G-Eazy - Hate The Way (Official Video) ft. blackbear

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    G-Eazy “Hate The Way” feat. blackbear: smarturl.it/hatetheway

    Director: Kat Webber
    Executive Producer: Taj Critchlow
    Producer: Fuliane Petikyan
    DP: Xiaolong Lui
    Production Designer: Gody Fusina / Spencer Graves
    Production Company: Fela

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    Published on 6 months ago


    1. Eric Dean

      i fuckin love this song, it came just in time for my new girlfriend..She work 12 hr shifts,Grrrr Lol

    2. Thomas Phiri

      Aka right now

    3. GlockMan945

      Those tats look terrible. Shame. Just do a sleeve. Much better looking than random green tats.

    4. Lina Zymeri

      he wasn't wrong when he said I gave you the world and you twisted it.

    5. Davona Scott

      Wow 😭😭😭 I miss him

    6. doesn't matter meh


    7. Phoenixangel 1111

      Had this song on repeat pretty often. When you're left to pick up the pieces ..damn. this cut deep this wound, not something you can slap a bandaid on. I hope one day you realize the pain you caused me I wish this pain would go away. .my self esteem is in the toilet. sometimes the best love hurts I guess,including one's own lack of self love

      1. Madhav Goyal

        remember this 'TOO' shall pass!!👍

    8. Carlos Damman


    9. Carlos Damman

      Everybody trying to be shady

    10. Carina Parker

      Dude I love this song.

    11. Carina Parker

      Is this about Halsey !?

    12. Alisha Seese

      Do best for you Eazy🤩🥰

    13. hunter lincoln


    14. hunter lincoln

      G your my rap god your replay value might even rival Eminem oh wait you sound better by em

    15. Arjen Wicky

      The only current hip hop jiant

    16. Kim Danya

      Miss your voice man


      I hear you. I hear it all. Wtf...?



    19. Hunter Lincoln

      killing it bro im doing good g thanks to you and the group\family

    20. Phoenixangel 1111

      Does anyone know what she's on in vid? I don't know much about drugs. I've mostly only smoked weed I couldn't see what she had. It looked like a pen but not. Can relate. I had an ex who was addicted to meth and I helped him get sober and gain like 30lbs and then he started relapsing behind my back and cheated on me I care and have love for him still but we aren't together. My heart goes to anyone missing someone ,being in love with someone and can't be with them or a loved one. 🙏🙏💕🕊️🙏

    21. Phoenixangel 1111

      This video is 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥wow. I really like the vid and the song. Perfect colab and visuals and everything. Yesss. True artists can tell stories and do like this, that is a true artist. So genuine. I really respect that.

    22. Phoenixangel 1111


    23. Phoenixangel 1111

      Damn 🙏🙏🎶🎵🔥🔥🙏🙏💪💪✊

    24. Deepanshu Choudhary

      How come this song as less views

    25. MGS-Steve

      Addiction.....some deal better than others.

    26. Ben Russ

      Yall think g eazy would give me tips on how to get his hair

    27. الحمد لله

      Wow this song just reminds me of why I fell in love with Gerald's music back in 2017. It's such a jam 🔥 also his acting skills are so promising

    28. Shay Maldonado

      Hi G Esy says Sussie

    29. Michelle VanDeWalle

      G easy has amazing talent but it's fucking hilarious that he always plays the sober one in his videos

    30. Travis Montana

      I fucking love these guys

    31. Kyla Esqueda


    32. Shawn Tajmul Hasan Partho

      (♥ω♥ ) ~♪

    33. Kalpesh Solanki

      G Eazy .. #onelove

    34. Sebastián Torres Mendoza

      [Chorus: blackbear & G-Eazy] Yeah, I hate the way, the way I always miss you Yeah, I know I'm crazy, but you're sick, too Even after everything we've been through Thought I was the one with all the issues And every time I leave, it's too long And every time I leave, it's all wrong (You know) I hate the way, the way I always miss you (Ayy, yeah) I hate the way, the way I always miss you, yeah (Yeah) [Verse 1: G-Eazy, blackbear] Made a promise to myself, a promise I should stick to Talkin' to myself, I said I promised I would quit you I've been trying to let go, but it's powerful, it grips you First, you think you got control until I see you, can't resist you Know I got my issues, some I won't admit to No one's got the answers, everybody wants to fix you Got this magic 8 ball, but I ain't got no crystal Just don't fall in Courtney Love And don't go Cobain with no pistol (No pistol) It don't take a psychic or a scientist to know that (Know that) Then why the fuck the minute I see you, I always go back? (Go back) The definition of insanity is Yeah, I know that I had a hundred chances to move on, I always I always blow that (I always blow that), yeah I can't seem to find out what's the issue See your face on my Explore and then I miss you Yeah, I said I was finished fucking wit' you I said I hate the fucking way I always [Chorus: blackbear & G-Eazy] I hate the way, the way I always miss you (Miss you) Yeah, I know I'm crazy, but you're sick, too Even after everything we've been through Thought I was the one with all the issues And every time I leave, it's too long And every time I leave, it's all wrong I hate the way, the way I always miss you (Yeah) I hate the way, the way I always miss you, yeah, yeah (Ayy, yeah) [Verse 2: G-Eazy] Lie to myself every time I say that I'm done with you Every day without you passes slower than one with you Two days pass, it's feelin' like a week, this shit is stressful I swear all these helpin' hands ain't even helpful Wishin' I was closer to you, wish you wasn't distant Wishin' I was with you, still wish this shit was different Wishin' we could travel back in time and we could switch it All this pain, wishin' it was something that could fix it Medicate myself, different substances, I mix it Set my limits, try to draw the line and then she sniffs it Never lied, I give you my word and then you twist it Fights outside the club, I think the paparazzi Think the paparazzi flicked it (Think the paparazzi flicked it) Yeah, still can't seem to find out what's the issue Hate the way you talkin' when you with your friends, too Yeah, they don't know about the shit we've been through I said I hate the fucking way I always [Chorus: blackbear & G-Eazy] I hate the way, the way I always miss you (Miss you) Yeah, I know I'm crazy, but you're sick, too Even after everything we've been through Thought I was the one with all the issues And every time I leave, it's too long And every time I leave, it's all wrong I hate the way, the way I always miss you I hate the way, the way I always miss you [Post-Chorus: blackbear] I hate the way, the way I always miss you (I hate the way, the way I always miss you) I hate the way, the way I always miss you I hate the way, the way I always miss you

    35. Abigail Mitchell

      The faded bail individually match because foam rapidly fasten save a lucky pantry. ill-fated, wooden snowstorm

    36. Yovana Garcia

      He sure does and when he spits he spits some real shit!

    37. Lauryn McCarthy

      Did anyone think about the verse "i hate the way the way i always miss you" did anyone think about Halsey?

    38. 066 IT-B Pradeep K B

      Who's still watching for his acting🥺

    39. Helbert silva


    40. Devi Prema

      G eazy is really good. Love him.

    41. Sunshine Love

      Pounder, man this song hit me hard. Thanks for emailing it to me. If you ever read this just know you devastated me 3 years ago. After so many years together, was it worth it? You were my person. And then threw me away like I was someone you never cared about. Any way, you know what you did if you’re reading this. Yea, I miss you on occasion when I think some of the good times.

      1. Ashleyrj walton

        What happened to comment above this one?

    42. Kyla Esqueda

      “A friend loveth at all times, and a brother is born for adversity.” - Proverbs 17:17

    43. Kyla Esqueda

      “Restore us, O LORD God of hosts! let thy face shine, that we may be saved!” - PSALM 80:19

    44. Latana Powell

      #GEazy #blackbear I'm free if you are #Beautiful

    45. Eze Collins

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    46. King of the Fall.

      This gives “These Things Happen” vibes, damn.

      1. Josh O'Brien

        I'm pretty sure this is going on These Things Happen Too

    47. Yovana Garcia


      1. Yovana Garcia

        To you creeps

    48. Daniel Pak

      2:53 Hit me real hard. S/O to everyone who knows the feels.

    49. Łukasz Chmurski

      Yeah G. Ist fck. ☀ Hollywood ♥ Kutas 🐯 🐻 LCH. No forget. By you. GTV. Thaths true. Sheet. Way Note in my fall. ☀. Cheers.


      LOVE LOVE 💘

    51. Larisa Beza

      i love this song,,

    52. cheese mochi

      The arguments getting so wrong when you start miss that person

    53. dezeray Rankin

      my best friend who meant the world to me, he Overdosed 2 weeks ago, he's no longer here. I was too depressed to talk to anyone for months so I found out a few days ago :( that they saw a body bag. I missed the funeral. heartbroken, I lost my dad 4 years ago almost and my mom not even a year its been yet like 10 mo. ago... man it really fucking makes you think about life and the importance of time, love, relationships.. one moment here, tomorrow never promised .. all this materialistic bullshit, money, etc ... fu, time is the MOST VALUABLE thing :( this song really hits some shit i have gone thru G, love always xoxo ❤😢

      1. Elijah Murawski

        Hang in there Dez! I am praying for you!!

      2. Justin Cooper

        When it rains, it pours. If it wasn't for the shitty times, we wouldn't appreciate the good times. Just keep your mind on the grind, cuz nothin good ever comes easy. Eventually things will start to take a turn for the better. Hang in there.

      3. Brett Engel

        I'm sorry for your loss

    54. Bijan Yusefi

      Who wants to be my friend?

    55. Elena Khanjanzadeh

      Oh my gosh:)

    56. Nick Reynolds

      Ain't that the fucking truth👌🖤

    57. seeairuh

      Got chills

    58. William Jackson

      She looks like his ex DEVIN WE LOVE WHAT WE LOVE LUV YA G

    59. Anissa Voskan Grikorian

      White boy x white boy

    60. Jennifer Cole

      Oh do I remember being on that rollercoaster never knowing the ups or downs!! Losing my husband to suicide is heartbreaking tried saving him so many times!

      1. Nick Reynolds


    61. hunter lincoln

      G is the goat screw shady

    62. Ben Russ

      This is my all time fave song even started growing my hair.

    63. Latana Powell

      #GEasy this is my favorite song and Him and I is the runner up for me- Latana- Poise N Ivy, PoisoNIvy

    64. Latana Powell

      #GEasy you remind of my ex-husband. He was the most handsome man I knew

    65. Kruz Blind

      g-eazy & blackbear never miss 🔥 make a fucking mixtape sheesh

    66. Johnathan Cornwell

      I love this song i keep on replaying it

    67. Divine Mystical Guidance & Inspiration Arclala

      The code is here ...711

    68. Andres Tierradentro

      Godly song

    69. DANNY D

      G-Eazy 🔥

    70. Marco Polo

      Singing this to my opiods

    71. Petra Tučková


    72. William S Reed

      So your music makes me smile would like to hear more

    73. die soon

      still miss you 🌹

    74. Jesus Queriapa

      Can anyone tell me why the fuck G eazy went to that sound in that last album. Never looked into it but it was during quarantine when it came out. My dumb theory is that he popped some acid or something cause can we all agree that the album was trash. As G fan since the outsider and beyond the mixtapes he put out like in da lab he did a complete 180. Just looking for honest opinion. This made me feel good that he isn't continuing that auto tune garbage.

      1. Brea Hunt

        I’m gonna give it another listen and come back and tell you what I think because I’ve been listening since right before he blew up. Saw him live at Electric Forest and had been listening to his early stuff and it was one of the best shows because he put on such a good show and his dj even killed it between sets lol. But I’m not one of those choose to be deaf fans that makes excuses for their faves.

    75. Tanishaq Kumar


    76. Immsal Jamian

      This song sad

    77. PapaFreezy

      WTF !!!

    78. roopali pahwa

      I love this song ,,,,,, remind me of someone everytime i listen to this😣

      1. M e n e k s e


      2. MoonGamer Kass

        Same. Don’t worry we will get over him

    79. Khari

      Before you ignore this remember that everyone started from somewhere. I made a track called ⚔️"Dueling Dragons" 🐉. For years I wanted to be a musician but fear always made me say "My time is too late, I missed my shot" so at 26 I became fed up with the day to day, moved to rural japan 🎎🗻 and started putting out music. This song is all about the good vs. the bad. One minute you're focused, the next meeting you are distracted. One minute you are planning for great things, next minute you are wallowing in your sorrows. The beat is from Japan! The artwork is from Russia 🇷🇺 the instrumental is from the superb Dutch producer 🇳🇱 the lyrics are from America 🇺🇸and the temptation is from Germany🇩🇪 , so I hope that you enjoy the show! It's quite theatrical. We also created a new genre Hip-hop + City Pop #CityHiphop. usfilm.info/fire/l65ujJ97jaSco50/video.html

    80. Ashutosh Porichha


    81. Anshulika Singh

      This video deserve billions of views.... LOVE IT❤️...

    82. [Lorraine] [Lawless]

      He is gorgeous!

    83. Andreea F

      This song is for her... ( Halsey) You made it ! ❤👏 dont' stop love and sing.

    84. Pradeep Singh Hada

      Love you bro you are damnnn legendary rap❤️

    85. Prashant Sanadhya

      gotta a vibe 🌠🌠🔥🔥🔥🔥

    86. Authentic 17

      G easy that man!! west coast rider stuck down south u heard..

    87. 13LION_KING13 TV

      So good 👍

    88. Tina Abuee

      Isn't the girl hailey from florida project?

    89. Vũ Mạnh Đạt

      0:52 Helga is that you ? It's me Floki

    90. Megan Kosik

      Love this song ! He might be the most beautiful man I have ever seen ever. I can't get past the lyrics and his voice. Boy you got me fucked up.

    91. Adina Munteanu-Doca


      1. Adina Munteanu-Doca

        It is a Von Dutch cap ,👏

    92. watch it


    93. Lee Rowdon

      Different people come together and good things happen!!!!!!!

    94. Lee Rowdon

      Top ranking, flow is so good and yea he got it. Yea he should b makin more money!!!!!!!!

    95. Mandie Booth

      Thank you gta.

    96. Mandie Booth

      I hate the way I miss you.

    97. Mandie Booth


    98. Mandie Booth

      Beautiful. Sorry!

    99. Mandie Booth

      B E U tee ful as fUuuuuuuuggg ugggg

    100. Mandie Booth

      I love you💔