SCAM: Arizona Election Fraud Testimony | Good Morning #MugClub

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    Steven gives a recap of the most important allegations leveled in yesterday's marathon hearing on Arizona voter fraud. He then highlights the Democrats' flip-flop on election security since 2016. Lastly, he reviews some of the latest news on COVID, including the retracted Johns Hopkins article.
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    1. StevenCrowder

      Do you remember the media's widespread allegations that Russians "hacked" the election in 2016 when they had zero evidence? And does it make it harder to believe them now when they claim voter fraud is impossible?

      1. Christopher Scott

        Steven Crowder is a sell out. He cherry picks facts and propagates lies to enrich himself. He doesn’t give a rat’s ass about America and its institutions if it ends up hurting his income. It’s all about the bottom line for him. If anyone seriously challenged Crowder’s claims, Crowder would be exposed as a fool and a fraud. We deserve better people than Crowder.



      3. Corey

        That was actually true and proven to be true

      4. Ashley Marie

        @Salihu Dickson I’m not going to waste time arguing my points with someone who clearly has their mind made up. You didn’t say anything else to my other examples and you asked for 3. I gave you 3 examples plus some. Don’t agree. That’s fine with me. But watch some conservative videos and then follow the paper trail of their resources in the descriptions that will usually lead you too exactly where the information originated from, and you’ll find what you’re seeking. Unless you’re an antagonist trying to nit pick and start long drawn out discussions with people you simply don’t agree with and aren’t willing to research it yourself. There are ample examples and resources if your willing to look. You can give long detailed and drawn out explanations as too why you believe what you do. Why not try and read/watch articles and videos from the opposition’s point of view and just for an instance, try and imagine what we believe and do your research based on that mind set and maybe that will help you be more open minded and open too the fact that legacy media, big tech ect. are straight up lying too everyone to watches them and takes them at their word as a reputable and trustworthy source of information.🙄

      5. Salihu Dickson

        @An Ominous Anonymous who are the multiple people that verified it and how did they do so? By saying it?

    2. Darth Vader

      Democrat don't steal the election from winner.. jeja vu. Norm McDonald

    3. One

      Right wing white men tears you people need to wake up...

    4. Maury Chacon

      Good job crowder, you’ve come a long way, with your entourage of weird nerds. This is fucking weird 😂

    5. Maury Chacon

      This is fucking ridiculous 😂 I’d call it grasping at straws but y’all gripping wood

    6. B C

      Fox News is fake news for disabling comments when Trump's failures show

    7. B C

      Fox News is fake news for disabling comments when Trump's failures show

    8. Da Slapahoe

      Would that be generation X.... Lol... Fraud is the name of the game, the vacant lot is next door to the cemetary...

    9. Mathin3D

      You lost. Deal with it!

    10. Zach Morgan

      That kicks pretty historic

    11. Zach Morgan

      Where are your new videos?

    12. Caden Williams

      At least Brian Stelter done a show that wasn’t about Russian Collusion.

    13. 八起き七転び

      Bye, bye, ORANGE POTATO!

    14. Petra Flanders

      “girl power”😂😂😂😂😂

    15. Josiah Motyka


    16. Shea Thomas

      Trump lost 59 out of 60 cases, failed time after time to present this evidence and people are STILL claiming fraud? how stupid are you people?

      1. Amir Mohammed

        Will it now? Even after Mike Pence certified it?

      2. Rotten to the Core

        Democrat judges... The evidence will present...

    17. Aaron Meier

      Can somebody tell me how many people in the Bible fought against evil tyranny let me give some names. King David, Abraham, Moses, I don't know maybe the whole Bible David had so much blood on his hands he couldn't build the temple

    18. Cringe Theory

      A squid kick? Sounds like a name for getting kicked in the dick (without hitting the balls)

    19. John Campanella

      Crowder!! You need a new election video for all the new stuff that ha happened!!

    20. Clay Fryer

      More mug

    21. Timothy Roy

      also, [pastor Greg Locke is a Christian constitutionalist

    22. Timothy Roy

      this is why (though i love my pastor, he is one of the best pastors i know) I'm not going to church until they stop saying we can pray on one another, or have a choir, so i save up missed tithe that I'll give when they allow people back in the sanctuary. and my pastor doesn't like or agree and would rather not practice social distancing, or mask wearing. it's his wife and the other people he listens to who are trying to enforce those rules on the congregation. also, for churches there are counsels of pastors. they tried to sue Virginia for asking us to wear masks on the basis of discrimination. instead of religious liberty. then said on the bulletin, what they are asking us to do (IE not have a choir, sit in your car outside, wear a mask and don't pray on people) is not unlawful or unscriptural, i love my pastor and hate the state counsel. personally, I'm working to become a pastor after i finish helping my parents pay 2 car payment and then help them get a better house instead of a broken down trailer, then help them with the house payments until we can drop down the minimum payment amount, low enough that they can pay for it, then save up money to go to seminary school, ad become a pastor. i live in Virginia, with a stupid governor and a treason-ness attorney general. pray for me God's favor for a steady decent paycheck as a dish washer for Virginia tech

    23. Evan Thomas

      Jeff calls his family in Florida like a diaper self-absorbed and full of crap he will never kiss they're rotten ass good for him

    24. OreosmitMilch

      This is something that I feel like people dont understand or know. Constitutional rights are not unattackable, they can be restricted with the right enabling act. I still do not think its right to create laws and mandates for everyone but exclude the few

    25. Rafał Kuwik

      Hi YT algorithm, could you please pass this over? Thanks.

      1. lonny W

        You are the problem

    26. gingerGl1tch

      Steven you got me so bad with the C.S. Lewis comment. It hurts.

    27. MaRz Briszl

      I kinda don’t get it they say there are these ballets that should be discounted but where is the proof

    28. Paul Tovar

      I wonder how many fake trump votes are there

      1. Paul Tovar

        @bob you got that right cause he lost

      2. bob

        A lot less than the Biden ones

    29. Lance Domdey

      "Now I'm not saying I'm Jesus, I haven't mowed enough lawns yet"! Crowder is to FN Quick! Love ya Man!

    30. Tyler L

      Thank god we have louder with crowder. He is so unbiased in his interpretations of politics

    31. mikhail melnik

      Dam. I agree and it pisses me off!! Like I never read comments or wright them but I had to say it here

    32. Lillian Pruitt


    33. Erich Schiller

      "Tucksclusive" is my new favorite thing. Lol

    34. SterlingPGillis

      Having a difficult time finding most resent shows?

    35. Trumpy Clock

      *Today* *is* *the* *13th* *of* *December* *2020.* *There* *are* *37* *days* *20* *hours* *38* *minutes* *and* *58* *seconds* *remaining* *until* *Joe* *Biden* *is* *inaugurated.*

    36. J B

      American Dems: Voter Fraud Doesn't Exist! Me, A Canadian With More Than 5 Brain Cells: Yeah, Totally... But seriously though, in 2019 we had interference from FaceBook and over 3500 cases of voter fraud that we even know about. Heck there's probably way more that the media still hasn't told people about and never will.


      steven looking like Nathan drake

    38. numberyellow

      11:00 - Bill Nye is too busy pushing social justice nonsense, to do anything worthwhile..

    39. Connor Stilwell

      "I wanna see the comment section loose its mind."

    40. Chris Pepper

      Right ans the evidence is??????? Where. DEEP STATE

    41. fr 1

      This country is dying

    42. Tara Grignano


    43. Michael Farewell

      Keep up the great work.


      Sore losers

    45. Ashley Plamondon

      Just commenting for the sake of commenting go Trump.

    46. KP

      Does Joe Louis have any nicknames?

    47. Jonathan MacLeod

      Trump 2020 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

    48. Portia Clowdis

      Commenting for the USfilm mind control algorithm

    49. Krystal Gulbransen

      Merry Christmas! My husband is a mug club member but I want a mug too. How do I get one?

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    54. Michael

      I like cheese

    55. Jeremy Bosl

      Comment - F&%$ USfilm

    56. Shelly Mendez

      Crowder ur amazing!!!!!🙏

    57. Jack Lazzell

      The fact Che k on this takes you to the archives and the first thing it says is that the votes will be counted January 6 from a link saying they are already counted.

    58. Larry Lain

      Hello LWC

    59. jimg33

      Sorry Republicans. You’re idiot candidate lost. He lost. The results aren’t going to be overturned. The evidence they have presented doesn’t prove widespread voter fraud. He lost. He is gone for good. So while you will spend the rest of your lives screaming voter fraud from the rooftops, it isn’t going to change the fact that he lost, and it never will.

    60. Tom Arneson


    61. Chandler Bowman


    62. Hayden Stallman


    63. Amanda Martorano

      Biden eats flavorless gelatin

      1. Shelly Mendez


    64. Joel White



      Soon as I get in from work the first thing I do is catch the recorded stream, y’all make my day much better after paving roads all day....

    66. Cheryl Bidwell

      I watch you on Blaze, but I came to USfilm to like and comment on as many vids as I can...

    67. Jack Campbell

      One of my teachers in middle school called me sexist because I said she was dressed up as a nurse for job day or something, and she said she was a doctor even though she didn't have the lab coat on and she immediately said "Just because I'm a woman I can't be a doctor?" The lengths some of these people go to is asinine.



    69. Mike Diggs

      Comment now

    70. Alice Borge

      So thankful for your show!

    71. Zett Abit

      election fraud is real

    72. Nicole Wilbanks

      USfilm sucks! Crowder rocks!

    73. S K

      Go Rudy!🎶, Go Rudy!🎶

    74. John Robinson

      You asked to comment so I did!

    75. Janelle E

      Does it help if I comment a million times? Or is it the same as only 1 comment?

      1. Shelly Mendez

        I think it's the same as one

    76. Janelle E

      Get some!

    77. Mrs Wolf


    78. Ray Carty

      SC ... feckin epic!!!

    79. Cynanbloodbane

      Free Speech, try it youtube.

    80. Alex Schomaeker

      Zero evidence!

    81. Hotcakes

      It bothers me that the only reason Geralds shirt is not buttoned up is because the top button broke off.

    82. Dennis Allard

      Great work guys - we are all fighting the fight- no elections? No country

    83. DimShell

      I'm tired of USfilm's "fact checks" on videos, so I've been clicking on "Send Feedback" and sending them the following message: "The AP is a news organization; it does not have the authority to call a Presidential race."

    84. LeadGin

      Shitters full

    85. Lucky Luke

      US should never be involved in any other countries vote, not as a monitor or commentator.

    86. Joe Ang

      2016: Trump wins election ... repubs to dems -- "this is democracy. Once the president is decided shut up and get behind him"...... 2020: Biden wins election ... repubs to dems --" THE ELECTION WAS STOLEN"

    87. Tattoo Master

      Good work sir

    88. Robert Morrison

      The left is fighting to give their rights away......I never thought of that way, but it's true and they are doing it willingly. Fla. doesn't lock down..death rates go down, States that lock down...death rates go up.....Personally, I think the Government is testing the waters and see if people will rise up against the rights being violated or will they just follow blindly to the slaughter house.

    89. Alex Castanon

      I love how they fight so hard for this BS but there fellow man gets treated wrong its like, eh

    90. Cosmic Swazzy

      These Dems are willingly trying to destroy our country

    91. Sam s

      Vacant lot Trump voters got me 😂

    92. Tina Szegedi

      Good morning Steven, not sure if you will even see this? Yesterday and today 12/8/20 you have asked for us to comment, I took a picture of my screen, there was nowhere for me to go in order to comment, I had to go back to last weeks show in order for me to comment? Not sure what there doing to you to silence you and your viewers? I LOVE your show! Thank you for making me laugh and providing me honest information.

    93. Byron Prange

      Male teachers went out with the paddle among other things.

    94. Benjamin Sadleir

      Pride goeth before the fall.

    95. Mark Vogel


    96. William Mitchell

      Love the videos.

    97. Melissa Paulik

      Thank you for not being afraid to go through the details! We are starving for them.

    98. Deborah Hoke


    99. Marla O. M.P.A.

      Great show.