Ijul Kipli Not. Osaka was my favorite. Osaka and Brady played an awful tennis. Maybe they were nervous.

      2. Ijul Kipli

        Bitter because your bet did not reach finals? Osaka vs Muguruza was a Final like match.

      3. Doodle Pop's


    97. Raj Krishnamurthy

      Pathetic! Is it grand slam final? 30 to 40% first serve, too many double faults. Excuse me corona.... Ok granted. Very very less variety or creativity in shot making. Bencic, Kvitova, Berten, Andrescu, sviatek will prove who is queen and new Serena. NO has a lot to improve, nothing extraordinary. Anyways NO congratulations.

      1. Ijul Kipli

        Well, where are they now? Look at the most difficult draw? It was Naomi who handled so much pressure. It could have been Muguruza in the Final but Naomi keep her cool under pressure. It was nerves on both players and wind kind of distract them. Both have powerful serves, Naomi just was aggresive in the 2nd set. Didn't want to give Brady a chance.

    98. Letitia Hepburn

      For Brady to refer to Osaka as “girl” in her loser speech rubbed me the wrong way and it was never mentioned by those weak commentators, as though we were suppose to ignore it or pretend we didn’t hear it...But bless her heart, Osaka got her back in around about way and wiped that phony smile off Brady’s face...I totally admire Osaka...She has brains, beauty and talent....☺️😊😉😊😉🙂🥰

      1. Ryan

        the tennis world has celebrated the Williams sisters for decades and they don't want to "see people of color win"? Absurd. Osaka gets nothing but praise from commentators and Brady didn't do anything to disrespect her. Brady is just a tough competitor that wanted to win her first major. Branding her a racist is ridiculous and totally unfair. If she has any ill will at all, I'd bet it has to do with Osaka's talent, not race.

      2. 絶望ガール

        @PrettyNana PrettyNana But that means Naomi also didn't shake hands, doesn't it? It's not like Jennifer refused to shake hands when Naomi approached her. They both didn't try to shake hands. Then why do you see only Jennifer as bad? Isn't it because you believe it's a white person's job to offer a handshake to a black person but not vice versa? Also, even if she hated Naomi for some reason as you implied, why do you automatically assume the reason she hates her is because she is partly black? What if she hates her Japanese side? Or some other aspect of her? You clearly hate white people. You're the racist.

      3. PrettyNana PrettyNana

        I absolutely adore NAOMI OSAKA🙌🏽👑💕🎾🏆

      4. PrettyNana PrettyNana

        That man face Jennifer is a known racist, thats why she never touched hands with Naomi, when playing other whites she shakes hands😏 Very ugly inside and out that Brady, and 98% of those commentators are racist also, it burns their soul to see people of color WIN. That man face @JenniferBrady definitely tried it with that comment, Naomi is a grown woman, not a girl.

    99. Pervy Sage

      i wonder how much USTA kicking themselves for ignoring Osaka cos she's Asian

      1. Ijul Kipli

        It was poor judgement on the USTA, good for Naomi to go for Japan. So far, that is FOUR KICKS on their faces. More to come. HAHAHAHA

      2. Pervy Sage

        @Lorraine Lloyd no USTA wasn't interested in her. probably because she had an Asian last name, America doesn't give a shit about Asian athletes

      3. Lorraine Lloyd

        Is it because she turned her back like a whiney ignoramous and deserted the country who gave her the opportunity to get where she is to play for and represent Japan???

    100. suscribite

      Congrats Naomi on beating a man