Specialist Reacts to Jessi Smile's Skin Care Routine


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    1. JessiSmiles

      Why did my heart start RACING when I saw that you did this lmao I LOVE YOU 😭

      1. Sharaa Alsultan

        @Aubrey Price ت تتت.تت تت لم متتت متت تتتتتتا تتت تت تتت تتت تتتات تتتا ت. ت ا ع ش ت ش تتتات تتتات تتتاتات كك تاتاناتااتاتتت. عادات وتقاليد ت وتقاليد وتقاليد. وتقاليد. اا مرحبا مرحبا. مرحبا. أتت مرحبا ان أ اتانا اتاا ااتات ااتا مرحبا. مرحبا كت كت ت ي أتت آت أ مرحبا. أ مرحبا اناتا مرحبا مرحبا ت مرحبا. ت ن ت ع. خ. تتت. تتات. اتلتتات اتلتتا آت. ت تتا تتا تتتتفغ زدت7تتت7 6 7 7عع777ر77777775غاغااا 7 ت7تتتات اتات تت ت ت5 تتتتتتاتاتتتت مرحبا. تتعت تتعت تعتتتتاعتاتتاااتااااتاااتتتعااتاتاتاااتاتتاتتتتاااتتاتهتتتنتتتتتتتتتتتت خير. ت مرحبا ع

      2. K.O.H


      3. Mikayla

        Foaming facial cleanser! Also, I use the moisturizing lotion that comes in the tub at night and a different brand of gel moisturizer in the morning. I also have normal to oily skin:)

      4. Jenia Shedd


      5. Gia Maré

        Wear sunblock please 😢

    2. Kayla Oppe

      I will say, I was TOTALLY anti bar soap, (if you’re a friends fan that conversation between Joey and Chandler in the early part of the series grossed me out), but there is this totally clean company Lemongrass Spa and they have two or three facial bar soaps if you’re looking for a good, clean product that doesn’t totally strip your face and is environmentally friendly 😊

    3. Rin Sicairos

      I think you talked about Micro tears in the Bella Thorn Video . I'm now saving to purchase some of your recommendations 🥳.

    4. Aishwarya Chinnusamy

      Where is the sunscreen..?😶

    5. Tayanna Balderas

      when you cant even afford affordable skin care :)

    6. Alejandra Perez

      Love her! Love you

    7. Nishtha Sagar

      One thing about the bar soap being in bacteria... Won't the bacteria wash off with the soap??

      1. Sharon Harris

        Bar soap is actually self cleaning so you don't have to worry about the bacteria.

      2. Angela Cummins

        I always wonder about this too, in particular with bar-soap for hand washing! Doesn't the bacteria get washed off when you run it under the tap and wash your hands (aka. Soap washes off dirt)?? Or are we stuck in a continuous cycle of bacteria/wash-hands-bacteria and goes on and on 😭

    8. Lindsay Muller

      I had used the st ives apricot scrub for years! Then one day on highschool I developed a full on reaction to it. My face was red, swollen, and broken out into hives. The reaction wasn't going away even while at school so I had to go to the bathroom and use the shitty ass hand soap to wash my face to help get rid of my hives. And this was all during performance week of a musical I was in...

    9. rs b

      dove soap gets such a bad rap. it works fine for me for the last 2 decades. ive tried expensive cleansers and its not the same. i feel bad for anyone spending money on expensive cleansers recommended by youtubers when dove soap might just work for them

    10. Jodie B

      Anyone else staring at his earrings? Where did you get those from Hyram!! They're so cool!

    11. Entretenimiento

      If you like hyrum I discover this channel Pharmacy&Makeup wich some of the people who like him may also like usfilm.info/fire/ost7bGONgKmSppU/video.html

    12. Kendra Elyse

      Can you please do a review on natalia's magic skin care? It's in India brand and I really want to know what you think about her products

    13. Lauren Ski

      Listen, I have PCOS, I get terrible hormonal acne with cysts that had to be professionally removed. But my dove bar works so well for me. I hope people realize that we are all different and not everything will work for us.

    14. Lily Beth


    15. QCream

      Why do people act like dove soap is so bad? lol

    16. Waad Ahmed

      هل يوجد مصريين هنا🌝😹😹😹😹❤

    17. Britni Alexander

      I use those dove bars for hand soap in my bathroom bc there’s no where to put a hand soap pump but there is a soap dish. Gotta put it on a little porous soap mat and it will dry off.

    18. Savanna Woods


    19. Ayse kalem

      bruh ive been here for years and i just saw his earings like DAMNNN bOOtiFUlL

    20. Psychwriteify

      I use the basis sensitive skin bar on my face(lather it up on your hands first obviously), honestly because sustainability and I don't super like the idea of paying for water.

    21. Kristina S

      Does anyone know if I’m double cleansing right I’m using the neutrogena makeup removing balm And cerave foaming facial cleanser Is that double cleansing?? Please help!!

      1. Tin

        yes that is double cleansing

    22. Shreya Dhar

      I srsly watched 4 videos of him straight nd in every single video he said cLeAnSiNg CaN Be DaNgeRoUs 😂

    23. Winter Love

      If your new here 1: We Stan the ordinary, the inky list, youth to the people,cerea VE,krave beauty, and Paulas choice. 2: We dislike Mario badescu, clean and clear, most of neutrogena products, most of tatcha products and other brands who use fragrance 3: fragrance is a BIG no. It can can cause many problems like irritation, rashes, pimples, acne and many more 4: Mario badescu sprays are just fragrance in water m💧 5: makeup wipes do more harm than good ( for your skin and the environment) 6: double cleanse if you wear makeup and or sunscreen 7: chemical exfoliating is way better than physical exfoliating 8: everyone’s skin is different 9: everyone needs to moisturize even if you have oily skin 10: use what works for you 11: fragrance is fine in a wash off treatment but not on a leave on treatment like moisturizer, surum, essence etc 12: be gentle with your skin 13: natural is not always better 14: sunscreen is the most important part of a skin care routine and should be used after everything else 15: eye creams are just expensive moisturizers and are not necessary , just use your regular moisturizer 16: our enemy is st. Ives apricot scrub😳 17: diy skincare is a no, most of them use essential oils (which are just as irritating as regular fragrance) and any of the good benefits that you could be getting from the ingredients are most like lost when you cut the fruit or vegetable open 18: enjoy yourself while doing your skincare and think of it as your you time 19: try to recycle ♻️ your empty skincare containers 20: a good and simple routine should have 4 steps,cleanser(this includes cleansing balms, oils etc), exfoliate, moisturizer, and the most important of them all, sunscreen. Hope this was informative. Tell me in the comments some more things I forgot

    24. Mariana Castro

      I think you have mentioned micro tears :) loved the rest of the video though!

    25. Luv Ludiii

      Omg I got custom Curology skincare ad of yourself 😭😭😭

    26. Savvina Poullou

      Ευχαριστώ. Λατρεύω τα βίντεο σου!

    27. AllendreStar

      Bar soap isnt exposed if you use a soap dish

    28. Nicole Taylor

      I have also learned the hard way that the fragrance really did make me break out too. Even the smallest amount of fragrance makes me break out. So yes I do appreciate how you stay away from fragrance! Thank you! ❤️

    29. lilibelle

      Hi Hyram! I know you're probably not going to see this but I'm looking for a new face mask. What face mask should I get? Btw I'm going to Ulta Beauty tomorrow and my mom really wants me to get a face mask. Please respond!!

    30. Ryan Merlino

      Can you talk about beard washes? Or what men with facial hair should do to cleanse their face? Like is a normal face wash all you need? Or since there is hair would a normal face wash strip the hairs too much? Love everything you do!

    31. Bhupali Sharma

      Please react to Indian skin Care brands. I cannot find the products that you recommend here.

    32. Sana Ihmoud

      Jessi is a true gem 💎

    33. rimbluebooks

      Imagine using ONLY a bar of soap for god knows how many years without a moisturizer, without suncream even. Yes story of my life. 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ Luckily I stopped doing that like 5/6 years ago

    34. Karis Russell

      Omg PLEASE review monat skin care I would live to see what you say

    35. Jmisha Borromeo

      Hyram I suggest that you start on skin care products in other countries as well for your international fans. It might be too much and I might be asking a lot but your international fans needs you

    36. Celina

      can you do a review of a korean based skincare called axis-y? i’ve been wanting to try it but i have hesitation tho thanks!

    37. serena bacon

      hyram pls try the function of beauty's new customizable skin care set plssss

    38. Tamimi Tamimi

      her skin 👁👄👁

    39. Tamimi Tamimi

      your videos are gorgeous omg

    40. Alexandra Elfers

      Can you do a review of L'Bri skincare products? In my opinion I love it, but I know what you say about natural products.

    41. Marianne Rousseau

      Omg I had a St-Ive’s add😭😭

    42. chiken tenders

      omg, i tried it once wich it right now...and i am scared.....i am never doing the dove ever again after today....ahhhh

    43. Antonio Biorato

      My friends using rose water: ✨ Me even thinking about it : JDJEJDJDEEJDDEEEE 😱 I'M OUT - (ps I'm a sensitive skin baby 😂😭) Where is my sensitive skincare people at? 😭✊

    44. Emily Aller

      ugh I wish I liked that youth to the people cleanser. I tried it for awhile but it made my skin so inflamed and itchy:( I cannot find anything to help with my acne

    45. holly cummings

      Hi Hiram! Would you be able to do a video on the brand ‘Skinstitut.’ It’s a popular skin care brand in Australia, although I’m not sure where it originated from.

    46. montse orueta

      It's so cute watching hyram fangirling i looove it

    47. Caroly Ramirez

      Hey hyram just wanted to say that I love your videos first of all! I have been watching your videos for a while and I've bought all you've recommend since ei was so desperate to fix my skin, I went to a dermatologist and he recommended products and antibiotics but nothing seemed to be working. I've been struggling scarring cystic acne for years now and not until I started using dove soap as a cleanser may I just say that MY SKIN HAS CHANGED IN A WEEK! Dont get me wrong it might just be the antibiotics but replacing the foaming cleanser by CeraVe to the bar of soap theres been a GREAT difference. I do follow your advice such as adding actives, moisturizers and sunscreen. My skin has never looked so healthy and glowy and I just wanted to thank you for what you do!

    48. tshepang gm

      Wow, I love this video

    49. ashwin john

      Can u suggest a good face wash for dry skin

    50. kellicole14

      I love the ordinary 30% aha peel. But honestly I stopped using cause the smell is just too much for me! It’s not fragrance obviously but I can’t stand it haha! Love their 10% lactic acidinstead though!

    51. PresidentKristy

      How about Hey Honey?

    52. Jami Mae

      I never watched u before and I put any basic Walgreen and cvs products but u really helped me not only pay attention to what’s in my products but my skin feels AMAZING I never even paid attention to my skin type and I bought whatever was sponsored by creators:3

    53. Jami Mae

      Hi hyrammm I saw Cereve at CVS and I wanted a cleanser and I saw a facial bar from Cere Ve is it okay ?

    54. Happy Man

      I was able to sort out herpes virus from my body system completely with natural herbal supplement I got from Dr.ebacol on USfilm!

    55. Bella Rei

      What do you think of rice scrubs? Like Nivea rice scrub?

    56. Elena Anna

      My "horror story product": Using Salicylic Acid Spiritus. Yes. Spiritus. Which means that sh*t was made out of 70% Ethanol, 2% SA and water. Dried me out soo much. What was I thinking?!

    57. Cecillie Bjørkland

      Love the shirt Hyram!😍

    58. Sam Westman

      Would you say toner is necessary for acne-prone skin? Because personally, it's 100% necessary for me. I've had pretty bad acne from the age of 17 and for me, I break out like crazy without an exfoliating toner. I use the CeraVe cleanser (for oily skin) and their moisturizer (for dry skin bc I felt like my skin got a liiitle dry from the cleanser and that moisturizer still feels very lightweight), but before moisturizing (only at night) I have to use the toner or my pores clog up. I'm using The Ordinary toner and the zinc serum for oil control. I also use their "blood mask" once a week to exfoliate further (I DO NOT use the toner before or after the mask). I'm just curious to hear your opinion on toners that are for acne and if you still think it's more unnecessary than necessary.

    59. Ola Bukowiec

      In regards of the bacteria on the bar of soap yes it’s germy but does it not matter that it gets rinsed off right away or am I deluded cause I’m a bar of soap addict ? 😂

    60. Japanna

      I'm so bummed that YTTP cleanser hasn't done a thing for my skin. Sigh

    61. Muriel Long

      Awesome video! I love your channel. I have learned a lot from you. Thank you!

    62. Miki

      youth to the people doesn't ship to australia :(

    63. Bianca Carmen

      Loved ittt please do a video on your opinion on the brand peachy & lily graciasss

    64. stray kids share one brain cell

      USfilm really had the NERVE to put a st ives ad before this video🙄

    65. Berween Hamaideh

      Can you react to Alessya Farrugia’s skincare routine on her channel pleaseeeeee🤍✨

    66. Crystal Ortega

      Every time. Every single time I watch a Hyram video i wanna buy a new skincare product...now I gotta try that neutrogena hydro boost cream.

    67. Sofia LaBonte

      When there’s a St. Ives scrub ad during the vid 🤦‍♀️

    68. Charlotte Crowshaw

      I hate fragrance bc it ligit ruins my skin !!

    69. Crystal Davis

      Hyram!! Plss help me i have skin asthma and acne i don't know what product i should use that won't trigger my skin plss notice me!!

    70. Liz Cullen

      Hyram, when you mentioned bar soap and how the packaging is sustainable that got me thinking. I too am concerned with sustainability but when I'm finished with my makeup, skincare, and haircare products I tend to throw them away. But can I recycle them? I would love to see a video on what bottles/packaging I can recycle.

    71. Beans ?

      * laughs nervously in I'm using bar soap for my face * (I got it from someone who makes soap and says it specifically for faces but I'm prolly not gonna get it again)

    72. Olivia Doyon

      Can Simone please tell me if the bar of soap works for acne?

    73. Mia Diaz

      I LOVE the shirt!!🤩🤩

    74. Alleah Joy Delandao

      I wish cerave and the ordinary is affordable here in the Philippines😭😭😭🙁🙁🙁

    75. Annisa Nur Aulia

      Hyram, I think you put the wrong link for the Then I Met You Cleanser. It went to iunik centella instead

    76. Katelyn Martinez

      You’re going to cringe...way back when I used to buy clay cat litter, blend it up, and make a clay mask out of it😶

    77. Priya Surendran

      Why are you the sweetest Hyram!!!!! You've literally changed the skincare game around town. Grateful for you❤️

    78. Andie H.

      I was looking to see if Hyram made a video on this specific soap, and I immediately clicked when I saw the package😂

    79. Angela Lawrence Smith

      Hyram please do a video on Korres!!!

    80. priscilaa_23x

      React to liza koshy’s skincare routine!!

    81. Nour elhouda

      Hyram .. the truth about bioderma plz

    82. Kara M

      Funny because I’m here watching videos looking for a replacement for my Dove bar...which was recommended to me by my dermatologist...14 years ago.

    83. louise huynh

      *internal screaming*

    84. Lissaaa T


    85. kyron jade preddy

      hey hyram! i recently got the olay fresh reset pink mineral complex clay stick mask and i was wondering if you have an opinion on it! (or anyone else who is reading this and has tried it what’s your opinion!) disclaimer: i have very acne prone skin! i would also say my skin is combination! thanks!

    86. Josefine Gjefle

      Can you do a video about garnier skincare? ❤️ love you hyram

    87. Silvia Bjørkman

      Sooooo I used to remove my makeup with bar soap, and now I can't wear makeup because it sensitized and dried out my eye area so much. It's been over a year now, and I still can't wear eye makeup. I hate myself.

    88. Matthew J. Greenleaf

      I like the hair color, Hyram. I actually used the Dove sensitive bar for many years, as it was recommended along with Cetaphil moisturizer by the derm when I was a teenager on Retin-A. Keep in mind that CeraVe wasn’t around yet. Even after discontinuing retinoids, Dove still helped me get through my acne years. Now that I’m almost 30, I prefer something a bit gentler and more hydrating.

    89. bridget leal

      ok I use dove bar too bc my derm recommended it and my skin has never been more clear. I have been waiting to see if it hyram approved now I’m at odds w myself lmao

    90. chia xo

      Hyram’s eyes are really popping with that shirt and they look so pretty!

    91. Isabella Betts

      Can you do the order for skin care

    92. Natasha Garcia

      what do you think about using doctor bronners castile soap as a face wash?

    93. Shakira leon

      Hyram you are adorable !!!! Love your energy😭💖 we need more people like you in this world

    94. Midnight Salmon

      Please do a reaction video of GDIIPA's Dry Acne Skin to Rosy Glow video. I would love your insight on those products. ✨🖤✨

    95. Nadine

      At what minute he starts talking about the dove soap?

    96. Wajiha Mustafa

      @hyram you should do a video on body skin care too

    97. MacKenzie Johnson

      bro i need you to make a video about the blue ponds moisturizer

    98. Azul :l

      can we talk about that shirt he's wearing? its so cuteee I love it


      HyraM pls react to Camile Rowe's skin care

    100. Ymaculate Adhiambo

      Hey Hyram! Could you do an analysis of the ingredients of the dove beauty bar soap? You just said its too cheap to be any good but if really like to know exactly what's wrong with it I'm in Kenya and it's really hard to access good quality cleansers that are affordable. I love the beauty bar bc it's both accessible and cheap