Nintendo Direct - 2.17.2021


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    Tune in to a Nintendo Direct presentation featuring roughly 50 minutes of information focused on available games like Super Smash Bros Ultimate and games coming to Nintendo Switch in the first half of 2021.
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    Published on 20 days ago


    1. Rosa Contreras

      Hola sin ofender soy j. Gran seguidor de nintendo y me prugunto si se posible una pequeña posibilidad de incluir al juego de amon us por super smash bros ultimate solo lo pregunto

    2. Zeke Knighton

      Thanks for another unbelievable unbalanced game wrecker. Online is unbearable now Smash bros isnt fun when you make it unfair, hero, steve and them, fix them, pls i beg you, they just autowin spam at any level and win

    3. Jani Condrey

      Please don’t delete Mario on March 31

    4. Game Master 2106

      Hey Nintendo i have experienced a glitch in super Mario 3D word plus bowsers fury bowser keeps on spawning and he never goes away I tried resetting it I did not work can you please patch it

    5. Jonah Tailor


    6. Block Head

      Cuz i love that game

    7. Block Head

      Is Beam NG Drive coming to switch?

    8. Gigamarx4`213

      Nintendo, can we have Donkey Kong Country 6 or a remake of DK64 next? Donkey Kong is 40 this year.

    9. Boxlox

      Wait.. There will be amiibo on miitopia?

    10. Vampature


    11. GPLAYS


    12. Oliver Bartolata

      waiting for genshin impact to come

      1. Antoine

        @Alex Cade fr lmao

      2. Alex Cade


      3. Antoine


    13. Adam Fairbairn

      My disapoint is immeasurable. Make fun games please

    14. Manuel Hernandez

      Hey nintendo! I wonder if you can make some sort of vr headset! It might be a little hard to use but maybe you can make it!

    15. Corey McRae

      What happened to Mario Kart bro


      I'm still waiting for Ghost Trick nintendo

    17. just gapp

      Pretty sad to know that i didn't slept to see this live :(

    18. Dravayne

      To be honest, The new girls in smash. No offense, but I don't like it. (MY OPINION.) How dare they hurt my sweet Sephiroth.. (Jeez, I sound like a yandere.) (Guys don't feel offended, but I don't care if you get mad at me..)

    19. Shrapnel

      4:50 Hello everyone, it’s been a while, but I have finally obtained *drip.*

    20. tanukiixd

      This sucks

    21. Zion Williams

      21:47 now this is what i call a abomination

    22. Ataya Abim

      nintendo can you add game called grounded a game you got shrink a 1cm you need to survive and beware of bugs and spiders

    23. xXCookie GirXx

      Yes finally Miis with different customizations besides just colors!

    24. Martin Belmar

      Waluigi IS BACK!!!! ON MARIO GOLF RUCH

    25. Golden Boy

      what if you wanted to go to heaven.... But god said: 42:09

    26. Nelly 601

      21:51 its like a Cartoon Network game I didn’t say that was a good thing

    27. faker then yo Mama's ravioli

      New idea for zelda game for the switch. Its like skyward sword but you control both links arms

    28. Краси Ангелов

      what about sailor moon to super smash bros ultimate pretty good eh

    29. Roplio

      No silksong :(

    30. u/TQRS797

      41:15 for apex

    31. Jennifer Nadler


      1. Jennifer Nadler

        i litstin to it before it realese on apple music

    32. Gamercatsvr

      Hey for the next direct make so that 3 party ac adabyers work with the switch

    33. Neritan Hyka

      Call of duty ww2 Nintendo plis

    34. Clark

      I am hyped for Hades Physical Edition!

    35. Mista Rey

      I would have rather had rex in smash but wtf? I know he is apart of the final smash but like still. I doubt anyone would use the blonde and red head

    36. rxsx__guy

      Hey i want Nintendo to have roblox, alot of PPL hacks so they can play roblox, with no sure control, if u can add roblox , ill be thankfull

    37. nico abellera

      SpLaToOn 4 cOnFiRmEd!!!!11111!! (edit) My first comment!!!!

    38. Reinaldo Malave

      I think time to fix pacman

    39. ian devine

      And Nintendo that link that said nice don’t click on it I’m warning you I just wanted to say nice and that comes up

    40. Caleb Bertish

      Pls fix your joycon controllers they break,glich and lag alllll the time

    41. Adam Wheeler Productions

      Nintendo should rename this to "Nintendo Weeaboo Direct" and let us know when they're ready to release a real direct for actual gamers.

      1. Itz Apeil

        We only got one game that we wanted

    42. Нурдаулет Сарсенбаев


    43. IGORMSH

      Bad direct, bad Skyward Sword remaster, bad Nintendo's president.

    44. Rayan Saini

      Add the p wing in 3D world

    45. HamadaPlayzRoblox


    46. Chris Sexton

      OOT please

    47. AlexSomeGuy

      Well, that was a meh.....

    48. poxumega

      so how many more xenoblade characters do you want in smash? Nintendo: all of them (seriously can we get someone else than a xenoblade or ff character?)

      1. PlumbG64

        NO GET HIM

    49. Dexter Cowen

      31 announcements and only 6 amazing ones...

    50. Amy Gembala

      Please Nintendo make a kid icarus for switch. and it’s called kid icarus awakening.

    51. Henry Kuhn

      Nicely done.

    52. Tommy Veee

      Dang still no metroid. I'm not losing hope!!! One day Soon!! Fingers crossed

    53. clyde bananana

      for some reason nioh 2 and cyberpunk can't handle the switch nintendo needs to make more games that are exclusive and openworld like ps4 games make them with different characters other than mario can be copied in unreal engine are ssians that stupid look up unreal engine games look better than indie games that I can play on pc and smartphone xenoblade chronicles 2 feels like if its a mobile game most of nintendos games feel like mobile games microsoft and xbox are doing way better with 4k resolution

    54. Plush legend 1213

      Mario golf June 25 miitopia may 21 Zelda July 16 plants vs zombies march 19

    55. Agent YZ

      Okay but when team chaos won I guess the Eiffel Tower was included

    56. SS - 08MN 733230 Gordon Graydon Sr PS

      Battle for neighbour Ville

    57. rudolph edwards

      Hey Nintendo can you release Lego dimensions on the switch like you did with new super Mario Bros Wii U and Mario kart 8 please I really want to play it and I never got to play it only see it on USfilm please do a release on the switch 🥺

    58. daniel de León

      Estoy muy😤😤 enojado quelas Mintiendo está muy caras

    59. Teo Bartsch Rodriguez

      Ban pyra and mythra online or from the game pls Nintendo

    60. Fin911c3 the joker main

      Bandanna Dee for smash when do it Nintendo come on bandanna Dee when

    61. KaWouter

      Oh Nintendo, why do you make it so difficult to be loved, with this rushed ports of games getting of the shelves so quickly. You're keeping the game's value unnaturally high. Please listen to the fans, please nintendo. Stop banning streamers, keep smash bros melee alive. Stop forcing your fans to go in 1 direction while you gave them a 360 view of all possibilities. Slowly you are killing yourselves and it breaks my heart.

    62. xsm0r3z gal0r3

      I want all the Pokémon fans to understand that cool new stuff about Pokémon.

    63. Modern Bros

      Is it like Mario golf but running or running

    64. Sean Wilkinson

      Why do you have to purchase both of them !!! I wanted them to be on the version but not purchasing them !!! Reply if you say so or something else

    65. Vixie_dottie Unit

      Kinda wish they brought back kid icarus- But I’m excited for splatoon 3

    66. Daninja 18

      And shadow for smash?


      splatoon 3 yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    68. R2S KnockOut

      I know this is like two weeks old but I just did a rewatch of it today because I thought I missed something and honestly I’m not gonna lie I was really hoping for a Zelda ocarina time switch addition anyone else

    69. Scott Bowen Kelly

      Welcome Back Nintendo Direct We've Missed You And Now Are Very Excited For Brand New Upcoming Games From 2021 & 2022

    70. Maria Guadalupe Zuniga


    71. Irinka Dobrinina


    72. Wyatt Becker

      # Tomodachi Life Switch

    73. Sheldon ism


    74. kat


    75. Jesus Alfredo Hernandez

      Gracias PORT tanto Nintendo

    76. um idiota comentando

      Everyone talking bad about Skyward Sword HD. Its a good game,but i still waiting for Twilight Princess HD..

    77. nieooj gotoy

      Who else is still waiting for the solar system to be destroyed

    78. Sean Cullen

      The miis have been resurrected

    79. jayscott123e


      1. nieooj gotoy

        touch of teamwork in bringing third party characters into smash. Also I am glad that Sakurai is willing to let himself take a break.

    80. annie Souzie

      "i dont know who they are but its not a fire emblem character so im fine" - someone, 2021

    81. smash bros

      I hate nintendo

      1. kat

        b-but... s-s-splatoon 3...

    82. nachardou.

      Well, if they have time to pay attention to Xenoblade and give that franchise more representation, i guess they can do the same for Sonic...

      1. nachardou.

        @DerEric I mean franchises that are already represented in smash

      2. DerEric

        Umm... Sonic isn't owned by Nintendo?

    83. EchoGoob 64


      1. kat


    84. AnTsAnS

      Nintendo: *doesn’t talk about botw 2* Everyone: I hate this

      1. Stoplight Gaming

        more like toxic people: I hate this

      2. bruh moment

        Me: *Pyro from TF2,Pyro from TF2,Pyro from TF2?* Nintendo: No but we have 2 more fanservice sword fighters from Xenoblade. Me: *pootis.exe has crashed*

      3. M64bros

        @Kayden Byer same here.

      4. Kayden Byer


    85. Mad doge

      Iam gonna jail break my switch

    86. Sadia Y. Gomez

      when is botw 2 offcial release date

      1. ROWAN MAST

        @Adrian Where did you get the source from?

      2. Adrian

        Nintendo confirmed it to be summer this year

    87. Waffle Crossing

      nintendo fans: nintendo direct pls nintendo: ok heres the long awaited direct! nintendo fans: no

    88. AML 082

      Me: (sees miitopia on Nintendo switch) Also me: (Happiness noises)

    89. Erick Castro

      It would be better Legend Of Zelda Ocarina Of Time remastered for switch

    90. X-Biaur19

      You may not be excited for everything in this direct, but please be respectful to those who are.

    91. BluePuppyStudios

      it's amazing how far plants vs zombies has come.

    92. Sentinel Maximus

      Wow! This is fine. And a little thing that i want but if Nintendo wants to put it well. Put it. Is that the new Monster Hunter be a game of defend and attack (I thing is that Roll) Nevermind it will good. ;D And FINALLY i can play Skyward Sword and complete it. ;-; Outer wilds? Wow, a beatiful game to pass the time. I love it at first view. It looks beatiful. :'D Great Nintendo direct (In my opinion) My body is ready for those games. ;D

      1. kat

        @Sentinel Maximus turf war is the main part of splatoon, its not just a minigame.

      2. Sentinel Maximus

        @kat They show, the minigame. Not a little part of the story mode. If it has it. So for that thing i don't mention it because its the same minigame of the 1 and 2.

      3. kat

        @Sentinel Maximus no they showed gameplay.

      4. Sentinel Maximus

        @kat I like Splatoon 3 but well Nintendo just show the trailer and not a little gameplay like Outer wilds. So i don't wanna look like an hypocrite like the most of you. Really you just say that this Direct was awful because Nintendo didn't put Botw 2? Everything at his time.

      5. kat

        *yet u say nothing about splatoon 3*

    93. Damnation

      I got in trouble for screaming at the top of my lungs while everyone was home when I saw Pyra and Mythra, but I don't give a damn. We're finally getting some Xenoblade representation.

      1. Adrian

        I KNOW RIGHT! Although I wish shulk was in the game tho.

    94. Tim robloxbuff

      it would be better if you added smash bros all stars

    95. Joel Kang

      After it was revealed that monolift made the reveal trailer I thought it was pretty neat that companies are willing to collab together in things like this. It really feels like an added touch of teamwork in bringing third party characters into smash. Also I am glad that Sakurai is willing to let himself take a break.

    96. Cebolinja

      Nani the frick is pyra and why she/he/it/idk is in smash?

    97. Edu star fox


      1. Bean

        It's a literal sword person or something, idk anything about xenoblade , I just heard that somewhere.

    98. Gavin Leach


    99. Jay Malone

      I miss Chrono Trigger =(

    100. Mourad Maaloul

      Nice that is very nice rn