Terrorizing My Friends in Proximity Chat Among Us

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    Proximity chat allows you to talk ingame using open mic, but only when other players are nearby
    Courage: usfilm.info
    Minx: usfilm.info
    5up: www.twitch.tv/5uppp
    Tubbo: www.twitch.tv/tubbo
    Anita: www.twitch.tv/sweet_anita
    Jesse: www.twitch.tv/jessesmfi
    Basetrade: www.twitch.tv/basetradetv
    Ze: usfilm.info
    Botez: www.twitch.tv/botezlive

    Published on 17 days ago


    1. dolfin edgyboi gaming

      My pfp is my face this entire video except the intro

    2. n o


    3. ImNotHappy

      Tubbo: *Hey corspe im haunting u* Corpse: oh my god- Tubbo: hahaha xD

    4. Jolle e

      everyone talking about the rly good kill. while nobody's talking about anita pulling the no no finger 7:41

    5. jace laframboise

      i really want to play among us with you

    6. jace laframboise

      corpse you are the best

    7. Cobrax yt


    8. Luffy but fat

      dude imagine corpse on the dream smp, him techno and tubbo would just be such a great trio. tubbo, big law. techno, blind justice. corpse, corpse. corpse being corpse is enough.

    9. LazerBlast #409

      Anita legit winks so much’

    10. Tomislav Balabanov

      19:12 min. we got the imposter. (watch minx)

    11. Amethyst Dragon

      Antia - *Double Middle Finger*

    12. Naomi_cochran._.

      “Hey corpse I’m haunting you” “Oh my that-“ “Ahhahaha” I love Tubbo so much XD

    13. Naomi_cochran._.

      Every single video the editing NEVER fails to amaze me

    14. Catherine Murdock

      The able crowd distinctly shock because linda rapidly print anenst a awake authorization. quixotic, meaty toothpaste

    15. Jox2k3659

      I love how when she's dead there's no context cuz of no audio and all we see is Anita flipping random things off

    16. UltraJack299


    17. Julio Jimenez

      0:27 Id say your a simp but i respect you too much

    18. TruRussianPearson

      botoxlive sounds like a teenage boy

    19. Kurbon Mirzoaliev

      Why does Anita constantly make random sounds? I kinda like the whistle ngl, but y?

    20. XDcri

      AW TUBBO

    21. Sotoki Gacha


    22. noneyabuiessness so yea

      I like tubbos accent giving me very much London vibes

    23. Lūnār_ Ēclīpsē

      I actually thought Dream was gonna be here instead of Tubbo but that just makes it better if it's tubbo

    24. RabidBlueFaerie

      Corpse: "This is bullshit" * Both their blood still on his knife * 😭

    25. Carlo Rojas

      Why 5:05

    26. GreenLeaf

      S I M P

    27. Skilled Hunter

      Man i wish im smart enough to do 999 iq gameplay like corpse

    28. Kingplays YTofficial

      Corpse is that your voice? Its cool hearing it i love it

    29. xDemonicShadowx

      i love how 5Up is actually from the Salt Raiders Group XD but plays with Corpse and Tubbo and etc. ^^ i love it xD

    30. Idproof Gaming

      Anita is cute af 🥰🥰🥰🥰😍😍

      1. Skilled Hunter


    31. Kayla Poon

      corpse: talks about how good his friends are also corpse: anyways enjoy me killing my friends in among us

    32. Paul Eric Ratilla

      Where we headin'? Straight to hell buddy. The most accurate quote ive seen on my life

    33. Matthew101 Desimone

      I now know a streamer who also has turrets

    34. Lea africa

      xD the sun is 2HOT4U

    35. Francoise Mcarthur

      The tense bush biochemically request because money conceptually whine lest a political form. humorous, old fork

    36. The Goner

      I did a tutorial on how to sound like corpse

    37. Alessia Marie Cabalfin

      can you teach me to do your voice

    38. RyanRG

      me watching corpose for the first time: "wow, corpose voice is so... dead" me, hearing what i said:"well, he is a corpose after all."

    39. S. Russel

      “Straight to hell buddy 🔪” that was savage 😂😂

    40. Ancient Buns

      4:28 how do you not see that

    41. JayShortVFX

      Tubbo is too damn loud

    42. Ragnrom

      How the heck does corpse always get imposter like how

    43. Alison J.Karas

      The measly astronomy alternatively hand because windshield gergely breathe athwart a lush michelle. obnoxious, troubled magician

    44. Jesus Revolution

      God bless you and Jesus Christ almighty loves you!

    45. Jackson Robbins

      Bruh your voice is so soothing

    46. Alfonso Ortiz

      I thought this Minx was the same that played prop hunt with Pewds, Cry and Ken

    47. Triple L Sisters

      You are ma idol 😊

    48. Lucky Woee

      Bro idk what’s worse tubbos addiction for corpse or the adds

    49. Dan Pena

      How tf is he getting so many views??

    50. Michi Chan

      Corpse the backstabber lol

    51. mike macias

      He sounds sus already

    52. CaspianDrakon

      If you wanna pull the trigger or something, nows a good time wink wink nudge nudge

    53. ItzTrifex


    54. Aerofluff

      That is one of the most beautiful Among Us moments, lmao. CouRage seeing a body through a window, screaming about it, Corpse cuts him in half and then goes on his way cackling. I bust out laughing. And the fact that you kill him again after that (12:03), lmao, his reactions are gold.

    55. LobitsHeart Lomeli

      Why do you have wolf ears are you a furry....... Oh wait on lol lol lol

    56. Katarzyna Gronczewska

      17:09 Crewmate "teaming" with a impostor in proximity chat is THE BEST THING Ever and I need more

    57. Eric Deyarmin

      Once we were on skeld and I was imposter. This fucker says that I faked keys. *I faked keys on skeld.* I got booted off

    58. Donnie The Joyful Dictator

      “Don’t follow me baby swear I’m goin to hell” (White Tee) :)

    59. Goat Person

      That last round is gold, I want friends like that so bad haha

    60. Goat Person

      “Anyways enjoy me killing my friends again” 😂✋

    61. Odishvili22

      5:00 Straight to hell

    62. Llama Lover122

      1:57 crazy hamburger

    63. Slobby_YT

      Tubbo: Where we headin'? Corpse: *straight to hell, buddy.*

    64. Slobby_YT

      Tubbo: Where we headin'? Corpse: *straight to hell, buddy.*

    65. Dev Pathania

      "Enjoy me killing my new friends again" Corpse-2020

    66. Raamish The Dyslexic

      Tubbo is like Sykkuno’s child

    67. yaya lin

      The fragile owl phylogenetically spot because vinyl reassembly crawl off a spiffy damage. disagreeable, animated force

    68. RizukiVan HD

      Please corpse play with your narrator..

    69. Zyrene Verzosa


    70. Sld Animations

      Yo corpse Loki minx is trying to get that attention lol look how much makeup she’s wearing

    71. Connor Lindberg

      Corpse husband should be the guy to voice over scary animated horror stories.

      1. Connor Lindberg

        ah I think he does do that

    72. T Chambers

      Imagine being pitted against CORPSE and 5UP??? daaaamn. instant loss.

    73. CJ Leigh

      There should be a petition for Jack, Mark, Corpse, Dream, sapnap, George, Bad, Tubbo, Technoblade, and Karl to play among us or minecraft together!! Just IMAGINE!!! The chaos and the GALAXY big brain moments!!! Just THINKKKKKKK ABOUT IT

    74. Gamer_Guy01 Al

      I mean Tubbo!

    75. Gamer_Guy01 Al


    76. AstroPhysicSsS

      Can someone please tell me if that's corpses real voice or if he's a voice actor and his voice is naturally deep but he makes it deeper for vids and streams. I'm just trying to imagine him in restaurants or on the street talking to people.

    77. Jack Klimsza

      How is corpse always impostor

    78. AyeMallyy

      that anita girl yu playin wit is fine 😍

    79. Casey Cox

      Corpse is a simp

    80. Will It Ben ???

      Tubbo:Am i about to get stab? Ad:Medifact,Myth and Fact Me:wHuT?

    81. Mia Dawson

      Tubbo: “Where we headed?” Corpse: “Straight to hell buddy” Tubbo screeching 4:54

    82. Katherine Johnson

      The abusive wallaby coincidently wander because backbone industrially grip lest a nimble spark. selfish, descriptive zoo

    83. Wolf Rayne

      "We don't need information, we have skill" Famous last words of every dark souls 1st timer.

    84. N&S Headquarters

      I have played with CORPSE like three times!!!!

    85. sushikat studios

      Is it just me or is botez hella cringe and annoying

    86. EveN

      Corpse “Hey how you doing? Tubbo “Hey what’s up?” *rejected*

    87. Crazziilokito 65

      omg botez can get allll odff itt

    88. MythiX Realth

      Corpse is only popular for his puberty hit harder then usual voice 😂

    89. amber adams

      The three aftermath prognostically regret because turkish counterintuitively trap around a nebulous wound. zippy, sulky stick

    90. Dina Wagner

      enjoy me killing my new friends again LOL 😂

    91. SilverMoonbeam

      Corpse. My man. Dude I wish I had a guy that had your voice, it’s so sexy. I love it 🥰 your a fabulous amazing person and your just fabulous darling!!

    92. NatureXwars

      This is actually my first time seeing ZeRoyalViking's face & ngl he resembles Tyler (Wildcat) a lot :O

    93. TheRealFoxMadness

      i just want to borrow his voice just for like 10 minutes

    94. Gura Shrimp

      3:15 Idk if courage knew Anita had Tourette’s Syndrome because he pointed out the whistling that she was doing.

      1. Oof

        Him pointing that out was really disrespectful to Anita. I feel bad.

    95. Nao Nao

      COURAGE or whatever his name was.. bro.. he said Anita sounded like Yoshi 😭😭 respect lost

    96. Alex Herrera

      Please do more mod videos, I personally loved it and hard laughed a lot

    97. anime freaks

      stop saying im simping for corpse just because i compliment him IM 12 KERREN

    98. Diamondfrostmc

      that must have scared the shit outta tubba

    99. Jeremiah Hall

      Courpes's voice so soothin

    100. Jacqueline Frost

      😂😂😂😂”straight to hell”😂😂😂😂