Nate Robinson Vs Jake Paul Reactions: Floyd Mayweather, Boosie, Dababy, Gillie Da Kid, Snoop Dogg

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    #boosie #naterobinson #jakepaul
    Nate Robinson Vs Logan Paul Reactions: Floyd Mayweather, Boosie, Dababy, Gillie Da Kid, Snoop Dogg For the first time in awhile last night, boxing was at the forefront of the sports conversation on social media thanks to a pair of fights between aging legends Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr and between former NBA player Nate Robinson and controversial USfilmr Jake Paul. The former, which was the main event, attracted plenty of chatter from boxing fans who felt nostalgic to see Iron Mike back in the ring (he fought to a draw, though probably should have won), but it was the latter bout that really dominated the conversation about Paul knocked out Robinson with a vicious right hand. To say Twitter reacted hard would be an understatement. Almost twelve hours later, the key participants are still trending. Even Jake Paul’s brother Logan Paul is trending, with many people making references to that time he pissed off everyone on USfilm for filming a dead body in the suicide forest. I think you can guess the joke everyone is making on that front, but just in case you can’t, here’s an example. (play video)
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    1. Northeast cocktail

      Gillie stfu already

    2. sebastian french

      all i got to say is nate put him self in that position and why everyone stayin with nate, cuz he black? aint nobody want to see the white guy win

    3. Robert_6- _

      Wassup with people saying it a embarrasment to the sport! People start somewhere you dont come out the vagina swinging 😒

    4. Jamie Kight

      I know y'all lost a lot of money I had all my money on Jake Paul come up I know you see a winner when you look at it

    5. ReMiiX

      bruh boosie had me rollin

    6. Ronald Perry

      I stayed for the instrumental...

    7. Florentina Mcleod

      Hahaha it was my ppl hitting the floor! Always keeping racism on live support

    8. Account 1

      DaBaby was salty that Jake won and now he’s doing the “Nate Robinson Challenge” with him

    9. KT3 Gaming

      Who would win Lebron or Jake Paul??🤔

    10. 0neplus0neequals3

      Wasnt charity... Nate thought he could “beat up” jake lmao. Whose next?!

    11. EzohSZN

      Them memes was so fucking funny.

    12. Ryan Anthony

      Nate Robinson basketball Santonio slam dunk champion LeBron James knocked out cold basketball player

    13. Pete Johnson

      matter Nate Robinson boxing a little bit more harder than Dunking a basketball not the same uh i heard jake can dunk better lets find out

    14. Pete Johnson

      Damn Rick Ross you got those billions but your carpet look dirty as f*** for real for real you need to hire a f****** cleaning services Stanley Steemer

    15. Pete Johnson

      What are you going to do blocboy JB need to have that before the professional athlete your professional rapper jake would straight rock you frfr you're too skinny for him you're not even the same weight class for it to happen

    16. 80" Reach

      Non of these comments hit home. This fight should've bent happened. Nate not trained on any level plus it was 2 divisions up as for weight. Didnt you see the difference

    17. malymalbasedlord

      Da baby Cappin he was sitting there doing the Naterobinson challenge after he got knocked out

    18. Solo Player

      Black people always make everything about race. Come on people we can do better. 🇺🇸

    19. thomas hall

      He got caught doing too much lol

    20. odnamlA

      Sad shit is if Nate actually won they’d all be clowning Jake.

    21. donrainesoh

      White boy may not jump but he got em with them hands 😂


      Everybody acting stupid asking Jake if it was racist of him knocking out Nate. I swear people are stupid as fck in 2020..

    23. Some Guy

      Low-key hope Floyd gets put down by Logan for making it about race

    24. boz ave

      Better in the ring than in the streets

    25. John Hayes

      Rick Ross shut your ass up he got beat he knew what he was looking at when he got in that ring he don't have hands like that neither does Jake Paul whoever lands the first good punch wins I think Nate can beat Jake Paul but he didn't that night he went to the upper room for a while

    26. John Hayes

      It's funny how people are saying that's wrong what happened to Nate but what if the fight would have went the other way it would have been funny then thing about it is I like Nate Robertson watched him play basketball but he got in a ring and got his ass flatlined who gives a fuck stick to what you know not what you think you know

    27. Jose Barrera

      Nate Robinson’s trainers were negligent

    28. BOT_GAMING

      My man da baby says that then 1 day later hanging out with jake the fuck 🤣

    29. Franki Alvarez

      Damn all these guys are annoying as fuck... talking shit bout Nate...loud as bums..

    30. Pariah

      My man Gervonta. Fucker has all the moxy you could want. Dude is awesome. I cannot wait to see his (Gervonta's) next fight.

    31. Este Katanaya

      The salt lol wonder why they're so sad?

    32. T G

      Let me guess. Logan Paul is now gona get called racist for sleeping that ignorant fool? Can’t wait for this one.

    33. artofstriking sanchez

      No fucking way Nate was going to win. All these black people need to chill the fuck out it was a fight NATE asked for. Smh stop crying

    34. Haddy Smokes

      Trae young talking a whole lotta shit 😂

    35. Anyih Ballard

      da baby need to sir his ass down he know he 4'10 he would have got his ass beat to this nigga just started a race war

    36. Tee YnG God

      Everybody acting like Nate got knocked out by Muhammad Ali, Jake got lucky, nate is not that experienced, Jake won by fatigue. Lets be 💯

    37. Goodfella

      Sour grapes got some bitter taste! 🥊

    38. Sam

      What Floyd said was right. Your own people shouldnt be laughing and mocking you. You would expect them to learn in 2020.

    39. p.a. jones

      Nate was never properly trained. I see a lot of fools talking shit but don't see you getting in the ring with Jake.

    40. Zack Kurz

      dababy on here full of shit, he was making fun of nate with jake paul afterwards and even made a music video. all these dudes are fake

    41. Underrated 77

      That beat towards the end go hard. Almost started to bust a lil flo💪

    42. Crime Pays

      Snoop commentating is a embarrassment to the sport of boxing !!!

    43. xCriminalKingx

      @1:50 I love Roy Jones jr man but that’s some funny shit right there

    44. Lucio Castro

      Wing stop🤣🤣😂😂😂😂🗣🧢☠️💀☠️💀

    45. Coca Coca

      “More tittys than my aunt” 😂😂😂😂

    46. Dennis Wilkerson

      Imagine being a pro boxer and being mad that non professional boxers are boxing, nothing but arrogance and jealousy because they and their platforms are getting less prestige and attention.....

    47. _the punisher_

      lol the amount of buthurt people :))))))) Nate was the one talking shit and he got knocked the fuck out .....

    48. kingnay shawn from2009

      imagine jake paul even dare try to throw a punch @ronartest

    49. bob by

      Why they so mad though🤣🤣🤣

    50. The Goat Dean

      DaBaby mad at Jake Paul but then Stunna did a yt video wit him lmaooo

    51. Greg Melisi

      He said i wanted to jump in.. For what? You aint a fighter neither. I got decades #MuayThaiLife but u dont see me rappin.. You dont see me playin basketball... You dont see me makin no yt videos... Bottom line nate and bezyboody baby wtf ever his name is aint a fighter and i aint a rapper we stay in our lanes ha he said he wanted to jump in lol jump in? You mean send your body guards to jump in. Said its supposed to be an exhibition but i fight i see the full body weight thrown by nate cry if ya wanna but nate tried to ko this dork logan paul. Wtf ever.. Dont catch feelins hahaha fuk yo money and fuk yo feelins.

    52. white boi

      They just mad jake whooped his asss like Nate knew what he was getting in to he did tht to em self

    53. Felix leibas

      Get better and more professional commentators. Respect the sport.

    54. Felix leibas

      Way to go Jake

    55. Felix leibas


    56. AnthoniqueIsASpiritualGoddess

      legend is...Nate still laying there🤣😂

    57. Anarchy v1

      First of all nate called it out lmao and jake answerd even tho i caint stand jake i promise if jack woulda got knocked out no body woulda gave a fuck😂😂😂i personally dont care but this shit funny asf

    58. American Fitty

      Rick Ross going to say Nate is his dawg but doesn't know what teams he's played for 🤷🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️

    59. Vicious Dreams

      This is very much so right. Stay out of the ring if you’re not meant to be in it.

    60. FN-_- Trey

      I like how half the celebrities don't realize it's boxing,knockouts are something you should expect

    61. BLK LL

      Understand that this fight was a ritual. It is to turn the tide of the old original fighters and do you know who they were .... Mother Loving Sugar ray ROBINSON and JAKE Lamotta. The famed rivalry once again between black and white. Which they performed this little show to perform a ritual, to basically give Lamotta that win over Robinson, since Robinson one the last one with The Valentines Massacre. Also it just so happens that the main card is between two old figbters (Tyson/Jones)which is telling of what they are actually trying to recreate. It's just a recreation to adjust peoples emotions and without them knowing. They gave us the Mayweather win against McGregor so they can recreate this years later at this exact time to make the ritual work because 50 or 60 years ago Sugar Ray and Lamotta had a fight around the same time actually it was February but its not the time but the season we should pay attention to. And honestly this was the biggest mockery of the sport, the whole thing.

    62. Roger Malpass

      Lol forreal roy Jones was more of a joke than Robinson

    63. Jon Dough

      Guard your grill if you don't have skills

    64. Rodney Jolly

      I jus came for Boosie reactions....

    65. Big Ape

      Its hysterical all the people who talkin about how jake gotta see them now 🤣🤣 90% are out of shape af and smoke weed 24/7 . I can fight but ngl id get smoked in the ring i dont train for it all day. Some dont understand how much endurance it takes to last in the ring

      1. Big Ape

        I still dont like the Pauls tho so dont think thats what this is bout 🤣 js most talk that shit from their couch and would get laid out

    66. PoloWax YT

      That boy Nate ain’t got hands

    67. Hack man

      Nate went into that fight to fast. He should have waited a lil longer and sparred some good fighters first. Nate better let George foreman get him ready for a rematch.

    68. Emanuel Vega

      I don't know why people getting upset that Nate Robinson got knocked out he was trash talkin he challenged the guy to a fight and ended up getting knocked out that's just how the cookie crumbles can't get mad about it

    69. E'Q Thomas

      Experience is important - Ego is Something Else, It is, The Mind Killer!

    70. E'Q Thomas

      Now let’s make it a Black, White thing, Again! - Let’s get Our Lick Back, Nate Robinson made a mistake - Now let him learn from it! - But No - Let’s go kill, Who ever is Related to the situation! ( This sounds Similar to inner city crime shootings, Pay Back ) - 2/3 of us, Got to go

    71. E'Q Thomas

      Nate Robinson vs Jake Paul ( Nate R. name is first because, He is popular with Our Community but can, He Box 🧐 ) - I compare Nate Robinson to a 5th Degree Kung Fu Master in The UFC - No Experience is What the 2 share! - Sunday Kung Fu movies has nothing to do with ground fighting, Neither does Slam dunk competition, Have anything to do with 🥊 Boxing - The Romantic side of things have Power, Over some, Television 📺 is and was, The Medium

    72. mr bigglesworth

      So it's pretty much black people vs Lil ol Jake paul.....

    73. Graded_Pokemon

      Why do black people make everything about RACE. 1st thing DaBaby said was he felt like his people hit the mat. Grow tf up

    74. Daniel Ketza

      Seeing and hearing Rick Ross made me want to go grab some beers and wings like right now..

    75. Tj Ashbaugh

      Everyone and their mom believed tht nate was gna ko jake and it was all good but the fact tht he got ko himself everyone trippin sayin thts fucked up and making it about race they both made a huge bag def not knocking nate he def got heart he just didnt think he had to work for it harder props to both fighters stop making it about race js

    76. Sade Victoria

      If Jake got knocked out by Nate than people would be making memes of him. However, people are upset that Nate was knocked out

      1. Ufohunter007

        Only black people are upset because they feel Nate embarrassed the color of their skin. Sad but true

    77. Slaap Man

      Boosie had me dien🤣🤣🤣

    78. Jake Lyons

      I don’t even like jake Paul but what did dababy expect by saying “you wrong for putting Nate down like that in front of the world”??? Dudes gonna train for months then just lose to his opponent because winning would be wrong??? Sounds like someone is big mad and doesn’t understand how a competition/sport works. There’s winners and losers and Nate lost.

    79. Aaron Chandler

      Dababy saying all that shit but was chillin wit jake Paul while doing the Nate Robinson meme. 🐍

    80. Lam Mar

      Why did this happen? Why did they choose to box?

    81. DMac740

      I'd just tell everyone kiss my ass and tell the bartender pour me another one I honestly laughed when Snoop said oh Lord 🙏 lmao.

    82. Sonnie Carson

      Not the senior prom 🤣

    83. tailss. exe

      Chill out it's just one black guy loosing a fight it just so happens 😂

    84. 5th Rangers F-Company

      Da baby sounded like clown after he was chillin with Jake the next day

    85. Claude Carter

      I came for boosie reaction


      Nah bro that bullshit

    87. john jacques

      I don't understand Why everybody's saying go and get the gun?

    88. ✯RedStar✯ Graal

      gotta find a Nate robinson jersey lmao 😂

    89. Kenneth Young

      Gillie da kid.lmao.

    90. Ras Alghul

      Nate got KO's with the same punch twice before the final KO. You would think a dude would learn from the same punch but Nate's ego keeps thinking he is going to bum rush and put down Jake. You ego got you KO'd Nate.

    91. OG Krillin

      My last 3 brain cells fighting 1:22

    92. MIST PLAYZ

      I love the celebs and people who act like they tough and wouldve knocked jake out. like sit the fuck down bruh jake would of knocked your ass out too

    93. Raheem

      hold up george floyd?😳 2:26

    94. Raheem

      i like how Dababy said jake wrong an all that then goes a puts him in a music video w stunna😂

    95. edward richard

      But if roles reversed and Nate won by k.o. these guys would be cheering. Seems like a bunch of bigoted bitches to me. Repect to anyone who steps in that ring.

    96. It Is What It Is

      I know this is off topic, but DaBaby has one of those voices that I could have a steamy fantasy to with a happy ending😁

    97. Xheeze

      Nate asked for it

    98. Xheeze

      Jake gone btf outta them

    99. Xheeze

      Dababy its nate fault he cant fight

    100. Susie Carmichael

      Stak said “he put it on ya!” 😂😂😂😂