Edge to Roman, ‘Do you really want me to expose the dents in your armor?' | FRIDAY NIGHT SMACKDOWN


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    Edge announced that he will not choose which World Champion he will face until after the WWE Elimination Chamber, angering Universal Champion Roman Reigns. The head of the table came face to face with the Hall of Famer on Friday Night SmackDown, letting him know just who he’s up against.
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    Edge to Roman, ‘Do you really want me to expose the dents in your armor?' | FRIDAY NIGHT SMACKDOWN

    Published on 16 days ago


    1. WWE ON FOX

      Will Edge and Roman Reigns face off after Elimination Chamber?

      1. Greg Johnson

        @Elite Templar Hunter p

      2. Pamela Deck

        Edge wew are Friday Sunday

      3. ducky sweaty

        yes i think roman is ganna win vs edge

      4. Hollow head

        No at wrestlemaina

      5. Brandon Seamon

        @Adrian Hagans When Mania comes Roman would held the title for 222 or 223 days so Roman probably would drop the title at Mania and probably will get it back before 2021 is over with

    2. Zack Kaiser

      He ain’t the main event. He’s the tribal jackass

    3. Exalted Marauder

      Sami really did a great job annoying everybody didn't he?

    4. L Den

      Ya see Anytime anybody edge anybody they talk about Joe McIntyre the fans are saying boooooooo

      1. L Den

        Sorry I met drew

    5. Jose Lopez


    6. Brody Cole


    7. alexubel

      Given that Roman hasn't won a match clean, or without the help of Jey, since becoming a heel is pretty telling. Edge is going to walk out with that title...simple as that.

    8. Armando Gonzalez

      Edge is most title holder of all times

    9. Mckenzie Anderson

      That kick tho🤣🤣🤣

    10. ceccartt

      That kick tho 😂🤣

    11. Living Life

      Edge has a 6 match contract. So he will lose. Or retire with the belt idk

    12. king abe

      Lmao that kick was everything

    13. Edward Couvertier

      Edge is a legend, Roman reigns doesn't stand a chance.

    14. Pro Fighter

      Haven't watched WWE in a while but think he caught something from his X-G-friend. China.

    15. x LatinAssazzin

      Will edge say Roman fake leukemia twice find out next week on smackdown

    16. Jay .52

      Roman is getting a Little better at promos

    17. Joshua Franklin

      Sami Zayn just got knocked tf out 😂

    18. Bryce Cartwright

      The moment jaye becomes a face and shut Sammy down 😂

    19. Takertothegrave

      God the fake crowd noise is so bad it’s pretty much unwatchable

    20. AGHULK94

      Edge mic game gave me chills

    21. sehhi vooty

      Spear vs. Spear Smackdown has always been Edges home. Time to come back home and remove the head of the table.

    22. John Fleming

      Who's better at trash talking? Roman or edge?

    23. Frank Chillaxing

      Edge is truly passionate for wrestling he dont want fame he just loves wrestling you can just tell that about him

      1. sehhi vooty

        Sami zayn walking into the lions den

    24. Shane Weitzman

      Rooney Rule of fans only view

    25. Juan Hernandez

      Sammy sayyy at least he has a voice then he got kicked

    26. utvideoz

      Havent watched WWE in a while is Roman still bad.. Yep he is

    27. jtymusic100

      If only Uso really kicked Sami Zayn

    28. Marlon Nicholson

      Why is Sammy Zane dressed like Fidel Castro?

    29. manny Boi

      Nah if it’s me or my brothers I pick em everyitime just the way I do things

    30. Kyrie Higgs

      Just makes you wonder what if edge and cena go at it one more time

    31. yasio bolo

      Imagine Edge is facing Roman Reigns at WM 37 to win the Universal title , then hope he will bring the World Heavyweight title

    32. edwinlime

      imagine having the fake crowd be louder than the real one lmfao

    33. Anthony Wilson

      When you start finding bodies you let me know...

      1. yasio bolo

        It's the perfect match up they're both medically f*** up but they're fan favorites that's a perfect score line Vince McMahon

    34. trap Kelly

      It makes no sense that wwe has to use 20 year vets to carry the show , crazy

    35. Matt Patch

      Imagine Edge and Roman colliding Spears like Pokémon bashing heads this gon be wild

      1. Kendrick

        Sounds like immediate CTE 😭

    36. James Lance

      3:52 Honestly Witch one did you Think Would SHUT SAMMY up...lol

    37. Roger Hage

      Sami zayn walking into the lions den

    38. Roger Hage

      Roman reigns bores me he's not very excitable to see

    39. Roger Hage

      Edge is such a great promo person friend and wrestler he always makes every rivalry the greatest

    40. nick kirstine

      Edge truly makes me want to watch wwe again

    41. Martial Arts for All

      Okay Roman kiss goodbye to that title because Edge is going to have you for breakfast

    42. bocoy noiu

      Imagine Edge is facing Roman Reigns at WM 37 to win the Universal title , then hope he will bring the World Heavyweight title

    43. Killersentra

      I like this old school vs new school.

    44. Tyler Ewan

      Wow it’s been yeeears since I’ve turned on wrestling, and oh my god it has gotten a million times cornier lolololllolololololollllll

      1. bocoy noiu

        Edge looks like the Crypt Keeper and ol boy next to Reigns looks like a wet dawg.

    45. MARVIN A

      The champion people. get it right is called the people's champion

    46. El chulu Christopher

      That kick 🦵 was better then all of Sean Michael kicks , made him eat that Microphone 🎤 to the fullest

    47. shervin khazen

      Can we be done with PG already. This spot needed a chair and some color.

    48. Rob Marshall

      It's the perfect match up they're both medically f***** up but they're fan favorites that's a perfect score line Vince McMahon

    49. Nerdy Black Man

      Edge was talking to his soul!!!

    50. Tyson Gilbert

      Did you see Knull run off from. PETER Quill"s tracker bullets into Connan ?


      Old talent carrying the young talent... how wrestling has changed in 10 years...

      1. Kendrick

        It has? That’s usually how it goes lol

    52. Tyson Gilbert

      My full art lillie was 12.99 in a 3 pack blister. I was so full of stuff . That whole night I was just burning 75bservongs at home. Its so annoying. Cause I did the best, like 2 hours still on a yoga stick after 2:30 am. Just listening to radio. Thats the wreck of a life time to be so bored through that much. Im so big of a guy. In the match... whoa... I think Muk won the wwe though... like I stayed still for like an hour on 75 servings. With Time after Time and Abunch of Stuff. Cyndi Lauper twice on the food was alot.

    53. Tyson Gilbert

      With the yelling from the Radiologists this has been a headache I keep letting out, kha post. They could have held all the food in without exfoliating it ... is where I was on Muk Opens a Full Art Lillie. What a Muk. 75 servings of Muk

    54. Tyson Gilbert

      The full art lillie makes the most sense here .

      1. Tyson Gilbert

        The fact those 1/2 boxes full art rares are there around 3 bucks is wierd. I love the art though. Mine ? I baught a cheap gumshoo... lol GumshooGX cause its like a Shiny GX but its not, it's just incredibly shiny.

      2. Tyson Gilbert

        75bservings of niko niko into... that much. The baby sitting all of it. The violent laws and that speed. Oh man. Its like waiting as Jessie.

    55. Robert Radcliff

      Jay should kick sami so hard and brake his jaw . I am sick of Roman Reigns I am tired of Sami Zayne and Edge just needs to go home and retire . The only one I like is Uso .

    56. soiung toiue

      So glad someone shut that man up

    57. Wilner Jack

      No mercy OG. Make sure that Edge is extra sharp.

    58. 111voodoo

      Sammy looks like Fidel Castro and the leprechaun from lucky charms love child

      1. soiung toiue

        Who remembers when edge smashed lita live on smack down lol

    59. Swigg's Shank Shack

      Edge looks like the Crypt Keeper and ol boy next to Reigns looks like a wet dawg.

    60. Colin Gordon

      Poor Sami! Roman wasn’t even paying attention to him the whole time he was talking, makes out to look like a complete jobber, hopefully he asks for his release soon and goes to AEW

    61. Cody

      Edge is back so now I have to start watching again

    62. Shianne Hart

      Jey uso read my mind

    63. Not So Invisible Libra

      That kick would've made me break fabe and bust out laffin🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    64. Brianna Dudley

      What Roman sides with Paul hayman jeez can't stand hayman as a manager.

    65. Nic Woods

      Man thank good he got super kick talking bs wrong time tryna make a name for himself 😤😆😆😆

    66. Kingly One

      so, are the crowds real? What about the noise?

    67. Aakarsh Kushalappa

      Uso's kick stole the show


      Roman gon beat edge just like he beat the undertaker

    69. King2 Sosa4

      Edge has always been a promo Guru 🗣

    70. Kevin Saeed

      Edge vs mick foley was epic

    71. KD KingDillion king

      I want the heel edge all he has to say is I never was pinned for the title I want my rematch claws (by the way doesn't exist anymore) ask brayy

    72. Shawn Johnston

      Thank you Uso!

    73. Muhammad Musa

      Who remembers when edge smashed lita live on smack down lol

    74. GrahamSlam98 898

      Notice how edge said everyone in the raws chamber match except for Jeff 🤣

    75. Gamersinceda80s 1

      How people support Roman Reigns he can’t wrestle talk on the mic or nothing he got 4 moves

    76. luislosky7247

      Wow beside the shitti music that, that homeless dude got it would had been better if THE BEAST brock lesnar come back

    77. John Pestano

      yeah Sami talks too much it couldn't happen to a nicer guy as they say. lol

    78. Thomas Paschke

      Can someone update me on why Edge is in this position to have the choice to fight whoever he wants?

    79. Kale Kale

      You're incomplete you're dumb you don't know your worth

    80. Darkkvision

      Can’t beat the best heel

    81. Dwayne Walker

      Roman is locked in. Not once did he divert his gaze away from Edge.

    82. Fate Breaker

      Reigns is a better heel than I ever thought he could be

    83. Brandon Matthews The Diesel Mechanic

      So when are y'all gonna have actual spectators in the arena again?

    84. Niu-Manoa Head-Belford

      roman got corona universal viruse he is scared to fight the rated r super star

    85. ElRifle24 24

      Wrestling is absolute garbage without fans at the arena

    86. EXPLODE V2

      The audience box sounds terrible, what is WWE doing

    87. I_Am_Chieff

      When tribal chief Roman Reigns and Manager paul heyman goes back stage and tell Uso to tell sami zayns camera crew why he wont make it to wrestlemania.... Uso: "because...... I Had to Get em" 😂

    88. Micah Bell

      Roman is so boring man.

    89. mike newbill

      roman forgetting his lines again.what a chump

    90. mohammad abdallah

      Sami Zayn is the peoples Champ

    91. you tube

      The master strategist? Lol what is that the new era ultimate opportunist? Sami zayn is cringe.


      paul heyman needs to let that hair go. ASAP

    93. GhostPhantom

      Edge ate Roman alive on that promo without even trying...plus Roman's face looks almost like how it was when Cena destroyed him on the mic

    94. Ron Brown

      I thought Sami spoke Spanish

    95. Andrew Alsbrooks

      No crowd noise >>>> Fake crowd noise

    96. Chad Kase

      Edge is gonna do his horrible spear I bet lol

    97. micheal trevor

      roman looks like he is about to cry

    98. Dennis YouSoCrazy

      Smackdown is lit 🔥😭💯

    99. yOuNg HArDy

      Ayee Jey Uso the whole piece that spark Roman Reigns character

    100. miguel figueroa

      Sooo who the f is sammy zane