What really happens when you bleed


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    Published on 13 days ago


    1. dancing doggo

      This to true in my way when I cut myself

    2. El Midgeto

      Ian here do be lookin kinda sus

    3. Kou Vang

      You know....there is a 2 season anime like this. It's call Cells at Work

    4. Drake Brown

      Is Ian a white blood cell

    5. festus ewere

      Good one

    6. Brawn Puckett

      Thank you mister or missus platelets

    7. Elizabeth and idk

      Now every time I bleed I will just think of this...

    8. Bryce Mlinar

      Dawg your videos are hilarious

    9. George Dagel

      Hahaha it's true though

    10. Natalia Vielot

      Freedom is like no single file lines in elementary school now that I’m in middle school or teachers watching us or following us

    11. Vicente Heredia

      It's so funny

    12. Son Goku

      I saw u in king Vader’s video 😏

    13. Star Life

      Blood is blue not red 😂

    14. bethany emberson

      This man is single handededly saving science students their diploma

    15. Epicfury

      These videos help me in science so much

    16. Katie Bandy

      Omg 👁👅👁

    17. Cori Portis


    18. Cori Portis

      Two things why you run like that and the way he hit the door oh my gosh

    19. CTI

      Can I hire the dude who repaired the door? Dude works godspeed jeez

    20. Jacob Stultz

      Wierd and I love it

    21. Gian


    22. 5xp3nsive

      Ya know these videos make me wanna take care of my body more, because I imagine these guys are in my body.

    23. gabriel dominguez

      why are you at corys house

    24. Kyle Grey

      That's a good 1

    25. Mambe


    26. Omar Tarawally


    27. Rayyan animatez

      *"Cells at work flashbacks"*

    28. Ayuzawa Yukina

      😂 I actually enjoy it so much

    29. LukyTreeS YT

      Yes who said its a lie 🤡🤡🤡

    30. casper *

      i can't help but keep wondering why you chose LambDicks as your username.... but hey, we all have our thing. i try not to judge.

    31. Jaxcraft 28

      I love all these inside-body skits.😆

    32. Angela Malone

      These are the best!!!

    33. Marcus White

      The Power Ranger helmet though

    34. Amlxin

      you remind me of young coryxkenshein

    35. E E

      I thought it would’ve been where how in Star Wars if a ship has a hole everyone gets sucked out, I feel that must be what it’s like for red blood cells

    36. Big-Mommy-Milker-Party


    37. Jacinta Gregory

      Its true though

    38. Chopstixz

      I have the same poster😊

    39. Aye Den

      They really made an anime about my wound healing ✋

    40. Mongolia

      I just got cut and scrolled to here

    41. YaZui .I.

      Cells at work be like:

    42. Zachary JONES

      Am I the only one that thinks he look like woka flocka when he was younger

    43. Lash Grant

      I don’t get paper cuts or lead poisoning.

    44. Ochako Uraraka

      Cells at work B like:

    45. Box Ssox

      All I know is that this guys does human body part stuff but I like it

    46. CryxusLome

      This is the fifth vid I've seen. Creative way to inform how the body works. 😂

    47. Gabriel Rodriguez

      What would happen if it was on your ding dong

    48. mikey tmnt


    49. Mad_dy

      What happens when you have hemophilia?

    50. Mintzy Mechanic ツ

      I can stop watching these cids

      1. Mintzy Mechanic ツ


    51. Yukki _

      Cells at work on a budget

    52. Aurora Adams

      More like what happens on my period "As soon as he looks away I'm gonna make a run for it"

    53. Harshita Neog

      Bring out the platelets 😭❤️

    54. LGTEEV

      Me as a blood cell:I'm gonna slip three a crack three the skin. Brain:NOOOOO YOU SHALL NOT DO THAT WE CAN NOT HURT THE HUMAN. Me:*escaped already* Brain:still screeming

    55. Ian Villaluz

      Cells at work in a nutshell

    56. Rea Family

      Where did the sub button go? Oh wait i already subbed lol

    57. David Prince

      That was a fake wasn’t it

    58. David Prince

      They are the same

    59. Big Smoke


    60. Altanna 666

      Then you get a bruise

    61. Jisaiah Urena

      do you have a tiktok?

    62. tristan scott

      You should do a sleep paralysis video. Thats trippy and frightening at the same time. Allergy vide had me dying!

    63. Axel Rod

      So no one is gonna mention that the heart IS A MUSCLE?!

    64. Keith Wrigley


    65. Jesse Martinez


    66. ivan torres

      What happens when you drink nyquil

    67. 선성국BTS

      Watching these videos has become my new regular routine 😂

    68. Naruto Uzumaki

      That's basically the anime cells at work but different

    69. adison hallen

      Just like cells at work the anime

    70. Coco Loco

      “I wasn’t listening to a damn thing” Me in school with every boring/substitute teacher ever

    71. Gablsg

      Well you set me up for my test thanks or ive already done it im so confused with my life 🥲

    72. Animator Poko

      Cells at work be like:

    73. Sophia Stout

      LoL 🤣😆🤣😆😆🤣 this is cute

    74. Humorous Medicine

      Stop posting TikTok on USfilm. TikTok is garbage. USfilm is art.

    75. Mr Baller

      Escaping from Kibutsuji like

    76. Nelson Stone-El


    77. Zero tout cour


    78. Tempest Schepp

      Any one see that red ranger mask!!👌

    79. Cheryl Johnson


    80. Eric ERTO

      Omg so funny I had to subscribe I want more

    81. Wake up Emma

      Valuable education right here

    82. Ethan the Pro

      I fricken love this yt :>

    83. Ben Aldridge

      Who is this guy XD

    84. jack Langton


    85. IllumiZoldyck

      This reminded me of cells at work lmao

    86. SuprisingChurro

      he reminds me of coryxkenshin

    87. llxn_o

      POV: You’re watching the next Cells at Work episode

    88. justin lipps

      The door was really just a band aid

    89. Staci Lamb

      Me when I bleed: licks the blood Red blood cell: where in hell am I??

    90. nikki Tate

      All those classes that you skip go like:

    91. Truth Grace

      This introduces the idea that our red blood cells are somehow hostages

    92. GodMax, Drinker of Tea

      If cells at work ever gets a live action adaptation, we need him

    93. 6 days ago

      cringe asf

    94. Dessi c

      Funny, cute, and accurate lol

    95. ELO-bo-HIM Ministries


    96. Sunflower Gacha

      Nope if your card starts with a m your going to mustle if your card starts with a h your going to heart

    97. Josiah G,

      wait stop Jesus died on the cross for us spread the gospel Jesus loves you very much our father is coming turn to him before it’s too late repent and share God‘s word Jesus loves you ✝️❤️

    98. burstina

      Low-key he sounds and looks like cory

    99. Kathryn Kathlock

      These videos are the bomb