Deck the Halls and Auld Lang Syne Medley (feat., Ni/Co) l The Great Gift Exchange!

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    For the GRAND FINALE of THE GREAT GIFT EXCHANGE, Kurt Hugo Schneider is transported to a magical “Wrapshop” to wrap a charitable gift for AsapSCIENCE. With help from The World’s Most Famous Gift Wrap Artist, Kurt designs a music-inspired gift wrap and creates a MAGICAL medley/music video with vocalists, Ni/Co, using sounds sourced from the Wrapshop!
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    1. Tendies

      Beginning of the video "Hi this is the lock picking lawyer"

    2. Luigi2262

      I still would love it if Kurt Hugo Schneider would release that song but without the various comments in the background. It was great, but it is kind of hard to enjoy when that talking is there!

    3. Bear

      Who else came here just because they’re a fan of Mat Pat

    4. Euphoric Bizkuits

      Now that I rewatched this after watching Dr Who, I was wondering.... is it just me or does Kurt Look like Matt Smith from Dr Who. (11th Doctor)

    5. Global Warrior

      Yay i found it!

    6. stick nodes animations and games

      I thought he was Wilbur Smith

    7. Shift

      me when the kids open their presents, tearfully and full of emotion: b r u h

    8. iGamerKatie

      Will there be a way to watch ASAPscience open the music box

    9. Nando Cepeda

      Guy looks like Wilbur soot if he ate and drank Crack

    10. AnaxErik4ever

      Animal conservation charities are always a hit with me, although I've mainly had donations to marine conservation made in my name over the years. Kurt is one of the first faces I recognized when watching Rosanna's video on her channel back at the start of December. Now I'm finally here, after binging the other 11 creative wrapping sessions with Alton DuLaney while writing out birthdays, holidays, and important dates out for the coming year in my new planner and 2021 calendar. This did not disappoint, especially with MatPat's "escape room in a box" gift at the start; my cousin and his wife love escape rooms and puzzles too, so it made me think of them in addition to some serious retro gaming development.

    11. Yanks4467

      Smosh can’t be serious for 1 second

    12. Ventrix.

      Lol that one part “aaah”

    13. Marbles Jr

      Kurt idc

    14. Jax Loke

      I love this so much!! The vibe is amazing and it actually made me smile!!

    15. Grounders Source

      Simple and natural sounds created to make something masterful. You can't get any more musically inclined than this.

    16. Kyachu Bubbles_Benham

      I literally teared up thank you merry Christmas to one amd all

    17. Heather S.

      This whole series has been so fun to watch and learn from! The charities are wonderful to hear about, some I've never heard of. I literally cried watching the song because that's exactly how I feel about the holidays and seeing the children get the gifts is so wonderful! Thanks for doing this youtube! *Side note: If this series replaces Rewind every year, I'm totally okay with that!

    18. WolfMan831

      Honestly the Great Gift Exchange should just replace USfilm Rewind.

    19. Nunya Business

      Lol I'm watching USfilm with my kids and this ad pops up and I go holy shpoop I graduated with this guy! My kids don't believe me. I have to pull the yearbook out. Congratulations kurt on the success.

    20. Village Gamer64

      This series was absolutely beautiful, what an amazing way to tie it all together!

    21. Carla P

      OMG the music video made me cry🥰😌❤😢

    22. Harvest a guy

      Got an ad

    23. sweetie1986

      I loved this series. This was absolutely beautiful and I learned some nice wrapping tips!

    24. danhak08

      If bats didn't exist 2020 would be fine...

    25. Noah Montoya

      11:37 did that kid just get a massive joint lmao

    26. Thinking Out Loud

      10:54 for those coming back like me to listen to the song again!

    27. Naoko Sword

      10:54 Music Starts Here

    28. Raven

      Am I the only one who cried at the end during the music 😅

    29. Aries Aquaries

      "Today we have something a little bit different" *Call Me Kevin intensifies*

    30. seiom jvony

      I came here on MatPats recommendation. I'm surprised I have never heard of you.

    31. 2B

      Don't mind me, just putting this here for those who wanna hear the song. 10:54

    32. Evlyn Remley

      That music video at the end... my heart is melting!

    33. CG Sze

      only i could end up watching the finale before all the rest of the cc's hahaha

    34. dolita windo

      This is a very cool for USfilm Originals to let all those 12 USfilmrs upload all those eps at once!

      1. seiom jvony

        is the song available somewhere on its own?

    35. Jingjing Liang

      love the cause!!!!

    36. Sithara Roy

      This is so beautiful and wholesome

    37. miko foin

      Very good😂😍

    38. Kris

      Man I loved this so much. Let's pretend I didn't get emotional or anything... :D

    39. Jessie Anne Aguilar

      Merry Christmas Kurt ♥️♥️♥️

    40. doire aintu

      I love that Kurt’s notes on the gift wrap actually coincide with the first few notes of “Deck the Halls” 😌

      1. miko foin

        THIS IS AMAZING! ❤

    41. Anonymous Anonym

      10:54 is the song

    42. Stepy Rose

      Omg you cute human being

    43. Anna Makaryeva

      I'm shivering and crying

    44. Armando Buenaventura

      The ending and the music is divine

      1. doire aintu

        So cute in this❤️❤️😂

    45. Mike Saraft

      🌸🌸💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎✅✅✅✅🍀🍀🍀🍀🌸🌸 *Jesus Christ is the Son of God & promises you eternal life if you simply believe Him.* *He promised to also heal your body. (look up and ask HIM)*

    46. ElectroMonkeyNinja

      I want xmas music pleaseeeee 🥺

    47. ROADNii

      is the song available somewhere on its own?

    48. Alauna C

      AMERZING!!! I didn't finish the series so I'mma finish that.😘👋🏾

    49. Kevin Zebua

      0:59 anjay PTN...wkwkwk

    50. Neel Gadgil

      The song at the end gave goosebumps

    51. nicholas felix

      I watched this till the end and its so good

    52. nicholas felix

      Matpat why bats 😂

    53. Uchenna Eugene

      love this series

    54. Uchenna Eugene

      I love his cowlick

    55. Shiloh Fuscello

      This is absolutely awesome. Thank you.

    56. Deo Volente

      OK, but where can I watch asapscience react to their gift?

    57. Emmanuel Siriban

      no wonder this is the finalee

    58. Marilyn June

      So cute in this❤️❤️😂

    59. Iciebear’s Castle

      My dude doesn’t know the Konami code 😔

    60. Michael Quinn

      Can you please release this mashup on Spotify in it’s entirety? I really like it. ✌🏻

    61. Mary Irby-Jones

      Thank you KurtHappy holidays! Ni/Co sounds great as always!

    62. aren kuboyasu

      Good ol mattpat he is so awesome

    63. Olaf The Bear

      My eyes might have sweat a bit during the music video

    64. Sathvik S

      Just now checked physics girl

    65. Hannah Marie

      Isnt that is were stacyplays donates to??

    66. annbe1l

      This was great. So Christmas :D

    67. The Sqadest Sqad of Sqadnes

      In Poland we have something called "Santa Clause day" on 6th of December. Then Kids get every part of Christmas than cause daiebities so everone can focus more on Christmas dinner on Christmas

    68. Brooklyn Erickson

      Is the song on Spotify-

    69. Royce Cendriek Y. WONG

      ooooh....... its a chain connected to itself

    70. Anindita

      Anyone else cant find MatPat Great Gift Exchange video?

    71. Pancake Man

      I’m come from matpat

    72. TheWiseGuy !

      That music video sounded so beautiful. It put tears in my eyes

    73. John Villanueva

      that was music to my ears

    74. Macilibox Vargas

      Here from game theroy

    75. Cjrules3627

      I am here from MatPat

    76. Jessica Galvin

      Most wholesome Collab ever!

    77. Matthew Writer

      MatPat sent me. This is the first of your videos that I have ever seen.

    78. George baker

      Choose Rebecca zomolo and Matt slays

    79. Angie Y.

      I love how he records almost every sound 😂

    80. Deena Lowery

      Its so weird to hear Auld Lang Syne being sung in English/American! It actually sounds so good, amazing job guys

    81. Luis Espinoza

      I am new to the channel but like if you think he should make a separate video of only the song

    82. AhmedTheOne

      It feels like he’s getting off to the random sounds lamo

    83. Michelle Dean

      tangina nila shane and ian HAHAHA

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    85. TheKnightDeluxeMC


    86. Ashton Peacock

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    87. Hasan Sasa

      aww i love this magic

    88. RuffledFox

      I must say, I have bats in my home, they are inconvenient sometimes, they make a bit of noise and you can notice their smell in summer. We had a specialist come and say we had two choice, one is even though it is not allowed we could try and kill them, which could lead to further issues and even more importantly they are endangered and it's rare they find a place to have offspring (which is what they do in my roof). Or we can just let them be, as they are not dangerous for us because they don't have any dangerous sickness where I live for me or my pets. So...I live with bats, they often do come inside during the summer and you gently put them back, they are so cute and maybe the least aggressive savage animal I've EVER seen, you can even shove them into a box to bring them outside, at worst they would yell at you with a cute complaining high-pitch yell and that's it. So glad you have serving this cause !

    89. Sans&Flowey

      That cartridge doesn't look like the one made by matpat

    90. Riajul Jannah

      I was sent by Mat.

    91. Amy Tran

      Does anyone know where I can find the Christmas covers at the end of the video? Like without everyone talking over it.

    92. Muffin Sensei

      :/ least

    93. Pi Owl

      Cool as it is, it feels way too produced. We love USfilmrs because they feel more genuine, because we're seeing their creativity and their personality. This is just Netflix scripting.

    94. yukiko 201

      Love you kurt :) Thx for making this holiday better for me. It doesn't make me feel so lonely like previous years

    95. 11Cassaroo11

      Alton: *trying to teach Kurt how to wrap* Kurt: Hold on, let me grab a recording of that sound 😂😂😂

    96. T-Virus Terrance

      Hello, Humans. "You're only here for a short visit. Don't hurry, don't worry. And be sure to smell the flowers along the way."-Walter Hagen TERRANCE OUT

    97. Noemi Arquero

      anyone else watching all of these for gift wrapping tips?

    98. Christopher Carley

      now something like that would make an awsome rewind

    99. Hannah Abrahamson

      This just made me so happy! Definitely captured the meaning of christmas

    100. aslan hughes