Casually Explained: The Food of the World

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    Watch out Pewdiepie, I'm coming for your tunnbrödsrulle. Pigmentally challenged gang rise up.
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    Published on Month ago


    1. Peter Polak

      Him : There are no other famous italian dishes Lasagna : Am I a joke to you ?

    2. Lavan Pipes

      African food 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    3. Kenny02120

      “your ego is more inflated than Turkey’s currency” LMFAOOO

    4. Jack Cahill

      There's a Vietnamese restaurant in my town called Pho King Great. Dead serious and a bunch of white people complained and wanted it to get shut down.

    5. Justin H

      Pho King Good

    6. Certified M0rph

      Him: hahahahahha there’s no African food Me: what Caucasian food is there that wasn’t stolen or inspired by something else Him:.......

    7. Alexander Platinum

      African Food *KFC add played*

    8. Republika Dugave

      Greek and Italian food are the best...

    9. Holden Schmitt

      man he flexed on Africa at the very beginning

    10. ZuluRR

      Germany is not only Bavaria! 😂

    11. Fahreza Dhia

      I like african food

    12. i forgot to take my pills

      remember the days when youtube wasn't full of unfunny sarcastic douchebags? me neither :(

    13. Tim B.

      Well i think you never been in Germany. Otherwise you would have mentioned that we have a lot of Kebab places too

    14. F rops

      ok no more fries, chocolate and waffles for you, signed the angry Belgians

    15. Ben Peek



      "Pasta" *shows spaghetti*

    17. Steve Hamblin

      Funny vid

    18. jmlkinc

      As a Canadian, you somehow forgot Nanaimo Bars, despite living literally an hour and a half from Nanaimo. Pretty sure they're going to kick you off The Island now.

    19. jmlkinc

      Casually Explained lives in the vicinity of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's new place.

    20. RBR

      Can't help commenting that Mexico is part of Latin America and you mixed countries and continents :D

    21. Dometheonlyone

      Nobody: Thai people: I'm Thailand They don't mad cuz they can't speak English btw I'm thai

    22. Erick G

      African food: You fucking savage. I like you.

    23. Shad Dash

      Jollof rice is an epic African dish. I’d encourage everyone to try it.

    24. CT 2102

      As a Brit can confirm

    25. Salih Atamert CAM


    26. Dale Sajdak

      Hawaiian: loco moco, Kilauea pork

    27. Jaden Marcel

      Me an African currently eating jellof rice while watching this like 👁👄👁 (I actually found it funny tbh)

    28. Maxim P

      Do we have a response from @bingingwithbabish on 2:21 yet?

    29. ToxicBoar

      Not to brag but my country has foods like Budget Ramen aka carrot meat and noodles and has the most iconic food sasuge with potato

    30. Bajirao Singham

      Yeah man us Indians have a wide variety of food and you people only eat Butter Chicken which gives away pretty much the entire recipe in the name.

    31. Scott Becker

      And they say Americans don't have culture.

    32. Samantha R

      Go Canada

    33. Vurzify

      how the hell can he pronounce tunnbrodsrulle but he can't say shnitzel

    34. Frewtioper

      When Casually explained laughs *suprised pikachu face*

    35. Rowan Melton

      Fish and chips is British

    36. Moffrow

      As an African.... we usually just have English food because of the colonies, I’m personally from Botswana and we have seswa and dumplings and fat cakes once in a while, food is pretty great. It’s usually pretty dry though.

    37. Eman Hooy

      White bread food for life.

    38. carlos andres gonzalez torrez

      Hornado and ceviche are the best dishes in the entire world. This is just talking shit.

    39. pana 115

      why does cyprus mean middle east for americans, we are so much different fyi, you forgot souvla

    40. luca iscm

      Italian food so many few options: seriously? we got tons and tons of options.

      1. Asset Aden

        Yeah like pasta on pizza, or pasta with shredded pizza and gelato topping.

    41. AntTaro

      Before modern refrigeration and aquaculture techniques were available, it'd be pretty risky to consume salmon raw. It was the Norwegians that came up with the concept of salmon sushi, and spent the better part of a decade marketing and selling it in Japan. In fact, you could say salmon sushi is a Norwegian invention. 😃

    42. Andrew Henshaw

      I'm from Scandinavia and I laughed REALLY hard!😄

      1. Keith Hopkins


    43. Niamh O'Connor

      "Puffy tortilla" never cringed harder in my life

    44. Bashar Naeem

      You forgot the falafel

    45. Geoffrey Jefferson

      Aw, he didn't say that Africans eat sand. Video is so inacurate.

    46. Kai Smithley

      Funnily enough my nearby vietnamese restaurant isn't named after some pho pun, although there is another one called pho stop that's further away

    47. Illegal Meme Dealer

      However: the one exception to British food being bad is when some British chef achieves culinary nirvana and starts making the best food you’ve ever eaten- which is of course food stolen from another country

      1. Henry Hunter

        That and the only reason the rest of the world thinks british food is bad is because of a stereotype from ww2 when american soldiers said all the food was dry and terrible. Clearly forgeting that rationing was a thing.

    48. Kwame' Le Blanc

      Nothing for African? Dick....

    49. Джейкоб Джей

      African foods? What about Phetcoek

    50. The Asian Theory

      Every 60 seconds in Africa a minute passes. Together we can stop this. Please, spread the word

    51. my name is jeeeyf

      You know full well Pho-Tru is not there anymore. who are you?

    52. Tyler Blazino

      Official. Hes jaime from JRE

    53. Gom Random

      6:40 the diifference between plantains and bananas is that the former is a salty banana who hasnt ripen yet and the ladder is the one Mario keep putting on Donkey Kong's ass (Props if u know which video imrferencing)

    54. tanner loehr

      You have Not enough education on this to make a video about it. Nothing for Africa ? And you go specific with European countries but with the Middle East you just say broad Middle East. And why is Vietnam and Korea on the same slide? Is Arizona bbq the same as the food in Vancouver ?👁

      1. Zeratul Tasadarov

        @tanner loehr 1) it was a obvious joke about Africa 2) Romanians are gypsies

      2. Kostas Spirou

        If you paid attention to the video, you would notice that its sarcastic

      3. Tina lol

        @tanner loehr Yes that’s true and also very off topic how he doesn’t talk about the food and just mentions poverty same thing for example like you said with Africa how he made that "joke" with not showing anything. Also saying "east Europe" is pretty unspecific like there are so many countries with diverse food and also middle Eastern Europe and south Eastern Europe have their differences as well.

      4. tanner loehr

        @Tina lol thinking it’s all poverty too is ignorant. Romania has developed a lot more the past 20 years and I hear similar things about Serbia and Bulgaria too ( as for moldova and Ukraine they have yet to see better days )

      5. Tina lol

        He didn’t educate himself very well on east European food either

    55. товарищ Александр

      3:00 you forgot to talk about hotdog and hamburger, cause ya know, that's not american food

    56. Sammy D-isaster

      Tunbrødsrulle = Wrapped tuna, but direct translation is Tuna breadroll I ain't swedish, but I'm apologising on behalf of every scandinavian ever

    57. Shabiha-Tuz- Zahra

      Wow eating food for whole life is really some flex

    58. Debdeep Karan

      Damn I thought you will skip indian but you actually did 😂😂

    59. Евгений Увин

      1. bAbushka is actually exactly the same word as "grandma", you call your one by that word if you have one. 2. That is Russian only word, so you cannot imagine how everyone else is offended. You better hide somewhere.

    60. Madhav Daga

      Indian Food>>>>>

    61. MMASTER

      3:42 I'm Indian and this is so true lmao

    62. RainSara

      That tunnbrödsrulle roast was epic.. and I'm swedish lmao

    63. DeMoNeTiZeD

      dried tacos are an insult

    64. CongressGamingINC

      6:58 .... *I wait*... *silence* *GaSp* NOOOOOOOOOOOO🤣🤣🤣

    65. Pierce Hakola

      Me throughout The Whole video: hey that pretty accurate Me when he gets to the Italian bit : come hai potuto avere una mancanza di rispetto così grande nei confronti della cibo italiano 😡 🇮🇹 Basically how could u disrespect Italian cuisine

    66. Ashutosh

      African Food: Me in my mind: *Every sixty seconds in Africe a minute passes, together we can stop that*

    67. İSTİHZAM

      4:14 When he said "...your ego is more inflated than Turkey's currency," I felt it..

    68. periwinklecheese

      The last part about Native Americans was pretty funny

    69. PokuNic

      Brazil has got Coxinha's, Pastel, brigadeiro's

    70. PokuNic


    71. John The Mon

      I’m not joking, but when he said African food, I got a kfc ad, I’m dying...

    72. Ware


    73. Johan Gabrielsson

      Almost every single danish dish consists of potatoes, meat, gravy and one or two vegetables

      1. Zeratul Tasadarov

        Dude the meat that you have in Scandinavia is so fucking gorgeous

    74. i have no name derp

      I am from belgium and i think that is in eastern europe and we eat al lot patatoes to so that is treu we have al lot of variance french fries (comes from belgium) steamd patatoes,... we eat even Patatoes with brussel sprouts and much much more with patatoes.

    75. Boet Bakers

      You should have done the Netherlands! Our food was so boring we sailed to the other side of the world to get spices to make it tastier. Since our recipes were so shitty it didn't help, so we sailed back and stole a bunch of recipes. But it turned out it was all because we were just very bad cooks. So due to the insecurity of our cooking skills, we went back. We stole a bunch of islands, then we murdered all the people. Then we stole all the riches and spices and were all like: who's the boss now huh? We actually stole so much we accidentally ended up stealing a bunch of people and their freedom. Not knowing what to do with these people we did the same as with the rest of the stuff we stole, we sold them. So now we had ALL the spices in the world, and all the good cooks were either dead or sold like cattle. In the end, we could finally enjoy our crappy food, knowing that everyone else's food (and lives) was just a little bit crappier!

    76. Mega Mech

      Poutine FTW! Eh!!

    77. Tramp19

      Were was Switzerland?

    78. ً ً

      Where is africa wtf?

    79. còwbøysamurái

      3:42 thanks for calling it "naan" and not "naan bread", i cringe every time a foreigner say that

    80. còwbøysamurái

      Indian food is the best

    81. Colton Kilgore

      Anyone catch that egg pun at 0:45? Lol😄

    82. Anonymous Monkey

      That whole video was inaccurate except the part about my country.

    83. mehmehmeh las


    84. madioooh

      3:06 i have watched this 3 times and only now i get the joke. i’m disappointed in myself

    85. CorruptedVoid

      “It has such an expansive menu it can take minutes to find the butter chicken” I cried!

    86. Kiran-Olivier Gérin

      At 0:16 I thought that was Jeremy Clarkson from Top Gear for a second

    87. Daniel George

      American food is basically food that immigrated from other countries...

    88. Edvard Ekhem

      Just gonna come out and say it... Tunnbrödsrulle is so fucking underrated. Like my mom used to make it for lunch when I was a kid. And it’s so fucking stupid how it’s just like bread, mashed potatoes, räksalad (shrimp jam, I kid you not it’s literally like someone decided to make some shrimp jam), two sausages, and some ketchup. Only problem is that the bread always like breaks and your hands get super dirty.

    89. ChangedNames

      Awww man, when you mentioned Middle eastern you shouldve said "Shuwa" hands down best Meat dish in existence. *There is also Chicken and Fish shuwa

      1. Sonia B

        Thank you for taking the time to explain! My fam is Lebanese but we live in US (which is probably why I’ve never heard of it before). Sounds yummy but if I were to try, I would want the real version which I probably won’t find here in US! :)

      2. ChangedNames

        @Sonia B Its from oman. The basic gist of it is 1) taking whole lamb (Cows, Camels, and bulls can also be used) 2) Mixing it with seasoning. 3) Covering it in banana leaves and putting it in a bag made out of palm tree thingy (Forgot what it was) 4) And finally dropping it in a ~5 meter hole that has wood in it, light it up and cover the hole. Finally keep it for a day and the wallah best meat ever. Note: so people in the interior keep dates in the hole a month prior and by the time eid comes the dates would ferment and basically become like alcohol. Also It doesnt have to be a whole day 3 to 6 hours are enough.

      3. Sonia B

        Shuwa? Which Middle Eastern country & what?!

    90. Johnny Booi

      African food: A minute of silence for the starving african kids

    91. Cosmin MF

      Bro romanian food is actually good, we aren't all potatoes and vodka, we ain't poland

    92. Roman Frolov

      I've never heard him happier. 😂

    93. SirGala

      *They’re gonna be-a so jealous*

    94. Gavin's Friend

      i think he hate french and african

    95. Philippe Glaude


    96. Nathan Rojas-Fonseca


    97. DiamondSFM

      Casually explained is the only person that can sell merch that is just a stick figure head on a mug.

    98. Anthony Galvez

      The Latin food one is very true i am basically made of fried food

    99. Milan S

      You forgot Frikadelbroodje in the eastern europe section...

    100. Otto von Bismarck

      I’m Swedish and even I don’t like traditional Swedish food