Dead by Daylight | Resident Evil | Teaser

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    The Resident Evil Chapter is coming soon to Dead by Daylight.
    Join us for our 5th Anniversary celebration on May 25th for an in-depth reveal of the Resident Evil Chapter.
    With Resident Evil set to arrive in the Entity’s Realm this summer, there’s never been a better time to step back into the Fog and sharpen your skills.
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    Dead by Daylight is a multiplayer action/horror game where one player takes on the role of a brutal Killer and the other four play as Survivors. As a Killer, your goal is to sacrifice as many Survivors as possible. As Survivors, your goal is to work together to evade, escape and most importantly - stay alive.
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    Published on 27 days ago


    1. Johann Sebastian Mastropiero

      To those that think that's Felix, remember that he's an engineer, same as Ethan

    2. Alant6305

      I feel like it's Ethan, not leon

    3. Sauri Gomez

      I would like to propose who would be the survivor. SPOILERS included so read on your own Accord Ethan Winter's. Now hear me out. The entity brings unlucky souls by stumbling upon the entity. Being dragged into it by force or by purpose. Or BEING ALREADY DEAD. A.K.A. bill. So it's possible that Ethan could be in the entity's realm after he died for good. (SPOILERS for RE8 but In the game it was revealed that he was already dead and was turned into the mold. But somehow the mold made him walk and talk like he was still alive. In the ending he was starting to die because the mold was starting to give up. Forcing him to sacrifice himself to safe his wife and daughter.) So it's possible but he could be facing the same case that bill faces when he sacrificed himself. The killer could be 1 of 2 killers. Lady Dimitrescu or Heisenberg. Giving one or the other revenge after Ethan killed them. The map could be 1 of 3. The baker's house, the castle in RE8, or the factory in RE8.

    4. User guest

      MY BOY WESKER !!!

    5. TonyMan

      New killer is prolly re4 leon like look at that outfit. i understand it also looks like ethans but why do a face reveal in a different game that's not his own?

    6. Wrench Sektor

      It's all fun and games until you hear STAAAAAAAARS

    7. Fernando Hernandez

      The way the killer forms I feel like it’s a molded from resident evil seven

    8. WeebUwU

      0:17 sound like a-a...

    9. BroBot_

      give us ethan

    10. Ruku Sensei

      I think the survivor is ethan winters its just the scream was identical to his grunts and screams in re8 and the clothes strike a resemblance

    11. SeeableNinja

      Kinda wish we get a slender man next after this killer ngl

    12. Alex

      I’m honestly hoping it’s Lisa Trevor

    13. Liliac

      (Spoiler for Resident Evil Village) Dude, Ethan definitely is the survivor. The dude is dead, which like most of the characters are. Wonder who the killer is going to be? Although they are unrelated, kinda hoping for Mr. X as he seems more suitable for dbd.

    14. Freckble Things

      ethan ?

    15. Glue castergame

      Leon pick up the shotgun and shoot mr.x New perk : Hex raccoon city of Zombie Hahaha i lie

    16. Providence

      Please have the killer be Heisenberg. Best option hands down

    17. COREY A

      If Chris can punch a rock he can punch a breakable wall

    18. S C

      This game is done, wiggle time even when you use an item is pointless. I don't know why but it seems like the killers all walk faster then the survivors. Decisive Strike is useless now with all of those interactions. Whoever's making the adjustments, get rid of that person. You're destroying this game. It's not even fun anymore. One more thing with the killer with the blades. Slow that down as there's no point in running away.

    19. Glip Glop

      Can’t wait to see the Look-See chasing Laurie Strode in Raccoon City, while Heather, Quentin Smith, and Steve Harrington do gens in the background

    20. Andrew Bishop



      Leon Kennedy running from Legion oh myyyyyyyyyyy

    22. Toony_Link

      Me: whos the killer gonna be this game? Nemesis: STaaaAaaaAars..... Me: NO WAY! *proceeds to get slammed through the nearest wall*

    23. CosmicFox

      New Killer idea for the chapter after Resident Evil: The Musician. Power: Song of the Vengeful: His power grants him the ability to play such fine music that the Survivors must listen more. All Survivors inside of your terror radius stop all actions for 3 seconds to listen, while Survivors outside of your terror radius grow closer by 10 meters. If they are performing a stationary action, such as repairing or healing, they are not affected by your power. Survivors inside of lockers also are not affected. Backstory: Joseph Grant grew up in New Orleans, where he was introduced to lots of music. He was hooked immediately (no pun intended) and knew instantly what he wanted to do. He went to music school and learned how to play a wide range of instruments, and his favorite was the violin. He graduated and joined a group, where he attained many fans, fame, and money. But great fortune came with a cost. One day, in his apartment while he was getting ready for a performance later that evening, two robbers broke in. They aimed a gun at his head and told him not to move. One of them walked to the other side of the room and searched through his bags while the other kept the gun aimed at Joseph. Suddenly, the robber that had been searching through the bags cried out in pain. He lifted his fingers and they were slashed, blood dripping everywhere. Joseph’s violins’s strings had snapped, lashing out at the robber’s hand. Joseph seized his opportunity. He grabbed the gun and pointed it downwards so he wouldn’t get shot and shoved the other robber. His success was short lived though, as when he turned around he felt a stab in his stomach. There, he saw a silver blade planted in his lower chest. He gasped in shock and pulled the blade out by instinct. He fell to the floor, slowly bleeding out. He tried calling for help, but the robbers laughed and told them that no one would hear him. Joseph was about to close his eyes for the final time when he heard a whisper. It beckoned him to join it, to help get revenge on the people that took everything from him. He accepted. He opened his eyes once more on the stage where his performance was taking place, and the black Fog was hiding those who had wronged him. It was time to get his revenge. Perks: Final Performance. You feel the growing excitement of finishing off your foes as you pick them off one by one. For every Survivor Sacrificed or killed by your hands, gain a token. Each token grants a 1/2/4% haste status effect. You lose a token when a survivor escapes the trial. The perk activates either when the final generator is activated or there is one Survivor remaining in the trial. Music To My Ears: The screams of the evil fill you with happiness and a burning sensation of wanting more. Whenever a Survivor is downed, all other Survivors within your Terror Radius suffer from the Exposed status effect until they leave your Terror Radius or the downed Survivor is picked up or healed to the injured state. This perk has a cool down of 100/80/60 seconds. Vengeful: You feel the urge to destroy those who have wronged you. Whenever a Survivor stuns you or blinds you, you will gain a 3/4/5% haste status effect for 10 seconds. Every 3 times this perk activates, the haste status effect is replaced with the Survivor suffering from the Exposed and Blindness status effects. Haste status effects do not stack. This perk has a cool down of 40/30/20 seconds.

    24. HisRoyalFatness

      I’m gonna say the killer will most likely be Nemesis and not one of the newer antagonists like Lady Dimitrescu or Jack Baker. The survivor will most likely be Leon or one of the other male protagonists of the series. Though, now with Res 8 out, it would be epic if they tied it in by making the survivor a Ethan Winters or Chris Redfield and the killer Lady Dimitrescu!

    25. Ri0T MANIAC

      Ain’t showing the face just like ethan

      1. Jeremy Hearvey

        I'm thinking its Ethan

    26. Wassil Chahine

      It’s maybe Lady Dimitrescu ?

    27. banana tearex

      billy coen is the survivor that where he disapear in dead by daylight

    28. Davido69

      Anyone know who the killer will be?

    29. Cyber

      Zombies...survivor could be anyone from RE 1-3 (Hoping it's Leon. It's probably Leon.) Also how cool would it be if Nemesis or Mr. X (It's gotta be one or the other) had no terror radius. Instead it's their loud footsteps. It worked perfectly in RE 2 and 3 remakes, could work for DBD since the game already requires you to listen to your surroundings.

    30. MZose One

      Looks like ethan winters is going to be a survivor

    31. Kyliox _

      Please, introduce Leon.

    32. Herogir [German]


    33. BR33ZE [110]

      If its Mr. X have one of his teachables called "x gon give it to ya"

    34. gunther

      this has to be ethan winters, just look at the resemblance between the "character" in the trailer and ethan.

    35. Tundra

      If they had a hunk skin It would be the 1st skin I would pay for

    36. Royal Nobody

      The map either be Raccoon City, Baker’s House, or the Village (the village or Castle Dimitrescu)

      1. BroBot_

        bakers house is going to be the coolest one but at the same time its going to be ormond 2.0

    37. Alonso Gutierrez

      I would still like to see Jason in dbd

    38. kenrock2

      if lady D is the killer in it... i think everyone is coming for her to get hooked up

    39. Wojitek

      Hunk as a survivor:)

    40. Brianna WinterHevan

      I wonder who the character is going to be?? now next question is for the killer will it be mr. X or Lady D. hummmm?????

    41. XPsGAMER

      It’s gonna be Ethan winters change my mind

    42. icycup8000

      I think ots not hte sisters i think its is mrX or the tail lady

    43. Samuel Furey

      sherry birkin from re 2 for killer.

    44. resheel Janayan

      I cant wait for these!!

    45. Crazy Kid

      So is that Ethan he sound like him

      1. Stephanienataliegiesbrecht23

        That’s what I’m saying too because if people compare ethans scream in re 7 to this they sound identical to each other. This has to be Ethan as the new survivor.

    46. NotMe

      Imagine if the killer is lady d

    47. Nex Incendiary

      I'm POSITIVE that the character is going to be Ethan Winters.

      1. Manda Collins

        It's pretty obvious that Ethan is the survivor

      2. Sienceft

        @Stephanienataliegiesbrecht23 The Shoe is similar to Ethan Winters Shoe in RE 8 but that was Felix Richter Scream

      3. Stephanienataliegiesbrecht23

        Yep they sound identical and this has to be Ethan it just has to be.

    48. NumbSkull

      What about springtrap

    49. Anarchy Games

      Dino Crisis next. CHASE ME WITH A DINOSAUR IDC

    50. nicholas schulz


    51. little peppermint

      Please lord let lady dimitrescu be added to DBD sometime in the future. I would play this game religiously.

    52. Jeffrey Flores

      Ok but are the lobby wait times still absolute bs

    53. Ann Voronina

    54. Unauthorized Orange

      Im calling it. The next licensed killer will be the Madam Brood from Mario Odyssey

    55. Maxi _128

      If the killer is a character from resident evil village I will withdraw from dbd

      1. Azrayl Kayn

        If that's all it takes to make you leave that's not much of a threat.

    56. Bryan Posadas

      Chapter 21 cod zombies

    57. Nezriani

      Imagine if it was lady dimitrescu (please no)

    58. Cyber Mule

      Twinkle twinkle little....S.T.A.R.S.!!!

    59. Finbo980

      Lady Dimitrescu for Village?

    60. Bon Bon

      I would love if they would add Katherine Warren as a legendary skin❤

    61. Sabato

      Killer better be either wesker or nemesis

    62. DashRET

      nemesis *I don't care if he use weapons* just nemesis and nemesis and nemesis

    63. Knifeナイフ


    64. ArmyBlinkNaVida

      if the new killer is Dimitrescu, it will be a disappointment

      1. Lenin Sanchez


    65. Lucas Pereira

      Is it also nemesis

    66. Lucas Pereira

      Are is Albert Wesker the killer and Chris Redfield

    67. Yao Hey

      Felix get hooked :p *Entity activated cheats to auto-kill*

    68. JackTheDiamond

      It sounds like Mr x or nemisis breathing I want tall lady

    69. Mr Whistle

      Wonder if we get that monster chick from the first resident evil( the one that her arms in a stone cuff

    70. R0b1n

      at least fnaf and my life is good

      1. Random Guy

        Scott does not want that

      2. Bon Bon


    71. Logan Cyr

      I hope the killer is Eve from re7/8

    72. Ares Warfare

      Not gonna lie I think it’s Either Ethan, Chris or Leon. And the killer is either Lady Drimitescus, Mr X or Nemesis and the map is either raccoon city, The Bakers house or The village

    73. Dumb Bitch

      Y'all should give billy a custom skin of the one eyed chainsaw guy in resident evil 4 and 5

    74. seraph15

      I wonder if their going to use the games as a reference or the movies?

    75. Luke Queen

      Hex: Jill Sandwich

    76. ohjeezriles

      Is that Ethan??

    77. Joshua Candela

      Now we need a Dead By Daylight x Dead Rising

    78. S.V.S. Cali-Wave

      Ay..........You can have one of the daughters of Vamp. Lady as the Killer but at least you gotta have *Leon S. Kennedy as a survivor!* Maybe as a skin for Ethan...........(You gotta have one of the best, if not, the best protagonist in the entire RE franchise in the game as a survivor. I'd buy that in a split second it comes out)........


      So the milf will come or is it nemesis

    80. razminm.

      I wonder if there's a chance they will use the characters from outbreak?

    81. SlyShyGuy

      I know they wouldn’t do it but if they add Nemesis and he just gets a rocket launcher that would be an instant buy

    82. Luca V

      Kinda wish the killer would be Weasker... XD

    83. Ian Gutierrez

      New killer!!!

    84. Daniel Mendez

      Oh god its happening!! everybody stay calm!!!

    85. westerntune

      Soon gonna play that shlt with cheats again, love that)

    86. Nancy Izquierdo Hernandez

      nemesis 😱😱😱??

    87. Didi Junior

      Here's my guess for this chapter: They will pick the OG RE characters which means either Chris, Jill or both They'll pick the most popular RE monster which is either Nemesis or Mr X And they'll pick the most popular location which if I'm not mistaken, R.P.D station.

      1. Cheebs

        I believe that the og characters are getting skins I saw it in a leaked picture but it’s still up for debate

    88. Zainophrenic Gaming

      List all movie/games DBD should collaboration: Silent Hill- Pyramid Head✔ Resident Evil- Nemesis or Mr.X ✔ Bioshock- Big Daddy The Evil Within- The Keeper Sweet Home- Steroid Monster Hellraiser- PinHead Maniac Cop- Maniac Cop Candy Man- Candy Man

    89. HARRY 2BT

      Better be nemesis or mr x I wanna machine gun some peeps

    90. GoverningKing 73

      I hope it is the Tyrant

    91. Spazzola

      new killer?

    92. George Saffos

      Now we come to the question. Is the Killer Mr. X, or Lady Dimitrescu?

    93. Gwen

      we want big mommy vampire

    94. The Boss

      I'm not pissed about this chapter, but I'm hoping to god that X makes it in.

    95. PLO Meatoad.

      Outlast when?

    96. Forgotten Kryos

      Nemesis, please!

    97. Firewall


    98. Octo

      Big tall vampire lady?!?!?!?

    99. Captain Skidz

      CAN WE GET ADA 😩

    100. EAZHE

      *5th generator finishes* New survivor: "My extraction point."