Chris Broussard & Rob Parker - ESPN Fires Paul Pierce Days After Controversial Instagram Live

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    THE ODD COUPLE - Chris Broussard & Rob Parker react to ESPN's decision to part ways with NBA Analyst and NBA Champ Paul Pierce after controversial lewd Instagram live goes viral.
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    Published on 12 days ago


    1. bringerofallevil

      chris is right

    2. Rafael Torres

      Broussard "well it was on the Grammy show, so what's the difference?" Chris, Chris, Chris...ESPN doesn't host the Grammys and not everyone approves of the network showing porn on primetime tv.

    3. Turn Tavern

      Chris lost his mind on this one. He makes no sense. “Paul Pierce held to a standard no one else is held to”. No one else’s standard matters. The only standard that matters is the company you work for.

    4. e1337

      They wanted him gone he gave them a reason to fire him. Rob is right you gotta look the part the corporation that you're with.

    5. creighton goodwin

      Chris Broussard is more aligned with acknowledging the hypocrisy of society than Rob Parker is willing to admit. Period.

    6. Keiway_Mk5GTI

      Rob is old man pointing finger at cloud nowadays

    7. ben l

      So everybody allowing themselves to be on a chain after work... at the end of the day the wrong move was not wanting to be free when signing the dotted lines after you get the lawyer to read over it.

    8. hardin54

      Paul Pierce was trying to be COOL, and ended up being a FOOL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    9. CityNoPity7414

      Rob is an idiot smh

    10. Aimeer McCrary

      Chris just won't acknowledge the war on men. I feel him tho gotta stay in character

    11. Ryan Flynn

      The truth having a midlife crisis 😂

    12. Scott King

      Chris is right!

    13. Mo Money

      Like Smokey in the movie Friday, fired on his day off

    14. Orlando Williams

      Great point Chris Broussard

    15. Courtney Lane

      Why is anything important that goes on Instagram. He clearly gave no fucks lol

    16. CJ Johnson

      🤣That's for all the Lebron James hate! He thinks he is above accountability; but I guess he found out after he retired "you gotta grow up" but then talk about young players. And I'm tired of people trying to make excuses for bad behavior. Chris everyone needs to be held accountable unacceptable is unacceptable and just cuz the TV stations do it don't make it right two wrongs don't make it right you know that! Disappointed in your stance Rob is right.

    17. xxstract28

      Kids don’t watch any of the stuff that we say “kids are watching that”

    18. Wallee Norilus

      Rob snitched on Paul again there was another woman on the floor being freaky did you see her 😂 😂 😂

    19. Dan Franck

      Paul Pierce, NOBODY is judging you, we are all human being and we reacting on your video that you decided to make it public. You are not a regular person as me or anyone here commenting , you are a high profil person (Former NBA player) which require to conduct yourself in a positive way, dad of 3 kids, kids (Not only yours) look up to you, having positive impact in your community by giving back (Foundation...) , Jersey retirement at TD Garden, among the nine first-time finalists as HOF... now you want to damage your image with such STUPID video ? Lesson learned: If not the case, the NBA should have a Post Career Psychological Program (PCPP) for all former NBA players bcoz ALL OF THEM once retired have mental health problem

    20. Mark Lahargoue

      Musicians get away with it cause their employer is Satan. But wait a minute. Isn't Disney owned by Satan too? LOL

    21. ueno ocean

      Poor judgment You can’t do that if you’re famous

    22. doire aintu

      All the NBA wives are like so this what yall doing over at Paul's house for "poker night"

    23. Andre Gant

      This was a shitty piece of content. A really shitty piece of content.

    24. Klipz god

      He had a lot of ladies in the video twerking

    25. J K

      🤪. I HATE this life. HAIL SATAN.

    26. Cyril

      I just love it when these two fight 🤣🤣🤣

    27. Positively Liberal

      I'm glad that Paula Pierce got canned, he's a King James hater that does not belong on the airways !!!!!

    28. SporTacular Films -STF

      People clowning Pierce like it was his career or job job it was an after NBA gig. I think people care more about pierce being fired than Pierce does himself.

    29. Sports Fan

      Shouting at the end is crazy

    30. Lim Hong Yih

      So hard to listen to them talk with all the interruptions..

    31. Tyeksa!

      Boycott Disney and promote podcasters!

    32. PM

      Chris is right!

    33. hoiy vinosa

      Paul Pierce's estimated net-worth is $70M, he'll be fine.. judging by that video, he's doing great! 😁

    34. Kaylah Gore

      Chris has a horrible taken, reminds me of Brandon Marshall LOL

    35. moepalmer410

      Chris acting weird

    36. Bblack rain music

      Rab u a dummy

      1. Bblack rain music

        Rob is a fool talk a lot of💩

      2. hoiy vinosa

        43 years old? Come on dude, grow up

    37. gioyu comi

      🤫Broussard be asking the questions the right way. But Paul Pierce is a DISNEY employee. Soooo Robs right he works for Mickey Mouse

    38. J McMurrin

      ESPN fires Paul Pierce but Disney still objectifies little girls....SMH

    39. Ras Heed

      Watch all the videos... He literally said "f*ck ESPN, they gon' try to fire me...ion give a f*ck..." THATS why they fired him... The network will CLAIM its because he's a married man blasé blasé, but the real reason is beacuse he said "F*ck ESPN" at least twice 💪🏾

    40. Gioi Truong

      Chris is getting bad lately in every way Rob is 100 💯 right on this

      1. gioyu comi

        It's a gawd dam standard Chris. As a soldier, I was held accountable because much was expected from me.

    41. Courtney Wooley

      Damn Paul first you hate on lebron, then draymond dis you and now you got fired lol

    42. Joseph H

      3:49 Rob is right , protect the shield. Wrong profession to be flexin this way. Besides there are plenty of good athletes that can do this job better. He probably knew he was getting fired anyway. Seriously paul really wasnt that good as a sports analyst.

    43. Juan Garcia

      I agree with Chris!!

    44. Doron Bond

      Dang Rob took his phones off ...Chris got at him ...

    45. rxtsec1

      Fact is paul pierce wasn't good at his job and this was there reason to get rid of him. Had it been steven a they would have just suspended him


      Lebron Lames fired Pierce

    47. Anthony Santos

      Cmon Chris!! Paul should have just kept it to hisself.

    48. Loud Mouth Radio

      He should of been fired for them weak ass takes he be having 💯💯💯

    49. solar citi

      U right Chris

    50. hass videos


    51. robertk2007

      43 years old? Come on dude, grow up

    52. Wendelle G

      He sucked as an Analyst anyway

    53. Kenneth Mitchell

      Good.He is a HATER since he left the league.And that's not just cause I'm from Detroit either.Punk ass Celtic.Get high Paul

    54. Jamaal Horton

      I agree with Rob Parker wholeheartedly!! A 45 year old man still acting like he 22! ESPN should have fired Paul Pierce stupid ass!!!

    55. harold bottom

      It's a gawd dam standard Chris. As a soldier, I was held accountable because much was expected from me.

    56. harold bottom

      Playing Poker and was about to Poke Her...

    57. Leroy Booker

      ESPN we have a standard...... "Wednesday on First Take Snoop will be joining the guys."

    58. Gregory Robinson

      Excuse me your a professional your going to be held to a higher standard of behavior based on your profession

    59. Craig Reilly

      Chris is SO freakin’ out of touch. Get out from behind the mic every once in awhile, my guy. Ur argument is stupid.

    60. Tibon Richie Jr

      Nobody cares about yhu Paul pierce 😭😭😭. Who really care 😱🙈😱.

    61. Nathaniel Stepney

      ESPN showed Micheal SAMS kissing his male partner LIVE. I mean that’s in front of millions of ppl I guess Mickey Mouse allows that huh?

    62. mijuo roui

      they are obligated to pay you.

    63. Thabani Dube

      Rob institutionalised

    64. Thabani Dube

      Chris is right, Paul didn’t do anything wrong

    65. Donnell Payne

      Chris Broussard needs to go live on Instagram and do a Paul Pierce video. Let's see how long he keeps his job.

      1. mijuo roui

        Of course blame society. Society didn't put that video on IG. Paul Pierce did. Chris stop acting offended. You're fake.

    66. Marco Mateo

      Chris Broussard is just loud and makes no sense.

    67. Savon Bell

      Mfs be tripping over weed and some women

    68. Kayla

      Difference is espn lol espn ain’t promoting twerkin

    69. Drip LLC

      All Rob cares about is the woman twerking on the floor lol

    70. Howard Hill

      Chris Broussard, are you accusing ESPN of racism in the firing of Paul Pierce? I agree with Rob Parker on this.

    71. David Barnes

      It is hypocrisy

    72. dane dayne

      Derek Jeter was one of the smartest sportsmen in controlling his social life, people said when guest were invited over to his home all cell phones had to be put away. Pierce acted like he wanted to be fired.

    73. john pichon

      Paul P was just a trash analyst, LBJ hater, and always gave off a ‘I’m hungover I just woke up’ demeanor... ESPN was glad they finally had a non debatable legal reason to terminate his contract...

    74. FLEX Lug aka THA KING OF OHIO

      C.B 💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾 🎯🎯🎯

    75. D9DaProgrammer

      Paul Pierce is a clown... You're getting 1.5 million annually to talk about sports, we have people retiring right now that haven't made 1.5 million in a lifetime. Come on bro, you're getting paid money to talk about a GAME... I feel like this dude has been trying to get street cred his entire life..

    76. foopyu nooui

      🤫Broussard be asking the questions the right way. But Paul Pierce is a DISNEY employee. Soooo Robs right he works for Mickey Mouse

    77. Solomon E

      It's Just A Party. Wow

    78. Louis Trinh

      he works for mickey mouse lol

    79. Joseph Van Horn

      lol What is Rob smoking? His entire mug is ashy af and is he wearing a tall-T? Go warsh ya a*s, bro.

      1. foopyu nooui

        Chris Broussard... you are arguing a stupid position. Give me a break.

    80. Think aboutit

      Of course blame society. Society didn't put that video on IG. Paul Pierce did. Chris stop acting offended. You're fake.

    81. Troy Martin

      Chris you are totally wrong fire his dumb butt for posting something like that and being married

    82. Mike Lowery **

      Rob Parker is way off Code , shoutout to Chris

    83. Keith Larsuel

      Why chris languaging lmao 🤣 😂 💀 twerking 💀 lmao 🤣 😂 💀

    84. Mike Riley

      That is kind of dumb to film yourself doing that & its very shitty of ESPN to fire him over that.

    85. Kiko2010

      Jesus broussard is so off on this topic

    86. Torres Brown

      3:42 Rob, politicians are SUPPOSED to work for the people

    87. MacCheese Pooka

      Naked women get you in trouble ?...ain’t that all they do .

    88. BIGG Tim Leo

      I'm with Rob on this one. Get Paul Pierce the f*ck outta here. He should know better. In any case, he was a shitty analyst anyway.

    89. sannio komi

      All the NBA wives are like so this what yall doing over at Paul's house for "poker night"

    90. J.G W

      You have civil servants murdering unarmed people on video and keeping their job , pension or it’s long trial to prove they didn’t commit murder in front of the world. Mic Drop.....

    91. J.G W

      Paul pierce will start his own show no problem.

    92. Dylan Tolbert

      Chris has a point! But Paul still has to be smarter than that.

      1. sannio komi

        😅😅😅 I wonder if Paul pierce had a bunch of dude in there what they would of said sumn....🧐🤔😂😂😂

    93. Jay Carr

      You can look at General Hospital and see homosexual activity in plain site and here this guy gets fired for drinking a fuzzy navel and with a few chicks in bikini's around him, ESPN is way off-base in their thinking... FACTS!!!!

    94. Matrix Thompson

      Chris Broussard... you are arguing a stupid position. Give me a break.

    95. dueeh nyyu

      Matt Barnes, And stephen Jackson be smoking weed and still on ESPN

    96. Baby Boy


    97. Jesus On my mommy


    98. Cortez Allen Sr.

      Told Monica she can make her some money 💰🤑

      1. dueeh nyyu

        and wanna prevent other people that work for them from doing the same

    99. jonathan scott

      check out macandjsportschamps on USfilm

    100. CmBlove Sttolow End

      I like RP but to say Espn/Disney is protecting it's shield 🛡 gtfoh. All they care about is $$$.