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    In my last video of 2020, I mentioned that there were some things I want to keep private and personal. That's still true, but I wanted to be clear that I'm taking this pandemic very seriously and have been from day one and I hope you are, too. My heart goes out to all of you who are struggling right now!
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    I'm Molly, a typical sushi, makeup, and fashion loving millennial girl who just so happens to be blind! I was diagnosed with Retinitis Pigmentosa at just 4 years old and began public speaking at age 5. I started just doing motivational speaking, but now I make videos and even model! Even though I can’t see, I know that there are bright spots in everything we face. Let’s find them together. 💕

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    1. pigeon

      See, I wish more creators were like you. I see a lot of people getting in trouble and in minor altercations online that I believe with a proper apology or explanation could be cleared up (that is for most people, some people are never pleased once a mistake is made) but instead creators vaguely answer, beat around the bush and only escalate a situation.

    2. Suzanne Edmonds

      Even if you tell people every minor detail there are people who will still twist the information to be what they want it to be. I tell students "you know your own truth, you can't control what others think, believe or say. The people who know you well, the people you trust, the people who are your real friends, the people whose opnion is one that you respect are the only people besides yourself that you need to listen to." You never have to tell everyone everything about your life, after all your subscribers don't tell you everything about their life. You goal is to educate people not have them think you are best friends. So take a breath, listen to your own truth and have a fun and healthy life.

    3. MerryTimes!

      Just out of curiosity why didn't you want to just move in with Adrian to wherever he's staying...Sorry if you already went over this

      1. MerryTimes!

        @Dan Sgambelluri Oh okay. I missed the part where she talked about Canada being better with the pandemic. Thank you for answering without being mean. 🙂

      2. Dan Sgambelluri

        She wanted to see her dad for Christmas. She wanted to live in Canada as they were doing better than the US with the pandemic.

    4. Laura Brown

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    5. Leigh Mack

      How do you know what the set up looks like and how do you edit your vids

      1. Dan Sgambelluri

        She is told by someone. She has someone edit her videos.

    6. Dal Boop

      At least in BC we didnt get locked in our houses and not allowed to go hike

      1. Dal Boop

        except those who did...hmm

    7. Alicia Cooper

      I hope it’s vancouver!!!! Hope to see you around the streets 😃

    8. comimar

      I agree. This "Cancel Culture" is getting ridiculous. I can't believe how big it is getting. We shouldn't have to say every little detail about ours lives, or your life.

    9. Samantha Hatt

      Off topic... if Adrian comes up and we do have a whole 90 day fiancé moment I’m LIVING FOR IT. Canada wants you both 🇨🇦.

    10. Average Adventurers

      Omg you’re from oakville Canada? Same here!

    11. Ashley Rush

      Molly, not sure if you will read this but please know that you have many fans out here that are mature minded individuals. We know that we are not entitled to your life. Your fans need boundaries and you need to protect your well being. Any sane person will understand that. Please ignore those who would hurt you and do what you need to to stay well. I know it's easier said than done, but we support you 💯.

    12. Bert Visscher

      1:06 "Put up with"? It looks perfect. 1:24 Happy Birthday, Adrian! 15:26 Don't worry about it. Please hare as much or as little as you feel safe to share, and always put yourself first.

    13. Collie Wise

      Side note, I love your blush color and how high up it is like it pulls the face shape upwards and you look so pretty with it!

    14. Collie Wise

      I love you talking about cancel culture! It’s so fascinating to hear someone with a large following say how nerve wracking it is to say anything these days out of fear of cancel culture. Thank you for sharing!

      1. Kicapu

        They used to call it shunning. It's nothing new.

    15. Emma Bridson

      Gosh I hope you start to feel safe again and find a nice place to live lots of love keep focusing on your mental health you got this

    16. Seattle Home

      I feel like neighbors! Seattle people LOVE their Canadian relatives. In fact, I don't use "relatives" lightly as my in-laws are Canadian. I so upset that some Americans aren't taking their health and those of their neighbors seriously by following Covid guidelines. hope your time there is peaceful and restorative. I apologize as an American for the behavior of some others in my home country.

    17. Lem271


    18. Kathy Kinder

      I do I’m related to To Logan n Jake are my family Tessa Brooks Alex n Aaron are my family But ppl don’t believe me either n George Janko as well

    19. Natasha Hill

      I live in BC as well! Its beautiful here once you can get out to enjoy it.. people shouldn't care where you live or try to find you, thats creepy! you are a huge part of my life and always make me smile, I hope you're doing semi okay with everything that is happening in life and as you say we all have a long way to go and we are all here for you!

    20. Audrey Monique

      Aw my family lives in BC!!!! North Van, Abbotsford, and Surrey.

    21. May Longgone

      California is horribly ran by awful politicians. They are literal demons.

      1. Kicapu

        @May Longgone We are glad not to have your kind here. We don't need angry little children who can't control themselves. Now shooo, you bore me.

      2. May Longgone

        @Kicapu i wouldn't live in that shit hole infested with pedophiles, human shit and high taxes that go to the demons not back into the state. I'm not a fucking idiot.

      3. Kicapu

        Then leave. We don't want you here.

    22. Taylor M

      Thank you for sharing Molly 🙏❤ God bless you and your family 🙏

    23. Drum fit with Trish

      Had no idea you were from oakville. ..my home town

    24. Tony P

      B.C... 604!

    25. Kelly Lyons

      Girl, I am also in a long distance relationship. I wont sugar coat it, they are hard. And covid just made it harder. But it is doable. My advice: lots of phone calls, sharing things, and sending mail: packages, presents, love letters. Theyre so fun to receive. I know you two can stay strong!

    26. Sharon Bradshaw

      Yay. I'm in BC. Hope you enjoy your time here Molly!

    27. Rhea G

      Molly you always deserve "elements of privacy". You get to CHOOSE what you share with us, and we should be thankful for that. It makes me so sad lately seeing all my favorite youtubers wanting some privacy but not feeling like they "deserve" it because of how much they've shared in the past. We will watch your videos, regardless, because we adore you!

    28. Tatiana

      Oh wow I’m exactly one year older than Adrian!

    29. Evie Etienne

      I’m so sorry for all that’s happened Molly. Wishing you all the best

    30. Rachel Riddle


    31. nyreekrikorian

      Wow! Sorry that happened to you. Stay safe!!

    32. Jennie S. Regan

      Yes Canada is doing lockdown right. The US needs to pay attention. Happy Birthday to Adrian!

    33. Zoey Thomas

      It makes me really angry when people make assumptions about people that aren’t true because then they can’t just have their own privacy because they have to tell people or they’ll make an assumption about them that just makes me feel so angry

    34. Modem

      Aaaaayyyy Happy late birthday Adrian!

    35. Jessica Hubbard

      Me wondering what the crap I’ve missed. So sad that Molly had been made to feel unsafe or people judging her. Live ur best life.

    36. Myojin Yang

      America should be like that. We need an enforcement system that makes sure people are following the quarantine. It sucks that people just go around in large groups sometimes masks off and not care

    37. Spatzenzunge from Berlin

      Well said 👏

    38. Jacqueline Davis

      If you’re looking for neighbourhoods in BC away from Vancouver I recommend Langley! I live in the Willoughby area. Very walkable, quiet and family oriented.

      1. Jacqueline Davis

        Runner up would be New Westminster. Closer to public transportation

    39. Binal Patel

      did molly say starting off 2020 *

    40. Thomas Nguyen

      Hey, people make assumptions about me too. They’re often wrong.

    41. EmonailpolishX

      BC strong. Welcome to the province. I hope the people here are kinder and respect you and your privacy.

    42. Evening Sky

      I just wanted to say I agree with everything you said about cancel culture! People are people, humans! We make mistakes and are sometimes ignorant. Also, I agree on privacy! Sorry your boundaries were violated. Privacy is rare enough these days so take caution!

    43. Evening Sky

      Wow!! My boyfriend's birthday is on the same day (he's a little older though) Happy Belated Birthday to Adrian!

    44. Sarah Walters


    45. Ellis Teboekhorst

      Welcome to BC! I hope you like it here and I hope people respect your privacy

    46. Daniel Jackson

      7:11 and while you are in the US you should read the constitution particularly the first amendment

    47. Amanda

      I'm so so sorry that such a scary situation violating your privacy is something you went through. Ashley from Bestdressed is moving for a similar reason. I hope content creators start really talking to each other about these situations so creators can set healthy safe boundaries on the internet.

    48. Dan McCudden

      How very interesting, I've got the same birthday as Adrian. But I am so very much older. So old that my age is the answer to life the universe and everything.

    49. Aussie Aussie Aussie Oi oi oi

      You said 2020 in the intro...

    50. WorldOf Glacier

      Just think of it this way. You are truly now a star, and as a big star people try to capitalize on that with facts and fiction. So congrats that you are a big star, sorry though there are few that make the life of stars and famous people hard at times. So no need to explain. As a star we already assume that we really don't know the person out side of the medium which we follow, if you follow. But as always love your work and work ethics and you sharing of important things about living as a blind person, but mostly just live and making a successful career. Which is hard for anyone.

    51. munkeyfucker

      Welcome home to Canada! Be well and keep safe! Luv to the furry ones as well!

    52. Miyanoai14

      You're the second content creator (at least, there may have been more I don't follow as closely) who has moved more or less bc of ppl not respecting boundaries and it's honestly heartbreaking to hear. I genuinely don't see where ppl get off on thinking that's okay (though it's possible many have mental disorders but still).

    53. Kristen Geribo

      You are a class act. Period. The world needs you Molly Burke!

    54. Jose Gonzalez

      Even though people might say misconseptions try to be yourself and don't listen to other misconceptions that aren't true. You be you and remember to always stay positive.

    55. Tali J

      I’m from Canada too omg! I was in Quebec but we moved in 2018 an hour away from Toronto.

    56. Heather MacLean

      We relocated to BC from Alberta last year so welcome to BC.

    57. Cassie

      Why are people like this!!!!!!!! This is why we can’t have nice things!!!!!! Begone stalks. But really, always impressed by how clearly you’re able to communicate verbally. My weird thought ass has to retype every 2 words and then retype all of that every 6 words and so on until I can come even moderately close to accurately expressing everything going on in the vague chaos that is my brain. (I know, public speaker, whatever I still admire it a lot and wanted to share.) Also AMAZED by how you held back those tears so flawlessly for so long, which btw, magnified your eyes and made them glisten and look especially stunning! Which was a comforting realization for me, that even throughout some of my most difficult days, I can still shine. Wishing you safety and peace of mind, indefinitely

    58. T J

      Why did the World Economic Forum use a photo of you in their Great Reset Davos Agenda 21 video? I was so confused and shocked when I saw you in it.

    59. Alena Verhalen

      Sometimes people just suck, I'm sorry Molly 😔 ❤️

    60. Carole SM

      So well said Molly.

    61. Carly Martin

      yay for beautiful BC :) If you're in Van, Kitsilano is amazing for what you're looking for. My fave neighbourhood I ever lived in.

    62. The Great Salad


    63. Maria Moore

      If you get the chance you should check out Tofino. I've never been, but my family has been, and I've seen pictures and its gorgeous. Hope you love it there 💜💙

    64. Inquisitive Phoenix

      OK but you make seriously quality content with very interesting opinions and ideas. And while I tend to avoid any deeply personal stuff - that excludes a lot of the lifestyle content creators becaues it's just not my thing - I think you bring a focus to the lifestyle content creation that is very thoughtful, articulate, and interesting - i.e. doesn't just come across as empty talk. Moreover, it has stood out to me that you are a really good critical think,er and think deeply about a lot of things. SO It has not been my impression that you've been disregarding in covid in any way. I hope you'll find a great, walkable place. As a city planner, I know that's so important!

    65. Kat Morgan

      Hey Molly! I have been watching a lot of your videos for a few years now, but haven’t been a subscriber. That changed today!! I work at a coffee shop and recently a visually impaired woman came in with her guide dog. She asked for directions to a store across the street because she thought her guide dog was leading her the wrong way. She ended up asking me to walk her there, and basically I just lead her guide dog to the store. She was going the right way in the first place!! It was a great experience and I felt like I was educated enough from your videos to know how to help her. I didn’t touch her or her dog, but instead guided her with my voice and made sure I was staying a good distance away from her guide dog, so she could learn the path and still feel in control. I’m so happy for your videos!!

    66. Katharina Rüffin

      I’m feeling so sry for you. I think it was and is really obvious, that you’re taking COVID so seriously. I don’t understand people, who are taking their own frustration on other people. Probably mostly everyone’s life has been affected through to COVID-19 and all the restrictions, although you’re feeling overwhelmed and maybe bored, that doesn’t give you the right to comment nasty stuff about creators or celebrities. They are people too and also have a right to live their life privately and don’t have to share everything. Molly, stay strong and save and I’m wishing you and your family all the best and hopefully this pandemic will be over soon ❤️🍀 Katy

    67. JoanLizLuna

      The internet can be a rough place. Know that you don't owe anyone anything. I can see you are really stressed about this. People can be awful but there is a world outside of the internet with the people you know and trust. This is why I'm not too deeply entrenched in internet culture. Sending love.

    68. Surya mole

      Her eyeliner : == --

    69. Løvely

      You're prolly hands down the most mature creator on USfilm

    70. Ayla Gregoire

      I hope you stay happy and healthy! Thanks for continuing to give us much-needed lovely content during these trying times, you are truly inspiring!

    71. Jack Wyatt

      Hey Adrian you lucky guy got one hell of a woman there

    72. Adrian P

      One thing I don’t understand is if a person knows their own truth how can other people opinion on false belief affect you? I know I wouldn’t address a lie what for? If I was a content creator.

      1. Amanda Andresen

        It’s typically because if a lot of people consider silence as confirming the accusation and thus can hinder someone online reputation and can effect brand deals and your online income 🤷‍♀️

    73. Marcel Luthi

      Molly please don't apologize for anything you are doing great and Canada and Canadians love you

    74. Marcel Luthi

      I live in BC welcome to our wonderful province especially the lower mainland

    75. Peach FuZz

      I think the thing that really shows that she’s innocent is that she lists off the things she was being accused of. Usually when youtubers are guilty they will never actually say what they were being accused of.

    76. Nadiya Cooper


    77. April Yohe

      Happy birthday to your boyfriend, I love watching your videos im so sorry you went through that scary ordeal im so glad your safe now hun. Stay safe

    78. hannah nabors

      So you don’t believe in free speech?

    79. hanuszka liszewski

      Okay I have watched you for a long time and I really respect you. But your comments on cancel culture are ridiculous. Your inability to see that Shanes comments and vile behaviours over the years are horrific and you believe that people not believing in vivid is worse? That doesn't add up. Cancel culture is there for a reason. There are many people that don't deserve a platform and your support for those people because you are 'scared' to lose your position on USfilm is sad to see. People won't cancel you for being you. People get cancelled for vile behaviours that are unacceptable at any point in time. If you believe you truly aren't like that then you'll be fine. I just find it sad that you still support some vile humans out there

    80. Craft Create and Bake

      I am so sorry about gallop. I am a puppy raiser for a guide dog organization and I have definitely noticed a difference in our pups. I can’t imagine how hard this must be for you, but at least you have your family now ❤️ also, if you don’t mind me asking, what makes you want to do part time between LA and BC? It seems like a lot of work 😂

    81. Julia Rodgers

      LOVE your shirt & the set up you did a great job

    82. SimplyZena

      Happy you’re safe 🤍 keep going girl we love ya! Glad you’re mental health is getting stronger 🤍 Inspo 🤍

    83. Erin Brookes

      So much love to you hun ❤️

    84. Insecure Introverted Extrovert

      I have the same bday as your bf! Apparently we are super unique people lol. We share a birthday with Dolly Parton , Janis Joplin and Edgar Allen Poe . 🤩

    85. Alex Savakes

      Uhhh it’s 2021 not 2020 anymore

    86. gioyu comi

      illness. It has been silence from him since August and hoping this is over. So I'm sending all good vibes that this new place has you and your family feeling safe.

    87. Micaela Lechtman

      Molly your poised and you speak so adequately. Sending you good vibes!

    88. Micaela Lechtman

      You are so deserving of privacy! Where ever you are, I hope you are doing well...or we'll as can be expected! All the best

    89. MerryTimes!

      Just out of curiosity why didn't you want to just move in with Adrian to wherever he's staying...Sorry if you already went over this

      1. gioyu comi

        Okay but that color looks so nice on you Molly! I love teal blue and it looks so nice with your skin tone!!! Love your videos!!

    90. Jennifer Vandertook

      Hi Molly, I just watched your video on your retiring Gallup. I think it is very horrible that someone had the audacity to stock you online. I totally understand that you are now going to censor your content, so that that situation doesn’t happen again. Keep up the good work in the good videos.

    91. yuoop noke


    92. Mary Merza

      I wouldn’t have even said I moved to Canada. Stay safe

    93. Mia Parra

      Love you so much molly!! As a visually impaired college student you inspire me so much ❤️

    94. Taylor Hare

      Sorry that this has happened to you Miss Molly. You are doing amazing and I hope you adjust well and find a nice safe place that you feel comfortable with. ❤️

      1. yuoop noke

        Seriously may be my favorite ever.

    95. nana

      I love you Molly. I'm sorry to hear what you've been going through. The way some people treat and objectify creators/celebrities/public figure is completely unaccaptable. It's sad you'd even have to mention that you're human with emotions just like everybody else. That should be an obvious thing and we should all respect public figures and their boundaries just like we'd like to be respected ourselves.

    96. Urša Belaidi

      I think this video was very well structured. Everything you said made sense. Stay strong and stay safe. Also happy birthday to Adrian, I hope you see each other soon. I know long distance relationship first hand and can say that if you are right for each other, are patient and have trust, your relationship will be alright.

    97. Shauka Hodan

      the screen. For all we know your name is actually Julie Smith. Not important, we follow for your content.

    98. JoAnn Tran

      Hi Molly! Sorry you'd to retire your guide dog! I'd to retire my first guide dog last year. Keep up the great work!

    99. kristine

      This entire video was so eloquently delivered. Thank you so much for putting the necessary effort and thought into these topics, we truly appreciate it and wish you the absolute, absolute best

    100. Julishiamor Harper

      There are many ways to get assistance with mental health for free. It may be best for you to just have therapy, or medication, or maybe even both! There are nearly free and very affordable options and you are not alone

      1. Julishiamor Harper

        @Shauka Hodan It really depends. For example molly has no depth perception, so she can not see the depth of her mother’s face nor can she really make out a face. She stated in her video when gabby did this that all she saw was the light reflecting off the glitters and dark holes where the eyes were.

      2. Shauka Hodan

        I have a question! If you were to put vibrant glitter all over someone’s face, would you be able to see their features? Not trying to be rude btw just curious!