Cody and Noel Do: Drunk Baking

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    Have you ever wondered what Shrek's a**hole looks like?
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    Cody and Noel Do: Drunk Baking

    Published on 11 days ago


    1. maylen espinoza

      9:50 Me: There’s no way noel is winning lmao Noel: “fucking bitchass talking shit on your stupid ass phone, where you watching this? during your lunch? shut up.” Me watching this on my phone at work during my lunch: I...

    2. Bacon Eater

      Please stop touching your hair while baking 😩

    3. Victoria Scott

      they represent the two opposite extremes of the quarantine hair spectrum.

    4. bella reyes

      "Half a teaspoon of vanilla, Alright Cody spit in this" 😆😂🤣

    5. Xriqq

      You 2 on a team vs josh making a candybar

    6. Mia Modafferi

      why is this so funny

      1. Mia Modafferi

        the fucking tasting part im dead

    7. Kira Audrey

      I’m dying

    8. Amy Stuart

      Stopped about halfway through and drove to Timmies for a double chocolate donut.... XD

    9. Aleah A.

      cody licked the fork twice, put it back in the glaze, and then fed it to his friends. EPIC CHUNGUS MOMENT

    10. Aleah A.

      i don’t even know what part of the video to comment because every part made me laugh hysterically lmaooo

    11. Hamza Chaudhry

      17:26 the guy in the middle looks like Alex Albon

    12. Lydia DeRaimo

      i just watched the american school system fail them completely

    13. Kate Roberts


    14. Maddie Jenkins

      “half a teaspoon of vanilla... alright cody spit in this”

    15. Rachel Ellingson

      I wasn’t prepared for this video... but I needed it in my life. Had me dying the whole time!

    16. Nadirah Hanim

      Invite your girls. They give instructions but yall dont know what you're making. Make it chaotic!

    17. Ink Splatter TV

      pov youre watching this while wasted... or is that just me?

    18. player jr

      Bro who tf watches this and chooses to DISLIKE it. Is everything okay at home if u do bro?

    19. Jordan Cheechoo

      This was the first time I've ever been disappointed with noel and Cody. I was thinking they were goingto get drunk and bake but no ... lame ... ill get over it... Still a good video

    20. Zach McPhail

      I died laughing at this shit

    21. Julianna Beckman

      That was funny as balls Thanks fellas 🤓

    22. Tristarr Hernandez

      “Talking shit on your stupid ass phone. Where are you watching this? During your lunch??” Me: on my phone during my lunch 👀

    23. Aryan Fakhrai

      Noel sells eighths for $20

    24. absolute scronch

      this is the best video ive ever seen

    25. maya loza

      fucking incredible ahahaha

    26. Zack Erickson

      I love how 75% of what Noel says is *beep*

    27. Joel Shaju

      idk man im not tryna be a hater, but I really dont fw Noel. I feel like he's always tryna overpower Cody and Codys just being too nice about it

    28. Alisha Davison

      "I feel like a goldfish"

    29. David Martinez


    30. Angel Lemus

      They are so hilarious, I love these guys.

    31. Matt latt

      Wasn’t really expecting Cody to exclame “epic chungus moment” but here we are

    32. kylie s

      the two extremes of quarantine hair

    33. Albert Lopez Penalver

      the eyes make it look like goldeneye graphics

    34. Hildy Tanner

      why did it go completely unnoticed when cody asked why noel knew what his fingers tasted like and he said “you remember that time you took out my tonsil stones for me” wtf

    35. dark matter

      I'm convinced these two just share a brain cell when they're together which is why a software engineer would suddenly not know math

    36. julia holcomb

      "this is what it looks like when shrek [bleep] [bleep] [bleep]"

    37. julia holcomb

      was this video sponsored by whole foods or something

    38. dinonuggets1823

      Why’s noels whisk so fucking big

    39. Herson Ricardo Alarcon

      Hahahaha the math part was awesome!!

    40. MenialAce1


    41. Taylor Gibbs

      My initials are TMG and that’s my biggest flex

    42. Diego Nunez

      12:05 when noel started acting like a fish lmfaoo

    43. Spicy_Jesus69

      0:00 Noels got that BCM (Big Chrome Mixer)

    44. Marie Baird

      I'm afraid to watch codys vids without headphones cus of their jokes. My mom would most def not understand

    45. Emily Flatearth

      This video was dope

    46. Elisabeth Heras

      this is immaculate with headphones

    47. Courtlyn Tolbert

      I'm convinced that their just the same people split into 2 different bodies

    48. Matt

      what did it feel like after

    49. Allison Hernandez

      this is so chaotic, the only thing i have to suggest is to pack your flour

    50. Gaetano van Esch

      this lightning tho

    51. Lily Gallagher

      I KNOW cody did not just say epic chungus moment AHAHHHAHHAHA

    52. Ezekiel Amaterasu

      I'd watch them in a 'fan only'

    53. jake vella


    54. Alex Bedolla

      “How you know how my fingers smell”😂😂

    55. Hope Elizabeth


    56. Clay Smith

      For a second I thought it was Airrak was pulling up to taste them😂

    57. Cort Letcher

      "this is hard as shit" "ya i cant help myself" shhahahahaha

    58. K a r i l e n a

      Amazing, i was laughing my ass off watching the whole video. Great Job guys! xx

    59. Dash

      Funniest video I've watched in a while

    60. Mail Nivlem

      Noel got 8ths for 20 fool doesn’t even burn

    61. paige rerekura

      literally THE funniest thing I've watched in a long time

    62. Aly Millane

      12:21 bro WHAT

    63. Tessa B

      me watching this on my lunch break at work: 👁👄👁 9:56

    64. Shai Adae

      Cody and Noel this whole video: 👁 👁 👁 👁 👄 👄

    65. CptSG

      damn I am watching this during my lunch lol

    66. Emily Gadjim

      not me getting dizzy watching this

    67. Kiera

      I love this friendship. It’s so wholesome.

    68. Kybaliel

      Do more of this, it's perfect

    69. ash

      i don't know a better duo than them

    70. marchi fleming

      Are donuts supposed to crunch??

    71. Tara

      @8:50 Cody still traumatised by the Gym Tickle

    72. Ella Rose

      This is so cooked.

    73. H P

      This editing is elite

    74. Jen_the _Real_One

      Aw Cody has such ocd🤣🤣

    75. iamjusta lizard

      "Yours tastes like a salted pretzel." With that DELIVERY I'm dying

    76. Nina Bron

      idk why but THIS video is the one that convinces me Noel is Filipino

    77. daniel grover

      noel is in seventh grade in this video

    78. Umi Perez

      Clicked on this solely because their name is “tiny meat gang” gang

    79. Valerie Lewis

      they're so funny man i'm so glad they're famous

    80. Faith Goldie

      watching this drunk is a trip and a half

    81. Emily An

      That was brilliant.. thank you!!!?

    82. Naomi Sprague

      an eighth for twenty bucks ???? shi i'll take that deal

    83. Guy Collishaw

      "They're both equally not that good" is the best way I've heard anything described, ever hahaha.

    84. Bichen Up Ur -

      You know they're still the best duo despite the 30 year age gap

    85. angel n

      Cody and Noel Do: me

      1. Emily An

        cook drunk pls

    86. RickyGoreMusic

      7:07 the United States government when a middle eastern country exists

    87. Chelsey Bernardelli


    88. anushka yadava

      did noel just say he can't fuck with almond milk?

    89. Fjank

      Lol cant take then seriously with those glasses

    90. Cass Chris

      Noel: taking off his glasses and stares at Cody Cody: were u checking me out?? Noel: nO

    91. Shrey Tripathi

      Patition to bring that's cring back

    92. gracelynn 1124

      why is noel so god damn FINE

    93. Sarah Giroux

      yo i started laughing within the first minute :')))

    94. Emma Victoria

      “Half a teaspoon of vanilla... alright, Cody spit in this” 😭 LMFAO

    95. Emma Victoria

      “needs half a teaspoon of vanilla... okay, cody spit in this” LMFAO😭😭

    96. Sachi Wachi


    97. Suranjana Chatterjee

      Cody and Noel, looking at their phones with those glasses on, remind me of my grandparents with cell phones

    98. Jrenee

      Drop the pod cast do this every week

    99. chrizellio

      cook drunk pls

    100. kokochan

      whose kitchen is this?