I Bought an INSANE Attachment for My SKID LOADER!!! (Expensive)


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    It was finally time for me to buy this epic attachment for the skid loader! I hope you all enjoy!
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    1. Jaren Easter

      pool jet has a ten (12:20)

    2. Harry 123

      Where is the camel ??

    3. ethan mitchell

      You should breed Carol

    4. Emilio Gallegos

      Carlos is more likely scratching than something is wrong with him horses always do that

    5. Skeater

      my favoritr flair thing is when he says cmon alot the get the animals to come like at 8:15

    6. Landon Bell

      Carlos be scratching his itch

    7. Logan Clevenger

      Carlos is doing that because it how they itch there back

    8. gtpforever

      Today I noticed that it was recommending flare videos to me. Thought it was odd so I came in and look and it said I wasn't subscribed anymore. So USfilm unsubscribe to me

    9. matthew hale

      all horses roll

    10. Reid Holker

      is that pool jet girl friend


      12:23 who dat 👀

    12. Jeremy Marsh

      my brother gets exited about cool cars and I get exited about stuff like that like you flair

    13. Diamond and michael Frantz

      Wire some chicken wire over your gate and the birds shouldn't get out much after that

    14. Progamer 10191

      What happened to those animals you trapped for models like a deer head, they still making them or you haven’t showed them yet. (From last year).

    15. Andrew Anderson

      anyone remember when filepe and rick were in goat prison

    16. Ilikai Vea

      You should get a golf cart

    17. Declan Wittkowske

      flair: its a safe spot for deer also flair: if we see big buck we gonna get him

    18. BasicTingz

      carlos was doing that because his back was itchy , or bathing to get all the wet/bugs out

    19. Shawn Elgie

      Boy o boy it is hard to catch up on your videos during bow season flair. 😂

    20. erik saxerud

      Only really OG flair fans remember the castaway rod/6th sense hat days

    21. Houston Foster

      I love how flair names the horse Carlos and assumes he has to talk to him in Mexican

    22. Big Red56

      Flair get more serious about deer hunting next year. I don’t think you realize how primo your property is. It’s perfect

    23. largesammy

      I realise watching this that I’m just watching you mow a lawn 😂

    24. Z71Ranger

      I wish you would spend a little money on a better camera for making your videos... This just Sucks...

    25. Ben Metcalfe

      Horse just do that they like it there is nothing wrong


      Who else saw the weed plants at 3:23

    27. Logan Lofton

      I could of swore he had 3 sheep

    28. Ethan da Gamer

      Carlos is probably itching his back

    29. Remy Jackson

      When I play amoung is I put my name as beef cake

    30. Joe Steen

      I just watched a man mow his lawn for 20 minutes and it was great.

    31. Jeremy Haley

      Y’all stay tuned 😂

    32. eniacjr

      Call it the Mountain Castrator.

    33. ILFishing

      dude aka my fave youtuber can i have a shout out to #ILFishing please

    34. Ty Barringer

      Carlos is rolling to get the flys off her

    35. Camden Lambert

      Double stuff Oreos double deep fried with green apple glaze sprinkled with powdered sugar on a stick. Your Welcome Sincerely , Me

    36. abyler,s living

      Carlos is stretching his back

    37. SS Sec2nd

      Day 1 of asking Flair to let Pooljet and Banjo to move in...

    38. Matt Yako

      Carlos is rolling because he is happy at your farm and he has a itch it is one of the two I know this cause I have a yearling an a 19 year old horse at my house

    39. Jimmer Burbank

      U should destroy the shop by the animals then build a nicer one and then make that the animals barn to sleep in or chicken house also get more pigs I miss them

    40. fourwheeler morgan

      You need to put corn at the second spot you cleared out

    41. Dawson Poe

      Dont let carloes rolll he can colic or twist his stomach

    42. The Chummies

      whos the chick in the background

    43. Hawk Plays

      This video only needed to be 10 minutes, still enjoy the content the talking is just a lot

    44. Hawk Plays

      Too much talking

    45. John Ashe

      Since it’s almost winter, take the fish feeder and put it on a food plot with corn in it.

    46. J how you know

      Wait Lucy was mauling that chucking lmao 😂

    47. Tyler Simpson

      Anyone else saw ty gf

    48. Joshua Hurr

      Yo flair your cutting to much brush!!!! Also don’t put ground blinds down definitely put deer stands you can see a lot farther

    49. Todd88

      OMG Flair loading his ARK!

    50. Olajugoat

      Alt title: *Food Plots*

    51. Olajugoat

      The Deer's: *He's evolving*

    52. Joshua Teets

      SHEEW I watch you all the time with my 7 year old son who sheews around the house like crazy. Happy to watch you and the fam. (Lucy is my sons favorite he loves seeing her get some dux. Hope to get as shout out to my Son Zeppelin so he knows you care about his fans. He asks all the time if Flair would ever let him pet Dayle or Jerry if we could go where Flair lives. We love watching your channel and hope you can still see the people that have been watching you for years

    53. Matthew Taylor

      “Come on”

    54. Bryan Webb

      Carlos is either doing that because he's just going crazy, he either has an itch or he has dry skin. But I think he's too young to have dry skin yet usually animals can sometimes get it when they're older but not all animals will have it.

    55. Brady Wyrosdick

      15:35 pool jet gf🧐🤨😏

    56. Erik Stemberger

      12:23 who was that?? 🤨🧐

    57. Ryan Hay

      That blond haired women at 14:36 is that pool jetts women?!?!

    58. Hunter Leslie

      Hey the second spot u mowed you should have just mowed a strip threw it so u could catch deer walking through there.... they will also lay down in the brush

    59. Cameron Drummond

      What happened to Lucy’s nose

    60. Isaac Wegner

      I’ve been her since 300

    61. Shalee Hall

      he is rolling did you give him a bath if you did that is why

    62. Koltn Archibald

      He is scratching his back

    63. Tayla Ashlee

      What happened to catch and cook ??????????

    64. Mario Verrecchia

      What happened to hookin

    65. _Braven_

      Bro the second food plot looks like a juicy bedding area

    66. Peyton Dickerson

      Is the beefcake truck still camo

    67. Peyton Dickerson

      Is the beefcake truck still painted xano

    68. Jefferson Mcmahan

      Day 47 of telling flair to calab with Kendall gray

    69. PandaProper

      You should build an animal bridge over your road so they can move from one side to the other.

    70. Little Kilo

      He is doing that so flys not land on him

    71. Definitely_not_TY

      You should plant some apple trees deer love to eat the apples that fall

    72. iFNhU OSRS

      They thought they were going to a catch clean and cook. Fresh grass and a tree for llama sounded suspicious. Lol

    73. Alida Garcia

      Can you make kids march

    74. Tyler Reddick

      sometimes when a horse lays down or rolls like that it could mean they’re colicing which could result in death

    75. Jacob Troutman

      hey flair was that girl in the background at 12:24 is that pool jets girl friend?

    76. IKlapped

      ik im late but are we not gonna talk about the girl in the back👀🤔

    77. Dillion Koob

      Wait who’s Carlos and where’d it come from

    78. Jared Smith

      Shoulda got the mulcher and your gonna have a hell of a time once one of the blades starts to hang in between the metal flanges

    79. Liza Bennett

      what happened to social distancing flair

    80. Jennifer Pillay

      Make banjo have a boxing match with Jerry

    81. Zachary Nelbach

      Waiting for my birthday to buy the merch if it is out for that long

    82. John Obrian

      Hey flair I haven't watched ur vids in awhile I'm srry flair love u bud

    83. Jonas Allison

      Dude imagine if you built a hunting spot/ shooting range in the area where it’s like dried up water🤯🤯🤯

    84. Zachary Lafoon

      Can we see the donkey and horse plz

    85. Austin Crawford

      They use to say ever time a horse rolls is 50 bucks it’s worth so if it rolls twice you got a hundred dollar horse

    86. Bryan ross

      why is he with pooljet if he has covid

    87. William Schultz

      big bucks like using those smaller trails away from the doe and small buck trails

    88. nath6062 nath6062

      Carole was like a freaking lawn mower in that time lapse

    89. caelan brown

      Animal path- flair 2020 😂

    90. Ben Blum

      Flair: Random girl in the backround

    91. Fortnitegod 137

      Bees take a while to make honey

    92. Dawson Boys

      He is such a dad

    93. Corbin McCracken

      In the winter you should plant tons of rye grass that’s like the only grass that will grow in the winter

    94. Football And Gaming

      You need to pick up the horse poop because it makes the ground sour if you don’t.Thats what my Nan told me because she has horses 🐴

    95. Selena Warren

      Oh my gosh Carlos is so cute I just want to squeeze them shoes 🙂🙂

    96. Cole Nicholson

      Day one of asking Flair to come visit my goat farm in iowa🐐🐐🐐🐐

    97. cmaraza8

      New donkey name idea: Chevy Chase. Carlos and Chevy Chase

    98. Conner Oetting

      Flair: I did leave a couple trees 1 2 3. Also flair: proceeds to cut them down

    99. Conner Oetting

      I agree with flair when he says he gets excited about getting things besides fancy watches and sports cars

    100. Christopher Mendoza

      Add a soccer field :)