G-Eazy, Tyler Grey - Mary Jane (feat. Halsey) [Official Lyric Video] Prod. by DJ Cause

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    G-Eazy, Tyler Grey - Mary Jane (feat. Halsey) [Official Lyric Video] Prod. by DJ Cause
    A friend of ours showed us a remix of the song Gasoline by Halsey. It's called "K.A.A.N. - Mary Jane (Prod. Sgull)". We liked the song, but unfortunately the quality was miserable and we didn't like some parts. That's why we produced our own remix of Mary Jane, including Tyler Grey's and G-Eazy's vocals. Because Tyler's a big fan of Post Malone the lyrics of his part are from "Post Malone - Paranoid". The original song of G-Eazy is "Say Less". We would love to make an official track with them one day! 🙌
    Thanks for your support, we really appreciate it! You. are. AWESOME! 🔥❤️
    Model name + IG:
    Anna: gaman.ann
    Produced by DJ Cause

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