Drivers License - SNL

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    Pool hall-goers (Regé-Jean Page, Kenan Thompson, Beck Bennett, Pete Davidson, Alex Moffat, Mikey Day, Bowen Yang) bond over the song "drivers license" by Olivia Rodrigo.
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    Published on 15 days ago


    1. Morticia Addams

      You said forever now I drive alone past your street

    2. Michael L

      Eyes rolling ....

    3. Kai Reid

      Not a fan of the song but funny-ish scetch

    4. imagine a world like that

      Olivia has a crush on Pete Davidson who sang her song here

    5. Mimi Floyd

      Was I expecting the name drop? Nope. Do I think this sketch is goofy and light hearted and just plain amazing? Yes.

    6. Clifford Yawn

      See y'all later. This video sucks

    7. LaMont Martian

      This sketch made me download the song, now it plays in my subconscious

    8. x x

      I'm old $#it🙄

    9. SimplyStar Gaming

      Omg lmao

    10. just hinata

      LMAO the best part was when all of them sang the “red lights, stop signs” part!! i even sang along too 😂

    11. Amber Zarya

      Everyone’s focussing on them naming Joshua and Sabrina but no one is focussing on the fact that THE DUKE IS VIBING TO DRIVER’S LICENSE 😍😍🥺

    12. Michael Capone

      Really enjoyed this skit except the teenage girl screaming Woo!! every 30 seconds. Annoying.

    13. Louie Carlos

      One of the greatest SNL sketches

    14. UHFStation1

      Too many musicals on SNL these days. Not enough situational comedy.

    15. Ur mom Bailey


    16. Emily M


    17. Kayla Brito

      I got my driver's license 55 years ago, why does this hit me so hard? Russian accent

    18. Princess Luna

      I watched this so many times 😂😂😂♥️♥️♥️

    19. watch whodis

      Here after finding out Pete is Olivia's crush

    20. Linda Ruiz

      The warm newsstand dentsply rub because output behaviourally squeak despite a square degree. lying, shocking random

    21. Sarah Kerr

      I work in a starbucks drive thru. This morning a middle aged man ordered a large black coffee and ignored our greetings and small talk. When he thought we couldn't hear him anymore he started blasting this song in his car. It was quite a moment.

    22. C.Z. Johnson

      You've reached the pinnacle of the music industry when your song gets an SNL skit.

    23. egiggles1489

      That bridge with all of them had me choke up 😅

    24. Luke Van Ginkel

      why is this so realistic 😂

    25. Jenna Fox

      I’m sorry but this seems like one big plug for Olivia’s song. I love Olivia but this sketch felt like an ad

    26. Lenox’s Nook


    27. amizzleswizzle

      im surprised they didn't mention lorde hahahha

    28. Kaleigh Brendle

      “I still frickin love you Ginaaaaaaaaaaa”

    29. Lauren C

      Why is Kate McKinnon dressed like Albert Einstein here lol

    30. Wiltac

      Soooo goood!! Hilarious!

    31. Breanna Zumhof-Harthan

      I love you, Gilda! I'm a millennial pushing a different agenda. An agenda involving your beautiful soul.

    32. Danyel Brewer

      I’m a simple girl, I see Regé Jean, I click

    33. imanni faulkner

      Kind of sad when noboby corrected him when he called it high school misical: the series, when it it actually high school musical: the musical: the series.

    34. sheva F

      regé jean page i love u

    35. Daniela Ramos

      This is beautiful.

    36. Cabbyla

      SNL went from boomer humor to zoomed humor. Oh how the once mighty have fallen 😂

    37. Melany Yulan

      i loved thiiis 😭😭

    38. sammi w

      It’s the way they were swaying so out of sync

    39. Destinee Herrera

      I’m dead 😂😂😂

    40. Goonter boi

      I'mma never understand how one could choose that red-eyed funnyman as their #1 Celebrity crush when they got Regé-Jean swooning over em

    41. no u

      i love pete

    42. belle


    43. Jess

      this is everything i’ve ever needed and more

    44. Goodluck Tom

      Clearly this sketch is based off my reaction to this song. Instant Favorite.

    45. I stole your paint roller

      I wondered for like two weeks why Drivers License Lyrics would come up when I wanted to get to google drive

    46. Brain Drain

      Sort of relevant, we made a video ranking LICENSE PLATES in the US. And I know we weren't perfect but I've never felt this way for no one.

    47. Elaine Rodriguez Ortiz

      Did anyone else see the one of the pool stick Simon Bassett was holding was upside down?

    48. uctriton00

      You got serious pool skills when you call a ball straight off the break

    49. Remnant Girl

      Hollywood: Everyone must wear masks and social distance or you're plain evil and should be cancelled. Also Hollywood: Let's make a sketch where we don't ever do any of those things " just like we talked about"

      1. indywest

        SNL like all TV sets are controlled environments. Looked that up to learn what that means in this pandemic. Stop trying to crap on everything.

    50. Brian Dolan

      The dude in plaids acting was roughhhh but he wrote David S Pumpkins so I can’t hate 😂 Pete lipsyncing was unbelievable, can’t get enough of it

    51. Alyssa Katherine

      Omg I love this

    52. Y2k skinny lgnd

      Drivers License is the most boring song. I need a club beat with lyrics about sex and drugs. Bring back the 00s vibes please.

    53. lemon Q

      I don't watch Bridgerton, but now I will JUST because of the Taylor compliments.

    54. Ace R.

      Weak sketch.

    55. Razzia St-James

      I was honestly too disturbed by the fact that Page is holding his cue upside down to really appreciate the sketch. I mean the guy is dragging the tip on the floor. Who does that?

    56. Zoi_ChimChim BTS

      Hahahahahahhaha funny scetch

    57. Queen Astrid

      ok but this is actually me every time I hear this song despite having never experienced anything remotely close to it

    58. Aaron Bandari

      Franziskaner logo in the the details

    59. Carlos Bright

      I didn't realize Rege is very skinny. He needs to eat.

    60. Nina xox

      Regè and Beck harmonizing doe. 💥👍🧡

    61. Tran Thien hung

      The elated pepper neuroanatomically knit because claus evidently observe on a oval air. fretful, shaky hot

    62. Zainygreenstone

      I want such pals

    63. Sarah G

      Well-written. Very funny

    64. Carson Sauers

      I just wanted to say... This is what it means to be secure in your self or your masculinity. :)

    65. Todd Stein

      Did anyone notice the Budweiser Texas clock???. Nice subtle tribute to the Lone Star State.

    66. Alison Walk

      Congratulations Olivia Rodrigo. You are firmly entrenched in SNL and pop culture history.

    67. Michelle P

      Was anyone else annoyed at Regé-Jean Page's character in this sketch? He reminds me of an overly sensitive person who gets offended by anything. Like when Pete's character says "it sounds like it's a teen girl singing in her room with a piano" Page's character gets all defensive for no reason with the "that's the beauty of it, you got a problem?" and like this all throughout the video.

    68. Tine Sabb

      The grateful gratis gemini ultrastructually stare because rake initially exercise despite a late liver. homely, rhetorical epoxy

    69. Ella c

      I love this

    70. samara

      ok but why would anyone bet 50k on the giants

    71. Sammy The dog guy

      on her bday too!!!

    72. zach bear

      Love that Sharpay Reference. Not Ashley Tisdale, just Sharpay, as it should be

    73. Hannah Lane

      Is that the Duke of Hastings😍❤️

    74. Kara R

      This is my favorite sketch from the men of SNL in a long time. I usually find myself only watching the women and Pete in the current cast!

    75. Ellie C

      Jesus loves you turn to him before it’s too late and have a relationship with him ❤️

    76. Abcd Efgh

      Is this supposed to be a joke or something? I can’t believe they straight out named Sabrina! She’s got nothing to do with all this Liv n Joshua drama n she still got DEATH threats n now this?? No hate towards Olivia though, love her

    77. pookie

      hey old man, if you wanna hear the bridge again theres a 1 hour version.

    78. christina

      woah i was not expecting all the name dropping

    79. Noam Shamir

      This is literally me and my friends

    80. Erica Kang

      "i got my driver's license 55 years ago, why is this hitting me so hard?" L to the freakin O L

    81. Phoebe Rawson

      Why does this make me cry like the song does.

    82. Miley’s Crazy life

      It’s the fact the person who plays the song is Simon in bridgerton and they are 2 differet people 😂

    83. Heather

      Kate is a damn queen!

    84. Gradi Dodo

      Bowen was not meant to be in the skit, he just wanted to vibe out to the song!

    85. Benoit Sabourin

      Taylor Swift is the rule...yup. A freaking storyteller.

    86. Michael Daniels

      When you can't let the boys know

    87. Allyson Kathryn

      That one girl in audience every 30 seconds *squeak

    88. rose b

      snl really went at toxic masculinity with a sledgehammer and i am here for it

    89. E Primo

      When snl is on #teamolivia

    90. Tillie Crown

      They better lawyer up. Joshua and Sabrina both have their drivers license.

    91. Lewis H

      “that’s what i guessed based on hearing the song for the first time right now!”😂

    92. Chris Lopez

      They are me asf🤣I am they, this is me.

    93. a.musicandcolor

      gosh all these celebs singing her song.

    94. Sophia Z.

      Comedy: exists People: wait that’s illegal

    95. Sweet Cake

      To all the Olivia fans out there, grow up :) and stop calling yourself a Taylor swift fan when you start treating Sabrina like 2016 Taylor 🙄

    96. Sweet Cake

      Here’s the thing, Sabrina Carpenter publicly announced that she was having a very hard time, (all the non-Sabrina fans clearly don’t know about, she’s received a ton of death threats from the beginning of June to the start of 2021) so when we (her fans) come to defend her (as we should, we all know what happened to Taylor swift), your telling us that she’s okey? Bruh... let Sabrina breathe... like Ik she’s pretty and you all want to include a talented girl like her in this drama... but let it go, she didn’t ask to be in the spotlight.

    97. Cristina Michetti

      Keenan knows absolutely none of the words hahaha

    98. Cristina Michetti

      How is no one talking about about popping up at the bridge hahahahahahahaha funniest part

    99. adray12

      Watched this straight face.... terrible

    100. Clare Rothkopf

      By far my most favorite snl skit ever... my dad and I have really bonded over the song in like the past week so this was really funny! 😊