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    In today’s video, I’m doing some online makeup shopping… BLINDFOLDED!!! I bought an entire full face of makeup and I won’t know what I actually ordered until the package arrives at my doorstep!! What do you think of the products I bought and the final look? Enjoy and don't forget to thumbs up and subscribe!
    the first ONLINE Blindfolded Shopping video I could find was by 💞
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    💻 Doing LADY GAGA'S Makeup! ►
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    Visuals & sound by Studio Beng Beng: studiobengbeng
    ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ I love you.

    Published on 2 months ago


    1. NikkieTutorials

      *HOW DID I DO??*

      1. harry styles

        You guys are so cuteeeee

      2. harry styles

        Amazing period!!!!

      3. Isabella Cammarata

        Even when little lashes you still look as a queen 👑

      4. migue24

        Your Bf is Gorgeous!! Lucky couple!! 😍🥰

      5. Rita Q

        Awesome!!! I want more of this, and more of you and Dylan of he is up to it, you two make the cutest couple, the videos turn out so enjoyable to watch🥰

    2. Franchezka Mae


    3. KittyKat Attack

      4:15 minutes in and I saw what setting powder she picked. OOOHHH NOOOO. That’s the first/only setting powder I bought and I REGRET IT. I did my makeup once and asked my dad to take some pictures. He had flash on and i ended up with a REFLECTIVE FACE. Thought it was just a simple mistake and did my makeup a couple more times with it and each time I would have a safety vest for a face that you could spot with car headlights a mile away. 😭😭 Bet she gonna have the same issue oh nooo Update: ...🤭 she pretty much said “Oh no honey this isn’t gonna work.” That’s a mood.

    4. Hendro Rizky

      Too adorable, so cute together.

    5. ku gh

      Only a man with a vagina will be with a woman with a penia

    6. Angela Aguinaga


    7. Cathy Sanchez

      You and your husband are just so cute together ! I swear only USfilmr that I will watch the whole video without leaving or skipping g through it!!

    8. G G.

      Can anyone tell me their age difference?

    9. Chelle Nalehp

      i like that Post Malone song a lot ya kno the where its like "de da say de da say" it's like ummmm oh!!!, it's called ZONNEBLOEM let me guess; ever used the dutch word otd the exact same way? figures! i'll never be clever

    10. Chelle Nalehp

      damn man wish i could get to the point of life where i can blindfold pick stuff & paying for it isn't a worry of mine

    11. Melissa Miller

      I have an idea for a new challenge put on makeup with no ring lights.

    12. Angela Ingram

      I love how honest you are. You have inspired me to play with make up again at 55 yrs old. Love you Nikkie. X

    13. Chri stine M

      I have literally never seen a more adorable couple. U got a good one. He treats u well and the way he looks at you is pure love. I'm so happy for you y'all ❤️. And YOUR SOOO TALENTED JEEZ 💯

    14. Dinda Sonaloka Asghar

      Both of you look gorgeous! 😍

    15. Mandi Knott

      Me and I'm home or a big fan of you I made so I can't do makeup on my mom can but I only wear makeup whenever I have a dance rehearsal or just for whenever there is weddings which only happened a little bit of time but my Mom is old enough to do makeup!!!

    16. David Jonathan

      Love how Nikkie scrolls past all the Jeferee Star products 🤣

    17. Saahir Mawani

      nikkie: not to prime is a crime also nikkie: doesnt use eye primer

    18. Hannah B

      You did so good I like the eyes

    19. ras still

      1:44 am I the only one going crazy over this one piece reference

    20. MakoDewy

      Does anyone know where to buy the sunflower / zonnebloem sweater?

    21. Guadalupe Montelongo

      Isn’t this powder where flashback mary came from. ??

    22. Icy the kitten


    23. 12memomo

      You crushed it. Somehow you found your shade in the foundation? That’s a miracle and a half.

    24. Dennis van Beijeren

      Where can we see you in the Netherlands?

    25. cocobeauty geekoficial

      Haha😁😁😁😁😁😁😂😂😂😂 omg ..she's so fucken funny laght of the mfd lol..great video baby girl

    26. MyKayla Crossley

      You guys are too cute

    27. Erik Mandigo

      Cant get enough of this video

    28. Gerdien Plomp

      Om te gillen!!! Hahahaha ik heb je vanmorgen pas ontdekt. Ik lach me ziek hahaha heerlijk maf mens💖😂🤣😅

    29. Joel Wilson

      Where can I find my own Mr tutorials 🥺😍

      1. MakoDewy

        Idk but I want one too lol

    30. Chung Pink


    31. S. Shivangi

      The way Dylan said ROIMRE6KPG... I'm sobbing !! Especially when he goes kpg😂😂😂😂😂

    32. Jessica Barnes

      Pumpkin spice latte with glitter in it. 😉

    33. Nikki Black

      I love seeing the two over you together! You're both so stinkin cute!!!

    34. Mackensie Smith

      He is so handsome. You deserve the world Nikkie. And this look turned out amazing wtf

    35. Lushano Bodenstein

      Artistic talent and skill unmatched ❤️ well done

    36. Jessica Villacorta

      You two are so stinking cute.... I love his voice ancient idk what you call it I love you two !!!!!!!!!

    37. Yoon Min

      Why do those eyelashes look really pretty with the eyeshadow look

    38. gherrera10050

      Is that a funko pop closet?

    39. Ashley Guthrie

      First time I have ever seen her do her brows on camera

    40. Lesedi Masekela

      Nikki is like a young Afrikaans teacher, after all Afrikaans is from Dutch

    41. Alicia 666

      Please do more of these videos they r so funny xxxxx

    42. Lewis Williams

      I need a Dylan 😭

    43. Flor Tedesco

      The foundation could have ruined this video so badly haha

    44. LA ML

      Ur mans is so funny and cute! You picked a good one!

    45. LA ML

      You’re so funny😭😭

    46. LA ML

      You’re so FRIKEN pretty girl I cannot!!!!!!

    47. Eclesy's Galaxy

      seeing you and your fiance together makes me so happy

    48. Marco Alessandroni

      Can we see more videos with Dylan pleaseeeee?

    49. Zara Zen

      Love the burnt orange nails gurl!!!

    50. creepydude94

      Using all the product!* (minus the setting powder) The only thing lacking from the finished product is bigger lashes. what a shame, what a shame.

    51. Lisa Sayler

      You too are so cute together

    52. Strands 4life

      I just love when they speak Dutch 😱

    53. Mery Gomez Burgos

      OMG! Both of you are very funny and talented! This video is great and the make-up you used is 💯 kisses!

    54. Brayam Perez

      That lipcolor was IT!! Fits you amazingly

    55. Emiejg

      Nikkie's face when the foundation said 'natural' I DIED - we stan a full-coverage queen

    56. Blackoreanfemale

      Nikki has a fiance? Where have i been. CONGRATULATIONS 💕

    57. Aybüke Gökçe Yavaş

      Everybody needs a Dylan

    58. Merlina Azul

      This video was so fun!! Love seeing the way you two interact ❤️

    59. Yesmijn Wind

      I love it when you do video's together you should do it more often its so cute

    60. Eva Madrigal-Soto

      I just love Dylan so so much... He's adorable 💜💜💜 so happy for you, Mr and Ms Tutorials 💜💜

    61. Wonder Aka

      I love how you lift your head up with the blindfold when talking with Dylan, it reminds me of the Muppets, which i love! This video made my night ❤️

    62. Gigi Radderz

      I had the exact same issue with that setting powder

    63. Venom Ghoul

      Nobody: Nikkie: total darkness just like my soul Me: low-key mood tho

    64. Nikki Moon

      Is anyone else getting Loey Lane vibes from this look? ❤️😍

    65. Camila Rincon

      Idky but that lip color combo was really pretty lol

    66. Bisexual J

      Dylan is so adorable aww

    67. OhNoItsNoe

      I kinda thought he was your baby brother

    68. Cle216

      Did you ever live in the US or Canada? Your accent is so perfect.

    69. Nellie DeMeerleer

      I wish I was good at doing my own makeup... this look is SO pretty for fall... but I could never recreate it on my face. ☹️🍁🍂

    70. I don’t know why I’m commenting this, but,

      By the title of the video I thought it was you doing makeup on your fiancé while you were blindfolded

    71. Pra

      „Schatz!“ ♥️

    72. eaden taylor

      what are you gonna do with all this left over makeup Nikki x

    73. Riley Schmid

      Quarantine improvisation. Love you mr and mrs tutorials ❤

    74. Feral Animation

      how does she get her hair so perfectly in place 😍

    75. vina otuh

      this is why ever challenge looks easy with Nikkie. because she was born for it, her soul and the makeup it selves, they are meant to be. it’s easy for her because that is what she is

    76. c Jones


    77. Κάτια Μαυροκεφάλου

      Nyx HD loose powder is literally the worst product I've ever purchased, the flashback is very obvious, and the smell is very chalky, their worst product ever.

    78. Nichole Cicchillitti

      Dylan is a snack

    79. Princess Huddini

      Why is that powder like that?? Omg imagine going to an event thinking your makeup looks one way and then looking like a mess under different lights.

    80. cupcake Adventures

      They are couples ago they’re so cute to I can’t wait till they get married I’m so happy for them.

    81. Cindy David

      This video was sooo good please do it again do it again DO IT AGAIN !!!!

    82. Don’t mind Me

      There such a cute couple ❤️❤️❤️

    83. Karmico11

      Meine Mutter nennt mich Schatz XD

    84. stephanie cook

      This is one of my favorite looks. She's so talented!

    85. Rick Gabriél in RickGabéSound

      Moral of the Story : the Makeup Artist matters more than the selection.

    86. Nathalia Meucci

      You both are my favourite couple in the entire world, you're so cute

    87. Morgan Brammer

      when they first put the blind fold off 😂💀

    88. chloe obrien

      Sorry but I LOVE that bronzer on her wow

    89. JenniferBaby K

      Transformers, more than meets the eye....

    90. Kai Fuhrmann

      love how she just chucks the packaging

    91. Kai Fuhrmann

      Nikkie when the foundation says natural *makes ewwwwww face*

    92. ItsBeeezy

      Everything is perfect until I seen the missing pinky fingernail at the end. Other than that, FLAWLESS!

    93. Tiana Murphy

      Just line zoro

    94. Crystal Shabazian

      5:55 what she said "is it AS FULL COVERAGE..." what i heard "is it ASSHOLE COVERAGE"

    95. Lucero Jimenez Makeup

      OMG I love it!!

    96. Morgan Ashley

      Ok so I really kinda wanna see a Nikki Tutorials Full Face of Wet n Wild ???

    97. Jayson Abanag

      yasss nicki it's the lashes for me 💗❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😅😂

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      Her eyes give the griffindor look

    99. elix's safe place

      This made me laugh so much and also melted my heart ❤

    100. Dani Greenfairy

      I love when Dylan is in videos