Alexa Bliss hits Randy Orton with a fireball: Raw, Jan. 11, 2021



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    During a heated confrontation with Triple H, Randy Orton finds himself on the receiving end of a fiery, vengeful act courtesy of Alexa Bliss. Catch WWE action on WWE Network, FOX, USA Network, Sony India and more.
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    Published on 4 days ago


    1. MNDHFilms

      Its confirmed...Alexa is spawn of Kane. This was litas baby that "died" and perhaps lived and secretly became deranged and psychotic like Kane. Yo they should have done this as a story

    2. bnine m

      I didn't see that coming.

    3. Bamethyst 38

      So Bliss learned sorcery when she was gone?

    4. Brian keith casio


    5. Tharina Ackhurst

      I'm scared of Alexxa bliss but i think I have a crush

    6. Flugi von Flugiberg

      Well it's Wrestling, btw best fighting action since Bavarian Muskelheider vs the Saupreuß Simon "Klappstuhl" Will!

    7. skankhunt42

      lmao wwe turning into an anime in 2021 xD

    8. Malina Smithet

      omg alexa bliss is crazy

    9. Luke Dixon

      We're actually living in the black mirror episode.

    10. Thang Hoang

      Đưng bo em môt minh

    11. S. Stryker

      This Is trending for the wrong reasons.

    12. Myrth Dirt R-key frithjof

      In a parallel dimension tht invigorated him ( Snakes r naturally part ov the fire family in Chinese astrology ) hWich reminds mi , i havd a friend who did a fire spell on mi , , i sensed the infernality , & well , it waz : invigorating )

    13. Ali Algarm7

      This is bored acting

    14. Zeljko Markovic

      Rol spid

    15. Amani Abdel wahab


    16. Amani Abdel wahab

      where did triple h go when the light was of confused

    17. Amani Abdel wahab

      this looks fake

    18. Mukesh Dhimar

      Why wouldn't she just wait for HHH to finish off Orton?

    19. Black vegeta

      If Randy Orton hits Alexa bliss with an RKO next week that would be good booking

    20. Robert C. McGee aka Joe_Cracker

      The hell was that!?

    21. 노승우

      Alexa: Hadouken!

    22. Kelsey Donaldson

      Why was the sledgehammer on fire and how'd she do that

    23. Peter Murphy

      HHH lookin' swole... not.

    24. LASOLA CN


    25. R-A

      omg this is Dragon Ball Z style so amazing and real!

    26. Francesca Agosti

      There' no rule, no possible!!

    27. Matt A

      Bliss is just.. well, blissful

    28. eric Qwabe

      Wwe is genius with the edits

    29. Jaics

      We need soMe anime action like this .

    30. Licki Me Nuts

      Alexa Bliss becomes the Firebender

    31. Eren Yıldırım


    32. Povvrem

      So all of a sudden I'm watching avengers

    33. matt sikaz

      The little drogon is in the building lol

    34. mikey Thompson

      This fake crowd noise is horrible

    35. DUEY

      What the actual *bad word*

    36. Chezuz Inferno

      just wait she'll do a kamehameha next.

    37. Jolanta Szajowska

      Umde sunt romaniiiii meiii👄👄👄👅👅💋💋

    38. Bibin Joseph

      Watch it on slow motion to reveal the truth 😂

    39. TheTMNTurtle

      So Randy, HHH, Kofi, and is Big Show still around? Obviously not HHH, but the rest of these vets need to let WWE go. How I'm supposed to believe Randy got 20+ years experience and still struggling against fresh meat?

    40. Mystery69

      .25 play speed boys

    41. bobshark666

      So, wrestling has evolved to magic battles now.

    42. meepo merp

      randy ortons wife is mad randy cheating on him on script lol jk

    43. All Things Anime

      Ok, but how did she do that though😂😂

    44. Büyük Oyun

      Dude I don't fell so comfortable cause a new superstars are just messing with a legend randy and we all know fiend will take his revenge from him but dude this is randy

    45. Necron99. AKA- Sammy boy

      How do u get to be on screen? Idc about “ being on tv, hi mom “ ! .....I just want to be there, sounds like fun! I havnt been to a wrestling event since- 1987 Portland Wrestling, road show in Longview ., That sux!! And now it’s dying

    46. Necron99. AKA- Sammy boy

      - ? - .... what happens if one of the Audience TV screen ppl does something inappropriate while live? Example: 1 of the ppl ( let’s say) me, moons the camera? Or, flips off the 3.8 million viewers , a home girl flashes her juggies real quick ?? Is there like a 3 second tape delay? Or is it the honor system- and u get banned from the screens?

    47. Preston Colvin

      is he okay?

    48. محمد اليافعي

      والله مصخره هاذي المصارعة

    49. Samuel Brooks

      These guys just don’t sell anymore

    50. Work Hard Play Hard F##k Harder

      Good animated effect

    51. KlewLess

      Where did his cut go?

    52. Andrew Grogan

      Brad Holmes

    53. Jayson William

      So boring Is all wrestling shows are getting week after week

    54. LibertarianOnWheels

      Two of the oldest gladiators in the business return to the Coliseum for one last fight.

    55. Johnathan Peek

      I love how wrestlers always know exactly where their trademark item is under the ring

    56. judy zee

      THE GAME lols.. Nice movie. Triple H has joined Fiend family?

    57. DjhartbeatProd

      Orton's Attire is starting to have that rick flair old man sag. 😂

    58. Fred Plays

      LATOM... sorry, wrong show...

    59. Brock Lesnar

      Hhh was smart to stop juicing in 2003, his body would be in a lot worse condition at his current age if he didn’t

    60. majorkonfuzion

      Randy: vacation time,🥳🥳🥳

    61. Brick builder studios

      when you watch to much naruto

    62. The Great 98

      Triple H vs Aj Styles at mania 37 is a match I wanna see!!!

    63. The Great 98

      It’s been almost two years since triple h last competed in a match.

    64. Yewrine Pish

      KA ME HA ME HA

    65. loner Dude

      Anyone else things he should have hurt her

    66. TheCrnMage

      These guys are badass saying "screw wearing masks"

    67. excluyousivite

      Papa Shango voodoo on Ultimate Warrior was more credible

    68. RHEA EVANS

      Alexa bliss only have strength for people who doesn't care about her !!! Why she don't go and take a full match with Ronda rousey !!!

    69. Khalid El gendy

      كل دا مضروب 😂😂

    70. Kaihoow Ng

      When did WWE turn into Street Fighter? Hadouken?

    71. George Jackson

      He sold that fireball like Shawn Michaels.

    72. King Higgins

      What' the

    73. Armani Parker

      What Entrance music was better Burning out my light or Voices

    74. Oscar Casillas

      Yes yes yes yes 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    75. -Bloods- Overtxke

      bruh that was fake, they didnt show the burn

    76. danitza thais Macurí Machuca

      I don't now rick, this is false

    77. Infinix X553

      Hunter not as agile as few years ago when he's still full timer wrestler plus looking him without his long something missing

    78. Sylvester Bryant

      She mess up a very good match.

    79. itzSam_O.

      The strongest Uchiha shinobi Alexa Bliss

    80. C'A'

      wwe being despot for views:

    81. OPJ1 Gaming

      Alexa Bliss used Fireball It’s Super Effective! Randy Orton is too busy to attack because he’s having a seizure!

    82. Michael Stacy


    83. Mohammed Zahangir


    84. sain315


    85. NaijaHub Official Tv

      Lol 🤣😂 WWE Network and trick.... what kinda trick is that fire ball in ✋

    86. Jakobe


    87. David Hunter

      Yoga Fire 🔥

    88. moses0686

      When the frame rate changed.

    89. Paul Ramirez

      I’ve never seen the sledgehammer on 🔥; Plus, Alexa Bliss glove says “PAIN.”

    90. Diegoandres Lunatosi

      Enque se convirtió wwe una porqueria

    91. Pichu Monster

      Bruh.. 🤦‍♀️

    92. Malachi Joseph

      play it in 0.25x he did not get hit

    93. Turginator

      ‘Randy orton might be blind’ well if the avatar taught me anything is it gives you a badass scar and you become edgy

    94. Rufus Watson


    95. sain315


    96. لا للتطبيع

      Americans 😂

    97. Harlem Manson

      Alexa bliss is going to regret that randy will make sure of that

      1. Juan's Bash

        Congratulations you have solved one of the most popular mysteries in history 👏

      2. Turginator

        Well done, do you want a cookie?

    98. Katherine Gonzalez

      Do they actually still fight till this day

    99. Lautaro Martinez inter

      Can you imagine Randy doing an Rko on Alexa? The demon would kill Orton 😘😍😈