Project Hazel | World's Smartest Mask


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    Introducing Project Hazel, the world's smartest mask. Designed to provide a safe, social, sustainable, comfortable, and personalized experience, this mask ensures the highest degree of safety with the best quality of life enhancements. Face the new normal with protection that’s far from average:
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    Published on 13 days ago


    1. Eternal Gaming

      I don't even care im getting it

    2. Hellbound76xx

      sorry could you say that again, the music was a little too loud

    3. MumbaDumba

      Thx razer for giving masks to my country

    4. A B

      It's not April yet 💁

    5. A person Playz


    6. RocketRac223

      “Hey do you wanna hang out?” “I can’t right now, my mask is charging”

    7. David Leilich

      breathing in 240 fps

    8. Clixter

      Wait it isn’t April yet right?

    9. sisswoo

      nice now i can breath at 60fps

    10. nlmaster

      But does it work with glasses?

    11. SirrBaconn21

      Nobody Razer: only 399$

    12. Abdullah Özkan

      Amerika bak yoluna kardeşim hadi bunların içinde çip var inanmayın (!)

    13. FaceLessBoi

      The real question is... Do the mask connect to Razer Synapse MASK WITH RGB

    14. Templar -32

      Worlds most expensive thing yur gonna buy

    15. Vukadin MC

      I’d love this!

    16. Kyzerii

      RGB mask = +69 fps

    17. Sepster

      Whats the point of advertising a concept mask i will never get that

    18. Simply Alex

      Only 150k a month for a year

    19. Dr.PePPerZ

      Watch it be 200 dollars

    20. JKFtolys

      They should turn this into a wireless mic or something

    21. RoastedSushi

      Yay I can breathe at high refresh rate around 144 Breaths Per Second

    22. N1KL8S KR

      Does this mask increase gaming performance?

    23. N1KL8S KR

      RGB for that extra protection

    24. Myboyz Mkhize

      Nobody: People in 2021: “Damn, forgot to charge my mask”

    25. Ouchy

      +1000 fps because rgb

    26. nazhan hilmi

      Do i need charger for this?

    27. Kyzerii

      feels like a typical razer april fools joke product

    28. Mateo Jakešević

      imagine nzxt made one, we would all die cos of bad airflow

    29. Aqila Kafi

      Harry Osborn: I've seen this one, but where?

    30. XxRedstone43

      *I got virus* Razer: Antivirus sold separately

    31. Ollie123

      Omg it wasn’t a joke

    32. Killertron Mobile

      After the mask was bought Corona virus disappears

    33. Psycho だ

      Mask in 240FPS

    34. Alexandre Brunet

      I can't figure out if this is meant to be a joke or if they are genuinely making an RGB mask with amplifiers lmao

    35. JuggerMan

      RGB mask? Yes baby Most Expensive mask? Yes why not Mask With Internet? Yes Yes!!! Gaming face mask? Yes Yes Yes Yes!!!! YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    36. Mr. D

      man seeing this were closer to the future

    37. Distorted

      BREAKING NEWS:Viper cosplayer percentage goes up by a 100%

    38. An Idiot

      I’ll barely use it but I do want it

    39. mxts

      Next: RGB Dildo

    40. mxts

      Breathing with 240 FPS

    41. duanereileyy

      Thanks Razer! Now I can breathe at 1000 fps

    42. Fishy-Is-Salty

      who needs this

    43. EnmA Gaming

      Then the price is 300usd. Hahaha

    44. L

      Gamer mask

    45. THE VOCAL

      wait is it april 1

    46. clarify

      Gaming mask, I got nothing else to say

    47. Muhammad Ali syed

      When will a gaming mask come and an imask

    48. Zeus

      Let’s hope that’s real! I want it!

    49. DM TV Game Tester

      The Problem is in Austria it’s not allowed to wear Maskes that aren’t FFP2 😂

    50. Izuku Midoriboi429

      Bitch Imma breath in 8k ultra hd

    51. El Bashar

      You're asking to get bullied if you show up with this.

    52. Master MC G

      Ok I’m getting this just so I can go to my friends and say that I got the mask

    53. lordasg

      Finish mcfly elite first

    54. Rεαρεη

      I don’t even know why I checked if it was April Fools. 😂

    55. Mythical

      It looks good but the price...

    56. Mythical

      I want one. I dont usually go outside i just fond it quite neat

    57. Error

      okay but why is it transparent, gonna look kinda weird when someone's talking to you

    58. Tabz

      I can now breath in 200fps

    59. kaushik ponnanna

      240 fps??

    60. Sensei Rice

      They actually made a 60FPS Gaming mask so we can breathe.

    61. Puttzzy

      This video about an electronic mask. Me: but why

    62. Banana Obama

      Karens need this mask

    63. C. I .A

      Pc gamers and twitch streamers and tokyo ghoul fans: yes will take it but we don't go outside.


      Shit! Normal masks help me a lot by hiding my lips and expressions.

    65. storm

      By t he time they finish the pandemic will be over 😂 😆

    66. Zedesys Control

      I got razers mouse

    67. Jovan Vicovac

      now i can protect myself in 200fps

    68. The Pro

      it isn't April fools yet razer.

    69. Little Kid

      I hope I would get high DPI with that mask

    70. Zero

      Little timmy: but razor gamers dint go outside

    71. Hammy

      Razer it isnt april fools yet

    72. Apollo Toxic

      When does it come out?

    73. AdamIsTheNameツ

      i finna get da drip wit da bois and we boutta go out wit da hazol mask

    74. TkVeergessen

      it look amazing

    75. Infinity Martian

      The price is gonna be at least 1k

    76. DuB GRiME

      I can now breathe in 1080p 4k HD

    77. N Jeffrey

      I can’t tell where the “smart” part is?

      1. Error

        i guess wearing it is smart

    78. Specter

      Gamer mask pog

    79. Kai Kinder

      So, it's gonna be a £150 mask in a time where masks are borderline required? Would not even be surprised.

    80. Brandon E.

      We live in an 80s dystopian movie

    81. Flame Diamond

      Hope it doesn’t break my ears off lol

    82. VGAMER. EXE

      Razer makes a mask when the pandemic is almost over

    83. EHSAANXSAAN 721


    84. EHSAANXSAAN 721

      I LIKE IT


      It not even April 1st yet

    86. Tenshi

      It’s not April 1st yet wtf

    87. CT - 9008

      Great music, I could almost hear him talk

    88. legion

      but does it filter burrito farts 🤔

    89. Sindgami

      I need more RGB

    90. Memento Mori

      Aight, so how much you want for it?

    91. Vajoxx

      Maybe to late

    92. Saud Rauf

      a mask with RGB? nice i can finally go out side again is it real tho?prob not

    93. Skemaposse Gmail


    94. Luis Trevino


    95. 3NERGY_MIDAS

      Cant wait to breathe at 240 fps

    96. An Average Adolescent

      Pfft who cares IT GOT RGB

    97. shock x

      Now you can breathe on 4k with 300 fps

    98. Timochat


    99. Sweet BunnyPlayz

      Science be like First Was rgb mouse then rgb keyboard then rgb mouse pad and now rgb mask Me: Wth science has gone too far after thirty years rgb Earth 😀

    100. Peter Haring

      How much is the damn thing ? It better not be as expensive as a damn PC