FULL Scuba Tanks vs 50cal!!! ft Jiggin w/ Jordan

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    1. Jiggin' With Jordan

      Okay hear me out.. next time we go full oxygen tanks and lighter fluid 😅💣🧨🙌🏼

      1. Michael Pettit

        Hell ya


        Oh for sure!

      3. Evan cowboy


      4. Nehmiah Rutan

        @DemolitionRanch test the fiber glass fire fighter scba

      5. Макс Цвет


    2. Jojo Dancer

      Okay, hears one for ya... Build a nice fire, then put a 5 gal. Propane tank on top! Let it cook for a minute before hitting it with at least a .308 Boooooom!

    3. Bak Komak

      🔥 STRAP A SCUBA TANK TO COOTER & TURN HIM INTO ROCKET MAN! 🔥 Like this comment to vote it up! I want to see slow motion of Cooter the mannequin flying through the air! We all know he isn’t dead.

    4. Jojo Dancer

      You guys are crazy! Walking up to those tanks after they have been compromised!?

    5. Carter Hayes

      Who thought it was Patty Mayo at first?

    6. Carter Hayes

      Im sitting here saying "last video" to go to sleep at 12:45 and i see below this video microwaving a live grenade. God damnit demo ranch i just want to sleep

      1. Carter Hayes

        I meant 12:45am i jus trynna sleep😰

    7. MarcellusTheGreen

      In the movie JAWS, they shot a scuba tank with an M-1 Garand rifle, which uses .30-06 ammo. It exploded like a bomb, which I thought unrealistic.

    8. Mark Ouellette

      Im subscribing cause jigging with Jordan is a hero lol

    9. CT Crawler

      1000 layers of tin foil vs 50 cal.

    10. Josh Hamblin

      Sight your guns in!!!!!! Ahh! Drives me insane!

    11. bob smith

      13:56 the random jail toilet/sink 😂

    12. Nutter Pucker

      It’s not the size of the bullet it’s the placement of the shot. That’s why governments around the world still use the 22 as a sniper and pinpoint placement option for operations

      1. Nutter Pucker

        Meaning animals pets etc

    13. Stretch Nutz

      shoot it with a flak gun 88

    14. bruce cryor

      50BMG undefeated until the tungsten block

    15. Mickeyislowd

      Next try a gas tank. Butane vrs tracer round.

    16. TheLegend27 Gaming

      Ohhhh this USfilmr yea Jordan is a really cool dude he found 7 Phones and a few where iPhones and wallets and found all the owners and Gave them back there stuff

    17. Sebastian Tapia

      i love how you just bring out the .50 no questions asked

    18. Beth Brian

      use a 50 cal slap round

    19. Mark Gutteridge

      Well that ruined Jaws for me.

    20. Erock89x

      Shoot an acetylene tank. They're alot more pressure, with kaboomy gas!

    21. R4n d0m

      Who else thought he was gonna find the barret with the metal detector?


      Tracer rounds next time

    23. Kevin Fidler

      Put a flare next to the tank

    24. TheMaxxi99

      Great. Now do it with Hydrogen

    25. Sunny Kumar

      I think you guys just solved the global warming crisis!

    26. Alicia Miller

      Imagine all the bugs around the scuba tanks. They must have thought armageddon was upon them. XD

    27. DerPhiL

      Still thumbed up for the intro :D...

    28. James Barisitz

      Full propane tanks with a lit ring of PolyStrippa gel around the base

    29. Gaston4.7.8.0

      USfilmrs Experience SNIPER Rifle For the First TIME!!! (watermelon madness!)" på USfilm usfilm.info/fire/drOpiXR5esmXtNQ/video.html

    30. Wagner Gitirana

      It looks like we got a green nitrogen 🚀 rocket 🤣

    31. Jordan Cravey

      Shoot carbon fiber paintball tanks

    32. C Conk

      Raufus rounds perhaps next.... 😈😈

    33. Иван Иванов

      Спасибо за интереснейшее видео!

    34. Mason Baker

      Shoot it with a 5.56

    35. jimmy climer

      If you find a hi point you throw it back down.

    36. Demonic Angel

      Question what is that car and how can I get it

    37. Classified

      7:57 Brand new leaf blower.

    38. Billy Duck

      At the end the green one went flying

    39. ethan crownover

      That’s one way to blow the leaves off your yard

    40. Henry Gallego

      Maybe fire extinguishers 🧯 over and open fire 🔥

    41. Joel Ryan

      Petition to try and puncture one while its underwater

    42. Wyatt Seymour

      You should get a cinder block and put a hole in it so you can put one upside down and try and shoot the nozzle off

    43. dope fixerupers.

      Like our intro.


      Wow people really like this video so maybe next time you could try shooting scuba tanks while someone's underwater and wearing them. Just make sure to shoot them too

    45. Harambe

      11:29 best part

    46. baseball1090

      it would be cool to shoot these underwater

    47. cfcstl

      This really only demonstrates one example of tank destruction. All these tanks were in good condition and can safety hold air. Shooting a tank produces a rapid venting process which by itself is very interesting. However, tanks can and do explode if they are not maintained properly. Here we have a little hole venting the air, but if a tank were to rupture, it would produce more of an explosion thank just venting. Metal fatigue and rusting are the most common causes of tank rupture(explosions), which would send metal fragments flying in any direction. As you can see in the video, shooting a tank still takes a few seconds for all the air to escape, but with a rupture, the air is vented almost instantly causing much more damage.

    48. Devon Thomas

      Incendiary rounds??

    49. goldsyrup goldsyrup

      The Last tanks looks like There was airbender

    50. Czahrs

      this man really wore a scuba suit

    51. Mixail T

      7:44 that was the best!!!! 😵

    52. Bopples

      Now lets do this with a pure oxygen tank :)

    53. Benjamin Guendelsberger

      you guys should use a spotter scope

    54. Intelligent Investor

      Don't wanna be a dick, but 100 isn't 20% more than 80, it's 25% more and 80 is 20% less that 100.

    55. Josh Kruschke

      13:48 The tops round so it deflects off.

    56. Zepher Tensho

      Should have used armor piercing incendiary

    57. Peh Ngar

      The air tank is a air bender

    58. Terry Tucker

      You guys should line up some tanks and hit it with an armor pricing incendiary.... The flash would have an awesome fireball effect. Give it a shot, I'd love to see it. 🤘😎

    59. Ray Bois

      Why is the short guy dressed for deep sea diving?.

    60. Ray Bois

      Shit! This guy can shoot...

    61. Ray Bois

      Surprising these two guys have the same given name.. (Bro). In fact, seems that every other man in the USA has that name. How would I know? I'm from Canada... EDIT: I'm halfway in the video. I got it now: they're cousins. They both have the same family name (Dude)

    62. Grayson Plays

      They’re standing behind the glass and think they would be safe from a chunk of steel flying at 600+ feet per second?

    63. Cestarian Inhabitant

      One of the cooler things you've shot for sure

    64. Southside Royal

      Intro = subscribe lol

    65. Hyper_bole-virus16

      Do they place all of this stuff?

    66. PC Gaming

      It’s just a giant Leaf blower 7:58

    67. metalhead142

      Tanks with lit flares 👍🏻

    68. Hugh Tran

      The colab we didn’t know we needed lmao

    69. Gian Cedric Ubarre

      they should use incendiary rounds next time.

    70. Daniel Masis

      I like how he’s just in a wetsuit for no reason 😂

    71. tomascostaPT

      Demolition Ranch : Chemical Warfare

    72. Somebody NothingHere

      Scuba tanks: dings a bullet World of tanks player: use gold on this guy

    73. Carlos Garay


    74. Adventure One

      "look at that clean hole, TWSS" lol

    75. Kevin Vance

      Why is he wearing the sneak suit from metal gear solid?

    76. Jameson Walters

      On today’s episode of demolition ranch: hitting trees with the oxygen they probably produced 😂

    77. Deadshoot Drago

      I Love this Storys 😂😂

    78. Phil Lenan

      How to bullet proof you car. Duck tape a whole bunch of scuba tanks around it. Get shoot and fly away with air pressure to a better safer place.

    79. Josh Mcgarvey

      Bruv your property Is made of brass and lead

    80. Paul Beebe

      I've shot some crazy shit over the years and always wanted to shoot scuba tanks and they behaved exactly how I thought they would.... cool video. If you guys are looking to make the loudest boom you've ever made yourself, load an innertube with acetylene and use string to drop it on a fire....

    81. Jim Jones

      That's a fresh El Camino.

    82. Deon Beasts

      First off they put that stuff there and second how the fuck do they find an entire box of fucking ammo

    83. No One

      The el camino got me dead

    84. Nathaniel Gordon

      shoot a tank full of acetylene

    85. Yoesh RA Trooth

      "we should definitely shoot the bottom" proceeds to never do that and severely disappoint the fans.

    86. agua man

      You just solved my leaf cleanup situation

    87. Yoesh RA Trooth

      steel was too strong so the hole which was also a nozzle was too narrow.

    88. Yoesh RA Trooth

      whos el camino was that lmao

    89. G C


    90. #16 Racing

      what is with the super gay outfit?

    91. Whattatwist

      Dude id sell that green tank or like keep it in my house as a piece

    92. andy curtis

      can a harpoon gun go through a scuba tank

    93. Digital Alpacä

      The bugs around the leaves and stuff: Holy shit god has came to punish us

    94. xxx_extremegamingboi 2k

      the gold pistol

    95. Missouri outlaw

      Now you guys should go diving together

    96. Overpay

      This is becoming more and more like FPSrussia😂👍🏻

    97. jdoginc

      API round+oxygen=the stuff dreams are made of.

    98. Faze-_ -Editz

      One shot

    99. aiboden2 v

      Its so real

    100. Eric Enns

      why he have his wetsuits