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    This is the mini impostor life in Among Us!
    The little white crewmate always wanted to be friends with the black man, but the white man's mother was an impostor.
    The black mini crewmate also wants to be his friend but seeing his mother on the ground scares him a lot and he no longer wants to be friends with the white man. Due to prejudices and misunderstandings, the new life of the little white has changed, now he is the new and future impostor!
    About Among Us game!
    Among Us is an online multiplayer social deduction game developed and published by American game studio InnerSloth and released on June 15, 2018. The game takes place in a space-themed setting in which players each take on one of two roles, most being Crewmates, and a predetermined number being Impostors.
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    1. Hornstromp Games

      ♦️This is a mini-impostor life guys! What do you think about this life? Please shared and comment your next ideas!

      1. Brandon D

        I don't like it

      2. Doom Slayer


      3. Doom Slayer


      4. Doom Slayer


      5. Doom Slayer


    2. topikral daşdemir


    3. Omar Jawad

      I cried for 1 hour

    4. Juan Miguel Gracilla

      so So cute😚 baby among us

    5. Merve Şilan Ayırkan

      çok üzücüüü

    6. Arcadia Garcia

      I so sad 😭😭😭

    7. Lilia Parreno


    8. Yahnee's Gaming world


    9. De'Mario Mcbride

      I don't like how white don't like black itz hart braking

    10. Roosdiana Puteri Ayu

      112238u3uryyghdhshsisdhbd $♤{■

    11. Veer Pratap Rana

      How do you do like this

    12. **kAwAii SuNsEt SaFaRi**

      It’s hard losing your mom I cryed my heart out :( even know it’s fake and just a game :(

    13. Jackie Parris

      This made me cry...

    14. cute love queen


    15. spy funtime foxy fan

      Im literelly crying so much thia is so ad😥😥😥😭😭😭😭😭😭

    16. spy funtime foxy fan

      Im literrlly crying sowmuch right now this is so sad

      1. spy funtime foxy fan

        Im lite

    17. Aku Hebat


    18. Asaiah Baker

      oh i get it white doesn't like black

      1. Asaiah Baker

        but this was very sad

      2. Asaiah Baker

        very funny (sarcasm)

    19. Elizabeth Alvarado Garin

      Que triste😢😢😢😭😭😢

    20. StarTail 209

      why is black scared of white? WHITE LITTERLY SAVED HIM

      1. Not Sus

        Because mini white is a disobedient kid.

    21. Elizabeth jara silva

      Me.dio pena. Me puse. A llorar.

    22. Elizabeth Toledo


    23. Muhaimunur Rahman

      This so sad because little white guy is not friends any more it mayed me also most cry how sad

      1. Muhaimunur Rahman


    24. Blitzachu

      I CRY so its to sad i sub you 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    25. Kaasm Mastafa


    26. Adina Birzanu


    27. Adina Birzanu


    28. {* The Kawaii chan*}

      You should make Part 2 its really sad its maybe a revage or something i uderstand she hate her cause she do the same thing to her am right?

    29. Tuğrul Çelebi

      bütün vidolarına devam itiyorum yoksa takibi bırakırım tamammı

    30. Thatsanee Puangnak


    31. луна бенди

      Мне так жалко малюток

      1. луна бенди


    32. thxmas.


    33. Thị Hoa Nguyễn

      Wow!is so cute😍

    34. Ella Madrid

      They can still breath cos they have a space suit when they get ejected

    35. 신수아

      1:44초에 하양아기 산소통 색칠안함

      1. 신수아

        1:48초엔 하양이 다리무엇??(멈춰서 보세요)

    36. Bolton fadri


    37. mythical garchomp

      Is this a try not to cry challenge? Well i failed that challenge

    38. Naufal Iskandar Shah

      it super sad

    39. Ximena Castellanos López

      3:32 to friends sad =( :( ;(

    40. Ximena Castellanos López

      Me iso llorar mucho

    41. Jojo Saja

      😢😢 is the sad 😊😊

    42. nur addina sophia


    43. Martín Eduardo Antilao Raipane


    44. 쭈아쪼니TV


    45. Radha Davies

      This is so sad but beautiful at the same time ❤️😢

    46. osreveR lE

      I cried... This was so sad.

    47. Steven Aguilar


    48. Edgar Paredes


    49. Iker Eduardo Matus Escudero


    50. Tattlina

      i really didnt want to deal with all the crying i will do if i watched this but i had to cuz im working on a video.

    51. عباس مصطفى علاء مصطفى علاء


    52. Ensar avdibasic

      Is so saddddd😫😭

    53. Carlos Uzumaki


    54. Gamer Nahian

      Sad but, I am not cry 😅😅🧐🤨

    55. asha eldo


    56. Calin Ciurea

      White its impostor

    57. miriam alvarez reynolds

      Bonito lo que hizo blanco por su hijo

    58. miriam alvarez reynolds

      Tonto el blanco!

    59. U Lithesh

      Bro this really awesome

    60. Tuğrul Çelebi

      ühühü çok ağlattırıcı

    61. Brenda

      The white girl's last words was I killed her

    62. Smsm Shaibani

      I can't stop crying 😭😭

      1. pong deam


    63. Solaris - The Ultra Life Form

      Why do you have to make every thing sad😭😭😭😭😭

    64. hamada review time

      Mama white

    65. hamada review time

      I will mad white

    66. dainty maternity


    67. Millennium Properties

      So sad.

    68. Aubreyswirls Anthony


    69. Thomas Doull

      I was crying an my mum came in and I show her why I was crying and she started crying.

    70. alano 11

      Hornstromp o pls

    71. lol -_-

      Impostor stupid!!!!!!!!!!!

    72. lol -_-

      The impostor stupid!!!!

    73. GODZILA br Minala


    74. GODZILA br Minala


    75. Kiria Suazo

      I felt sad when black was shocked 😲 it made me feel like real bad😭😭😭😭😭😭😢😢😥😥😫😫😩😩😞😞

    76. kratos ayad


    77. Brandon D

      Why can't you make it where the black mini crewmate stays friends with the white the mini imposter

    78. Gamingwith Malachi

      Well its sad but When mini black and mini white was playing I think that was cute

    79. Sugeng Harianto

      Dis. Sosad😭 awan tokary

    80. Ashley H

      Don’t get a cow out of ship

    81. Broken Nightmare bonnie

      This is so sad I actually cried

    82. valengameplays pro


    83. Gracie Lynn

      Me: this reminds me of when you kill a crewmate and they have a pet The animation: im gona make this sadder *hahaha!* Also me: why is there a toy ship?

      1. Gracie Lynn

        @Dayiro Mario mago:-D I don't understand your language but I'm gonna figure out what you said

      2. Dayiro Mario mago:-D

        Canales aburrido no es divertido tienes razón es mejor y sólo tiene

    84. Lobo9000pro

      Why win bad????

      1. Lobo9000pro


    85. Blue_WolfsUwU 9.8

      Me: talking about how this is a good animation The whole comment section: *TALKING ABOUT HOW IT MADE PEOPLE CRY*

    86. Satwant Singh

      Omg I'm crying😭

    87. BY' AFK

      Nooo 😢😢😢

    88. gamer x


    89. Manahil Ahmed

      i cried and i showed it to my friend she cried a lot 🥺🥺😭

    90. Anastasia Anastasia

      У меня просто слёзы текут от этих видео, и я не могу их смотреть !!!!!

    91. Kitty Guan

      Why is it like every video I react to making me cry😢

    92. Ruksana Begum


    93. spider man

      That doesn't make me cry but just a little bit

    94. Cera Bohay

      I cried in your other videos

    95. Cera Bohay

      I cried in your other videos

    96. Nora Rashed


    97. Tiktok it

      I cried so bad.. my mom had to kept telling me it was animated.. idk this hurt my heart...😭❤️


      I cry a lot im a cry baby so sad i love in the end 😢😩

    99. Safiye Ayan

      Çok üzücü😪😪😪😪😪