NASA's Perseverance Rover Lands Successfully on Mars (Highlight Reel)

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    After a seven-month-long journey, NASA’s Perseverance Rover successfully touched down on the Red Planet on Feb. 18, 2021. Mission controllers at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Southern California celebrate landing NASA's fifth -- and most ambitious -- rover on Mars.
    A key objective for Perseverance’s mission on Mars is astrobiology, including the search for signs of ancient microbial life. The rover will characterize the planet’s geology and past climate, pave the way for human exploration of the Red Planet, and be the first mission to collect and cache Martian rock and regolith.
    Also flying with Perseverance is NASA’s Ingenuity helicopter, which will attempt to show controlled, powered flight is possible in the very thin Martian atmosphere.
    For more about Perseverance, visit
    Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech

    Published on 17 days ago


    1. Mae Centeno

      Nice movie it looks so real!...

    2. Martha Eugenia Maldonado Rodriguez

      awesome, wow, thanks!

    3. Ailsa Ni

      Wow..emotional for me looking at her looked tensed and after she made the announcement! Congratulations NASA Team!

    4. kolim jone

      I’d rather put the trillions into feeding some of the worlds starving kids!

    5. Nour El Malak

      Amazing 👏

    6. eioshen boboi

      I bet, many of you just like me could literally sense the future of space exploration by mankind.

      1. Ailsa Ni

        Great movie

    7. vbddfy euuyt

      A Great Achievement congratulations to all concerned.

    8. moto travel

      This is fake the earth is flat and the mars is more flatter

      1. kolim jone

        The landing moment was so emotional

    9. abbsnn cose

      Congratulations to everyone involved. This was amazing. ♥️

    10. Yuan Tuinman

      "Perseverance crashed lost contact"

      1. Yuan Tuinman

        @eioshen boboi about 5 ish diameter ig

      2. eioshen boboi

        And how big was the parachute? Doesn't look big to me in this video.

    11. Serena Round

      We don't have a picture of planet earth from space but Nasa "went to mars"? LOL

      1. vbddfy euuyt



      They are the best NASA 🙏

    13. anil Kasaragod

      Congrats NASA

      1. abbsnn cose

        My country India will be there soon, congratulations NASA, and I am proud my ISRO.

    14. JESUS TE AMA

      🇺🇸 The Bible says that God created life. We don't know if He also created life on other planets, but the Bible says that the entire universe suffers the consequences of man's sin (Revelation 6: 12-14). If there is extraterrestrial life, its nature is also fallen.

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    16. gioyu comi

      Seeing that first image was... remarkable

    17. poeta Piotr Rysiewski

      441 [ Mars po Sars ] Wymarło życie na planecie Mars, Marsjanie już po, przeszedł zebrał żniwo Sars. Pusta czerwień bez tkanki żywej, łaziku, szukaj śladów, przyczyny, tej zagłady prawdziwej. Oni tam już po, odeszli, My tu, ich planeta już odkażona , czysta , może My i nasze przeciwciała , by tam przeszły.

    18. 2DEEP2MUCH 420

      Why is 90% of everything they show CG?seriously..

    19. 2DEEP2MUCH 420

      Great acting where in Greenland is this?

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    20. doire aintu

      This is what we can do... aS a CoUnTrY

    21. Alex XELA

      Great movie

    22. ali Rezaie

      The landing moment was so emotional

    23. Alwade Valdez

      AMAZING!! HOAX AGAIN in entire year! hahahah!!

    24. Ramon Rodr

      Are the images real? It looks like an animation. Just one question, how dense do you say was the martian atmosphere? And how much do you say does the roboter wheight? And how big was the parachute? Doesn't look big to me in this video.

      1. doire aintu


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    26. yuoop noke

      Seeing that first image was... remarkable

    27. sarish nair

      My country India will be there soon, congratulations NASA, and I am proud my ISRO.

    28. Oppressors Beware

      We can fly to Mars and land but can't figure out how to get rid of the cancel culture issue.......

    29. Cwild Cwild

      I delivered those chairs. I basically successfully satisfied the butts that got that rover to mars. You're welcome

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    30. Omar Abdullahi

      Say alhamdu Lillah means thanks God

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      Nice CGI 😆

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        @Thano s nope

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        @PS 4 sooo... Have you changed your mind?

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        @Thano s lol

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        @PS 4 they said it in the video

      5. PS 4

        @Thano s proof it

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    34. admsitio

      Imagine celebrating like this and disconecting the wrong cable or pressing the abort key or something like that.

    35. Caleb Custom Bricks

      the people who think these missions are fake make me laugh

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    38. Tomasz Cisoń

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      *#Nice** atmosphere for a parachute.*

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      I bet, many of you just like me could literally sense the future of space exploration by mankind.

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    45. Nikola Tesla

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    46. Thomas A

      Yea ok looks like cgi

      1. Kareem Salessi

        @JustAnotherGuy - a Non-Existing-footage, on a NON-existing-Channel??? Copy-paste here the title of the YT clips, because links probably won't post!!!

      2. JustAnotherGuy -

        They used CGI to visualise what the landing would look like. But, you can now find actual footage on their channel :)

      3. Kareem Salessi

        @Thomas A SMART-FAMILY.

      4. Thomas A

        @Kareem Salessi I was a little kid when the first landing happened my family didn't believe it was real

      5. Kareem Salessi

        Before CGI, they used to fake it the Disney-Way!!!!

    47. Kareem Salessi

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    49. Ghust

      why do they look like hotwheel toys

      1. Kareem Salessi

        Coz-they-ARE !!!

    50. laeeque nadvi

      CONGRATULATIONS NASA NASA ROVER'S LANDED ON MARS SAFELY PRESERVANCE SETTLES IN The newest Martian, a robot named Preservance, is alive and well after its first day and night on the red planet Nasa's scientists were exhilarated as they shared pictures captured by its cameras during landing and after the rover reached the surface. Mars rover Perseverance is ready to begin seeking the signs of past life. Perseverance is highly advanced technically and will work for long time. DR.MOHAMMAD LAEEQUE NADVI Ph.D. (Arabic Lit.) M.A. Arabic Lit.+Islamic Studies) DIRECTOR Amena Institute of Islamic Studies & Analysis A Global & Universal Institute, Donate to promote this Institute SBI A/C30029616117 Kolkata,Park Circus Branch Thanks

    51. Valerie Sanchez

      I do wonder how rover will recharge when the batteries are exhausted

      1. Kareem Salessi

        JPL has plenty of charging-stations on its MARS-campus!!!

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      Ooooh very good

    53. Universo d'ark

      hello my name is Joana d'ark , I have a USfilm channel over the entire universe since I was little I already love planets, stars, galaxies etc.. well i love everything about space, and my dream is one day to get to know \"Nasa\" And my dream I hope that one day I will succeed 😥🥺🔭

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      I bet, many of you just like me could literally sense the future of space exploration by mankind.

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    56. AnteChrist

      *Can NASA look for traces of acid on Martian soil?* *Its very important* *Thank you* *The Perseverence robot is not far from a cave that contains life* *in this cave there is ice, liquid water, oxygen, black fish, 2 human skeletons measuring about* *3 meters and 4 symbols painted on the walls of the cave, I am making a video to tell you my* *12 dreams on the planet Mars* *Thank you and see you soon*

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    60. Vincent How

      Great achievement but why did they have to ruin the touchdown confirmed we are safe on Mars and say touchdown confirmed perseverance safe on the surface of mars

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    65. zaciroth

      Why so much CGI? It just makes people suspect it isn't real when it is. If you don't have the external surrounding footage then don't use it or state that it is reconstructed.

    66. SHIVA

      The one who is speaking is indian..see indians in NASA

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      Seeing that first image was... remarkable

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      Beautiful Iceland !!!

      1. Kareem Salessi

        NO:::: its actually Canada's Devon-Island!!!!

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      lo unico que hay en las estrellas son 2 libros mas como biblia

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      Wie sie sich immer über ihre CGI Bilder freuen und sich dabei selber nicht doof fühlen. Die zeigen immer diesen komischen Roboter in echt Aufnahme, und sobald etwas dann fliegt oder die Erde oder Mars zeigen, kommen direkt CGI Bilder 🤣👍

      1. cnmmd qiuoo

        Its mind blowing how many people actually buy this bs from nasa 🎪

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      Look at all those gullible idiots wearing a mask.

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        ok Hans go back to your homecare your grandchildren are worried

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      Wow! That's amazing 😍👏

    75. Mojo RISIN

      Director of Fake Landing..” okay guys and gals listen up! When the fake landing rover lands I want to see a lot of cheering and excited faces okay!!!...Aaand ACTION!”

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        You do realise that this was a livestream which was over an hour long right?

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      What NASA really means Never A Straight Answer I wouldn't trust a room of people all wearing double masks. Seems stage to me

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      beautiful animation... awkward acting

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      Indian scientist :- "thanx me later"

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      I love this video good luck NASA 😘😘😘😘😍😍😍😍😍

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      Images from Perseverance Rover looks like they sent it to rural Arizona or Nevada lol // a desolate desert with lots of rocks //

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      Please, leave Mars alone. You've done nothing good on earth yet...

      1. Louis Staut

        @JustAnotherGuy - Eat Mars, dude, leave Mars alone, idiot !!

      2. JustAnotherGuy -

        Please, watch mark rober(or use Google) to understand why we’re going to Mars. This is a space corporation you idiot why would they do good stuff on earth...

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      1. misolou fout

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      Have fun on Mars, Perseverance!

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      Very very congratulations

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      now let's find some hot alien chicks

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      What a waste of money, millions of people starving on Earth

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        watch mark rober’s nasa video, and use your brain for once please :)

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        comment that under military related videos then

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      very low res textures in your 3d rendering environment and by the way nice after effects interface enjoy your lies

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        @Random Site please send me proof that you’re a game developer :)

      2. Random Site

        @Cha7 I have clues from the heart of NASA "Databases" For that reason I don't care if others won't believe me or us if you want

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        @Random Site Yeah, believe what you wanna believe bro

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        @Cha7 hhhh ok I respect your point but believe I'm game developer and I know a lot about graphics so don't keep negotiating me thank you

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        bro, this is a space video, why tf you talking about climate change

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      please show more pictures or videos how the rover lands on mars.

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        nvm it was a day

      2. JustAnotherGuy -

        They will soon, (I think in a week or two cuz of how far Mars is? You should probably Google it to be sure though.)

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        Anything could be a lie in such a ridiculously corrupt country like today's USA!