I Watched WandaVision Ep. 7 in 0.25x Speed and Here's What I Found

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    Detailed shot-by-shot analysis of WandaVision Episode 7 at 0.25x speed. This episode was crazy!
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    Published on 16 days ago


    1. The Canadian Lad

      The name's Agatha Harkness!

      1. jef718

        Lovely to finally meet you dear

      2. Mr. Elytraman

        aha im probably the last reply!

      3. AhmedovUzb

        I found some mistakes from MCU films. How can I share them with you?

      4. Cormac


      5. Cormac


    2. saumya dhasmana

      Why did Monica's clothes did not change when she goes back inside?

    3. Ranga Games


    4. Andrew Phillips

      You're killing it, lad!

    5. Karen Mahoney

      Snopers gotta snoop

    6. Anakin Sepherd

      in the nexus tablet the red region has a logo, i am not sure if i saw it in the dr strange movie

    7. Nazmus Sakib Rizvy

      That was John Wick's dog..He is coming for her.

    8. Uday Chawla

      Agetha - kills a dog. John wick - loads his gun. Agetha - fu*k.

    9. Ashutosh Singh

      All theories gone in vain.

    10. Steven Brashers

      Any one notice how he got a clip from episode 9 with Wanda new and improved as scarlet

    11. Kaustubh Bhargava

      This episode would have been the finale if John Wick was one of the twins. If you know you know

    12. Bryan Alvarez

      Canadian Lad thumbnail: Only Monica can see this. Me: wdym? I can see it too.

    13. for fun

      Who is here after episode 9 has been released 👇👇

    14. The ELITE

      There was another thing too in that commercial. In the commercial, they tell us about Nexus as "A unique anti depressant that works to anchor you to your reality or the reality of your choice". Which exactly fits on Wanda who is living in a reality she always dreamt of

    15. Shadow Hunter

      I think that Ralph is actually Mordo,since Agnes says that he looks better in the dark since he’s black in the MCU and he’s also trained at kamar-taj where the spells the wizards use have an orange aura which might explain the book in the basement,then there’s also the fact that “dr. Strange and the multiverse of madness” will be connected to WandaVision.

    16. bt_ please

      "Nexus" (at 6:22) is also mentioned in Avengers: Age of Ultron at 1:13:36. It was described as "the world internet hub in Oslo. Every byte of data flows through there. Fastest access on Earth". Tony goes to Oslo after they're Clint's house. Can't seem to exactly see the relation. Any theories?

      1. bt_ please

        Actually to think about it, the internet Nexus is the center of all data... and the Nexus is also the center of all realities 🤷🏽‍♀️

    17. hattree

      There was a Sugar Smacks cereal. It's become Honey Smacks.

    18. Liam Lloyd

      If Agatha and the postman are in on it together as you said maybe ralf is the postman

    19. Majid Sayyed

      Maybe jhon wick will be joining the MCU the dog killed must be a move to bring him in.

    20. Delia Kesterson

      For a second her earings reminded me of crimson dawn the crime syndicate run by death maul which the actor of vision plays a role in

    21. Icy Plays

      I love how this man just manages to swear in the perfect moments to have us rolling on the floor.

    22. Tropics Penguin

      I thought of fortnite season 4 nexus war when that was shown

    23. Patrick O Daimhin

      bruh u might wanna watch age of ultron again. u might here the word Nexus a fue times

    24. Noemi Ladak

      Cicadas are also INSANELY noisy

    25. El Serpiente

      I can't wait for the finale!

    26. TheGamingDog!


    27. GamerBoy_PandaYT

      So hex is the Barrier

    28. clueless guy

      Agatha's husband is worse you say? well technically she is a servant for Mephisto or however you spell that name who is basically satan so maybe she is referring to him?

    29. Justus

      Anyone else wonder why her son has her brother power?

    30. ItsVictoriaYt Frazier


    31. Justus

      *“Case of the Mondays”*

    32. ItsVictoriaYt Frazier

      wow i did not know there was a mid credit scene. i need to be watching the credits. i be mad when the eppisode is over so i jsut exit out of disney+

    33. Niss S

      She was even a Witch for Halloween in ep. 6

    34. sokin jon

      theory: energy emitted that produces color matches the color and probably the effect of an infinity stone Wanda-reality, Agatha-power, Monica-space, presumed Darkhold-soul

    35. Jabryan Drain

      Brooo that was yo gaba gaba on the tv

    36. frosted flakes

      I wached this vidow in 0.25 and i realized that he is litery talking about the hole episode like litery from the beginning no need for watching hell tell u everything 1 by 1

      1. frosted flakes

        Um excuse me what i dident quit understand

      2. sokin jon

        What if Mephisto is the bunny

    37. Chasah Joy

      we actually get a mid credit scene because marvel only started giving mid credit scenes in the early 2000s.

    38. Chasah Joy

      you are wrong about herb. you can see that the cut in the ledge is already there.

    39. dolita windo

      theory: energy emitted that produces color matches the color and probably the effect of an infinity stone Wanda-reality, Agatha-power, Monica-space, presumed Darkhold-soul

    40. Arindam Mishra

      spoilers alert

    41. jassica albert

      me: looks at the thumbnail also me: i...am...Monica??

      1. dolita windo

        Billy=Blue, white red and black same as Wiccan and Tommy = green and white as Speed


      Nexus can be hint to fortnite nexus war like Galactus???

    43. Sathvik Bhaskar

      * Some random person exists in Wanda vision* Fans : iS tHiS mEpHiStO??

    44. MrHero95

      So far the WandaVision is the most well executed series I have watched! I wish there will be more than one season to it!

    45. Mishkat Tashdid

      15:27 Am I color blind or Pietro's hear color looks different ?

    46. Narcissa Malfoy

      in the comics monica‘s name isn’t always spectrum, but photon. I think it is rather likely that she will go by photon, because it would connect her to her mother. In the captain marvel movie we see that maria‘s jet has her name on it. But it doesn‘t just say „Maria Rambeau“. It says: Maria „Photon“ Rambeau.

    47. Sameer Khan

      How Agatha knows vision was Avenger???

    48. Praphapit Jumpee

      T o b e y m a g u i r e

    49. TheAwesomeGamer Tube

      Haha that nickjr refrence with yo gabba made me feel so good. :)

    50. Andreas Sihombing

      Turns out Vision corpse wws not stolen

    51. brisvidz

      What if Mephisto is the bunny

    52. Es Can Or

      I see... So agatha is the real villain

    53. tacos

      13:52 i agree. I got that song stuck in me and my moms head when i used spotify.

    54. darkphoenix474

      She said “we created” cause she started the sentence by saying that “we’ve all been there”


      Wanda vision is more beautiful when theres no interviews

    56. CarvenGamer

      Hey Canadian lad, you probably knew this because its so obvious but just in case, Both Billy and tommy are wearing similar colour schemes to their comic book characters. Billy=Blue, white red and black same as Wiccan and Tommy = green and white as Speed

    57. bilinas mini

      No one: People who watch WandaVision when seeing a hexagon: Omg that is so crazy dude are you seeing this?

    58. Chris Schick

      Why would Agents of SHIELD not be canon?

    59. Felan

      I don't understand amerikas medikations. One anti drepression pill makes you more depressed. Another one helps but makes your grow b**bs. Seriously. How can this happen? How can those pills be available? HOW can it be that they aren't stopped BEFORE they get launch because serious ploblems with side effects of these ... item (I'm trying to find YT frienly words. sry) an stuff?!? Is it because of this after-care-thing over there? Change your country system to "before-care". It's better. That way you don't have to prove that somthing causes problems AFTER they happend. The publisher hase to prove that possible problems wont caused by his thing BEFORE it get released. (edit:) Means he has to prove the safety of his stuff and not you the unsafety of it.

      1. bilinas mini

        He explains all the season Me what😱

    60. ravi creed

      'That little witch is messing with your mind' first reference of witch is done in Age of Ultron by Tony Stark to Bruce

    61. Spooder Man

      Could the book be the necronomicon?

    62. Bobbi Potts

      This video is reaching quite a bit

    63. david beaudoin-therrien

      When wanda is in agatha's house the tv show as 4 characters but it also has a orange guy and a yelĺow robot you know like vision also green and pink caracthers are billy and his brother and then zoom in blue and red. red is obviously wanda but blue was rummored as pietro but im sure its monica and the tv is like agata's monitor of who is around (and awake) yellow robot aka vision is "missing" in the radar because he's out of the town 🙄

    64. Dhruvin Patel

      the wall she is expanding has a little bump like she wants to cover vision first.

    65. ShadowSniper852

      I used to watched the show on agatha's tv

    66. Yuvan

      "we" refers to the viewer. she was talking abt "relatable" things like forgetting to charge OUR phone.

    67. Ale22

      ok i don't know if anybody will ever read this, but this episode changes fu**ing everything let's recap: with Agatha's magic now being canon for the MCU now we have: Arcane magic is actually a canon thing that leads to Marvel's Runaways being Canon in the MCU which leads to the real existence of Darkforce and Lightforce (Tandy Bowen and Tyrone Johnson's power source) and thus Marvel's Cloak And Dagger being canon in the MCU This means that Roxxon Gulf/Roxxon Corp. actually exists in the MCU and so the Marvel's Spiderman Videogames are now a canon thing (Roxxon Corp is one of the villains on Spiderman: Miles Morales AND the one responsible for Cloak and Dagger's creation) so... in the next Spiderman Movie we'll see Miles Morales being finally introduced? do you see all of it? it ALL BECOMES CANON, the series got its objective.

    68. AretnaP 3


    69. WandaVision

      I'm new on USfilm and I make WandaVision Clips. I would really appreciate it if you check my channel out :)

    70. TikyCZ

      Sooo wait a minute how we would see then exactly X-men from fox universe coming to MCU. If this quick silver was Agatha doing. Please I didn’t watch E8 yet so if I found the answer there don’t spoiled to me just tell me yes or nah

    71. sus games

      I couldn't believe, when I saw her got her powers🧐.

    72. Zeo Mashups

      Wanda should get john wick to kill agatha. John loves to kill people who killed dogs...

    73. Yaa _yeetus

      I think that the mailman is actually Agatha's rabbit because of the rabbit hat

    74. Talhaiii Aslam

      He explains all the season Me what😱


      In episode 4, only Monica Rambeau was able to see the energy shield around the hex. Does that mean she had her powers before itself and passing through the hex amplified it?

    76. Dhairya Kotecha

      Pls bring episode 8 breakdown

    77. Samurasa

      In Brazillian version of Wandavision, the brazillian voice actor who dubs Agnes, actually Says in the part 6:12, so its a spoiler from the end of this episode

    78. Stephen Lestik

      This breakdown had popped up in my youtube notifications at least 3 separate times.

    79. Doomguy

      Can't believe he watched 5 hours

    80. snkr reseller

      The shiny rat currently stain because robin pivotally scribble against a filthy bongo. succinct, tightfisted beetle

    81. Fisher Stinson

      If you look closely at the book it has a person on it.

    82. Bxbxb 1_

      I'm just still so shook how you managed to see ALL. OF. THAT.

    83. Masked One 1316

      9:21 I think black people with blue eyes are stunning.

    84. liz cervantez

      when vision snapped agatha back to reality was she still a witch????

    85. Lizette Cruz

      I didn’t care that Agatha was the villain until he said she killed a dog

    86. liz cervantez

      she ate the kids bro she said she bit a kid once

    87. Unknown

      and I saw you're videos at .25 and I found 10 things xD

    88. MineKurtMininer

      is ralph mephisto?

    89. GIOSPOP1193

      11:08 it says don't let him make you the villain

    90. Nachiket Razdan

      I said it and i will say it again Hayward is ultron or something related to ultron

    91. Stephanie Putri Diasti

      Lad, you're so right about Nexus 6:30

    92. Pranav Avatapally

      hey canadien lad the cicade is mephisto

    93. littleinit

      The soul stone

    94. Muhammad Ali

      Maybe Skrulls might get to know about vision and what he is capable of, they might have tried to create a replica of him but they didn't have the perfect resource for it, so in "Secret Invasion" they kind of tried to steals resources or the vision itself and carol captain marvel might have agreed with them but Monica, Maria, and Nick fury would have stopped them that's why Monica was angry listening to her name and Heyward is actually a Skrull and been trying to create vision. Also on the post-credit scene of nick fury in space, he isn't there by will but by strategy.

    95. theendofit

      I watched this video at 2x speed. Heres what i learned:

    96. Isaac Slade 21 (STUDENT)

      Because of the cicada's meaning, I think Agatha turned the twins into the cicadas

    97. Rehna Rehna

      Fun fact:if u comment here u will get tons of likes u can check right now everybody has more than 200 likes

    98. Alpacazz.Memerzz

      Whose watched episode 8

    99. Sai Venkat

      Snoopers gonna snoop

    100. Dharam Mittal

      Dude if ypu take agents of shield as canon the darkhold was in it and it was taken by the ghost rider in the season 4 and he destroyed it