Sevilla vs Barcelona | LALIGA HIGHLIGHTS | 2/27/2021 | beIN SPORTS USA

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    A double-header with Sevilla will go some way to defining Barcelona's season and their forwards made sure they won the league meeting.
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    Published on Month ago


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    2. alida flus

      dembele my man of the match today. He played great. respect from a madrid fan

    3. Maxime BESSON

      Sounds like Trump is commenting

    4. Wilson Sepulveda

      Am I the only one here after beating them again to enter the CDL final?? Vamos Barca!!!!❤️💙❤️💙❤️💙❤️

    5. Joaquin Quinamague

      Who here after Barca won 3-0?

    6. NICEKIX

      Bro what is this commentating

      1. alida flus

        6:05 Im pretty sure someone shot him right there lmao

    7. *FnCloudxy〽

      Wow this is one of the best game in the season in Barcelona. like just look at the passing and how their playing. incredible game. it’s never too late to get Barcelona back on feet 🔴🔵


      varcelona crying about atalanta red card 😁😆😅😂🤣

      1. MrBrokeBoy 6000

        @THE QUESTIONER are you on drugs or what?? Since when we went against Atalanta this season


        @Antoine Griezmann yes you did...and you gonna cry some more😆

      3. Antoine Griezmann

        No one is crying

    9. Jerry Han

      Oh woops, wrong Barca vs Sevilla game

    10. m p_

      You can hear his love for the game

    11. Savage Warrior

      Wow Barcelona has defeated Sevilla 2 times already dang

    12. TheLegend1008ヅ

      Who is here after barca win 3-0 to make it to the final?

      1. Ultra


    13. Daniel Miller

      pero yo no se Joe Rogan Podcast........... quiero terminar mi vida..... pero nadie me quiere

    14. Luis Del Aguila

      The G.O.A.T ⚽️🐐⚽️🐐⚽️⚽️🐐⚽️⚽️🐐🐐🐐

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    16. john cao

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    17. Carlos Monge

      Why not replay messi's goal miss... lol are you embarrassed?

    18. ronald raegan

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    19. Yoohan Kim

      6:05 Im pretty sure someone shot him right there lmao

    20. Simokonige HassiloneSominoke

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    21. Jonathan Ngo-Minh

      Beautiful play from Barca! 🤩 What a performance! 🔥

    22. Jonathan Ngo-Minh

      Messi the 🐐

    23. STARWARS 100

      Using my vpn jus for ray

    24. Brooklyn Hughes

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    25. Jonathan Ngo-Minh

      What a finish by Dembele! Great ball by Messi! 🔥⚽️

    26. Mac Jett

      Can that one dude stop screaming

    27. T's Garage

      messi is unstoppable

    28. Beni71727 Cor

      minute 2:08 dembelete debio devolver la pelota a Messi para anotar .......pero el prefirio hacerlo.... y nada...parece que Messi le dijera que paso porque no me lo devolviste.....Messi grandioso .....el piensa en el equipo asistencia en gol de dembele es pase gol .........,,,segundo gol messi destruye y anota .....el mejor del mundo!!!!!!!!!Meeeeeeeessi...Meeeeeeessi!!!!!!!

    29. Samuel Escamilla

      The commentator man 😂😂 gotta love em

    30. balta basilio

      Barca merece la victoria

    31. Luis Aguilar

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    32. manuel Gallegos

      Por qué no pone la falta que cometió el fracazado claro todos los árbitros está en la mafia da asco ver a los derrotado de Barcelona son cochino pero que digo son asqueroso Messi debería estar vendiendo el avión y la comida se Candelaria

    33. rubencitostyle

      Ilaix Moriba mamita!!! what a player has La Masia produced!!! He's just seeing his first minutes this year but boy, he has a great future as a box to box midfielder with great technique and physical prowess!!!

    34. Cylvino

      Ayo how dat ball floating in the beginning

    35. egymario

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    36. Lucky Ewemade

      And guys, that Lenglet’s handball was in the middle of the pitch not in the for y’all calling it a penalty, not sure where you got that from

    37. Riku Bowman

      i know its messi you're trying to defend but fernando gets beat and just gives up.....terrible defense, doesnt even deserve the chocolates messi be giving out. 10/10 commentary

    38. Miguel D

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    39. Kirk Cousins

      Unpopular opinion: Messi is is NOT leaving Barcelona.

    40. Ant gotchu._.

      Barca need this title more than any team

    41. fantasyfan9


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    44. Sub Hero

      Dembele is one of the worlds best when it comes to 1 on 1 take ons 100%

    45. Ryan S

      Soccer 😴

    46. José Hernandez

      The screaming from the commentator is hilarious 😭😭

    47. JC 17

      Barcelona tiene buenas jugadas solo le falta anotar gol

    48. Aaron

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    49. Simbu K

      4:20 Frankie should have shoot ... they always looking for messi to pass on

    50. extane gautham

      ffs the amerikkkan play by play guy in this pair is just dreadful, painful, when compared to almost any of the brits...have to watch it with the volume muted...hudson almost as annoying and offers very little meaningful commentary...

    51. Anthony Cimpean

      6:07 When I make a flawless introduction for a group science project and that one guy forgets his lines

    52. Choice Meat Randy

      First time Dembele has looked useful at Barca, and that's cause he needs to play direct as opposed to on the wing. He's a lethal finisher.

    53. Luis Uriona

      Today Barcelona played like a team. All the the players passed the ball the each other on the attack. When they only pass the ball the Messi they are too predictable and also if they're already attacking they cant bring the ball back again just attack fast and keep attacking fast. Keep playing like today's first half and they cam do a lot

    54. Jose Diaz

      Mm . Les ganan a los mas pendejos y con los grandes valen pura verga.

    55. Keval Shah

      Fifa seems so much easier

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    57. Lyric

      The thumbnail is wholesome

    58. Jower Feriz

      Que bien esta Messi el barca juega bien esoeremos pueda remontar ante el psg,que falta de respeto del bubarron de tay hudson no reconoce k el barca no es nadie y el barca juega horrible pero ganando messy el doble de todo el equipo dwbe marcar aveces uuuuuuu

    59. Bryan Loke

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    60. Adan Umanzor

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      How about that 2 to 8 score dang that was funny will never forget ever forget it eat that barsa fans.

    62. SHAHRYAR

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    63. Live Life

      Messi slowly fading away

    64. Jon Lach

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    65. Camp Woodworks

      Anyone else notice that ring floating when they grabbed the ball off the stand ?

    66. Only Jesus Can Save Us

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    67. Masum Chowdhury

      Ray Hudson commentary on Messi is pure gold.

    68. eduardo cruz

      Barcelona is coming back 💯👌

    69. Jonah B

      "King of the match" 😂😂

    70. STILL

      One doesn’t experience self-transcendence, the illusion of self only dissipates🔻

    71. Dhan Rai

      best club in the world Barcelona Messi Messi messi

    72. Amazing Grace

      Dembele is on fire

    73. barcelts1

      Missed goal by the refs at 2:29

    74. Anthony Leung


    75. Johnny Tsunami

      Commentator needs to stfu with the sound effects

    76. hector caballero


    77. Frank

      the sleeping giant is waking up

    78. mike mike

      💰bookie giving back 💰 on USfilm crazy money 💵 everyday 🥃🥃🥃

    79. adad

      Messi is King of Spanish League but Europe is a different story hahaha

    80. Breezy

      It was amazing to see how defense this team has improved in

    81. PBK

      Are we not gonna talk about busquets’ touch at 8:57 oh my god magisterial

    82. Phoenix

      “More twists and turns than a cheap garden hose” lol

    83. Manny Lopez

      Dembele really showed his potential here and it looks scary for everyone else

    84. Masonic Boom

      Tyler's amazing

    85. Frank_ man917

      9:38 was my favorite moment of the game, a happy messi🥺

    86. Sam SKILLZ

      Barca needs to sign a different goalie. I saw this guy named Michael Bolvin. This guy is amazing. He says he loves Ter-Stegen. He is even better than Ter-Stegen. Barca, sign him.

    87. Ms. Loving

      There's power in the name of Jesus Christ. Receive Him as your Lord and Savior right now and be saved. ❤

    88. Sara Diaz

      If you have a Bono as your goalie, every silly ball gets in. What a joke he is.

    89. ph1484

      What’s up with the constant moans and groans by the announcer?

    90. YouRoVlogs

      *Barcelona* 🔥

    91. Mario

      What happened to the Barcelona way 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣

    92. 0riginal _Panda_Child

      Keep playing dembele as a poacher (like mbappe)

    93. Ice Cream Smiles

      Every time I see empty stands I get mad all over again. When will this madness end?

    94. edgar perez

      When haters say messi can't carry a team on his shoulders yet his playing with 18 year olds and still be able to play this way hahaha.

    95. All In One

      Messi goal looks easy but I don’t think a lot of good players won’t be able to finished it off. Dembele looks sharp and he has a great goal. We look great with a clean sheet. Thanks Barca.

    96. hans robert jean louis

      Under Koeman Depending on how a player performs he has the right to play or take the bench unfortunately I can't make the same assertion for his predecessors. Dembele keeps going up. Messi may God always bless you.

    97. jie li

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    98. Manuel Almonte

      Funny how Messi has over 37% of Barca’s goals this season

    99. Secrets Of Meditation

      How many students are viewing 🤔

    100. Jesus vs Satan

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