When you accidentally write songs that already exist part 2

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    Published on Month ago


    1. Moon Heroz

      1:55 Megalovania vibes 😎

    2. mac maristela

      this is awesome!!!

    3. _Kira_

      Why is this literally me but just with writing lyrics lol

    4. Loamsdown


    5. whiscay

      What song is he parodying when he says "every time i go to the bathroom" im having a brain fart..

    6. SaraSong2653

      Are we going to ignore that "Hit me Baby one more time" is not a Russian Inspiried Waltz XD

    7. Tobias Luong

      Part 3; new teacher

    8. Lucas Besuschio


    9. Sam T

      This is the first one I watch of these sketches and I'm still watching... I'm not ashamed.

    10. Zael98 6

      Pls do a part 3

    11. Hadi Moudallal

      1:56 sans music lol

    12. Lock Picker

      Finish the Russian waltz

    13. Sami Noor Iqbal


    14. demon

      1:56 what song is that pls

      1. ZiZ

        megalovania from undertale

    15. bria harris

      The extended grand finale happy birthday 🤣🤣🤣

    16. bria harris

      Time stamps please what r all the songs in this video? Like the originals?

    17. The Mischievous Shapeshifter

      Papa just safed a child

    18. Poultry Man

      He knew exactly what he was doing.

    19. Brandi Keezel


    20. Jacob Mayer

      That bit at the beginning of Happy Birthday reminded me of Dearly Beloved from Kingdom Hearts

    21. Roz Golshani

      am I the only one who can't hear smells like teen spirit in the beginning?

    22. Rebdulah

      The only times I actually watch the ads in videos

    23. Julen Arroyo Serrano

      are u axel from THE MIDDLE? haha nice to meet u Daniel XD

    24. TurtleObsessed

      Laborlaborlaborlaborlabor workin for my neighborneighboeneighborneighbor 😂😂😂😂😂

    25. blazegamer008


    26. Sara Dellaquila

      When will there be a third part

    27. The Emulator

      Literally, every time he says speed it up a bit: Completely changes the song.

    28. Miguel Capili

      He reminds me of Ted Mosby, but he turned out to be a pianist rather than an architect

    29. Annabelle P

      That pen flip at the end tho.

    30. Amon Brown

      The B section is my favorite part. Haha

    31. TechBeast

      😂 😂

    32. Dusk The Knight

      do a part 3 with 99 red balloons

    33. Dusk The Knight

      "dont say it...mohito" gets me every time

    34. Nugie Nugraha

      I hope there is jojo reference

    35. Neah Walker

      Another one please 😂😂

    36. Logan Arnel

      Hit me baby one more time would be touch me adult five less moments

    37. Jessica Archer

      Everytime i go to the bathroom 😂💀🔫

    38. NoNewGuru


    39. Joshua Miller

      dude, you are missing an oppurtunity to include the office theme for part three. thx

    40. Adrian Ferrando

      pleeeeeassseee bro do a part 3

    41. Melissa Soh

      I know the songs just that I don’t know the names of the some of the songs

    42. Primus

      "Goodbye Daniel" JAHJSAHJASHA

    43. Pedro Sousa

      Song at 1:45?

    44. Amber Ibrahim

      Why do you have a balloon on your head Not now

    45. Amber Ibrahim

      Daniel I love your videos my goodness

    46. Duncan Thomas

      Part 3 monkey man ( monkey song) people are sstrange ( human are weird) fruit salad ( vegetable salad)

    47. Jade Ireland

      Can you do part 3 with party rock anthem

    48. Anna Grace Gainey

      1:56 Literally me. I don't know how to play on the piano but on flute, I was just making random noises and playing random notes and one kid was like "Is that Megalovania?!" Funny thing is, I already know how to play that. So I did it. I played a little bit, and turned back to him. Stopped and said "Are you satisfied?" One of the funniest band memories I have before 2020.

    49. Theo

      What's the name of the real song at 1:44?

    50. David Cornejo

      Just play "A Cruel Angel's Thesis."

    51. The Sleepy Dot

      Sketch Daniel should just start a youtube channel where he puts a twist on popular songs, or maybe makes skits and funny videos about it

    52. Noah

      The hit me baby one one more time would be called smack me child once more time

    53. Tinzz

      HAHAHA ''evary time that i go to the bathroom''

    54. Jonathan Reyes

      “Child Stank” I died laughing. This vid made me sub.

    55. TurtleLeGenD

      Actually being a pianist, this feels so true. Everything you create seems like it's already been made. LOL

    56. Ohitscheft

      I need a full version of that hit me baby on more time

    57. nightwing 2790

      That intense staring

    58. Kenji Uy

      I love how smooth the transition to happy birthday to bohemian rhapsody

    59. Mini Miss Mia

      1:45 “Every time, I go to the bathroom”

      1. * Woofle *

        @Theo Dream on by Aerosmith I’m pretty sure (I could be wrong)

      2. Theo

        Do you know the name of the real song?

    60. Common Catcher

      Dude why did you play the song every gamer knows and rages at, megalovainia

    61. Johanna Geisel

      Most of the "songs that already exist" are rather unfamiliar to me. You could fool me no problem.

    62. Daniel Morris

      I'm gonna cut an album of 88 tracks, each one of them a single piano note. That way as soon as anyone dares play the first note of anything I can sue them for plagiarizing my entire song.

    63. fendtPaule

      haha megalovania

    64. Reece Selby

      You remind me of Andy Samburg haha

    65. Xavier Badrul Hisham

      Part 3?????

    66. ASTRO

      Me: *Literally Starts breaking the piano* Some random person: That is already a song. Me: *Presses only one key* Some other person: That is already a song too.

    67. Chicken Nugget Jonny

      When he started playing megalovania I lost it

    68. Gamer Boy

      Him throws pen me rrrrrrr

    69. shewantseb

      The megalovania part killed me 😂

    70. Tyler Malm

      He reminds me of Ryan George lol

    71. Alma Manon-og

      Wow Idek how to play the piano but I'm soooo glad I found this channel ♥️♥️♥️

    72. Jake Avery

      We need a part 3!

    73. niamh duffy

      Why is this guy not famous???

    74. Loafus Cramswell

      I'm just waiting to get Rickrolled

    75. Langston Carter

      That one song gave me sandlot vibes

    76. Ethan Fleming

      1:55 this one section makes me happy

    77. Dylan Dang

      Part 3 please

    78. Frontful

      Nobody: Daniel: *M O J I T O*

    79. Calin

      What kind of piano do you have?

    80. Sam Grant

      Did your barber die

    81. LUDELGAMER 1234

      i died at 1:55

    82. David Sianghio

      Solution to plagiarism: bLuEs

    83. Isaiah Garner

      daniel barely avoiding copyright claims for 4 minutes and 18 seconds

    84. john miller

      Part 3 comes up. Teacher: "Ok, I'm going to give you one shot." Student: :starts playing lose yourself by eminem but slow: "this is original right?"

    85. SkyCugo

      1:56 how dare you good sir

    86. Grape Fruit

      I have never been more happy to hear Daniel play megalovania for 5 seconds

    87. Larissa Dawn

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    88. Rayyan Nofal

      A very dramatic happy birthday song

    89. PresidentMystry

      I love sponsors that are actually entertaining. I usually skip through sponsors unless it’s amusing. Thank you for the humor and great sponsored video.

    90. Whoop Whoop

      Y’all which song is at 1:56 I know it but I can’t think of what it actually is

      1. Whoop Whoop

        @ΛYMΞN Thank you!

      2. ΛYMΞN


    91. Dotsleep12

      Song list?

    92. Mrs. Kwan

      Pls make a part 3

    93. Monica Moreira

      Pls give an extended version of u playing megalovania

    94. Śledzik

      2:09 song ?

    95. itzNick _Yeet

      EvEryTimE i gO tO tHe BaThRoOm- stop

      1. Matt’s Gaming

        Wait a minute 😂

      2. YayoPiano

        U know what song is?

    96. Quackers And Quackers

      1:19 am i the only one who heard the google snake game...? just me then? ok

    97. Desmond Li

      Part 3 plz

    98. Kyle_Pug99 _

      this guy is fucking hilarious

    99. Neil Miranda

      I know this has been said.... B U T I T A I N T F A M I L I A R

    100. DALEIGH RAY

      Tell me why this starts playing Megalovania