*$1,000,000 IN POKEMON CARDS!* My Top 10 Rarest Items


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    Published on 2 months ago


    1. Leonhart

      *What's your favorite item from the collection?*

      1. Cipher Zero


      2. Nancy Becker

        BTW, love your channel. I'm middle aged and just got into Pokemon since I used to be an illustrator, and your channel is the best :) -James (not Nancy)

      3. Nancy Becker

        That 60th birthday one! One of my friends was the illustrator. I took a screenshot of it and sent it to him on Facebook (yes, I'm old). I remember him talking about being picked to do the illustration, he works at Pokemon up here by Seattle. I've met the president of North America Pokemon and his family, who was very nice, but I haven't had the pleasure of meeting Ishihara Sama. Could you imagine getting it signed by Mike and Ishihara?!

      4. tumblin

        Ishiara (?) GX

      5. Based Cooch

        The illustrator card

    2. Danniel Thul


    3. David Lo

      What i'd give to get back the pokemon collection I had 25 years ago that my dad had burned because of my obsession. I could've used it as startup money for my restaurant ....sadage

    4. Lookup

      THIS is a toy story!

    5. Pristine Cardboard

      “For sale in Japan Only” “Oops that didn’t happen” 🤣

    6. Abiel Cantu

      Just give me a box 😂

    7. amp vaile

      How did you get cases and cases of this stuff?

    8. Jabari Guntle-Orozco

      if anyone were to find where these cards are located or boxed HOLY money pit because i bet this doesn’t even scratch the surface of his collection. At least a million worth of pokémon stuff and certainly more

    9. Gibby

      this dude can go bankrupt and it wouldn't matter

    10. Justin Lauren

      A Pocket Monster box opening would be amazing.

    11. Dant4lion

      Gimme 1 pack pls wanna open xD

    12. HyperBolt_YT :D

      That was entertaining

    13. Arsino Meteor

      Even Number 10 is more than I earn in a whole year lmao

    14. Daniel Lu

      I have two of those Chinese version boxes somewhere in my garage...didn’t know it worth so much now

    15. SP00KS

      I’m not hard tho u weirdo

    16. Laws of Nature

      The gooffiest grown man since Blues Clues

    17. Cain Roberts

      That charizard at number 6 is shadowless, why didn’t he say that??

    18. Hamilton Arraou

      The tremendous bracket transmurally unite because plough beverly complete except a overjoyed flock. nondescript, itchy withdrawal

    19. Erick Kingz

      bruh i had so many pokemon boxes that looked like that not opened but through them away maybe they were rare i guess ill never know lol

    20. Max Weinreich

      Leonhart: “these are kept in a secure location!!” Leonhart inside: please don’t come and rob me

    21. Dueling Fatties Gaming

      I hate how graded cards carry so much value for no reason.

    22. Ula doe dabaaka

      Do you have Niue Pokémon coins(legal tender)?

    23. Rolando Julio de Leon

      This man is rich rich

    24. Andrew Birch

      So cool you have an Ishikara card 👍🏻👍🏻 not a collector but cool to see given the backstory of the card. Is there any other super rare cards you’re trying to buy?

    25. Cj White

      Im wondering how the unopened box sets were purchased. Like did the store not open them and were bought ahead of time ?

    26. Ken

      Stop selling your collection. Someone need to preserve these boxes...

    27. Robert French

      Love it. Nostalgic. Amazing. Gah, what a creator, Pokémon so simple yet so ingenious.

    28. Connor 1v1?

      When they say how did you become a millionaire Everyone: oil, finance etc.. Leonhart: oh ye I collect Pokémon cards

    29. Sr Yuyi

      Alguien que hable español??? xD

    30. unknown content

      What a fucking flex damn 🔥

    31. TMP phantom

      Like The video

    32. Daniel Zertuche

      I will never get it, whats the point in having 1 million dollars worth of pokemon cards if u cant actually use the money, u just have them hidden on a freaking storage and u will never actually use the money in your entire life, you will die with 1 million worth of pokemon cards you never used

    33. Nathaniel wowchuk

      Its actually funny that collectables guru didn't even try and look at your channel

    34. Silas James

      This is crazy

    35. Everything Emma

      Imagine making a entire laser safe room just to keep a bunch of Pokémon cards This is my dream thank you for listening

    36. Alfie Blyton

      who just started watching leonhart's video's and cant stop watching them now? cause i am

    37. fyexbape !

      i dont know anything about pokemon but i was at tthe dollar store and we decided to buy pokemon cards i pulled a rainbow rillaboom vmax i was wondering if u guys could tell me if it is rare at all plzz and thank you

      1. Skyler Stanforth

        I mean it’s a $20 card by itself but i would put it in a sleeve and hold onto it cause those cards gain value exponentially the older they are. I have a shining mew foil that’s only worth $40-50 but i’m keeping a hold of it so one day it might be super rare.

    38. Omeganite

      What the what

    39. Angel Garcia

      Amazing collection not only that but the love you have for the cards 👍

    40. Doss

      Isn't it bizarre how lots of us can remember most of these boxes/cards that go for thousands today? I find it crazy in elementary school we we're carrying around car payments. If only we had known...

      1. Jimmmy

        @Rated Strix i mean you forget there's a new generation growing up with pokemon the same way we did that will want nostalgia in 20 yrs too

      2. Rated Strix

        That’s the catch-22 though.. if we all knew and held onto this stuff, it would be worth a fraction of what we’re seeing today 😆 That’s why modern sets will never see the same value; everyone’s now anticipating the same boom in 20 years time and stocking up.. 😂

    41. Will B

      they are in his safety deposit

    42. DrJedispartan

      damn leonhart a millionare

    43. Hyrule Master Chef

      Whhhhaaaat up hartsquad

    44. Yosh49

      we all know theyre at his house lol

    45. Alexander

      What is PSA 9 and 10 ? And how do you find out what PSA on your cards ?

    46. Cipher Zero

      I had to pick my jaw up from off the floor several times watching this video. Omg. I don't know the words to express how amazing your collection is. I wouldn't believe it if I didn't see it. I'm glad you keep that treasure in a secure location. It's not even mine and I was worried about its well being lol. 🤘✌🤙

    47. Matt hew

      Why would a box meant to be for sale in Japan only sat that on the box in English

    48. jarzadon05

      The coordinated sharon unprecedentedly screw because sphynx temporarily drip absent a handy newsprint. strong, striped armadillo

    49. x_R3TI_MAN_x

      Today years old when I found out Pokemon is short for Pocket monsters 🥴

    50. Ed Jessie

      My boy said he bought that box for 80k. Bro what you do work?!

      1. Ed Jessie

        @Adatikz are you dumb? Dude is a voice actor and has done work for One Piece. Clearly gets paid decent money #clownof2021

      2. Adatikz

        Are you dumb? You can clearly see that he trade a lot of pokemon 🤣

    51. BigDick. Donny

      As a kid my family was really poor so i couldnt afford pokeman codes and one day i went to the park in my apartment complex and found a note book with over a 1000 cards im sure some kid was really sad but i was the happiest kid in the world lol this was back in 1999 i was 6

    52. Hayden Bristow

      Prices are high, but are people actually buying them at those prices or is it all just hype?

    53. G. Waits4Gainz

      list of top 10 things id blow money on if i ever win the grade jackpot of a lottery LOL~

    54. G. Waits4Gainz

      truley a breath taking collection and a good small trip down memory lane. always wish my 6yo self woulda had the allowence change and the weird colelction addiction to have some true gems stored up but someday i might drop the 300+$ or w/e for the minimums ot just get my 20 favorite of all time cards in my colelction graded and cased just to always remember how long and far its been lol. cheers

    55. Jesus Christ

      I went into the attic and got my collection out after reading something in the news awhile back and seeing your video today. I feel like I've won the lotto.

    56. Jesus Christ

      Those skyridge boxes really are beautiful. I never did fancy the e series cards as a kid. Now .... Now I want them all lol

    57. KingAce4Life

      Sell them right now and live a life of glory!

    58. Lokemms Lokemms

      totally no idea where u pluck the imaginary figures from.

    59. Ken H

      Booshter Box

    60. sorrenT



      Secure location = Mums house

    62. Clark Kent

      This guy talks like guy sensei

      1. Brighton Foster

        this is the most underrated comment i’ve ever seen

    63. sobr3s PK


    64. English Dean

      there is still thousands of WOTC stuff out there still, i come across alot of it even to this day still.

    65. Andrew Smith

      So if I found that number 1 box for sale for 8 grand and it is a sealed first edition shadowless pokemon base set booster box i should buy it?....

    66. MrDankec

      This all is trash,only in your head is treasure

    67. Brandon Gilbeck

      He moves his head too much

    68. De G

      in europe we laugh with this balony .....worth nothing

    69. Baek Eunji

      Didn’t he say it was cards not packages?

    70. Jonathan Bohn

      You need to sell all of these items immediately!

    71. freddayy woppinger

      I do enjoy this channel and your enthusiasm that goes with it but what you mastered is dragging out these videos as much as possible. My only complaint is that you shorten the videos a little bit

    72. Trevor Marquardt

      Couldn’t you manipulate the market by never opening any of the boxes? That would make the charizards much more valuable!

    73. Josh

      Could you imagine your house catching on fire and you lose everything. Like damn imagine losing some of the rarest things in the world

      1. William Franklin

        he said like a million times this shit isnt stored at his house

      2. Josh

        @270Ptown and probably insured too

      3. 270Ptown

        Anything appraised as high as some of those items will likely be kept in a climate controlled fireproof safe..

    74. Patrik Erdosy

      Why are using everybody this glass cases? It does have any special meaning? Thx for answer

    75. Mike Raad

      The adamant sweatshirt preliminarily fail because hen osmotically communicate among a rainy branch. coordinated, bright work

    76. ItsJay2007

      No offense it just sounds like he’s talking in slo-mo

    77. Ricardo Silva

      lmao I feel dumb in 2020.. I've used to have nearly all these cards in my deck 🤣🤣 I've lost them all when I moved house in 2008. What a shame.

      1. Sniiggz

        Sure bro


      Sold my Pokémon collection today. Would love to have kept it but my Daughter needed formula...no brainer

    79. Matt Rogers


    80. Based Cooch

      You can tell hes low key upset he doesnt have the illustrator card lmao

    81. CROD

      Leon: it’s crazy cause this is very very hard to find....... I have 8 of them

    82. Anonymous Wombat

      I can’t believe we are all grown up and now looking at making money off our childhood show. I remember ask my parents if I could get a pokemon card pack each weekend we went to the store and now I have cards worth over $5,000 each lol

    83. Jacob Breaux

      I love your videos man! Because of you I started collecting Pokémon cards again

    84. Pollock Palooza

      Offered over 6 figures for a piece of paper... how could you pass up on that kind of money? Not everyone sees that everyday

    85. Chicken Mc Nugget

      Dont worry guys in the end of the day this man has nothing but cardboard paper cards if you put no value on it

    86. Christian Blake

      when you’re looking for a gift for this man you only have one card to top his collection: the pikachu illustrator card

    87. Carlos Cruz


    88. Aruna Koti

      i am actually hated by my friends so if i get pokemon cards i can do something in my house

    89. Aruna Koti

      please give away some boxes

    90. Jason Montes

      This is fire!

    91. Tristyn Orien

      This guy exhibits a lot of behavior that indicates he does cocaine before filming lol

    92. OfAll HmooB

      thought China is FAKE CARD :) Miss my childhood days used to own them base set card 1st ED and toss it around like nothing.. Kids day fun day

    93. hbizzie13

      Are you going to pass them down to your kids

    94. Simon Cao

      Imagine robbing this guy

      1. dublessings

        Hmm all.he has is a bunch of stupid cards with weird figures , let get out before we get busted

    95. Jukashi-sama

      Secure location : A box at his moms house.

      1. J H

        Thats where mine are 🤣🤣🤣

      2. dat girl

        Now I know which house to burn

    96. xKiLLzZx1

      So my question is: Can you get reach with Pokemon or do you have to be rich to get Pokemon...

    97. Baroed

      Maybe he is keeping his expensive pokemon collection at area 51

    98. Trev . Lowlife

      My man is set for life

    99. evilscotsman88

      Can't believe the amount of money that got binned by myself and my generation. We were the first gen of kids to collect these. Later in life alot of collections got thrown out. Thousands of $$$ sitting in a land fil somewhere.

    100. LuigiPokemon

      Such a hype video!! LETS GO HARTSQUAD!