BTS Sings 'Santa Claus Is Comin' To Town' - The Disney Holiday Singalong


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    BTS sings the holiday classic 'Santa Claus Is Comin' To Town' during 'The Disney Holiday Singalong.' Watch the full special streaming now on ABC and Hulu.

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    1. Heal

      Love yourself Relay2520

    2. Heherson Villanueva

      i like the voice jimin and jk

    3. Peace Love

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    4. LoveLove

      Love yourself Relay2512

    5. Konstantina Vasileaidou

      Who misses yoongi💜

    6. jimin chimin

      vmin's vocalssssssssss

    7. jimin chimin

      minimoni and vhope's voice together sounds so good !!

    8. We

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    9. Heal

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    10. Yesenia Gonzalez

      I love v

    11. Together

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      The Handsome Boy band ❤

    13. Rhea Janela

      All of them are great but RM has a Perfect voice as Santa

    14. Peace

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    15. alice sparkles robloxian

      Where are suga I will never forget my bias

    16. Us

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    17. Ebaline Marak

      Jimin is cute

    18. Agus Hidayat

      JiN💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓😗😗😍👰👪 ma uga

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    20. Together

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    22. ꧁Gᴀᴄʜᴀ Nᴏᴠᴀ_.꧂

      𝖾𝗒𝗐𝗐 🤢

    23. 노은Noeun

      내가 태어나서 이렇게 노래잘부르는 사람들은 처음이랑께 ㅋㅋ

    24. Alysa McKinney

      THE GROWL 💞😍

    25. Love

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    26. 한아미

      와 정국 졸라 예쁘고 귀엽고 멋지네


      GUYS. We thought Namjoon was president, but he was actually Santa this whole time... smh

    28. Rigo Lopez


    29. soup


    30. Tony Celaya

      Good job bts

    31. Tony Celaya

      Good job bye

    32. عاشق الوطن عاشق الووطن

      God's God's Gihoub on Art

    33. Seoul

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    34. Loveis

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    35. Us

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    36. You and Me

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    37. Milk Tea

      Taehyung's voice is deep

    38. Heal

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    39. Peace Love

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    40. Connect

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    41. Us

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    44. Alejandra Marquina

      Me when my cousin watches this:what the Me when I watch:*my day is cured*

    45. Heal

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    46. Together

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    47. Peace

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    54. adam&zero TV

      BTS❤ Hi, I'm한국가수 Zero. Listen to my song 'Naroco' Thank you and stay safe!

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    56. Peace and Peace

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    57. We

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    58. &仙染.仙雅想涨粉&

      where is suga ?

    59. Heal

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    60. TAEHNAAZ

      Santa Claus is coming to town

    61. 라윤


    62. vivi

      I miss them u so much :(

    63. Together

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    64. Peace

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    65. Love

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    66. K SC

      If someone don't know but this song is Officially made by Justin Bieber 💖 Go and check it out and Happy Christmas 🙂

    67. Peace Love

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    68. Heal

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    69. dipesh Sharma

      They made my belief in Satna Claus more hard...

    70. You and Me

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    71. Peace and Peace

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    72. lindakyo

      I'm new.... J-hope's voice is touching me!

    73. Love

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    74. Evolethgarelhy Roman

      Les falto el suga😂😂😂

    75. Gaming with nala!

      Who watching this past Christmas!

    76. Mei Ramelb

      Pause the video and look at this 0:56 They looked at each other so cute

    77. Ar

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    78. Together

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    79. Us

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    81. hmuuyati ko

      You too

    82. Loveis

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    83. Peace Love

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    84. Rita magar

      Love you christmas and bts

    85. Heal

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    86. You and Me

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    87. Meg Griffin

      I know Christmas is over but I come back here to feel the wholesomeness.

    88. Me You

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    89. Pandora


    90. Love

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    91. Loveis

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    92. Cindy fleming

      RM CLUAS

    93. Cindy fleming

      I saw this on tv

    94. Murat Durkaya

      i laugh so much when rm said i purple ya

    95. Luzycat7

      I´ll be listening to this every christmas now lol.

    96. Re

      Love yourself Relay2329

    97. Son Trinh

      They’re so fucking charming and from that one tiny segment the talents oozes out

    98. Jo Anna

      🤦‍♀️😳🤬👏🏾🛑 NO! Save them...Disney is scary 🤣🌎🤬🤦‍♀️😳🐶🐾🦵☕️☀️💨☔️🇺🇸

    99. R Kamakshi

      Awesome ! I love bts and there song